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February 02, 2013


Cecil Turner

Hey, I just read Pieces, and I got the first quote . . . along with a friend shout-out! Cooool. Thanks, Clarice.


Funny how the losses of Thompson, Mack, and name any third candidate, never factor into this process;



excellent, clarice!


The question we have to answer first narciso: do we call Karl Rove and rich GOP donors the establishment? an oligarchy? Duke & Duke?

Clearly the label is more important than the fact of a centrally organized and funded operation to keep incumbents in power and to head off any popular uprising which might deliver another Ron Johnson or Ted Cruz as party poopers in DC.

Captain Hate

LOL @ naming it The Conservative Victory Project. Because Dick Lugar, Charlie Crist and Mike Castle were such rock-ribbed conservatives.


From the 12:03 link Capt Hate put up concerning Jesse Jackson:

"Stanford first met Jackson, when she was completing her doctoral dissertation on his foreign policy record."

Jackson has a foreign policy record, who knew?


I know it's elusive as Mr. Snufflelapagus, but did they have any wins this cycle, or are they Mark Sanchez


her doctoral dissertation on his foreign policy record.

Ha, pagar. Shortest doctoral dissertation ever?

Somehow reminiscent of the Petraeus-Broadwell affair. If you're a young woman angling to sleep with an egotistical celebrity, write your PhD dissertation about him.


Yes, that parallel occurred to me too, jimmy, well he did run for President twice, and had longstanding contacts with the Syrian and Cuban
regimes, but it does beg the question,

They really don't understand that AQ uses preexisting networks, or maybe they do;



OTOH, Powell thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread came along;



O/T Update on my 10:42 link on 1 million free ebooks.
The download worked for me. There is a long info on the fact that there is no spyware on the site. I found several links for my friends that use ereaders.
I don't use ereaders so I am removing the download from my computer. However if I used ereaders I would keep it.


Interesting placement re narciso's 03:11 Link.

Immediately beneath his link to Gibbs saying Hagel seemed ‘unimpressive and unprepared’ for his confirmation hearing is a story titled: 5 Signs You'll get Alzheimers.

Just saying.


Cecil, it was deserved.
Rick--LOVE your suggestion..Why not add it as a comment there?

Danube of Thought iPad

Well, I've got the Ravens and 4 points for $300, so I'm prepared to pronounce the first half satisfactory. Not so Beyonce.

Rick Ballard




Great,Rick. It deserves a wide audience.

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