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February 06, 2013



Support for stricter border control includes three-quarters of Democrats and liberals, more than eight in 10 moderates, conservatives and political independents, and a whopping 92 percent of Republicans. Securing the borders is also supported by 87 percent of whites, three-quarters of nonwhites, and bottoms out at a still-high 69 percent among Hispanics.

... but somehow, this is a boost for President Obama, who doesn't allow ICE agents to actually enforce current immigration law, so why bother with increased enforcecment.


And it's so helpful that pop pedagogy pushes the idea that assimilation by such immigrants amounts to cultural genocide.

What a useful way to transform the mainstream which is precisely what the same guy who spoke at the WH heading up that Building One America Regional Equity Conference said in a 2002 conference on education. It's why other groups with different cultural traditions and outlooks are not just wanted. They are needed for the fundamental transformation to continue.


I wonder if Rubio was polled.

Jim Eagle

I thought we took care of all of this in 1986? What happened?

Thomas Collins

Unfortunately, JiB, it's de ja vu all over again, as that great immigration expert Yogi Berra might say. "Reform" before border control. Then border control doesn't get beefed up. But there will be a nice signing ceremony in which Obama will get all the credit.

Thomas Collins

Unfortunately, JiB, it's de ja vu all over again, as that great immigration expert Yogi Berra might say. "Reform" before border control. Then border control doesn't get beefed up. But there will be a nice signing ceremony in which Obama will get all the credit.


OT-- It's official now, Megan McCardle shows that the OPM has run out, and the Soc Sec and Medicare promises are defunct come 2020s-- the muddle are going to string up the DC politicians when those promises are broken and they finally realize they've been had-- sad: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2013/02/05/a-history-of-budget-projections-in-10-scary-charts.html


JiB-- that '86 immigration deal was the same one the DC pols did in '83 with Soc Sec tax increases, the same deal as Medicare, the same deal as government pensions. Is there a pattern here?

Jim Eagle

Ground Hog Day all over again, and again, and again.

BTW, did everyone see what BuzzFeed did to the interview with Rubio. He got what he deserved for trusting a prog outfit to be fair and balanced. Lesson learned (I hope).

Jim Eagle

OT: The Top 10 Obama Leaks John Brennn needs to Explain at his Confirmation Hearing.

I am assuming these are the only ones we know about.


I think that's a pretty comprehensive list;


I think the ink cartridge plot of 2010, might have fallen in that category.

Davej Francis

None of the politicians or the preponderance of them show no sympathy for the 23 Americans either completely jobless, destitute, or the part time employees or those who have given up hope of finding work? All they seem interested in is highly skilled workers or the agricultural Guest worker. As I have always said, much of this illegal immigration to the United States would never have happened, if illegal entry was enacted as a Felony? That the genuine 2006 secure double layer fence law had been in place and adequately funded? That the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act (ICRA) had strictly been enforced, instead of the questionable move by big corporations and all businesses to gain the upper hand by buying of lawmakers, so interior enforcement was next to nothing. So over these 3 decades the unconcerned legislators have turned a blind eye to the millions who crossed the poorly, undermanned borders, or never tracked the 46 percent airline passenger overstays who joined the illegal immigration invaders. The original 1986, 3 million who gained citizenship has broadened; bringing in family members through family unification migration, which has led to President Obama’s Dream Act for years of conceiving children on the taxpayer’s dime. If you are disposed to believe the 11 million illegal alien populations that is already settled here, or as most people have illustrated well over 20 million that seems more plausible as far as I’m concerned? To me that just prove to me that there has been no inclination to stop those who could reach our border, because miles of open areas still remain?

Certain skilled workers who benefit America, is an advantage in this global market. And even a well regulated system to contract AGworkers, who are here strictly on a temporary basis? But non skilled labor, which has an overall advantage on millions of low income Americans, should not be tolerated without exception. If employers paid fair wages, most citizens and legal green card holders would be able to find a job, except the deadbeats that that have used the welfare system to support them. However President Obama and his czars have decided that the future of the Liberal Progressives, depend on generations of illegal migrants and immigrants as new citizens to vote them into Congress for years to come? This plan doesn’t just effect Republicans, but every citizen and all other legal nationalities, skin color and every class of worker. Not too many Americans see any advantage to a path to citizenship, because substantial amounts of money will be needed for retirement and pensions, no to exclude the processing cost. Both parties have already signed onto illegal aliens receiving Social Security, but where is the money coming from? Same with this child rebate tax controversy, which the IRS has ignored even though the estimate going to illegal aliens is now 7 Billion dollars.

Two main laws that can at least scratch the service of illegal alien payments is THE LEGAL WORKFORCE Bill, that can reverse illegal aliens getting jobs by using the federal computer detection program, that could become mandatory for all workers and prosecution for tough business owners The essential law would be a simple amendment to end the contentious BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP BILL, so only children of a U.S. citizen could claim citizenship. So no more smuggled unborn or infants as associated with the Anchor Baby, would be able to gain citizen advantage to collect hundreds of billions of dollars in entitlement programs. However, without the blast of angry voice of the people, these policies sit in dormant, dusty filing cabinets in Washington. Research this information by checking out Judicial Watch, TEA PARTY.ORG and NumbersUSA and learn how the Liberal Democrats are splitting the country to forward their agenda.

Incidentally, I heard today that the term Illegal Immigrant is politically incorrect by Democrat Rep. John Conyers Well—Sorry an illegal alien is the correct terminology, because only people who are inspected, have a visa or permission to enter a port of entry are legal immigrants? Just like the honest immigrant that awaits in faraway places to gain admittance is a legal immigrant.

In concluding, Los Angeles County spends over $1.Billion plus dollars annually in financing illegal alien welfare, states city administator Michael D. Andronovich.


Wow, Narciso's 12:11 has some high comedy. The CIA says it's a "fiction" that the used enhanced interrogation to gain intelligence. Rather, they used EI to put detainees into a "state of cooperation," at which point they were taken into another room where they provided useful intelligence.

Was this an Iowahawk spoof?


I don't want illegals voting in our elections and they have been. This really PO's me very much!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I wonder what support for a border fence would be or deporting illegals or using e-verify to deny them employment so that they self deport.

I guess we won't know because those questions weren't even asked.


Hey Iggy-

Lumber is 'way up today! How are we celebrating? ; )

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Lumber was a little higher a couple of months ago and then dropped about 10-12%. I try not to get too excited, especially on a market as thinly traded and subject to hiccups as lumber.
However, you can have one in my honor, glasater.

Manuel Transmission

I don't know if anyone, except maybe Tancrado, ever offered the idea of a no-mans-land DMZ along the border where anyone inside the strip is fair game for whatever might happen to them. Think of it as the 'if only one child is saved from death from heat exhaustion' Program. I'm sure you guys could embellish in the gun violence meme.


I thought the review by the CIA vets was pretty good, jimmy, that's why I posted it,

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