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February 16, 2013



HA HA HA HA HA HA HA - 9 PERCENT??????? Then, they are not Republican!


GALLUP: 9% of Republicans satisfied with way things going in USA... http://drudge.tw/ZbeLya


The one big, overriding theme of the entire Obama Presidency has been to feed the welfare/dependency state at the expense of the productive/free enterprise state.

The Republicans have been completely complicit in that endeavor. I have yet to hear any Republican leader make a forceful argument that this path is not only fiscally unsound but morally unjust and inevitably leads to ruin.

Unless you understand with conviction that this path will destroy the country as it was founded, your simply not willing to stand up and end the federal government as it is now constituted to save the Nation.

Rob Crawford
The only thing I can imagine is they know he is a spoiled child and are treating him like one.

Well, he will be given a "medal" made from glitter and macaroni, so...


"""Contrary to the propaganda being fed to the masses, the top 1% are mostly Democrats anyway--Soros, Kerry, and Buffet being just three examples.""

It is well understaood that the politicians and the press, when speaking of the top 1% are only speaking of peoples annual taxable income, not their overall wealth.

If you own a farm for 40 years and then go to sell it, you become a 1% for the year of the sale.

If you write a book for 10 years and then publish, you become a 1% for one year.

If you train to be a great athlete, you may train for 15 years and make nothing, then turn pro, and you automatically becaome a 1%.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Shimon Peres is a left wing fellow traveler of Barry.
There is no country on earth that its leftists won't betray.

Mark Folkestad

CH, don't feel bad. My (possibly ex) girlfriend was preparing dinner for her elderly client when her cell phone slipped from her shoulder/ear pinch position and dropped into the boiling kettle of sweet corn. Without thinking, she reached in and grabbed the phone with her bare hand. Even with getting her hand under cold running water, she wound up with a terrible burn. The only good news was that she had a sixty day unconditional warranty on the new phone, and she got a free replacement.

Spending cuts first!--jimmyk

The only thing I can imagine is they know he is a spoiled child and are treating him like one.

Or they are in fear and hope by sweet-talking him he'll do his damage elsewhere, like feeding the crocodile first. Never works, though.


The number of U.S. citizens renouncing citizenship is increasing. Hard to tell by how much when two recent articles have entirely different numbers.

Yahoo Finance says 1,781 in 2011.

NY Post says 3,805 in 2011 (and projects as many as 8,000 in 2012)

Whatever the numbers, both articles agree, it's trending up and at increasing rates.

Rob Crawford

You know why Capital One has blood-thirsty barbarians as their spokesmen?

Alec Baldwin's contract wouldn't allow any other characters more sympathetic than him.


Good Morning!

Here's some good news:

Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro will give a keynote address at the California Republican Party convention this March, taking the spot previously scheduled for Karl Rove.

This guy did a fine job going after Piers Morgan.


daddy: about Shapiro in place of Rove - local talk radio hammered the CA GOP for almost 3 weeks about Rove.

Their argument was basically that CA Republicans are fading quickly and Rove sure wouldn't be the one to keep any or add any to the rolls. I think a lot of pressure was brought to bear that it had to be someone younger and truly conservative. Glad to see their continuous harangue worked.

Old Lurker

Story up on Drudge about states paying unemployment insurance to convicts while they are in jail.

Words escape me.


I said I was surprised how sound Newt was when Postrel wrote the book, late 90's I believe. I thought that some of the good thinking must have remained in his head. Besides, be was the only one willing to fight. I had a lot of reservations,too, after all he endorsed the global warming nonsense. For all that I think Mitt would have been very good president. Not that any of this matters.

Beasts of England

Cap't Hate@1:49 - I dropped mine into a toilet during its second week of ownership and I didn't hesitate to grab it out. (Yes, I was multi-tasking.) Used Q-tips and a hairdryer at the hotel and was shocked that the phone continued to operate!

Did you use the spin cycle before the rice? lol


centralcal's 2:29 post about the Israeli Presidential Medal of Distinction for Obama is ...is just beyond words. Disgusting, like Porch said. The world has gone mad.


I washed mine, once, like Joe Piscopo's character in Johnny Dangerously, would say.

I know Peres isa lefty, but he's also the one who negotiated the deals with the French and British re Suez, sort of the godfather of their nuclear program, he can't be this stupid.

You know why Capital One has blood-thirsty barbarians as their spokesmen?

Alec Baldwin's contract wouldn't allow any other characters more sympathetic than him.

Well Alec better sue for breach of contract -- I love the barbarians!

Jim Eagle

You can bet your sweet bippie there are strings attached to that Israeli honorarium and it may have to do with a certain non-Arab Islamic entity and there status as an upcoming nuclear nation. Bibi could have stopped it or made it more difficult that is for sure.

Wonder what we have given away outside of silent permission and non-interference. I this is the castor oil of all possible remedies in saving Israel.

Manuel Transmission

I am an idiot for putting my iPhone in the washing machine. It's now in a bag of rice hopefully to become useable again.

I did a 1-1/2 gainer into a pond a couple of years ago (shattered my wrist) and my iPhone went along for the ride. Several days in the rice got everything working again except the display never quite came back completely. Fortunately, they replaced it under warranty.


And this appears to be right, in the LUN

Jim Eagle


Try one of these first before you wash the phone:)


Polar Bear Update: We Have To Kill Polar Bears In Order To Save Polar Bears!

Slate mag has an article up on how bears hibernate. Discussing Polar Bears we get introduced to a Polar Bear expert who says he has difficulty getting his college students to drink Polar Bear milk:

... active gestation is surprisingly short—just 60 days in polar bears—and this results in helpless, underdeveloped cubs that are usually born between November and February, depending on the species and climate. Super-rich milk ensures that by the time spring comes, the cubs are ready to hit the ground running in a life-or-death race to rotundness. Polar bear milk contains up to 46 percent fat and tastes like the chalky cream of a fishy cow. And how do we know what it tastes like? Well, because polar bear scientists like Andrew Derocher are absurdly dedicated dudes.
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around drinking cups of the stuff,” Derocher says, “but I’m always amazed when you take a graduate student all the way out onto the sea ice and they won’t try it.”

BTW, Polar Bears do not hibernate. Anyhow, Slate links to a recent article by this Polar Bear guy wherein we find that one of the proposed ideas to save Polar Bears from extinction due to Global Warming, is to kill them:

a new policy paper in Conservation Letters, “Rapid ecosystem change and polar bear conservation,” proposes a series of steps that could kick in a lot sooner — including everything from relocation programs to feeding of starving bears or in some cases “intentional population reduction” — a k a culling.

Must be something in that Polar Bear Milk.

So Road Kill, Plastic Ice Floes, tranquilizing them with Dart guns in order to feed their Polar milk to Grad students, and now controlled mass murder--- Seems to me Polar Bears have less to fear from Global Warming than from Global Warmists.


Futurama, was ahead of the curve, with the dark matter, and the geometric penguin projection,

Jim Eagle


Did you notice in that CNN Polititrak story there was no mention of Christie as a possible candidate/speaker at CPAC? So, Christie is not speaking or not invited? He's one of Rove's science projects then. Bless him.


Ignorance is catchy, remember his boss is one of those issuing denials about interrogations he never witnessed


It would seem the transporter evaporated the invitation, JIB.


It's like Peta shelters having highest "kill" rate. Leftists are rather devoted to killing of all living things, maybe with exception of lettuce.


Early this morning I saw a comment from Clarice that she is on her journey home. She might want to be on the lookout when she gets back, for rabid foxes!

Rabid-Fox Bites are a "Good Sign" for DC!

The wildlife is returning. Woo Hoo! Of course, said rabid fox was "put down." So much for the wonderful return of wildlife to city and suburbia.


Do those bitten become werefoxes, the language has lost all meaning,


Not sure, narciso, but the poor victim did have to have rabies shots. When is the next full moon? (or does that only apply to wolves?)


The middle class is hurting and has seen their net worth diminish in the last 4 years. I agree that Obama's recession is coming. My chief kick of the day is seeing how much I can save at the local grocery store{Heinen's} I've even been known to buy some food at a discount at Target. They are revamping our store to provide fresh produce. Can't wait.


Obama gets more awards for voting present and doing nothing than anyone I've ever known. To think he also got ahead with Affirmative Action. Has he ever actually earned anything on his own? I'm not talking about his 2 term presidency. Other dolts accomplished that.


This video has the President talking about Sequestration.

Starting at @ 3:00 of the video Obama says very specifically about Sequestration:

Whether Congress is ready to stick to the painful deal we made in August for the automatic cuts. Already some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple; No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, Domestic and Defense spending. There will be no easy off ramps on this one.

Why are we not seeing that video over and over and over again, at least on FOX? I do not understand. It is as if the Left had Bush Senior saying "Read My Lips, No New Taxes", and then decided not to run that footage.

It angers me at this moment because I am sitting here watching Neil Cavuto's show and a guest of his is paraphrasing what Obama said, but they never show the damn video so the impact is lost and Obama gets let off the hook again. This is his "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" moment on a silver platter for us. Maddening.@#$%


Who knew Rutherford B. Hayes was such a hottie???

hubba hubba!


I bet Bret Baier runs that video of Obama. He really dislikes him.

Jim Eagle


Its almost as if the great Simulation Designer in the Sky has challenged mankind to find the correct code or key to unlock the power supply to this creature he has created that devours common sense, propriety, logic and historical reasoning. Whoever can come up with the secret code and venture forth thru the tribulations of mass media trolls, progressive Orcs and LIV goblins but only to confront the savage dragon of destruction wins.


I see there is a big stink now about lecturing Princess Kate to re-wear the same clothes in order to save the Environment. I just want everyone to know that in that regard I'm about the biggest saver of the Environment there is;)

Bill in AZ

These are useful for the inadvertent phone dunking or wet weather:

I was on a middle of the night rescue following someone who knew the location of the victims. Just before I plunged across a waist deep stream I thought to put my phone into this case. I was admiring how well my Surefire headlamp was able to penetrate to the bottom of this stream when I noticed at the very last micro-second the toe of my shoe slipped underneath a root about an inch off the bottom of the stream. Full submersion and a short swim, the phone did fine, my radio not so much.


I think I'd like to get Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, and David Hasselhof together, for a night of tequila shots. Then just turn on the video cameras and make bets on which one comes up with the the crudest, most obnoxious racist slurs and profanity laced comments before passing out in their individual pools of vomit. That'd be some Reality TV for ya'.

Rob Crawford

daddy -- you should probably salt that night with calls from ex's and agents.

And burgers.


In reply to Neo's 01:03 on the Chicago guy explaining the 2nd Amendment:

McCarthy opined that the 2nd Amendment limits citizens to owning smooth-bore muskets.

Even George Washington had a rifle. How the hell do these morons think we won the Battle of Kings Mountain---with muskets?


George Washington, packing heat

“The rifle became so popular in the South that a factory for making the hunting rifle was established at Charlotte, N. C., about 1740. The founders came from Leman’s Rifle Factory at Lancaster, Pa….

” ‘General Washington’s favorite weapon was the rifle,’ says George W. Park Custer, in a… memorandum printed… for private distribution…. ‘His was presented to him in 1787 [and] was made in Charlotte, N. C. It is four feet in length of the barrel, and the entire piece is handsomely mounted with silver. The lock is beautiful work. I have known the General to kill a deer at 150 yards with this rifle.’

“This same Charlotte rifle-making firm in 1777 presented General Washington with the finest and undoubtedly the first pair of rifle pistols ever made in America. They had twelve inch barrels carrying four ounce balls and would shoot with the accuracy of a rifle at fifty or sixty feet. They saved the General’s life at Germantown [in October 1777] but that story, though a most interesting one, does not belong here.”

There is tons of info on Americans, including George Washington, using rifles during the Revolution. Why the hell would our Founders win a war with rifles, then write a Constitution banning the use of rifles and allowing only the musket, which was the primary weapon of the losing side?

Guess I'd have to be a Politician to understand it.


At this point, 'what difference does it make'



The left and their suspect "awards", including the biggest award of all, AA, are a constant source of amazement to me. When I was an academic I was amazed at the veritable galaxy of awards, major and minor, that were doled out at all levels, and most often bestowed with out the slightest regard for any meaningful accomplishment whatsoever. This bizarre practice permeates the Left.

Thus one could say that Obama and his awards could apply to one degree or another to almost any Liberal. Yes, in Obama's case it is particularly weird and pernicious--verging on the surreal--it all has the quality of a pretentious, self-consciousnesses grandiose but terribly written and badly produced opera or "epic" film. But Obama differs here only by a matter of degree. Almost all Leftists live in a completely artificial world of made up awards for made up accomplishments done in made up "careers". The Soviets had this same vice, and this is no doubt where they get this nonsense.

(This does not explain the Israelis, however. They should be ashamed of themselves)

This business of fake awards for fake deeds is part of why they are so obsessed with destroying all else that might compete with this weird little demimonde thee inhabit; outside of it they really do not amount to much. Aside from the obvious prohibitions of their ideology, it is also why they so rabidly detest market economies--the market does not value their "work"r much at all.

Leftists are of two minds: They really do believe that they are aristocrats of the mind and of the spirit, and that grimy little world out there--the one the rest of us know as grim reality--is far beneath them. Only people in their rarefied air can appreciate them. On the other hand, of course, lurking behind all of the is the knowledge that in term of the history of human accomplishment, most especially the accomplishment of the West, they are ciphers. This they fight day and night to keep out of their minds, and this is why they go so white-knuckled crazy, and at the drop of a hat. A large part of them hate our civilization because they are shamed by its greatness, not really because they are ashamed of it. They are not up to its legacy and they know this deep inside.


We need a new word to replace cognitive dissonance, preferably in Klingon or Tamarian;



OT--My husband took one of our grandsons--age 13--hunting for quail today on a preserve about 45 mins. from where we live. Husband said lots of fathers and grandfathers taking their sons and grandsons hunting. Our grandson who can be surly--says it is puberty!--was a changed person while hunting--responsive and responsible. Here in the South, we take "teaching" hunting to young sons and grandsons a wonderful thing! So, aside from our right to bear arms, there are lots of good things to be gotten from hunting.


I have to chuckle - several conservative writers, newsies (i.e., Brit Hume, Jonah Goldberg, etc.) just now discovered the infamous Amazon reviews for Veet. They're all howling with laughter on Twitter.


Same here in the not-so-South, too, sailor. Duck, pheasant, quail, deer. (I can remember when pheasants were everywhere in the fields across from our rural home.)


This story is for Janet's pleasure. She (and many of us) has long said that MFM news folks need to have their private lives scrutinized like they do conservative pols.

This guy tried to strangle his wife:

While the police processed Morrison with the charges, he apparently made threats to do further harm to his wife. The CBS anchor posted his own $100,000 bond and will appear in court tomorrow.

Morrison is a broadcast news veteran, having previously been an anchor and reporter for WNBC-TV and a regular contributor to NBC’s Weekend Today and MSNBC. Most recently, he anchors NYC’s local CBS 2 News This Morning and At Noon.

Oh, and his wife is a news anchor too. LOL!


Shapiro is a Rove in waiting.


I don't trust him.


sailor and CC: My local weekly paper features a 4-6 page spread of hunting season photos every year of kids posing with their rifles and first deer. There's about as many little girls as boys in those pics these days -- but nearly always proud papas, not mamas.


This is funny stuff:

"Washington D.C. – Two weeks ago Montgomery Blair Sibley released his Stuxnet-like Motion challenging Barack Hussein Obama, II’s eligibility to be President. That motion targeted specific federal inmates convicted under federal criminal laws putatively signed by Obama alleging that Obama is ineligible to be President and thus the criminal laws he signed are void.

Today, appropriately on President’s Day, Sibley has released a new computer-virus like Motion which seeks to emulate a computer generated Directed-Denial-of-Service network attack on the Federal Criminal Justice System. Sibley’s Nyguen Motion arises from the United States Supreme Court’s opinion in Nguyen v. United States, 539 U.S. 69 (2003), which held that any decision of an improperly constituted judicial body must be vacated. In total, Obama has appointed 173 judges, namely two Justices to the Supreme Court, 30 judges to the United States Courts of Appeals and 141 judges to the United States District Courts.

The argument of the Nyguen Motion is straightforward: (i) Article II, Section 2, clause 2 grants the President the power to “appoint” federal judges, (ii) Obama is not eligible to be President as he is not a “natural born Citizen” and has refused to tendered any admissible proof that he is even a U.S. Citizen, (iii) therefore, his appointments are void under the holding of Nguyen v. United States and (iv) accordingly, all judicial acts by those judges – specifically including incarcerating prisoners – are void.

Sibley has released the Nguyen Motion to prisoners convicted by Obama-appointed Judges and their defense attorneys and expects his Motion to be filed in dozens of cases by them in the near future. Sibley said: “Like a DDoS computer attack, my Nyguen Motion will circulate among the prison population and criminal defense bar. Once the Motion is properly presented, the Courts will be forced to deal with the merits of Obama’s legitimacy as the doctrine of ‘standing’ will no longer be a barrier to adjudication. My Nyguen Motion forces the Courts to make the choice of issuing the requested subpoenas – thereby finally settling the issue of Obama’s eligibility to be President – or affirming that the Sixth Amendment has been repealed by Judicial fiat because it threatens the status quo. Either way, we will know as a People whether it is time to convene a Constitutional Convention to re-assert our fundamental rights.”"


Links at the link.


Well, cc, my father, a doctor, who retired from the navy after a heart attack raised pheasants when I was young. Supposedly, he was going to sell them, but that never happened. I remember every Sunday dinner was pheasant under glass! AliceH, I have quail hunted in the past but was not invited on this hunt with our grandson. Probably for the best.
I am "all for" girls and boys learning hot to hunt. I just wonder if many young girls in the south are doing that now. My granddaughters are not "into it."



Jim Eagle

My first hunt with my Dad was for Moose in Newfoudland. He ad no idea what he was doiing nor did I:)


Veet, which division of Porton Down designed it,
and who authorized it's topical application,


One banker argued that was the real danger. “It’s a little bit worrying for the politicians to get addicted to that level of income. The windfall profit has been a stunning number – that will go away over time.”


jib-my dad's hunting trophies were stolen with the exception of the moose head which had been loaned for exhibition. It took the joy out of hunting and he rarely talked about it until a post law school trip to Canada. We were at Chateau Lake Louise and walking along trail toward Victoria Glacier and he started talking about the distances some of what he had hunted had been away from him.

He was never much of a talker so those are fun memories. I of course wanted to know the story of the grizzly bear I remembered hanging as a rug on the wall. He maintained that there was not much difference between a black bear and a grizzly except where they can be found. I have no intention of getting close to either.

My granddad had a sloth bear that was up on its legs with one paw up that always caught my imagination.


Does know see the past as prologue, Bueller;



via Publicola, Colorado HB 1224 (magazine limit) passed the house 34-31 today. All the republicans and 3 democrats voted against it.

Lot's more on the slew of bills passing here at the Denver Post.

Next step is the senate, then the governor's desk.

Jane - Mock the Media!

the infamous Amazon reviews for Veet.



OT item related to nothing really...

Got a message on our neighborhood Listserv to come to an open house to support WINGS

Here is a bit about them -
"Our Mission: WINGS creates opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services."

one way how - "Is free from cultural or religious constraints to use family planning methods;"

3 Major supporters (there are lots of others) - *Open Society Institute
*International Planned Parenthood
*St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Rochester, NY

I find it SO odd that an Episcopal Church would be funding an organization that works to "free" people from their religious constraints!
Also...we aren't suppose to post political stuff. I'm sure most think of this as charity & not political....but it is political for sure. The left gets away with so much crap. The Listserv is full of "green" advice too, which I would say is political. (one email sign-off - "Think Sustainability")
I should have an NRA membership drive open house & invite people on the Listserv...
There would be heads exploding.


I guess this British colloquialisms add some vivid imagery, warning;

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky


Posted by: Jane - Mock the Media! | February 18, 2013 at 07:23 PM--

Here's a sampler Jane.


I find it SO odd that an Episcopal Church would be funding an organization that works to "free" people from their religious constraints!

That does seem a wee bit odd. Not surprising, though. Perhaps they'll merge with the Muslims, although they'll probably have to drop the abortion stuff at that point. And the female priests. Oh well.


Jane: Clarice, IIRC, first introduced us to the quite hysterical Veet reviews. If you are unfamiliar - let us just say they are - more precisely, one of them - is a hoot.


Here you go, Jane:

Veet Hair Removal for Men


hahaha - Veet links galore!


Here are the 4 bills just passed in the Colorado House:

• House Bill 1229 requiring background checks for all gun transactions;

• House Bill 1226 banning concealed weapons on campuses;

• House Bill 1228 instituting a fee for gun buyers to cover the cost of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to perform background checks; and

• House Bill 1224* limiting magazines to 15 rounds.

*HB1224 included an amendment to allow Magpul - a magazine manufacturer in state - to continue manufacturing larger magazines (and keep 600 jobs and $25M taxable revenues instate) for sales out of state. Magpul says if this is signed into law, they are leaving Colorado.

The Colorado Senate has 20 Dems/15Repubs. The Governor is a Dem.

This is just crazy.


If y'all like the veet reviews try this one:


BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen

Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long! I use it when I'm swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga. It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty! Since I've begun using these pens, men have found me more attractive and approchable. It has given me soft skin and manageable hair and it has really given me the self-esteem I needed to start a book club and flirt with the bag-boy at my local market. My drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I'm writing my last name hyphenated with the Robert Pattinson's last name, I really believe he may some day marry me! I'm positively giddy. Those smart men in marketing have come up with a pen that my lady parts can really identify with.

Where has this pen been all my life???

Captain Hate

I find it SO odd that an Episcopal Church would be funding an organization that works to "free" people from their religious constraints!

That probably wouldn't even crack the top 10 dumbass things the Archdhimmi of Canterbury will do this week.


Having spent so time in that vicinity, I doubt that the Moose did either.


Well Rowan's successor, Welby is just one degree less splunge, but only one degree.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Thanks Iggy.

I can't even think of a response.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--• House Bill 1226 banning concealed weapons on campuses--

If they would just pass a bill banning wild eyed young men from openly carrying firearms and going on killing sprees on campus the problem would be over and they wouldn't even have to worry about those darned concealed ones.

Imagine the aspiring young assassin in his parent's basement,
"Hmmm, I'm planning on going out in a hail of lead taking as many innocent young kids with me as possible before blowing my brains out.
Let me go over my check list one more time.
Are there any loose threads?....oh, damn it! It's now against the law to carry out my insane murder-suicide rampage with them concealed!
Rats! Back to torturing the cat I guess."

Jim Miller

That Episcopal Church supporting birth control struck me as a blast from the past.

As I imagine most of you know, there were great battles in the 1950s and 1960s between Catholics and mainline Protestants over birth control. (And, I believe, before then, but I wasn't paying attention to such issues in the 1940s.)

I don't doubt that what they mean is freeing the Guatemalans from their Catholic (or evangelical) ideas about birth control and abortion.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Finally a new thread!!

Captain Hate

Well Rowan's successor, Welby is just one degree less splunge, but only one degree.

Rowan has left the belfry? Shows you how much I care these days...


The Dems have targeted Colorado as a foothold in the West. They have pumped megabucks in there and there are all sorts of NOGs and front groups. Typical communist stuff. The is also a large influx of West Coasters. The regular Coloradans never had a chance. The Left has succeeded there. We will see, but my guess is that it becomes another permanent blue state, and the virus will move to other states in the West. All of these gun bill will become law. This is a real coup for the Left because Colorado had some of the best (from our POV) gun laws in the nation. This last point seems to be missing from discussions: the democrats are accomplishing what they have been trying to do for decades and are doing it at blistering pace. More is to come.

One has to remember that for decades registration of all weapons was the fundamental goal of the Left. it was resisted like mad, and it was considered to be a real gamble for representatives to back it. Not any more.

I really doubt that the Democrats there pay any price for it at all in the next few elections, and that is saying something in Colorado.

Registration is a step along the way to confiscation, have no doubt about that.

One more nail in the coffin of this once great and free nation. It is sad we end this way: just giving up our freedoms to a bunch of insane, not too bright and narcissistic Democrats. We are defeated by the most parasitic and pea-brained elements of our society. Not with bang, obvious, but not with much of a whimper either.


I had read something in the Telegraph, last month, he's to become a life peer, frabjous joy.

Beasts of England

sailor@5:29 - Wonderful!


I have saved phones with the rice in a bag trick. I have also read that soaking the phone in laboratory grade alcohol removes all the moisture and the alcohol evaporates. In the LUN is a fantastic preventative measure, Liquipel. One of the examples show an IPhone working under water.

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