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April 24, 2013


Dave (in MA)

Is Deval meeting Kleptomom and her hubby at the airport to deliver their EBT cards? Gerry Callahan said this morning that she won't be able to get through the metal detector at the airport because her clothes have all those Lord & Taylor security things on them.


Aren't the Kardashians involved in the Boston celebrity parade somehow?


lol, Dave (in MA)!

Old Lurker

Speaking of Muffer, my brother sent me some old photos yesterday that included the LUN of Hil & Bill circa early 70's.

As my brother has two teenage boys, I replied as follows:

"I suggest you show that picture of Bill & Hillary, along with a recent pic of Hillary to both your boys as proof that they should not be fooled by a decent body when thinking long term. Of course the face should have been warning enough, but then boys will be boys."

Captain Hate

Between Coupe Deval and Mumbles, how can the citizens of Boston make it through a presser without rolling their eyes in disgust?

Captain Hate

Wow OL; Slick has fat woman legs and Muffer looks semi shapely.


Ig-- agreed nothing new under the Leftist sun and

Hildabeast is downright Orson Wellsian!! Maybe even Brandoesque. She's definitely got 20lbs on our boy Bill.


Kerry was always a soft touch, when it came to old style desinformatiya, but since his first trip in the 70s, he's proven himself an Arabist.

Captain Hate

Jawn of Arabia? That explains the botox that looks really really bad.


Jane--It was me and not Dave who made the Boston accent remark, in a lame and apparently obscure attempt at humor. I know that you don't have a Boston accent, because a)I did meet you at a JOM gathering, b) I have listened to your podcasts, and c) I know that you grew up on "the other side" of 128. Which is why I jokingly (and affectionately) implied that you and all the other non-Bostonians might be inclined to mispronounce Waatitown. (I am reminded once again that having to explain my jokes is a pretty good indication that I'm not very good at it).

Have I told you that you are my favorite?


Happy BD Mark.

Mark Folkestad

Shall I close out this thread by repeating my thanks for the many birthday greetings? I'm zonked, and will be taking a short nap so I'll have the strength to dig into the Chinese buffet. There was one question of a birthday present. Only God can give the one I want, and I don't think that He's going to. But the rest of you can say a prayer for my poor, troubled Susan.

Purely by accident, three weeks overdue, with my name having been chosen months before, I was born on the Feast Day of St. Mark. I attach no symbolism or significance to that.

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