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March 11, 2013



Perfect!! Herr Doktor Krugman punks HIS EMPLOYER.


And they in turn, got it from the Daily Currant,


He didn't deny intellectual bankruptcy, just personal bankruptcy.


And it went to the Austria Forum, which the Globe picked up first.


She wishes this was in the Currant



This was a tongue in cheek story from the outset.

Frau Steingehirn

NK, we can give him the full "former Enron adviser Herr Professor Doktor Krugman." Is there a title for "full of himself" that we can add?


As to this other story;



the explanation by Brian McGrory is interesting,



I woulda loved for Jane to start this thread with - Krugman is an ass!

Jane - Mock the Media!

Sorry Janet, I was at a meeting when TM snuck it in.

Captain Hate

In addition to personal hygiene, Krugerrand is completely lacking a sense of humor.


Also the irony is crunchy, with publications that have given Joe McGuinness, that Dunn character and Jason Leopold bylines, looking down on Breitbart

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Krugman doesn't declare bankruptcy, he helps cause them.
Ask any Enron pensioner.


Crikey, there's not even a pretense to the truth anymore;



Krugman is a joke.


new White House reporter explores the declining prestige of his “soul-killing” assignment.


Instapundit links this post - ED DRISCOLL: ‘The Good, Racist People’ of Manhattan.

It is very good. The excerpts in the post from Ace & Dennis Prager are SO true too.


Initially I saw the story online and it was such an obvious hoax I cannot imagine how anyone could have been taken in.


Well I didn't see the story, but having followed Luskin, for about 5 years, I wouldn't put anything past Krugman,


Krugman has WAY WAY WAY outlived his "usefulness" to anyone except a committed LIBTARD. And. If I got a TIP that KRUGMAN was about to go BANKRUPT, I'd laugh, but I wouldn't POUNCE, until I had proof.


Old habits die hard;


Soylent Red

Krugman has WAY WAY WAY outlived his "usefulness" to anyone except a committed LIBTARD


He would make an excellent punching bag, doorstop, or javelin catcher.

We could grind him down into Soylent Krugman and send the fatty, bitter wafers as humanitarian aid to Greece.

I can come up with lots of uses for Krugman, and I haven't even started drinking yet.


I saw the story online and it was such an obvious hoax

They were going to make a coin and print "One Trillion Dollars" on it.

In response to Congressional questioning about why the administration lied about an al Qaeda attack on September 11 2012, the Secretary of State - to rave reviews - said, "How much difference does it make?"

That was the last Secretary of State. The new one is John Kerry.

A child was recently suspended from school for biting off a corner of a Pop Tart, such that the remainder of the Pop Tart looked like either a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 magnum, or a map of Oklahoma.

The federal government is giving employers the idea they could be sued if they don't hire convicted felons because not enough white people are convicted of felonies.

The press ridiculed a Republican Senator for drinking water on television while ignoring an FBI investigation into a Democrat Senator who pressured a foreign government to the financial benefit of a campaign contributor who also procured underage Dominican prostitutes for the Senator, who didn't even pay the girls.

The same Democrat had an illegal alien convicted sex offender working as an intern in his office, while campaigning on the importance of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

That's just some of the dumb stuff that's happened so far this year. And it's early March.

How the heck are you spotting obvious hoaxes in this environment?


ROFL, bgates.


the tipoff, was the story was too conventional, if it had been revealed that Krugman was an alien sleeper agent, then maybe we would buy it.


Interesting, we rarely get this type of turnover, and not in a good way, in the LUN


Even after Andrew Breitbart admitted that Breitbart.com was merely a vehicle to organize hit jobs on democratic organizations, most Republicans will accept whatever it reports as Gospel.The same Republicans who were lied to about their Presidential candidates hopes in the 2012 election.

It's sad. But it's also why we dems win elections so really it's not that sad.


See this is plausibly insane enough;



Speaking of bankruptcy, I listened to a financial commentary earlier today that described how low interest rates are like a double-edged sword to corporations that they are supposed to help. What is happening is that the low rates are negatively affecting the returns on investment that the corporations need to fulfill their pension obligations. The prediction was that interest rates would start rising sometime around the end of 2014.


bgates/henry's posts last night were profundo fabuloso!

FrauS-- FYI-- his full title is Herr Professor Doktor Krugman, but his PhD is in "Full of Himself". Enron Advisor was resume padding, but he is indeed a fully credentialled moron.


BTW-- when the Soros/Krugnman empire haul out DD to push back on the fantastic--and justified snark-- of the Right? well... that's a great sign as far as I'm concerned.

hit and run

And in today's installment of The Week Full of JOMer Birthdays...


Captain Hate

dumbassdave saw "middleman" in the thread title and thought TM was referring to him between the JEF and Reggie Love


Safe to say wingnuts know the bar is extremely low at breitbart.com. How low? So low that when the site gets punked, it's the third-hand source's fault.
Hilarious. And telling.


10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

After what we've seen these last 20 years I wonder what powers the Left believes still reside with the States, or with the people, and are not yet under the purview of Congress?

---Turning right on a red light
---A State Income Tax
---Authority to grant illegal aliens in-state Tuition
---The right to sell alcohol on Sundays before noon
---The right to smoke pot
---Scratch card Lotto
---Mixed drinks

Anything else I'm missing?

Captain Hate

The identity imbecile shows up so the JEF's approval ratings must be in the toilet.

Melinda Romanoff

The New Talking Points Are Out! The New Talking Points Are Out!

Jane:  Mock the Media

Agent J! Another Pisces B-day! A fellow fish.

You Rock! Have a great day!

Captain Hate

HB Agent J




The New talking Points, are indeed out, and they are indeed lame.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday, AgentJ!


HB AgentJ!

Jim Eagle

HB AgentJ,


- license plates and drivers license.
- fishing and hunting rules and limits
- election laws
- same sex marriage
- national guard
- liquor laws


Happy Birthday, Agent J!! Lots of love to you!!

wonderful post, bgates.


Happy birthday, agent J, funny how Think regress, already decided that Brown is going to to be a lobbyist for Goldman, when they already have a spokesman in blanc mange congressman, Tom Reynolds, plus I imagine they have at least ex member at Treasury.


Did I say, at least one, the merry goround, is so fierce, you get whiplash;



State Municiple pension obligations, State Gen Ob Bonds to pay for regular expenses, and the the federal Gov't's massive borrowing --Plus unfunded SocSec and medicare obligations, all add up to the DEBT BOMB. Throw in the FED's loopy ZIRP, and the inflation and/or Dollar devaluation that will result, to me means this won't be a slow motion depression like Japan. No, this will be a rapid currency nightmare IMO. IBD shows the magnitude of the disaster: http://news.investors.com/031113-647624-as-president-dallies-us-debt-continues-its-relentless-surge.aspx


Narc beat me to it with his 09:48. The Obamaniac Gov't is Gov't FOR the Goldman, BY the Goldman, OF the Goldman.


Look at all these rascally Republicans, oh wait, never mind;



When he flacks scams like Global Crossing, he goes long;


in this case, SkyDragon netting, of the finest


Funny you should mention that NK because GS execs are showing up on a number of poorly known but very influential commissions and boards involved in the real ed reforms. I noted that yesterday for the 2nd time in the last few days.

If I did not recognize the other names that would have flagged it mattered.

HB Agent J!!


HB, Agent J


DD-- I know you hate the thought of any type of work, but there may be a job opening in Ohio for ya': http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/11/cincinnati-poll-worker-charged-with-voting-half-dozen-times-in-november/

Melinda Romanoff


New school programs must be funded through a new series of munis, coming to a market near you.


'Shirley they can't be serious'



Agent J, may your day be sunny, bright and happy. All the best!


BayState Obamacare exemption? Well Grifters never expect to become the mark. My guess is that Obummer gives the mini-me moron his waiver-- then the resulting scandal sinks Obummercare entirely. Delicious.


bgates, that's a masterpiece.

Melinda Romanoff


FDA says Azithromycin, aka Zithromax or ZMax, can cause a potentially fatal irregular heartbeat.- Reuters.

Thomas Collins

Well, my prediction is Cardinal Scola, but see LUN for the bio of the man who is clearly the best choice!


I don't understand the question;



Where is the FDA warning, and what is the percentage involved.

Dave (in MA)

The Heraldo took down one of Mini-Me's hacks, which doesn't seem to help his plan to inflict new taxes on us in order to expand government-controlled education.


Just took azithromycin--Still here.


Do you think Cardinal Scola will be selected on the first ballot?


This would make him, the first pope from Milan, since Paul 1V, some fifty plus years ago.


Other than the fact that he sits in a magnificent catheral, what should we know about Cardinal Scola?

Thomas Collins

I'm going with first ballot, maryrose. The deal has been made. Even with the recent Milan police raid, the Cardinals are going with Cardinal Scola, who is a respected defender of the Faith, can deal with Vatican bureaucracy, and can also do outreach.

This will be a straightforward Conclave. Nothing like 1958 and 1963 and the rumors that Cardinal Siri had been elected and then "unelected".


An Italian Pope. Wow. Do you think an American one will ever occur? I don't think it will in my lifetime.How old is Cardinal Scola?
JIB: What do you think?
Sorry today I can't really focus on our broken political system. I am however happy about the new Ryan budget.Mika and Chucky continue to be demented on MJ.



The future of the Church is not in Italy or Europe, and I think the cardinals may feel impelled to do something that looks forward rather than to the past. The Latin-American and African church are both conservative in doctrine, and the more thriving part of Catholicism.


Sometimes a placeholder is elected for awhile. Big change comes slowly in our Catholic Church.We're still waiting for nuns to be able to celebrate Mass.


I keep hoping the repub legislature does over-rule Kasich. It is the first time I have been disappointed in him. He must really fear a dem challenge in 2014.

Old Lurker

Oxymoron, Mel?

"fatal irregular heartbeat"


Here's my Rep. Moran. Won't answer the question.

In a half sane world or with a half fair press, Moran would have been out of office long ago. Chris Matthews wife came & spoke at one of his recent town halls for women. She used to be an anchor on our local news. The MFM is SO broken....will this clip appear anyplace where non-news junkies see it? No.


It is a perfect clip for conservatives too...a very pretty, smart woman asks Moran why he's not pro-choice for gun rights. Women should be able to protect themselves....

and the loser, geezer doesn't answer.

Thomas Collins

I don't think an Asian or African or South or Central American Pope is needed to reach out to the non-Euro, non-North American Roman Catholics. I think someone who defends the Faith and communicates the importance of keeping the Faith in one's daily life will receive a positive response from non-Euro, non-North American Roman Catholics.

American progs feel good about having a black POTUS (although Obama is quite possibly not our first black POTUS). I doubt ordinary African or Asian or Mexican or Central or South American Roman Catholics give a hoot about the nationality of the Pope if he communicates the Faith. Sure, a Ghanaian Roman Catholic would be excited if a Ghanaian becomes Pope, just as a Filipino would be excited with a Filipino Pope. But I doubt a Filipino is going to adhere more to the Faith because the Pope is Ghanaian, and vice versa. After the excitement wears off, it's the ability to be a defender and communicator of the Faith, and a skillful politician in the City of Man, that counts. Always has, always will.

I think Americans would get far more excited about a non-Euro Pope than the non-Euros.

hit and run


Using TreasuryDirect.gov, let's take a look at the effects of the Sequester on the US Debt compared to previous years.

For the first 6 week days in March, here we go...

March 2: $10,942,165,294,650.80
March 9: $10,952,663,030,603.40
Added to debt: $10,497,735,952.60
Debt increased 0.096%

March 1: 12,507,536,462,861.oo
March 8: 12,546,372,001,879.70
Added to debt: $38,835,539,018.70
Debt increased 0.31%

March 1: $14,172,957,589,856.60
March 8: $14,193,176,753,471.60
Added to debt: $20,219,163,615.00
Debt increased: 0.143%

March 1: $15,501,014,716,143.70
March 8: $15,517,794,642,311.20
Added to debt: $16,779,926,167.50
Debt increased: 0.108%

So, there's a baseline. How does 2013 fare in comparison?

March 1: $16,640,135,316,625.30
March 8: $16,701,846,937,879.70
Added to debt: $61,711,621,254.40
Debt increased: 0.371%

Well that's eye-popping austerity right there.

Or something.

Thomas Collins
"The Latin-American and African church are both conservative in doctrine, and the more thriving part of Catholicism."

It would be amusing, Appalled, to see NY Times adherents gushing about a Third World Pope and then to see their reaction when that same Third World Pope makes remarks about abortion, promiscuity and other aspects of post-modern practices in "advanced" societies.


He must really fear a dem challenge in 2014.

I find it hard to understand that mindset. Why be governor if you aren't going to try to implement what you believe in? Especially something like this that is doable and can have long-lasting impact. Dems seem perfectly comfortable putting in unpopular but hard-to-reverse policies while they have a window of opportunity.


TC-- I think that's true. One thing though-- the Euro Pope has to be young enough and vital enough to travel and speak directly to Africa and Asian Catholics, and 20-30somethings everywhere. I know I responded to JPII's call in my 20s and 30s.

Jim Eagle

I think it will be a short conclave but the idea that the church's growth is elsewhere than Europe means we will get someone from outside of Europe doesn't trend with the needs of the church which is to straighten out the Curia and start to manage the Vatican more efficiently. I predict we get a "long-term" solution meaning a younger Cardinal much like with Bl. John Paul II. No place holder like B16. Been there and done that.

Also, remember to brush up on your Latin if you want to be the first to know who was elected Pope. The Cardinal's name will be announced by the Cardinal-Dean (who is an elector unlike Sodano who is not) in Latin, not in Italian, Spanish or English, etc. Lots of talk about Cardinal Erdo of Hungary, BTW.


jimmyK@11:52-- you are such a sincere man. but the reality is we are talking about politicians here, and the MediCaid money (after the SCOTUS decision) is "free money" for the States. what politician turns down 'free money?'-- yes Walker did, but he's an extraordinary exception.


You are correct in your analysis. The only reason I think other nationalities are touted is because it seems the "politically correct" thing to do. I will leave it to Divine Inspiration. Recent Popes have been wise choices.There is a lot of really firm faith and concrete convictions in our candidates. The ability to spread the Gospel message is very important. I will be happy with whomever is chosen.


The problem with the Buzzfeed piece, is assuming they had a soul in the first place;



Catholicism is thriving in the United States but some members have been co-opted by the Left. Repubs need to woo these voters back,especially Hispanics.


If B16 was a mere placeholder then I hope we get another placeholder like him, because he is a giant.

Rick Ballard


I always regarded B16 as having continued and expanded the policies initiated by JP2. He definitely wasn't a placeholder and my hope is that his successor will demonstrate the same level of intelligence and tenacity.

Erdo would be an interesting choice. The next Pope will be challenged by the worldwide collapse of the modeling shamanism arising from OPM intoxication. It would be better to have a Pope from at least the periphery of the collapse rather than the center. I believe B16 to have taken careful note of the Italian (and French) reaction to the Deutschland über alles tenor of the attempts to keep the flying unicorn of EUroland aloft.

Jim Eagle


He (B16) was 78 when elected. At that age he was nothing but a short-termer to begin with that is why he was a placeholder for the next long-term Pope who wasn't available in 2005 but is now.

Doors closed. Totus sicco , commodo. Habemus Conclave.

Jim Eagle

Forgot to mention that first ballot smoke is at approximately 2:30pm EDST.

Thomas Collins

Any name predictions? I'm going with Gregory XVII. I know that seems like a thumb in the eye of the "social justice" component of Roman Catholicism, but I think a strong defense of tradition is going to be a key aspect of the next Papacy (always is, of course, but I think the next Pope will want to emphasize it right from the start).



I understand that was the thinking at the time, but would you not agree we happily received much more than was planned? The Holy Spirit is funny that way. :)


Happy birthday, Agent J!!!


I like your name choice. I would be happy with a Hungarian Pope.


It would be better to have a Pope from at least the periphery of the collapse rather than the center. I believe B16 to have taken careful note of the Italian (and French) reaction to the Deutschland über alles tenor of the attempts to keep the flying unicorn of EUroland aloft.

I agree, Rick. Not from the center and not a complete outsider but someone just enough outside to maximize leverage.


Happy birthday, AgentJ!

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday to You, Agent J!

Melinda Romanoff

From TwitchyTeam-
"Think Progress duncesa ask: 'Will the pope tackle climate change?'

Jeanyuses, all.

Jim Eagle


Don't take my use of the term as anything approaching a pejorative but with B16 you were always going to get a very holy man. That was why he was chosen. But he struggled mightly with the Curia and that is one reason I believe we don't get an Italian and someone who can fix the church inside and pick a strong secretary of state who is the COO of the Vatican.

I really have no name choice except I hope it is not Peter:) Gregory is interesting since he was the last pope to resign but only because to settle the ongoing schism in the church.

Been a while since we had a Pope named Eugene and that would put the fear of God into Obama:)

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