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April 09, 2013



How about congress-critters simply honoring their vow to Uphold the Constitution?


No, that's too complicated, PD in D, how have you been,

Rob Crawford
How about congress-critters simply honoring their vow to Uphold the Constitution?

What? WHAT?!

Tom Maguire
Uphold the Constitution?

Crazy talk. Unless you mean the living, breathing Constitution that is currently wheezing something into Obama's ear that the rest of us can't hear. Because as he explained, if our democracy is working properly and 90% of people want to do something after a tragedy, it will be done. (*cough* Patriot Act *cough*).

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--How about congress-critters simply honoring their vow to Uphold the Constitution?--

Congress critters hold the constitution up all the time.
Often they also rape it for good measure.

hit and run

TM in the comments?



90%... what push poll is that related to on gun control? The best #s I've ever seen for ANY gun restrictions was barely over 50% for some poorly worded POS..

Shouldn't that be rephrased as 90% of 'just some folks' in Obama's neighborhood want to do something after a crisis that shouldn't be wasted?


It;s a Luntz poll, Stephanie, that's his pollster.


Should we really even think about polls and results of such when dealing with Rights? I think not!

Narciso - thanks for asking. Where to begin?

The Doctors were able to determine the cause of my 14 months of severe headaches and arm nerve pain - A Disc out of place in the Neck near C-5 that was impinged on the spinal cord by 1/3 and requiring surgery. I had Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, using a Donor Bone and Titanium Plates/Screws. There was a 2 month time frame where I could not lift more than 5 lbs post surgery (gallon of milk is about 8 lbs). Doing much better now and hope to be swinging a golf club very soon.

I made Chief Technologist for my Business Unit in HP. It is a big responsibility and I have had to step up my game, but it is going very well and I like where things are going.

I am engaged to be married to someone I was very lucky to find - after our second date, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are both very big Sports Kids and are Season Ticket Holders to the Detroit Red Wings (just took the special locker room tour and got our pictures taken at Center Ice with Sticks and a Puck). After thinking I would never again get married, on June 29, 2013 I will be married to my Soul Mate.

My Daughter, at 20 years old, took over my other house. I am so very proud of her.


Congrats and wow.


Dos cervezas.


Imagine Obama cited a poll that said 99% of Americans are against KILLING BABIES.


Does anybody know what pollsters do with respondents who, when the pollster gets to question number 14, or 28, or 45, say "Oh, come on, I thought you had just a few questions" and hang up? My one polling experience was like that; I did hang up and ever since have declined to participate.
I don't think that polls which systematically exclude impatient and easily exasperated persons like me fairly reflect the views of all Americans.


That being said, on behalf of all Americans, PD, let me say Wow!, Wow! and Big Congratulations, and best wishes to you and yours for everything but the Red Wings.


RooRah, PD!! All the best!!

Melinda Romanoff


Heal well, Love well, and tell the daughter to pick up the required items as a standing tool kit at the other house! (If you need a short shopping list for her to work through, I'll give the shortest I can.)

May Be Joy Upon You!


Congrats, PDinDetroit!


Yay PD!

Wonderful, wonderful news. Couldn't be happier for the both of you, plus the daughter! Cheers!

Danube of Thought on iPad

I can never quitefigure out what the GOP Senators are trying to do. I just always hope that the McCain faction loses.

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hit and run

That is the best news I've heard all week PDinDetroit. Maybe you can make it down once you regain your swing, and we'll hit Pinehurst. In fact, I'm thinking about getting mrs hit and run her our first ever gun for our anniversary (how romantic!) and we can all also go to the range.


What good news, PDinDetroit! God bless ya!


Congratulations, PDinDetroit. Wishing you much happiness.


Congrats, PD. Good news is good news. We can all use more.

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