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March 17, 2013


Danube of Thought

No mention of any effect of living in a stable two-parent family with the father at home. Guess that doesn't really matter much.

Jack is Back! (On his iPad)

For NK,

Look at the admission stats in this article about Stuyvesant for one. Perhaps the GoP want to target Asians instead of Hispnics since they seem smart enough to understand the concepts of liberty, economic freedom and limited government as a sustaiable political philosophy.



The Economics of Education is rather a hot button topic right now and intricately caught up in this Admin's determination to get equity in credentialling. And then of course there is no reason not to have equity in wealth and incomes.

Dave (in MA)

'Arrogantly twisting the sterile canvas snoot of a fully charged icing-anointment utensil,
He poots forth a quarter-ounce green rosetta
Near the summit of a dense-but-radiant muffin of his own design'.


It's a bitch to be a smart Asian American from a hard working intact family and almost as bitchy to be a white middle class kid. It's hard to see that putting fingers on the scale of other kids to disadvantage these kids is in the long run a benefit to them or the nation.

In the meantime I laugh at alumni association beging.


Hit gets a plug on MOTUS where for international womens day we are asked who'd you prefer in your foxhole, Sarah or Obama?http://www.michellesmirror.com/2013/03/international-womens-day-lead-like-girl.html


Hurricanes/Heels is an exciting game.

Heels are definitely not a traditional Heels Team. Roy has cobbled together a much smaller than usual team of quick moving 3 point shooters. Unfortunately Miami is a team of quick moving 3 point shooters, with a couple of hugh guys in the middle that can rebound, and our sort of big man, Macadoo, can get to the hoop but can't hit a layup for nothing.

Anyhow, an exciting high scoring game, 55 to 55 with 14 minutes remaining.

Dave (in MA)

Dang, he fixed the typo.

Thomas Collins

On this Selection Sunday, my thoughts drift back to the 72-73 PC Friars, who were on their way to knocking off Memphis State and then crushing UCLA and Bill Walton until Marvin Barnes hurt his knee. See LUN for a clip of the greatest team never to have made it to the championship game.

Yes, I know I'm exaggerating. Give me a break. Ernie D. played on the outside court in the park across the street from where I grew up. PC basketball back then was followed avidly by all Rhode Islanders, even those with no connection to the school. And damn it, Walton really never could have done what he did against Memphis State if he had to play the Marvin Barnes led Friars!

Danube of Thought iPad

And let's not forget Ernie No-D.

Jane - Mock the Media!

I HATE hate hate social justice. It is absolutely the very worst thing to happen to this country.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Can anyone think of a public policy story in a major newspaper that, given a little digging, isn't full of errors, often to the point of completely misleading the careless reader?

There must be one somewhere.

hit and run

Thanks for point that out, Clarice. Love MOTUS....


I love her, too, Hit--Mud wrestle time..


Those who believe justice is biased propose social justice.

Of course, bias can apply to social justice, too, so you need social social justice.

And social social justice needs social social social justice, which needs social social social social justice. It never stops.

Recursion is a terrible thing.


On Iggy's Social Justice question, it appears that the new "Domestic Violence Against Women" Law just passed leaves Alaskan Native women out in the cold, because the Law applies only to Natives on Reservations and most of our our Natives don't live on Reservations. Begich and Murkowski both voted for the Law, but the person who is to blame, according to the paper and the commenters, is Murkowski! (And Joe Miller, and Sarah Palin, but definitely not Mark Begich).

The thread BTW is a perfect example of the lefty trolls Clarice mentioned in her Pieces today.

Murkowski takes heat as Alaska tribes get left out of new domestic violence law

If you read the story you'll see that Begich did nothing except vote, while Lisa tried to specifically do something for Alaskan Native Women, and voted, but she's the only one who gets the criticism. That's how the left works.


don't forget 'fairness'!

that's just as important as social justice.

and just as ambiguous...


Speaking of Vodka, here's an oddball story about some semi-blind guy who captures massive hunks of ice from Alaskan Glaciers to make Vodka at a local Wasilla Distillery. THE BLIND MAN MAKING THE WORLD'S BEST GLACIAL VODKA

I'm not a vodka guy, and their Salmon Flavored Vodka is wince inducing unless it's in a Bloody Mary, but perhaps their new Hemp Flavored Vodka might provide a nice high.

Beasts of England

$40k is over three thousand per month! How can you not enjoy la dolce vita in NYC with all that cash falling out of your pockets?

After all, it's not like kids are buying $10M apartments...


I like salmon, but there is something wrong there, like chocolate and bacon;



Governments going to support me and me family so I don't see the need for education. Sure maybe a more extravagant lifestyle but does it make you happyier? Does it??? I have me smoke,me beer and I get to ball m e wife every friday night wether she wants it or not I'm set jack!!!!!

Beasts of England

Can anyone think of a public policy story in a major newspaper that, given a little digging, isn't full of errors, often to the point of completely misleading the careless reader?

Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | March 17, 2013 at 03:29 PM

How true. Although not public policy, per se, I was reading an article about the new Pope and the Jesuits. In the article, it stated that their Christogram IHS was from the Latin for iJesus[sic] savoir[sic] of Humanity.

Ignoring the typos - unless Jesus was really in-the-know and was the Apple version of Christ - its derivation was Greek to them.


Heck, DublinDave!

Every Friday???

I'm in!

Where do I sign up?

The Missus ain't gonna be happy...


My Pastor used the word Churchianity today to describe people & churches that no longer believe the Bible.
They like to go to a church for social reasons or networking or to try to clean up one embarrassing "bad habit" (the word sin isn't popular). They like some of the Bible, but only some of it (God's love is popular, but His holiness is not. Righteousness & judgement are very unpopular)....they will choose which parts matter.

Anyway, I liked the word Churchianity....not to be confused with Christianity.

hit and run

So the word's out on the Hair Club for Men Senators.

Two points.

1) I surely have told this story before. And I would like to apologize for re-telling it again, but I won't. That's just how I roll (I miss Jim Ryan).

The last time I ever paid to have my hair cut was on August 7, 1993. That was the day before I drove down from Tyler, TX to Houston, TX to ask then girlfriend hit and run's father for her hand in marriage. If you draw just the right conclusion from that statement, you'll figure out that . . . I paid for a haircut to ask her dad for her hand in marriage, but I didn't even pay for a haircut for my wedding! Like I said, that's just how I roll.

Ever since August 7, 1993 it's been me and a pair of clippers about every 2-4 weeks (depending on how lazy I get).

2) Who can forget former Senator John Edwards's love of his hair? If you'd like, you can revisit this old funnanigan from his Silky Pony days gone wild.

Thomas Collins

That's impressive, H&R. My recollection of our meeting is that your hair looked as if it was cut by a regular barber. If I cut my own hair, I think the only job I could hold would be as a bouncer at an alternative club.


I remember on SNL long ago they put up this picture with the tag line....

This man cuts his own hair.

Rob Crawford
Although not public policy, per se, I was reading an article about the new Pope and the Jesuits. In the article, it stated that their Christogram IHS was from the Latin for iJesus[sic] savoir[sic] of Humanity.

Journalism -- for people who can't hack basket weaving.

hit and run

My recollection of our meeting is that your hair looked as if it was cut by a regular barber.

When we met I think I was cutting my hair with a #2 clipper guard. I'm at #1 now.

Janet . . . now you're really just egging me on to put you in Michelle's bangs, aren't you...

Mad Jack

TC: No question that Walton would not have gone 20 for 21 against Bad News! Great team and Marvin getting hurt really prevented what would have been a great PC v UCLA final. We were just talking about Marvin Barnes at work and what he has in common with Buddy Cianci. It involves A&B with a dangerous weapon. Name the weapon!
I hate Bob Costas but he has a great Marvin Barnes story from when he, Costas, was travel manager for the St. Louis Spirit and Marvin was on the team. Seem the team was going to play in Ft. Wayne or whatever place in Indiana that doesn't observe Daylight Savings and Marvin looked at his plane ticket and saw they were going to land in Indy before they left St Lou. He informed Costas that he wasn't going to get on no F'n time machine and refused to board the plane.


Hit--you and I both know that no self-respecting barber would ever charge you more than $5 for a haircut, even in these days of hidden inflation. But you tell Mrs. Hit that your beer budget is not extravagant because it is offset by the savings on haircuts. I know how these things work.
I won't tell anybody as long as you agree not to say anything about my skills as a chauffeur and travel guide..


What is "tire iron", Alex?


Marvin was a low-income, high-achieving kid who was accepted at an elite private school. Obviously the colleges have been backsliding since the good old days in the quest for economic diversity.

Richard Aubrey

Having just returned from states like Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, and traveling by choice by backroads sometimes, I have seen a number of small towns in the last two weeks.
As long as you don't pine for the bright lights of Broadway in your bedroom window, you could do worse than some of those smallish towns in the middle of noplace.
Not enough crime to keep the cops employed, plenty of civic organizations, out in the quiet country from downtown in about five minutes, everything cheap. Free parking EVERYPLACE.
Stayed near Decatur, IL. Couple of big plants there, some smaller, a comm college and Milikin University.
You got Amazon, cable tv, hunt what you like in season.
Knew a young lady who was smitten by a relation. He was from Texas, she from Manhattan. She also from money. She arranged to take driving lessons--she being twenty-three--to help with driving to TX. Didn't need a car, and with parking and traffic, it's hardly useful.
Some friends from Chicago once said the bustling energy of the town, and by extension other big cities, is the impression of huge numbers of people trying to get to work in inconvenient circumstances. Not that a lot gets done there.
So, yeah, being down and out in a small town in the midwest takes considerably less than $40k

Beasts of England

Journalism -- for people who can't hack basket weaving.

Posted by: Rob Crawford | March 17, 2013 at 08:17 PM

Or get that cherished Multi-Ethnic Studies degree.


Asians make up 40% of the world's population. Do we really need affirmative action for them?
The definition of a minority: Any group that can lobby the government for more of the taxpayers' money.

Mad Jack

What is "tire iron", Alex?

We have a winner!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Governments going to support me and me family so I don't see the need for education.-

What happens when the government runs out of our money to give you?
Dean Wormer had some cogent advice for DumbassDave.

--I have me smoke,me beer and I get to ball m e wife every friday night wether she wants it or not I'm set jack!!!!!--

I'm guessing her name isn't Lucky.
Unless she's a pet.

Thomas Collins

Was it a cigarette butt, Mad Jack?

Thomas Collins

Ah, tire iron. I should have remembered.

Mad Jack

In your defense TC it is reputed that Buddy also used burning cigs as a motivating tool in a certain situation involving his ex-wife and her boyfriend and some RI Supreme Ct justices. Amazing story from the book "The Prince of Providence"

Mad Jack

Buddy makes Marvin look like a choir boy!

Frau Steingehirn

OT perhaps, from the Anchoress:

Pope Benedict took his name from Benedict of Nursia, the Father of Western Monasticism, and it is Western Monasticism that helped to restore civilization after the Dark Ages, largely by storing up its knowledge, creating a continuum for instruction and advancement. This pope takes his name from Francis, the church rebuilder who came along when we had balled ourselves up because of all we thought we knew.

Seems right that they should follow each other in papacy as in history. I read somewhere yesterday that “Pope Benedict taught us what faith means, this pope will teach us how faith is lived.” And that sounds about right to me, and I think we really need some real-time instruction in the living of the faith.


That Marvin Barnes story about the time machine reminds me of the one about Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd. The Red Sox had a game at Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium ("Mistake on the Lake") cancelled because of fog. Quoth Dennis: "I guess that's what happens when you build a stadium right on the ocean."



Woo Hoo, Janet. I love that phrase. So appropriate (sad to say).

Just got home from a grand Corned Beef Dinner with my family. Quite the blend - Italian style and Irish style - but all good.


Well, how unexpected;


Dave (in MA)
This man cuts his own hair.
Basically the way I look when the alarm goes off.

Speaking of unexpected;



Narciso. "oh what a tangled WEB we weave".
It's like the movie "No WAY OUT". The STATE can pander big time to BLACKS. The STATE can hire some BLACK DUDE/DUDETTE, to PRETEND to placate, the "natives".
This is the beginning of our future. THE MONEY IS GONE. So sorry. Either RIOT now, OR, RIOT later.

That is what is left.


Detroit is Greece in many ways. Note the stories about taxpayer noncompliance: I think I read only 53% of homeowners bother to pay their property taxes. You have to wonder if they cut tax rates by 25% if revenues wouldn't increase. It remains to be seen whether the "civil disobedience" stays peaceful.

Beasts of England

2nd and 4th isn't too bad at the Australian GP. Maybe the F138 (Type 056) will be the spark for a great campaign.


JimmyK. Detroit is GREECE on STEROIDS. Detroit was PAID by US....by OBAMA. The MARXISTS NEED for UNIONS to be in solidarity behind KOMMIE OBAMMIE. Obama PAID THE UNIONS for POLITICAL REASONS. He fuXed us for POLITICAL and IDEOLOGICAL reasons.


"What happens when the government runs out of our money to give you?"

Then they'll get more by raising taxes on your greedy ass. Still not enough money? Raise income taxes to 75%.Still not enough-95 per cent.How's that? Working 60 hrs week? Work 100.


Hezbollah celebrates St. Patrick's Day!

or latest Spring Collection for ME men's wear.


Bjorn Lomborg on the upcoming world wide Eco-demonstration known as Earth Hour, where people across the globe are supposed to turn off their electric lights between 08:30 and 09:30 at night to help fight Global Warming..

Hypothetically, switching off the lights for an hour would cut CO2 emissions from power plants around the world. But, even if everyone in the entire world cut all residential lighting, and this translated entirely into CO2 reduction, it would be the equivalent of China pausing its CO2 emissions for less than four minutes. In fact, Earth Hour will cause emissions to increase.

As the United Kingdom’s National Grid operators have found, a small decline in electricity consumption does not translate into less energy being pumped into the grid, and therefore will not reduce emissions. Moreover, during Earth Hour, any significant drop in electricity demand will entail a reduction in CO2 emissions during the hour, but it will be offset by the surge from firing up coal or gas stations to restore electricity supplies afterward.

And the cozy candles that many participants will light, which seem so natural and environmentally friendly, are still fossil fuels—and almost 100 times less efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Using one candle for each switched-off bulb cancels out even the theoretical CO2 reduction; using two candles means that you emit more CO2.

More at the link at Slate.


Really good Sultan Knish today - Government Money

Jane:  Mock the Media


I concur. That's a great article.


It is SO hard to believe that this guy was/is marketed as "cool".

This is his 2013 St. Patrick's Day picture. I don't get the adoration at all.
Cool??? really???
I wonder if his taste tester had to sip the beer first?

Annoying Old Guy


Remember, you can always participate in Tim Blair's Hour of Power to compensate for those Gaia hating types.


No wait...that picture looks like it is from last year...but it was retweeted again this year.
Nothing is as it seems....


It is a looter's economy but I wish he had said "foundations" instead of the generic non-profits. Many of the non-profits are revenue machines from the monopoly positions they are given in public-private partnerships via connected fiat. Plus quite a few of the foundations now are pushing public policies that benefit their for-profit original funders in comparable fiat relationships.

Education may be even worse than healthcare because healthcare has expensive hospitals with obligations of service to the poor. These crazy consultancies where connected former supers and principals are charging thousands a day are pure profit. Someone sent me a link this weekend about Rep legislators in various states having undisclosed business connections to so many of these benefitting ed businesses.

The anointed nomenklatura are actually crashing everything that makes an economy work through their political power. The signs are there. The only question is when. A quote I left out yesterday is that a society crashes when the widespread social expectations can no longer be met. We are using education and community organizing and OPM generally to create expectations that will be impossible to fulfill. While deliberately creating widespread ignorance and cultivated emotions of outrage in the next generation of voters.

Thanks for the link Janet. Underneath beguiling slogans like the Regenerative Society and the Cooperative Commonwealth and distributed capitalism we find what will actually be more politically connected looting.

Old Lurker

Oh gag me.

LUN is the WSJ description of the republican why we lost paper.

Fnork at work for you and for me...


That Tim Blair link is too funny, AOG!

Your Hour of Power party -
food for the event - "The delivery kid won’t have any problems finding your house for once, what with it being lit up like a supernova." and games - "Offer a prize to the attendee who brings a beer from the furthest location on earth," and music - "for retro fun you really can’t go past the Electric Light Orchestra. If you own a teenager, get him or her to assemble a light-themed playlist ("Blinded by the Light”, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, “Bridge of Light” and so on) from one of the online music sites they’re always stealing from."

daddy's Lomborg link & AOG's Blair link made a nice Facebook post.

Captain Hate

Fnork at work for you and for me...

For all of Michael Steele's problems, he didn't insult me with pandering garbage like that. What a disappointment.


Well, that was unexpected, not really, Jeffrey Lord who cut through such findings, as Janet points out, it's '64 recycled, from 1950.


I don't know the Spanish word for 'Journolist' but that is what was underway;


It resembles from Cornewll, the whole clan of grifters, started with Carroll and Goldhage


Has anyone linked to this Mark Steyn from yesterday? http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/343190/snap-crackle-and-bust-mark-steyn

I was thinking about a related story to this as I keep looking at the urban story and rural areas where the entire economy is either government employers like school districts and local hospitals or universities with open admissions scattered all over or government funded like SNAP or farm programs. I had this conversation with a hospital exec friend who said he had not thought about it but they are invariably among the top 3 employers in every community they operate in.

All OPM. Much of it borrowed. And as Cyprus shows when the tax money runs out the political class will loot private property just as they did with Chrysler.


So it would seem from Morgenstern's link, who puts that twit Sorkin to shame, for conciseness,
that another snafu failed the regulators, with the Whale,


As Rush has intuited, it's part of his schtick;



Dems preserve US-Mexico food stamp 'partnership,' while USDA prepares for meat inspector furloughs

Salmonella outbreaks. E. coli outbreaks. Millions of dollars in economic losses.

These are among the scenarios the Obama administration warned about last month as it claimed the sequester would force the U.S. Department of Agriculture to furlough meat inspectors.

But while the administration prepares to take that step, it continues to pursue a "partnership" with the Mexican government to "raise awareness" about food stamps. When a top Senate Republican proposed cutting off funds for that program last week -- in the form of an amendment to a budget resolution -- Democrats on the Budget Committee shot it down.

Jim Eagle

It looks like the husband and wife team who produced The Bible mini-series listened raptly to Paul Harvey's "If I Was The Devil".

Eerie when you think about it.


Personnel is policy, and we smell the Tauntaun stink, when they were announced;



Ya figure Anderson Cooper is gonna have to answer any questions about the vulgar, Boy Scout bashing intro he got from Madonna?
Does he agree with her?
Is anyone forced to join Boy Scouts?
Why don't he & Madonna start a Gay Scouts organization?

How sick has our country become that a pop star mocks the Boy Scouts & people clap?
...that an award is given for the type of sex a person likes?

Obama's Taste Tester

"I wonder if his taste tester had to sip the beer first?"

Yeah, I have to taste e v e r y t h i n g. Don't tell anybody, but I spit in most everything, too.

Rob Crawford

Janet, I will not speculate on the merit badges issued by the Gay Scouts.


That link doesn't work , narciso.


Taste Tester-- Obummer went to Dem wateringhole Dubliner by Union Station. I spent a St Patty's morning there once with Tip O'Neill holding forth. As you can imagine, he owned the room, very funny, but he was a big fat rednosed mess physically. Who cited the Marvin barnes time machine story?--- that is a Bob Costas story out of his St Louis Spirit days. It's a classic. My other favorite NBA player classic quote was the KC King center (Sam Lacey)who was on a tunafish/water diet and running round the gym floor in a rubber sweat suit to lose 20 lbs before he could practice with the team, he passed out and was hospitalized. he came back later that day, and coach Cotton Fitzsimmons asked him what hapened?: Lacey answered "Drs. say my electric lights was messed up.'


Sorry, try this one, now;


Here is an excellent CPAC speech (linked by Sandy Daze on FB).

Eric Metaxas CPAC 2013 - The author of Bonhoeffer, describes how now in America, as in 1930s Germany, "freedom of worship" is being substituted for religious freedom and the State for God.


Or maybe it was Van Dyck one;


BTW-- it appears this Cypriot Bank deposit confiscation is a big deal. Vlad the Impaler is not please a bunch of Euros he stole fair and square have been confiscated.


The Van Dyck one.

marlene on Kindle

JiB,two Navy?Jets just went screaming by,flying low over the water. Very cool.
Janet,yesterday I tried to type Mamet after a comment by Matt and auto correct kept typing the name Janet! : )


Looks like the Cyprus theft might not take place after all..or where will the OPM come from then?


I heard the Russians are sending some ships, to nudge nudge the Cypriots out of such notions,


Here's the Putin connection to Cypriot banks in th NYT article: "Other analysts and economists insisted that Cyprus’s problems were unique and said they expected the fallout from the trauma there to be limited. They noted that the Russian deposits in Cyprus’s banks, whose assets dwarf the island’s gross domestic product, raised fears in other euro zone nations that non-Cypriot taxpayers would be bailing out wealthy Russians, something that has not been a concern with other bailouts." Putin called the confiscation 'unfair and dangerous'-- Yep I agree with Vlad. the confiscation is unfair to the Euros Vlad stole fair and square, and dangerous to the health of the EU bureaucrats who would enforce it -- Vlad would go all Chechnya on them.


Ships to Cyprus? why bother?, when a few phone calls and a visit by some Serbian henchman would have the same effect.


She makes a good point...


Some fruitcake from Daily Caller fully embraced the GOP spineless plan. He added that GOP contenders should spend more time on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.


And then there is this:

"When someone rolls their eyes at us, they are not likely to open their ears to us," the Republican National Committee's report said, asserting that "many minorities wrongly think that Republicans do not like them."

The RNC outlined a $10 million plan to reach out to minority groups in a bid to attract voters, whom the report acknowledged the party has been turning off.

"Public perception of the Party is at record lows," the report said.


Maybe they can get public perception to change when they can get a court of law to hold that they are no longer the party of racists.

The RNC / DNC Consent Decree is still in effect.


Old Lurker

Just listening on WMAL to Boehner's quotes this weekend regarding "there not being a debt problem".

As I said above "Gag me".

The Young Guns had better take these a**holes out before there is no second party left for them to lead.


yesterday I tried to type Mamet after a comment by Matt and auto correct kept typing the name Janet! : )

Shhhh, marlene. Don't tell anyone, but I'm paying social media outlets for that service (like the Dems.)


That will be Senator Good Point to YOU sonny boy.


She is keeping abreast of the important issues.


Yes, this can't go wrong;



That is so funny, Janet. I was just thinking of the Senator ma'am episode when I saw Feinstiens reaction to Cruz.

Both from California... :-(


Rocketsurgery, with extra liquid fuel


Dave (in MA)

Geez, DoT. NSFW

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Quite a bold statement Dave

Jim Eagle


NAS Jax, most likely S-3 Vikings. They come by from time to time. Most of the time we get the Seahawks, C-130's and P-3C subhunters. But the Seahawks are every day at 500 feet along the shore. Look for them mid-morning and toward early evening.

Now that they have a few sequestered ships in Mayport you may see some of their sequestered air assets come by looking for handouts:)


Why doesn't the Phony Cherokee just pay $22 an hour to every person she does business with? Nobody is stopping her.
Does she pay $22 an hour to her maid? Her driver? Her lawn care company employees?

How bout at restaurants...does she really tip well?
These grifters constantly want "others" to be generous & give away their money...& then they want the credit for being compassionate to the poor!
Hey Warren!!!...
You pay $22 an hour.
You give YOUR money to Planned Parenthood.
You buy Sandra Fluke some condoms.
You give the feds. 55% of your money/belongings when you die.
You send in more of your money to the feds. at tax time.
Nobody is stopping you.

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