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February 15, 2013



Now I want to watch GWTW. But I just watched it a year or so ago and it's too soon.

Downton finale this Sunday so that's something.


There's a word that WEB Griffin, or more likely
his son, coined to describe his class, the Oprichniki, after Ivan the Terrible's henchmen,
back in the 16th Century.

Jim Eagle


What a great piece of "missing" history with your Hamer link. Can't even imagine how that kind of relationship and gentlemenly consideration would play today.

BTW, Facebook will replicate GE and pay no Income taxes this year. Ya think they have friends in high office?


SEALS push back against Esquire 'shooter' drek -- no implication that the shooter is a fabulist--yet: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/14/16964372-commander-denies-seals-claim-made-in-esquire-article?lite


the 'shooter' IS a fabulist about his benefits status-- I wonder, is he a complete fabulist about his actions in AfPak as well? Time will tell.

Captain Hate

Peter the Great was an incredible badass; I doubt that Vlad could ever measure up to him. Plus he was very Euro-centric which I don't imagine being repeated.

Old Lurker

Porch, an advantage of watching Downton on DVD is I can tell you what happens Sunday in the season finale...but that would be wrong.

Old Lurker

The Seals will deal with him appropriately I am sure.

Captain Hate

Speaking of Facebook, a friend of mine from a music site has become outspokenly disgusted with the JEF whom, like an idiot, he formerly supported. I asked him if the Suckerberg software had automatically changed his status to "Enemy of the State".


Some words of wisdom, that won't be heeded;


the whole thing stinks like Limberger, Esquire actually has at least one well former veteran
correspondent, and the story didn't come through him.


CaptH-- wel Vlad P is also 'Euro Centric' -- he wants to extend his empire from the Sea of Japan to the English Channel to the Med.

Narc-- I can't imagine this SEAL is a complete fabulist who wasn't in the SEAL Team 6 raid, b/c the USN-Panetta reaction has implicitly treated him as being who he says he is. But.. the New Rep went all in with their bogus 'atrocities' Bradley driver and there have been several other outright frauds since Iraq, so....

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

GWTW aint my favorite; not even my favorite Gable movie, but it's pretty good movie making nonetheless.


I think they are still referring to the hypothetical, In my neck of the woods, one of the reporters, Ana Menendez, Mrs. Dexter Filkins, talked up a particular fantasist, a Jimmy Manning,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Russia is currently filled to the brim with "former" communists who are no longer communists solely because it is expedient.
Were that to change tomorrow so would they.

I don't think that means they're not communists, only that they can't afford to be, just as, after the Civil War, a great many southerners didn't have slaves only because they couldn't, not because they weren't slave holders at heart.


Vlad's Crew are no longer communists because communism doesn't produce enough wealth for the level of national and personal power the crave. Crony capitalism -- fascism-- is the way from now on. The captured technocrats and businessmen efficiently produce wealth from petro/gas resources, and Vlad's gang (including the military) get a very big cut-- but they leave enough for the oligarchs to keep working hard and producing wealth. Like the Sicilian mafia-- but with vodka.


Fortunately this won't become law, Dems move to ban hollow point ammo in WI. Among other reasons, hollow points are required ammo for deer / bear hunting per DNR regs. I don't think the TV news nitwits will catch that detail -- but 640,000 deer hunters will not be pleased by this attempt.


Henry-- were hollow points banned in NYS in the January law?


And then this BelMokhtar character had to foul everything up;



I checked a summary of the January Law in NYS. Magazines can only contain 7 rounds (when law goes into effect), no further hollow point restrictions, I don't know if they were restricted by pre-existing law. Interesting though, NYS's FOIL(FOIA) law was amended to bar public release of registered owner names. So no more media nonsense in NYS printing owner names. Interesting.


NK, I have no idea... I load them when I carry because they don't go through things like buildings and hit something / someone I can't see. Police load them for the same reason.




" I sense a common themn e here--
Putin, Barry and that 'flexibility' after elections."

There has been a lot than Putin and Obama working on this common theme. William Ayers and his communist friends are the major cause of the dumbing down of America.
Plus as Sen McCarthy told us long ago we have continual Communist infiltration of every aspect of America.


This is just one of the Communists listed in the article.

Musheer Robinson – Executive Director, Black and Latino Workers Health & safety Resource Center, Newark, NJ – at the time Robinson was a member of North Jersey Democratic Socialists of America. Later Robinson would go onto a stellar career in business. He has visited Communist China more than 60 times, and specializes in helping Chinese companies set up businesses in the United States. Now a Baton Rouge, Louisiana consultant, Robinson has worked with dozens of major US companies including Ford, GM and General Electric Appliances. This is perfectly in line with CWP policy. The pro-China communist group urged many of its members to penetrate the US business community, in order to work for the revolution from the inside.

The entire business community in America has been exposed to communist ideas because of Musheer Robinson's devotion to defeating America. Combine that with all the other Communists working against us and for Obama and it is not hard to see how Obama could win.

Jim Eagle

I think I speculated when the story first appeared that I doubted The Shooter was the shooter. One reason was the lack of military jargon or the wrong use of it. Now I am more convinced that Bronstein has perputrated anohter journalistic fraud. This guy is imaginary. Period.


JiB-- Bronstein did parade 'the guy' around the Capitol this week. But is 'the guy' who 'the shooter' he says he is?, and did he do what he claims he did?


So. the two minute hate is underway, it's kind of curiousr that they are focusing on his lack of military service, back in the belligerent nineties;


Something that occurs to me, this 'shooter' from DevGrp, (I first heard of it in Brad Thor's writings) couldn't help him out,


Cruz/Rubio are mortal threats to Dems/Leftists, as are Dr Carson and Dr Rice. The hate will continue for 2minutes-- continuously.


I've been on and off the grid with some health issues and am catching up on threads.
Daddy, loved the EWR approach . Howya Dooin is our state motto. Let us know if you see Forgeddaboudit at JFK.


NJJan-- heh
(PS: get well soon)


I know 'speaking truth to power' was always a pose;


hope you're feeling better, NJan.


Well what good for goose;



I think their decimal point is off;



Just watched Juan Williams arguing with Medea Benjamin about drone strikes. It's dumb vs dumber. Channel changing time, although it was entertaining in a sad way.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky


Have owned a few Olympic Arms AR 15s. Pretty well made.


It occurs to be that she should ask that of Tony West, or Breuer, or Holder;


Thomas Collins

Hope your health issues get resolved in a manner that you can be all grid all the time, NJ Jan. Not that you would want to be AGATT.

Is your daughter enjoying her change in professional life activities, or is it too early to tell?


I thought this was all on the up and up, sarc;


NK, Narciso -- thanks for well wishes.
TC -- hope I can post more soon. My daughter official first day on job is Monday. She is looking forward to it.


I think they are trying to find that Tug from Anchorage;



They were just making sure the extra Marines didn't tip the island over.


Dear Frau N,
I don't know about German press from the national socialism time, but I am familiar with the international socialism variety. It has been my opinion for years now that should Soviet Union had such excellent, voluntary propaganda arm as American "free" press they would still be in business. So your husband is very likely right.


Well the left did arise in each country out of the union movement, Jan Valtin illustrated how Stalin exploited it in the 30s, to collapse what
he considered the strongest opposition in the Social Democrats.


Narciso, yr link is fascinating. The Tenaka Memorial of AQ, heh. Whether it's real or a fake is a question. What came first, AQ spreading into Africa or Brennan starting other conflicts [per Webb/Murphy Benghazi bk]... [me:] to continue the Jihad vs West game.

And TK, yrs re Brennan possibly controlling Obama via the passport access is shocking in so many ways. So, the CIA has had their paws on US citizens' passport files via Brennan heading Analysis Corp. when they have no jurisdiction over domestic matters of US citizens.

Manuel Transmission

If anyone is interested, Herb M is giving a talk about an hour from now (7:40 PST). He is at the Reagan Ranch.



Thanks, I need to update this post, in the LUN, with information from that SOFRep's experiences in Mali,


Like this exercise;



Remember, the Ministry of Propaganda in our country is slowly asphyxiating as advertising revenue dries up.

In so many ways they are too foolish to realize the depth of their lies, and yet they still own the misinformed majority.

Brennan is running his own private wars and they say nothing. Facebook makes $1.5 Billion pretax and then gets a $425 million tax credit. Land of the Oligarchs.


You know it's possible, another one of WEB Griffin's series, had SpecForces running from the Congo down to South America, in their guerilla hunt, with relatively little attention,


Ok, now I'm really confused;



As I suspected;



Read your blog entry and the SOFREP link re training in Mali. Can you tell what was the earliest date of US activity in Mali? Would be interesting to gather a time line from that early Tuareg training, etc.

Thomas Collins

Re Facebook's stock options: if Facebook is entitled to a deduction for the difference between the stock's FMV at exercise and the exercise price (the spread), each employee is including his or her spread in gross income. Thus, there is no tax avoidance. It's not as if noone gets taxed on the spread. The employee does.


Well it seems from this piece, 2002, it was replaced by the subsequent operations



I's quaint how they think the US is the only player in the region, but that would recquire
that they look in their backyard.



All of these LOOOOOOOOOOOOP HOLES. I mean, it's as if FACEBOOK didn't pay it's fair share or something.
If the law allows you not to pay. OBAMA and BIDEN do not pay.
Do we call that a LOOOOP HOLE??

Manuel Transmission

Well, Herb's talk was late and cut off by the time limit, but WOW, I hope it is available later.


Until this un-enchanted evening, I had not once suffered the drivel NBC airs Monday nights, and so remained blissfully ignorant of the high esteem in which Love, Actually is held by Brian Williams.* Despite such bizarre but revealing lines as the radio DJ's "It's almost enough to make you feel patriotic" following the PM's anti-American snit at a joint press conference with the US President, I have enjoyed the aforementioned film on several occasions. This places me on the horns of a dilemma. For after the manner of I. Lewis Libby, when I find a time when I agree with Brian Williams, I ask myself, "Why am I wrong?"
*18 credits on the news man's chest
Ru-bi-O, took a sip without aplomb
Proud as if he had passed all the rest
Ru-bi-O, took a sip without aplomb


It doesn't seem he held a grudge here;

Pope left Devils mad

They shut off the lord of the ringss for maintenance because the dark matter collector on ISS indicated that it was creating small shortlived black holes that attracted meteors from said space black hole dark matter that were just as fast as LHCs, but bigger. Also exploding pipes. Actually the LHC was keeping metiors away and must be left on as ISS attracted the metior hurling black holes orbiting earth.

Saw same thing in Denver at night. Guy next to me: that didn't happen.


So it really was more of an miniasteroid;



Big fun on today's Dog Walk!

Constant snowing all afternoon, and the snow just off our path was generally about 2 feet deep, but the path was decently packed down from previous hikers. I had 3 yellow labs today, my 2, and my Tax Attorneys sweetie, Bella. A long ways back in the woods, while taking a break, I noticed a white tipped something sticking out of a mound of snow, and reaching in I pulled out a huge white Moose Antler.

The dogs love to gnaw on these things, so I had to hoist it over my shoulders for the trek back, and my big Lab Fry was enjoying pushing me around for most of the hike back trying to gnaw on the thing.

Back home I dragged it into the house and Momma is Okay with leaving it on the den floor and just letting the boys have at it as they wish. As I type this this second young Scout is gnawing on it at my feet.

One of the Moose info sites sez: Shed antlers are not common to find because they contain desirable nutrients and are eaten by small woodland animals such as squirrels, mice, and porcupines.

That's my understanding, so have at it boys!

Here's a quick video you may enjoy that my daughter just made of Fry on the couch with his latest "chew toy."

Fry's a little camera shy:) Bon appetit!


Oh, he's a natural, daddy,


Rob Crawford,

Really enjoyed your link explaining Hamer, and the follow on link in that article to "WHY HAVE HISTORIANS TREATED PRESIDENT GRANT SO UNFAIRLY?" Thought both were excellent.

The link above surprised me in that it seems much of the criticism of Grant stems from Henry Adams, in his "The Education Of Henry Adams." Having just read Grant's Memoirs, I found it excellent and gripping from basically the first page on. In contrast I have tried to read "The Education of Henry Adams" multiple times, but I can't get thru the 1st couple pages of his self-indulgent blather without setting it down as not worth the effort. That said, I can certainly appreciate the Powerline guys argument in the article I linked.


Putin is an Russian Orthodox Christian. He promotes the Russian Church, and makes much show of attending services on all the major religious holidays of that confession. This may well be cynical to one degree or another on his part, but there is no outward sign that he is an atheist.

He sees the church as a way of asserting, even restoring, "Russian Civilization". I would not say that references to God are a primary part of his political rhetoric, but they are consistent if smaller place throughout it.

Certainly this places him in some strange positions so far as fundamental christian morality goes, but, at least from an historical perspective, the the Russian Orthodox Church was no exemplar of a champion of democratic societies. The church was, famously, a bulwark of the Czarist State and Empire. In this Putin merely echos other dictators of Russia.


Narciso, I'd really like to read yr NYT link at 10:51. Could you give it to me again? Or search words to find it.



The ADN actually posts a story that's not 100% anti-Sarah Palin.

"Typical lying SOB type" - Palins fire back at Field & Stream

I think they posted it so that the commenters could dump on her.


narciso's 8:07 FreeBeacon link is something. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee working with Politico. Disgusting.


“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” ~ President Obama Sept. 25 2012 UN speech

The future must not belong to those with free speech rights....that would be us.


In defense of Christine O’Donnell

"If America wants to vote itself socialist, that’s fine, but, at the moment, we’re not giving it a choice. With either party, we’re just taking baby steps toward statism and ruin."


Did any of you watch Hannity last night? The entire hour was with Dr. Benjamin Carson. I continue to be very impressed with him. However, I am not on a Carson for President band wagon, I think that is way premature, if even plausible.


Nicholas Schmidle, wrote the piece in 2009. His father runs the Pentagon's cyber division, and had one of the first accounts of the raid on Abbotabad, but I found it, through searching Algerian army, which led me to the other operations.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I watched it CC. I loved where he said he knew the left was going to trash him and "bring it on".

Daddy, I never knew how big an antler is. That is soooo cool.


I've noticed this pattern, daddy, with Machiavelli who as part of the Renaissance version of the Journolist, played up the savage
Cesare Borgia, and denigrated another. Closer to home, Garry Wills, Haynes Johnson, Jane Mayer, all took a hatchet to Reagan's reputation,

Jane - Mock the Media!

BTW yesterday Jesse Watters brought up a story I had never heard of. Somewhere down south an anthropology student killed 3 white people. He told police that his professors had taught him how evil white people are and he felt obligated to kill some.

I fear that is happening everywhere.

Danube of Thought iPad

Let persons of goodwill everywhere come together this day to celebrate the abject disgrace and humiliation of admitted felon Jesse Jackson, Jr. May his father's grief be unbounded.

Hosanna in the highest.


A chip off the old blockhead Danube.

Jane - Mock the Media!


Great to see you. Do you know how much time he got?


Video: Dr Ben Carson on Sean Hannity Show - Saving America Special...


Jane - The media sucks

Nevermind. Apparently he was not sentenced at the time of the plea.

Bill in AZ

Back on topic... back on December 5th, around 4:15 local time, I felt/heard what I thought was an earthquake. It felt like a few seconds of p-wave followed by a sharp jolt that rattled the house - much like others I have felt in CA and OR over the years. I reported it and scanned various EQ reporting sites, but never really did find a match. It was also reported as far as 50 miles east and west of my location.

After watching the videos of the meteor in Russia, I'm thinking now that maybe it was a meteor. I did not go outside to look for a trail, so convinced was I that it was an earthquake. It did not seem like a sonic boom from a jet, we used to hear those all the time when I was a kid living near Williams AFB. And I have also heard the sonic booms from the shuttle. But a meteor, much higher than a jet, more muffled but it had the power to jolt the house.


Just a general shout out to American Thinker. What a great site that has so many writers. A post today - The Welfare State and Manhood....interesting & unPC.
Lotta good posts there today.

Melinda Romanoff on Kindle

JJjr was prosecuted for the mortal sin of using campaign cash on himself during election season instead of afterwards, which is not indictable in Cook County. Stealing from the general funds, that should be made available at all times to all Democrats, is unforgivable and examples must be made. This was the father's error in 1980, when it was legal but before it became obviously congenital.

And for SqDance: In no way is Putin religious.


Thanks for a good analysis of Putin. I think you are spot on.I still consider him a powerful opponent.
Agree, Dr. Ben Carson is a voice of reason in the wilderness. No wonder Bammy and company fear him. Dems trash Rubio and Cruz at their own peril. The sound you hear is the latino vote shifting.Once we get immigration off the table, those voters are ours.


Dr. Ben Carson is now on twitter. Twitter handle is @RealBenCarson

So far, just 3 tweets.


This is on FB. I believe Alice made this suggestion here -


((Vladimir Putin's father was an atheist and his mother was an Orthodox Christian, who attended church regularly. She had Vladimir christened as an infant. As an adult, Vladimir re-examined his faith in 1993 after his wife was in a car accident, and again 1996 after his life was threatened by a fire.

Before a trip to Jerusalem his mother gave him a cross pendant, which he still wears. When he told former George W. Bush about the necklace, it caused the president to remark that he had gotten a sense of Putin's soul.

In an interview with Time magazine he was asked if he believed in God. He responded,

"There are things I believe, which should not in my position, at least, be shared with the public at large for everybody's consumption because that would look like self-advertising or a political striptease."))


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Could I just say that if Putin is a Christian that he either turn himself in or denounce his faith?
We've had more than enough dictators, tyrants and murderers in the name of Christ already.


"The new estimates, based on additional readings from a sensor network built to detect nuclear blasts, suggest the meteor released the energy equivalent of nearly 500 kilotons of TNT. That’s about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.”


Obviously we need a Government program to study how to harness the power of incoming meteors.


Appearing on a Chicago Sunday morning talk show, [Chicago Police] superintendent Garry McCarthy expressed his conviction that firearm owners who lobby their elected representatives or who donate money to political campaigns are engaged in corruption that endangers public safety. McCarthy went on to express his belief that judges and legislators should rely on public opinion polls when interpreting our Constitution.

After dismissing the citizen's right to redress grievances, McCarthy focused on the 2nd Amendment. Despite recent court decisions to the contrary, McCarthy opined that the 2nd Amendment limits citizens to owning smooth-bore muskets. McCarthy went on to say that he believes the 2nd Amendment supports mandatory liability insurance for firearm owners and the mandatory application of GPS tracking devices to civilian owned firearms.

So this is Mayor Rahm Emanuel's man. Ouch.


McCarthy opined that the 2nd Amendment limits citizens to owning smooth-bore muskets.

Even George Washington had a rifle. How the hell do these morons think we won the Battle of Kings Mountain---with muskets?


George Washington, packing heat

“The rifle became so popular in the South that a factory for making the hunting rifle was established at Charlotte, N. C., about 1740. The founders came from Leman’s Rifle Factory at Lancaster, Pa….

” ‘General Washington’s favorite weapon was the rifle,’ says George W. Park Custer, in a… memorandum printed… for private distribution…. ‘His was presented to him in 1787 [and] was made in Charlotte, N. C. It is four feet in length of the barrel, and the entire piece is handsomely mounted with silver. The lock is beautiful work. I have known the General to kill a deer at 150 yards with this rifle.’

“This same Charlotte rifle-making firm in 1777 presented General Washington with the finest and undoubtedly the first pair of rifle pistols ever made in America. They had twelve inch barrels carrying four ounce balls and would shoot with the accuracy of a rifle at fifty or sixty feet. They saved the General’s life at Germantown [in October 1777] but that story, though a most interesting one, does not belong here.”

There is tons of info on Americans, including George Washington, using rifles during the Revolution. Why the hell would our Founders win a war with rifles, then write a Constitution banning the use of rifles and allowing only the musket, which was the primary weapon of the losing side?

Guess I'd have to be a Politician to understand it.

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