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February 08, 2013



So can we say or will Obama say, the LAPD acted stupidly?


Crosspost 1 of 2:

California corrections officers have joined the statewide manhunt for a former Los Angeles police officer wanted in connection with a series of shootings.


Two Americas. I wonder what would happen to crime stats if the cops mobilized like this when gangs killed little non-cop related kids in ghettos.

Their goal, besides protect their own, is to get this guy before "homeowner with a gun" gets him.

My friend in Big Bear said practically the whole town has gone to open-carry of their firearms and the cops have not complained. A lot of retired cops live there, so that helps.

Last thing I heard was they think he has left Big Bear.


After reading Dorner's manifesto I'm just a little bit dumber than I was before.

Hopefully it's a temporary effect, like reading a Kos diarist's entry or watching a Piers Morgan segment.

Let's pray for a quick, collateral-damage free end to this.


Crosspost 2 of 2:

--"TK, should we refer to him as "The MSNBC Spree Killer" or "Piers Morgan's Biggest (6 foot 270 lbs!!!) Acolyte"?

Posted by: Captain Hate | February 08, 2013 at 09:38 AM"--

Fein-ken-stein's Monster, CH.

From the manifesto:

Sen. Feinstein, you are doing the right thing in leading the re-institution of a national AWB. Never again should any public official state that their prayers and thoughts are with the family. That has become cliche’ and meaningless. Its time for action. Let this be your legacy that you bestow to America. Do not be swayed by obstacles, antagaonist, and naysayers. Remember the innocent children at Austin, Kent, Stockton, Fullerton, San Diego, Iowa City, Jonesboro, Columbine, Nickel Mines, Blacksburg, Springfield, Red Lake, Chardon, Aurora, and Newtown. Make sure this never happens again!!!



That the LAPD shot two Asian American women in a truck that may or may not have been similar to that of the perpetrator gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Trigger happy cops are a problem these days regardless. Now we have trigger happy cops with an excuse.


With any luck he will be taken out with bullet #8 up to bullet #30 from a single magazine.


Most of the manifesto was standard fare but one item caught my eye …

“Romney, stop being a sore loser. You could’ve exited graciously and still contributed significantly to public service, not now.”

Huh ? Was just disappearing not acceptable ?
We should be so lucky to have Obama just disappear.

I guess he is referring to that Dana Milbank piece that the press corpse wondered why they couldn't still have Romney to kick around some more, forgetting that he wasn't ever a DC pol.


Romney was supposed to kiss more than just the tip, Neo.


Dorner, is obviously mentally ill and his rankings have no bearing on any political discussion. Yet, I've been taught by my political and journalist betters that in our interconnected world, the rantings and actions of the insane are an important part of political discussion, and we should listen to the insane when we make political judgments. So here goes-- BAN PIERS MORGAN-- BAN OBAMA. There, that's the lesson of Dorner according to our betters.

BTW-- this will end horribly-- Dorner will die a violent death, and we can only hope and pray, no additional innocents are harmed.


Apparently, OFA (Orgasming For Action) is claiming to be non-partisan.

Captain Hate

Yeah blasting two Asian American women is very difficult to rationalize. I'd like to insert a tasteless Margaret Cho joke but I think trying to not be needlessly offensive in doing that would be walking a non-existent line.

Rob Crawford
I'd like to insert a tasteless Margaret Cho joke ...

The lunatic already had one in his manifesto. He called her "beautiful".

Rob Crawford
Apparently, OFA (Orgasming For Action) is claiming to be non-partisan.

Of course; Obama uber alles, including the Democrat party.


Crosspost from the last thread:

Good Morning.

At the Alaska Airlines Airport Lounge in LAX, finishing the 2nd Bloody Mary and shortly to board on the way home.

In the lounge are Local FOX, NBC, and ABC monitors, and the morning LA news is nothing but the rogue cop Dorner and a local storm. From what I have seen this last hour, each station is continuing to show Dorner in his Naval Officer uniforms and in his police uniform, and continuing to censor mention of his praise for Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, the Obama's, the Clinton's, NPR, Tom Brokaw, DiFi and all the rest of the usual suspects. It is an honest to goodness coup d'etat of honest Journalism, and if it weren't for the alternative media we would be clueless as to this guys philosophical underpinnings and background. They are as bad as we used to think Pravda was.


Daddy-- to paraphrase the old Soviet days joke amongst the everyday folk: "There is no izvestia on the TV 'news' and no Pravda in 'journalism'. They don't even hide it anymore, the 'Media' are teammates on the same Left/Dem Team as the Dem politiicians.


Of possible interest on the Gun Ownership front:

Alaska's contradiction? Lots of guns, few homicides.

This is a gun-crazy state. Guns are everywhere. About 58 percent of Alaskans own a gun, according to the Washington Post. Given that the U.S. Census says the average household size in the 49th state is 2.65 people, there is, on average, 1.53 guns per household.

Or to make this simple, there is basically a gun in every house.

And yet, the Alaska homicide rate for 2011, the latest year for which figures are available, was 4 per 100,000 people. That's significantly lower than the 6.4 per 100,000 people for New York City, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg likes to brag about how many guns the New York Police Department has taken away from the citizenry, and about a fifth of the homicide rate for Chicago (19.4 per 100,000), a city with stringent gun control that has been labeled the world's "Deadliest Global City."

...your odds of being shot and killed in Alaska are lower than your odds of being murdered in the European principality of Liechtenstein (2.8 per 100,000) and about the same as your odds for being murdered in Luxembourg (2.5 per 100,000).

Rob Crawford

I wasn't that concerned with the fed ammo binge until it was put this way:

To provide some perspective, experts estimate that at the peak of the Iraq war American troops were firing around 5.5 million rounds per month. At that rate, DHS is armed now for a 24-year Iraq war.



Of course they leave out the damning statement of support for Obama. unfortunately this man is a typical Obama follower.Kind of like those women who write to convicted murderers hoping for a relationship.


Here are some great Ace links that Captain pointed out - On the MFM downplaying the leftist murderers

and Ace on Twitter. Good stuff.


One wonders what would cause a man of his calibre to turn against the second most corrupt law enforcement agency in the country... and it's sad to see the population falling wholesale for the media line. America, not only have you grown fat and lazy, you're starting to sicken me.

a former soldier

Captain Hate

Trigger happy cops are a problem these days regardless. Now we have trigger happy cops with an excuse.

Pretty good defense of the need for the Second amendment.

Rick Ballard


I was wondering roughly the same thing. "Nuts" would have to be equivalent to "overcome by cognitive dissonance" ala Howard Beale to fit here. The Joycean manifesto reflects, IMO, irresolvable conflict between his indoctrination and the reality of the corrupt organization which squashed him like a bug.




CH-- what distinguishes your 11:29 from huey newton saying shoot the pigs back in the day, or Rev Al Sharptons 'fight back' against the cops during Giuliani's term in office?

Rob Crawford
One wonders what would cause a man of his calibre to turn against the second most corrupt law enforcement agency in the country...

He made accusations he couldn't back up, and they (appropriately) fired him for it. This is despite the LAPD being in the middle of witch hunts that were disposed to believe his accusations.

He admits that he tried to choke another officer for "saying the n-word". He murdered the daughter of his defense attorney.

He's not sane. He's not justified. He's a lunatic.

Captain Hate

what distinguishes your 11:29 from huey newton saying shoot the pigs back in the day, or Rev Al Sharptons 'fight back' against the cops during Giuliani's term in office?

If they were addressing people who were minding their own business, not doing anything illegal and possibly facing somebody in uniform who was going to shoot and kill them for no good reason, nothing.


RE: the Feds' ammo binge

They are probably doing one of the following:

1) Buying up ammo to create a shortage, to keep supplies low so that the average Joe can't afford or obtain ammo.

2) Getting ready for the civil unrest/riots that will ensue when the inevitable economic collapse occurs from the Fed's stimulus/QE money printing.

3) Getting ready for the civil war/Revolution that will occur when people finally get fed up enough with Obama and the Dems' policies.

4) Preparing for an alien invasion that captured aliens held at Area 51 have been warning about.

5) Preparing for the zombie apocalypse resulting from a loose chem/bio agent / terrorist bio war attack.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--CH-- what distinguishes your 11:29 from huey newton saying shoot the pigs back in the day, or Rev Al Sharptons 'fight back' against the cops during Giuliani's term in office?--

Did those two women not have the right to defend themselves when some nutjob cop put a few rounds through them?
I have never understood the proper distrust of the state by conservatives mixed with the 'we are to submit to authority under any and all circumstances even that which maims or kills us even though we're innocent' theme.

Huey Newton was a criminal killing cops who tried to protect the public.

A citizen defending himself from some, at best, grossly negligent cop, shooting anyone in a dark pickup is doing the public a service and exercising his civil rights.


RobC@11:36 sums up what Dornan has become. The English have an ancient saying-- 'queer as folk'. Lunacy-- medical science barely understands what it is, who knows what causes it.

capth-- but huey newton and Rev al said that about the cops back in the day as well.
I guess my point is, 2d Amendment absolutism is as unpersuasive to me as 1st Amendment absolutism (NYTimes) or abortion absolutism (planned parenthood.)

Captain Hate

NK, are you being deliberately obtuse in saying that two race hustlers engaging in lowlife outreach somehow eliminates the right of any citizen to defend him/herself against agents of the state acting outside the law?


Dornan = Dorner-- there's a Freudian slip.

Ig-- I do have a healthy distrust of government-- but cops are down low on that list-- I give them the benefit of the doubt. Lawless cops? yes, lawful citizens have a right to defend themselves against lawless cops, b/c lawless cops by definition are not acting with lawful authority. And if the lawless cops use violence against the innocent, the innocent citizen has a right to use violence to defend themselves. Are negligent cops lawless? who decides that? dangerous ground here-- and ground that the urban demagogues like the Panthers have used for years to run their scams.

Rob Crawford

At minimum, the shootings need to be reviewed, and done with a jaundiced eye. I get that they're nervous -- but that means I'd understand them drawing their sidearms absent a clear threat, not emptying their magazines.

I certainly wouldn't object to the officers facing assault charges. Any regular joe who was that trigger happy would.


CaptH@12:02-- see my 12:05. Obtuse?-- moi? BTW I didn't say what that, in any event see my 12:05. Absolutism leads to absurdies, that's why I generally find absolutism unpersuasive.


The LAPD shooters-- since I give cops the benefit of the doubt, and given the gravity of finding and stopping Dorner, I can't imagine supporting criminally charging them. Administrative charges for negligence, and dismissing them? Absolutely, they were negligent res ipsa, and they wounded a couple of innocent ladies, that the LA taxpayers will now have to compensate-- massively. I assume these cops will be dismissed.

Captain Hate

NK, everybody that Huey the blow addict and Resist We Much addressed have the same rights as I do. If they choose to exercise them irresponsibly and illegally, they have to bear the consequences.


"The LAPD shooters-- since I give cops the benefit of the doubt, and given the gravity of finding and stopping Dorner, I can't imagine supporting criminally charging them."

What if they killed the ladies?


But they didn't, so I'll stick to what actually happened.


Feds are buying ammo to trade for food and drink once the currency becomes worthless.


They SHOULD BE SHOT for delivering the LOS ANGELES TIMES.



I have a dream!!!!

I dreamt that Dorner bumped in to Ted Nugent, and the MSNBC headline read.

WHITE MAN kills former Cop/Navy Veteran.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Are negligent cops lawless? who decides that?--

I nominate the person being shot by the negligent cop.

--But they didn't, so I'll stick to what actually happened.--

Unfortunately the person being shot at doesn't have the luxury of ascertaining whether the cop is a crack shot or not until the bullet arrives downrange.
Whether he is a good shot should not determine the difference between criminal charges or not, only the severity of those charges if any are to be brought.

I am not necessarily in favor of criminal charges against the cops because I don't know the details of the situation.
I am saying the women had a perfect right, once they were fired upon, to shoot back and, if necessary, kill the cop who was shooting at them, without facing criminal charges themselves.


1:20-- does not describe a viable society. THAT is a bad day in Bosnia ca. 1993.


Your 1:25 sounds backwards NK. Police shooting first and asking questions sorting out whether there was any reason to shoot law abiding citizens later is not a viable society either.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

So we, as free citizens have the duty to allow ourselves to be shot at and actually shot without the right of self defense, even though we are innocent, so long as the person shooting at us is an agent of the state?
THAT is a viable society?

I submit that Bosnia ca. 1993 was partially a direct result of decades of exactly the kind of society where citizens were subjects of the state free to be shot and harassed without any means of self defense.
I also submit that to the extent we allow ourselves to become helpless subjects of the state we are pushing our country toward violent Balkanization not away from it.


"WHITE MAN kills former Cop/Navy Veteran."

Gus, that would be "WHITE REPUBLICAN BUSH SUPPORTER kills former Cop/Navy Veteran."


"But they didn't, so I'll stick to what actually happened."

From the manifesto:

It is endless the amount of times per week officers arrest an individual, label him a suspect-arrestee-defendant and then before arraignment or trial realize that he is innocent based on evidence. You know what they say when they realize an innocent man just had his life turned upside down?. "I guess he should have stayed at home that day he was discovered walking down the street and matching the suspects description. Oh well, he appeared to be a dirtbag anyways". Meanwhile the falsely accused is left to pick up his life, get a new, family, friends, and sense of self worth.
Mad Jack

NK: I'm not anti cop in any way but even if it was Dorner in that truck that does not mean the police get to open up on him on sight. The LAPD might want to adopt the ROE's our troops in Afganistan operate under. The citizenry of LA would be a lot safer.

Jim Eagle

Has anyone seen Brian Ross and Stephie commiserating about the political views of Dorner? I have noted that there are a number of Tea Party members named Dorner


MadJack/Henry-- the LAPD discipline due process will decide the fate of the trigger happy cops, and as to the citizens firing away at cops who mistakenly fire on them, a grand jury and maybe a petit jury at trial will decide their fates. The civil society that we've had for centuries in America is the result of just laws, justly enforced with due process. Gunslingers and Star Chambers don't protect us, they are threats to civil society. I alway agreed with the Thomas More speech in Man for All Seasons, opposing vigilantism against the Crown's abuses, what protects us from the Devil if we chop down all the laws, stupid ones and just laws alike.


I'd like to be on the "benefit of the doubt" wagon, but I can't find evidence for the "doubt" part given
1) wrong truck model
2) wrong color truck
3) total mismatch of physical description of Dorner
4) there were TWO people shot at - and in this universe at least, one of them at least had to not be Dorner.

Not a righteous shooting.


AliceH-- the LAPD should be fired for cause. I can't imagine what legitimate excuse they have for their negligence. Did they even ID themselves as cops? That's not what I was getting at though.



The civil society that we've had for centuries in America is the result of just laws, justly enforced with due process.

Clearly you do not practice in criminal law.


heh-- there is a 'chow' factor for societal miscreants-- sure. But that's why they're criminals.

Mad Jack

NK: I am not arguing that the law should not control here or that we should be able to draw down on a cop who appears threatening. I believe you said the cops should only be subject to administrative disciplne not criminal responsibility. I read that as giving the cops a whole lot of leeway. Too much in fact and much more than we currently give our troops in a war zone.

Mad Jack

"discipline" D'oh


MadJack-- administrative for these cops, based on what we know so far. They clearly were acting to .. ahem... 'stop' a madman who had murdered 3 people and threatened mass murder. There are plenty of times where a cop should be subject to criminal prosecution for crimes, or negligence so grave, administrative punishment is insufficient.


--as to the citizens firing away at cops who mistakenly fire on them, a grand jury and maybe a petit jury at trial will decide their fates--

I can think of plenty of plausible scenarios - including this one - where citizens firing back at( someone shooting at them would never go so far as to be put before a jury - grand or petit.

Note I said firing BACK not "firing away" - when you fire a gun, you're always firing AT a target.

Rob Crawford

1) wrong truck model

I admit I couldn't tell one model from another, beyond gross differences like "compact pickup" vs "full-sized".

2) wrong color truck

This may be the result of the time of day. If it was dark or twilight, a blue truck could look gray.

3) total mismatch of physical description of Dorner


4) there were TWO people shot at - and in this universe at least, one of them at least had to not be Dorner.


Plus -- what was the threat? The police are given weapons for defense of themselves and others, not to enforce laws. I could excuse them for drawing on a potential threat, but firing without a clear threat is inexcusable.


"The police are given weapons for defense of themselves and others, not to enforce laws. I could excuse them for drawing on a potential threat, but firing without a clear threat is inexcusable."

All true, and that's what their Departmental hearing will decide.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Gunslingers and Star Chambers don't protect us, they are threats to civil society.--

After you're sitting innocently in your pickup and receive two bullets through the back get back to us on whether defending yourself would have made you a gunslinger and/or vigilante or a justified citizen defending his life from an unprovoked attack.

Whether the attack was well meaning or not may be relevant to the attackers legal fate but should be irrelevant to an innocent citizen's right to defend himself.


"All true, and that's what their Departmental hearing will decide."

They will be judged by the people who trained them.

Mad Jack

I fully admit I don't know all the facts on this one but these officers almost matched the "madman's" kill total with a 'based on what we know" totally unjustified shooting of two women! I'm just having a hard time seeing how they were "clearly acting" such that your default position is admin punishment in this particular instance. I understand that as a starting point but you seem to be ruling out the concept that their negligence could rise to criminal negligence because a madman was on the loose.

Beasts of England

'It was, however, a pick-up truck'.

I, too, admire their eye for detail, TM.

Frau Libby Krimi

If Obama had a brother, would he look like Dorner?

BTW one complaint was "no one looked like him" in school which I find hard to believe during his CA elementary days. Killing the daughter of his lawyer was not helpful to his case. As Larry Elder would comment, "Nutcase, nutcase."

Now, how long before Dorner is transformed into a religious right crazy?

Beasts of England

And this dude had a TS/SCI clearance? Sumbitch! I guess the lifestyle polygraph operator hadn't had his coffee that day...

Rob Crawford

Ig -- give it up. You'll never get NK to admit self-defense is justified under ANY circumstances.

Beasts of England

One cannot be accidentally obtuse. Just sayin'...



Greatest Living President is Also Fantastic Painter

Half the fun is that the headline is causing lefty heads to explode today.

"About 150 miles to the south, up to 16 San Diego County sheriff's deputies spent the night surrounding and searching a rural home after a hoaxer reported Dorner was there. There were people at home but Dorner wasn't one of them, said Lt. Jason Rothlein. Investigators have a pretty good idea who made the call and will seek criminal charges, he said.


The cops should have opened fire into the home.

Jane (A dog in the crate is better than one on the plate)

OT: As of 4:PM all the roads in MA are closed. You may not drive.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Ig -- give it up. You'll never get NK to admit self-defense is justified under ANY circumstances.

Posted by: Rob Crawford | February 08, 2013 at 03:02 PM--

Let's be fair; his objection seems limited to self defense when it's a cop shooting you for no reason.

Jane (A dog in the crate is better than one on the plate)

He really is a fantastic painter CC. Wow!

James D.

I've got to say, I'm done with "benefit of the doubt" for police, prosecutors, judges, politicans - just about everyone who works for the government and has power over the lives of citizens, at this point.

Whatever benefit any of those groups might once have deserved has been thrown away by years - decades - of incompetence, corruption, and the idea - which grows stronger daily in the minds of many/most of them - that they do not govern for a limited time and only with our consent, but RULE over the rest of us.

Enough. I'm willing to accept that many (a majority, even a large majority) of police (DAs, judges, etc as well) are decent, honest people who really do try to obey the law and act with actual regard for the lives of the citizens who cross their paths. But even if that's true, they clearly do not do enough - if anything - to rein in their fellows who do not (whether it's cops who shoot up people of the wrong gender and the wrong gender, riding in the wrong color and model truck; or prosecutors who abuse their power and use their basically limitless budget and authority to destroy the lives of people who in no way merit such treatment; or politicans who...do just about any of the things TM writes about daily).

If they want the benefit of the doubt, they have to EARN IT. They have a very large burden of proof in front of them, in my eyes, to do so.

Personally, I don't have any respect for most of the people in our law enforcement system, at any level. I don't think they deserve any deference at all. I certainly don't expect their help or protection, should I need it. What I do, is fear them, because any of them can wreck my life, on purpose, or by accident, with little if any possibility of any consequences to them regardless of how their actions.

Maybe all that's unfair, or unreasonable, or whatever. But all I have to do is pick up any newspaper, any day, and find a dozen reasons to feel even more strongly that what I've written above is true, and probably a lot worse than I even imagine it is.


Roads closed, Jane? Sure hope you stocked up on supplies (food and vodka)!


What was the possible justification for firing on 2 women delivering papers? Did they refuse to get out of the truck? Were they in a speed chase? This just doesn't make sense. Were the cops drunk?


I agree wholeheartedly. I avoid the police at all costs.

Jane - snowed in


The only way to fix it is to have very harsh prosecutions of those whose job is to uphold the law and break it.

But that's not the way it works these days. Chicago politics is destroying this country.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Excellent story at cc's link by Matthew Continetti on Barry's expanding and secretive web of political corporations.

If the country blows up a great deal of blame will lie with the conservative and libertarian billionaires and centi millionaires who fiddled aboard their yachts and in their mansions while the Lewis's and Soros's of the world concentrated their wealth and staged a coup.

Jim Eagle

Jane and CC,

I see a little Andrew Wyeth influence in his art especially the interesting realism in personal perspective.

OT: Frederick has decided he wants to participate in the school talent show this year. And he's decided not to play the sax but to sing. For all you disco freaks out there he is going to sing Rick Astley's "Never Going to Give You Up". So, Dad has been googling that song title for instrumental only and finally found a karaoke version with backup singers who can accompany him.

Today we did our first rehearsal and now I have to figure how to get that darn song out of my head:)

p.s. Obama makes a cameo appearence in the linked music video as a hip bartender.


Everything about the women in the truck shooting, looks (on the surface) to be chickensh*t and criminally negligent. Shots were fired at the rear of the vehicle (not from the side or front).

I wonder what anyone here would be feeling, thinking if it was their family members (male or female) who were blasted by cops while just going about their daily affairs.

I think that incident is every bit as awful as what the rogue cop did.


These trigger-happy thugs are all too happy to protect and avenge their own ilk. "To protect and to serve" is nothing but a clever catchphrase from TV shows, it is not an obligation of the police as per a 2005 Supreme Court Decision.

The thugs who shot these women probably won't even be suspended, much less booted out of their police department. And even worse, the citizenry won't even bleat or squawk about it.


If only we gave more in taxes, the police might have had this guy by now.


From the story at Smoking Gun that detailed the Bush email hack with the painting photos:

Another hacked e-mail showed that presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett forwarded a personal message in late-December to the ailing Bush from President Barack Obama, who wrote that, “Michelle and I haven’t wanted to impinge on you while you are recuperating, but please know that we are thinking of you and the entire family.”

I'm glad to know that 44 and his wife are thinking of 41 and his family. Wouldn't a card and flowers be slightly more appropriate gesture from the current President to a former President than a short email forwarded from ValJar?



When you rickroll people, you're not supposed to tell them you're rickrolling them! ;)


You forget this is the president with NO class. Why would he use the word impinge? It doesn't fit the message he is trying to send. They are both so ignorant it is rather shocking. Certainly someone should have cleaned up the message so it would sound intelligible and heartfelt. Oh I forgot, no heart,kinda of like the TinMan in the Wizard of Oz.They are both an embarassment. I hope both former presidents had a good laugh over it.

Frau Angsthase

I'd hate to be impinged by the preezy and FLOTUS. I'm ducking and weaving.
Things are bad enough as is.


The word is intrude but of course the Obamas just think they are welcome anywhere.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Hope nobody thinks I'm being uncharitable or a closet Barryphile if I say IMO those aren't very good paintings and they suffer not only from poor technique but also basic perspective and proportional flaws which I doubt are intentional.

Jim Eagle


You're welcome to post your paintings so we can compare:)


But a 9 year old kid? Why the hell did he pick that song? I have asked him and all I get is a smile:) I think there is more here than I can even worry about>


maryrose, You are exactly right. O and Michelle have absolutely NO class. And, IMO, they simply do not know how to act in any situation--but, I will admit, they are fast learners but they cannot escape the fact that they simply have no class.

Beasts of England

Well, here we go: I was arrested for a felony last summer. Wrong place, wrong time. When the arresting officer walked up I said 'Hey, Eddie'. I've known him for 30 years. He said 'Now's not the time'. He's hated me since high school. Bondsman, lawyers, et cetera had never heard of anyone actually being arrested on that charge. Knew it would be nol prossed. Unfortunately, at that time, I was dating a young lady who the DA had a huge crush on, and he openly resented me for being with her. Needless to say, an indictment was returned. I'm fighting it rather than taking a plea.

My point is: these fuckers settle personal vendettas every chance they can and have no respect for anything but their egos and, frankly, their shortcomings...


uh, Iggy - art critique aside - the Free Beacon is trolling for lefties by parodying them (think of any of the MFM's Obama as Savior headlines or photos).


There are plenty of times where a cop should be subject to criminal prosecution for crimes,

but he'd have to do something worse than merely shoot an elderly unarmed woman twice in the back.


Hey Beasts,

I'm gonna be doing the return to NO trip next Tues/Wed to pick up the daughter and I think we're gonna stop at Windcreek on the way back if you are anywhere near there. She's all excited to hit the slots in a "19 is legal gambling state" (Alabama does do one thing right!!).

I'm not sure where in Bama you are, but just thought I'd check and see if I might be grazing by your location.

Yesterday did the ATL_NO_ATL in one trip. Went down through Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Meridian and came back through Mobile and Montgomery. Managed to miss most of the rain but goodness what a miserable ride Tuscaloosa to Slidell is... Yuck.



Actually I think it's kind of a coup (my huband's band's slang for when someone else comes up with a cover they wish they'd come up with). No one will expect it!

Beasts of England

Stephanie@4:44 - I'm in north Alabama - Lake Guntersville. And, yes, that drive is miserable, boring, and flat!

The Windcreek will be a pleasant surprise. Slots only, but still fun. Great steakhouse. Five diamond hotel, if I remember correctly, but well done regardless of rating. Hit the spa, too, if you have time - first class.


Good grief Jane! I had no idea how serious you were! Apparently you could go to jail for a year if you drive during the Governor's ban. Holey moley.


A Gov. banning all vehicles on all roads in entire state has to be unprecedented. AND JUST THE BEGINNING


Casinos! Spas!!

What is this, the Dorner Party thread?


OT in the news of the weird category - Stephanie's mentioning NO reminded me of it.

My husband has a very unusual first name - Chaille (pronounced "shallie"). He is Chaille III and his father was Chaille II. Our nephew is Chaille IV.

My husband's grandfather (the first Chaille) was named after Dr. Stanford Chaille, dean of Tulane Medical School and a friend and mentor of my husband's great-grandfather. All the Chailles have gone by their middle name, which is also fairly unusual in this country.

So anyway, not many Chailles in the world.

Last weekend at a party, my husband met a woman about 30 years old with the same first name. She, too, was named after Dr. Stanford Chaille, who has been dead lo these 100 years.

Truly, what are the odds?

BB Key

Obama's excuse for Feb. It was the headwinds from the snowstorm .

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