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March 07, 2013



Watching Megan Kelly talking to Rand on FOX this minute. He's doing a fine job, and apparently he just received the answer he wanted from Eric Holder.

He also did a decent job responding to the comments on the Senate Floor of McCain and Lindsey Graham. Here it is word for word from my typing from the tape:

The McCain clip: We've done a, I think, a disservice to a lot of Americans by making them believe that somehow they're in danger from their Government. They're not. But we are in danger, we are in danger from a dedicated, longstanding, easily replaceable leadership enemy that is hell bent on our destruction.

The Graham clip: If he wants this President to tell him that he will not use a drone to kill an American citizen sitting in a cafe having a cup of coffee, who is not a combatant, I find the question offensive.

Megyn Kelly: 2 points there. Number 1, they suggest you are focused on the wrong danger, and number 2 they think you're demeaning the office of the Presidency. Your thoughts.

Rand Paul.

The reason the question is asked is precisely because of the theories behind Senator McCain and Graham's logic.They think the whole world is a battlefield including America and that the "Laws of War" should apply. The Laws of War don't involve Due Process, so Senator Graham has been very explicit on the Floor to say "When they ask you for an Attorney you tell them to Shut Up.'That's not sort of my understanding of the way America works. It's not the way I understand when an American would be accused of a crime, that they would tell him if you want a Lawyer to Shut Up, so I don't think the Laws of War apply to America, I think the Bill Of Rights do, and I think its a disservice to our soldiers that we have Senators up there arguing that the Bill of Rights aren't important. This is a very serious question. It was a question that took me a month and a half to get an answer to, and so I would argue, and I think that a lot of the Public would agree with me, both on the Right and the Left, that what we asked was a very serious question, and it's a question that I think we finally got an answer to, so the president apparently thought it was a serious enough question to answer.


I knew that the Voting Rights Act was potentially in trouble when the feds indicted elections officials in Mississippi for conspiracy to deny civil rights ... to white voters. It seems that all the indicted were African American.


As for those comments on the Senate Floor of McCain and Lindsey Graham ...

The filibuster also worked because Paul had credibility. Were it led by an older Republican Senator who had been around during the Bush administration, it would have smacked of political opportunism. Though this will boost Paul’s national political profile, nobody would deny that he’s been consistent. Also, for all the post-election discussions about the demise of the Republican Party, the filibuster also showed how it could have a bright future. Watching stars like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio help out Paul showed that the GOP’s got talent.

Jane:  Mock the Media

I find lately that there is so much mush. I either respect and admire a politician, primarily because he is not afraid to stand up for the constitution, or think he should be mocked and ignored - and the latter is not just reserved for democrats.

The left is all about mush, as you see in GENERAL VERRILLI's statement. But a whole lot on the right are nothing but mush as well.

A pox on all their houses.


Amen, Jane.


--On to the punchlie--

New coinage? Or Best. Typo. Ever. ?

You decide. :)


Goes without saying, but Shephard Smith of FOX is very critical of Rand Paul for wasting the Senate's important time yesterday.

I recall when Roger Ailes dumped Paula Zahn and said "I could have put a dead raccoon on the air this year and got a better rating.

I think he could put an elephant turd on in Shep's place and improve that time-slot's numbers 100%.

Jane - Mock the Media!

Thank goodness this did not get lost in the sequester:

State Dept. Offers Special Two-Year Passports for Transgenders in Transition

Gimme a break!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

It might be worth noting Silver has a BA in economics, not statistics, with a minor in self promotion.


Congrats Jon Roberts for zinging the Sol Gen. I wonder why thet POS at the WaPo didn't mention this part of the transcript when he took sides with the 2 LesbianLibs bickering with Scalia.


I wonder if the timing of Obama's dinner was deliberately planned to draw attention away from the filibuster, or if the timing was just a coincidence.



Rand Paul on FOX said that he did consider having a filibuster until he walked into the Senate and found the Floor was open. He said he had not planned to do it beforehand. If so, I would think the Obama dinner was planned first, and I could see the petulant McCain and Graham getting pissy about it, thinking that Rand Paul was doing this as some sort of off the cuff publicity stunt to distract from their all so important dinner with the Prez.

Cecil Turner
Most of you will spot the logical fallacy in the following claim:
Oh hell, that one was easy. How 'bout this one:
Members of the opposing party traditionally sit during the SOTU . . . but this time it proves the GOP is racist.
Tricky, eh?

Is Lindsey Graham going thru menopause??

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I don't think so. Don't you have to be pre menopausal to have PMS?


As a Mass resident I do notice that many of the liberals I meet in Mass are really racist I actually have heard some say things like, "We need to help them with this because they can't help themselves." When I've asked why the person believes they can't help themselves I get comments like, "They don't know how." I've said things like then teach them and gotten responses like, "They can't learn".


Silver needless to say, is Journolist, and the TSA did nothing to stop Richard Reid, AbdulMutallab, the Newburgh plot, the JFK one, right off the top of my head.


That is an interesting bit, about Massachussetts,


Oops, my top line to Chubby was wrong. I left out the word "Not"

Rand Paul on FOX said that he did Not consider having a filibuster until he walked into the Senate and found the Floor was open.

Sorry for my bad typo error. Completely blew what I was trying to convey that he said.


If Massachusetts has not just the highest but the worst ratio of white voter turnout to African American voter turnout, and especially if the state regarded as best is not Illinois or Alabama (the states with turnout rate ratio closest to one) but Mississippi, "where African American turnout actually exceeds white turnout", can we extrapolate to predict the ideal turnout ratio would be a state where no white people voted at all?


"Since the imposition of martial law and the complete suspension of the Bill of Rights, the crime rate has decreased substantially. Therefore the Bill of Rights will be suspended indefinitely."
Back to you, Nate.

Jim Eagle

In grad school, I had to take an advanced econometrics course in which John Tukey was quoted:

""An approximate answer to the right problem is worth a good deal more than an exact answer to an approximate problem."

Silver needs to read more.


Drat. No comet that I could see. Still, it's supposed to be "most" visible March 12-15 or something, I think. Will keep hoping.


When I lived in Boston I saw a documentary on Boston on PBS.
It was about blacks moving into Boston in the 50s.
The city leader they were talking to said something to the effect that they didn't want blacks mixing in so "we made sure they moved to Roxbury with the Jews."

Anybody who knows the demographics of Boston can see exactly how true that is.

But it's them southern states that are all racist and stuff.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Some of the most bigoted people I knew were my otherwise good hearted uncles.
Dyed in the wool Democrats, each and every one til the day they croaked.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--When I've asked why the person believes they can't help themselves I get comments like, "They don't know how." I've said things like then teach them and gotten responses like, "They can't learn".--

I think I often truly underestimate just how much this soft bigotry, which is racism pure and simple, undergirds AA and the left's thinking on race.

I find myself thinking I'm engaging in hyperbole sometimes when I point out the ramifications of what the left says, because it's too easy to take them at their word that it really is fairness and redressing grievances or is just race baiting on their part, but the more closely you listen the clearer it is many of them really think black people can't even manage to get a photo ID.


It is Silver who is guilty of a logical fallacy, the ignoratio elenchi or red herring. That "the Voting Rights Act has been effective" is not in dispute. What is in dispute is whether Section 5, which departs from the normal constitutional balance of federal and state powers, continues to be an "appropriate" means of protecting minority voting rights under the 15th Amendment.

To our mind, medicine provides a better analogy than airport security. Proponents of Section 5's constitutionality are arguing something like this: The patient's symptoms have improved markedly since we began administering antibiotics, and he now shows no sign of infection. Therefore, the antibiotics are working, and he should continue taking them for the rest of his life.

- James Taranto

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