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April 07, 2013



No, I disagree TM, let them debate the thing, into 'Norwgian blue' status.

Buford Gooch

I'm with TM. Filibuster if you must, but do a Rand Paul filibuster to make the point, then let them vote (and lose the next election).


mccain is looking for the adulation bestowed on Paul after his filibuster. After all, he's as much a publicity whore a shumer. Just dumber.


Hair Wars;

On Friday Barack Obama knuckled under to media pressure and apologized for his comments about some female Attorney General's appearance.

Then feminist pundittress Sam Bennett, (of the lopheaded haircut which we're not allowed to notice or mention), appeared on Megyn Kelly's Show to tell us that Obama's comments were way out of line:

Our research show unequivocally that as soon as you start talking about a woman's appearance, anything as "quote-unquote mild as hair and makeup and appearance research shows she drops electorally like a stone.

Then yesterday i read in the UK Daily Mail this hair-raising story: 'My bangs are getting a little irritating': Michelle Obama admits she already regrets her high-maintenance hairdo

Malia Obama was spotted adjusting her mother's bangs at the White House Easter Egg Roll...what at first was a novelty has turned into a burden for the First Lady...despite her hair frustration, the First Lady told the ET interviewer she is looking forward to sporting floaty fabrics and skirts once spring finally rolls around.

And now from Maureen Dowd we get the following: Hillary jokes that people regard her hair as totemic, and just so, her new haircut sends a signal of shimmering intention: she has ditched the skinned-back bun that gave her the air of a K.G.B. villainess in a Bond movie and has a sleek new layered cut that looks modern and glamorous.

According to Modo, with Hill's new doo there is “no limit” on how big girls can dream."

Yet Michelle tells us "'The bangs are fun but you know, I'm like a girl, what's next?'"

What next indeed?

My gawd, I'm glad I'm baldheaded.


This may give the Senate GOP far too much credit, but is it possible they'll mount a barely unsuccessful filibuster, allowing (1) Cruz, Paul, et. al. to look good for fighting, (2) GOP senators from purplish states look good for ending the filibuster, and (3) them all to still force Dem senators from red states to make the choice?

Captain Hate

Does MoDo talk about Muffer's prodigious alk consumption or is that hitting too close to home.

Captain Hate

If hating McRINO is wrong, I don't want to be right.


'You ask for Miracles, Theo" Hans telling the hacker at the Nakatomi building;

“I don’t understand why United States senators want to block debate when the leaders said we could have amendments,” McCain added.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/292215-sen-mccain-i-dont-understand-efforts-to-filibuster-gun-bill#ixzz2PqGmiDX1
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Danube of Thought on iPad

I realize McCain is simply incapable of shutting the hell up. I just wish he'd find something--anything--else to do on Sundays. Sleep in, take in a ballgame. Whatever.

Danube of Thought on iPad

Delingpole's latest begins thusly:

"Should Michael Mann be given the electric chair for having concocted arguably the most risibly inept, misleading, cherry-picking, worthless and mendacious graph – the Hockey Stick – in the history of junk science?

"Should George Monbiot be hanged by the neck for his decade or so's hysterical promulgation of the great climate change scam and other idiocies too numerous to mention?

"Should Tim Flannery be fed to the crocodiles for the role he has played in the fleecing of the Australian taxpayer and the diversion of scarce resources into pointless projects like all the eyewateringly expensive desalination plants built as a result of his doomy prognostications about water shortages caused by catastrophic anthropogenic global warming?"

(That would of course be a yes, a yes and a yes, if I were asked.)



That is a mighty fun Delingpole, and the back and forth in the comments section is also very enjoyable: Example:

RealDeal rep[lies to Godsyeastinfection: Even for a poncey spoiled brat officer-type-I'd-love-to-frag-in-front-of-his-kids, you are a lying worthless unemployable donkey dickbreath.


Ted Steven's Update:

Judge overturns suspensions for Stevens prosecutors

An administrative judge has overturned the suspensions of two federal prosecutors whom the Justice Department had tried to discipline for failing to turn over evidence that might have helped the defense in the botched corruption trial against Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska.

Last year, the department found that the two prosecutors had engaged in reckless -- though not intentional -- professional misconduct and ordered them to be suspended without pay. One, Joseph Bottini, was suspended for 40 days, and the other, James Goeke, was suspended for 15 days.

judge, Benjamin Gutman, overturned the suspensions. He ruled that the Justice Department had violated its own procedures, under the Professional Misconduct Review Unit, which called for a rank-and-file lawyer to decide whether professional misconduct had occurred.


Captain Hate

I realize McCain is simply incapable of shutting the hell up. I just wish he'd find something--anything--else to do on Sundays. Sleep in, take in a ballgame. Whatever.

Teach his fatassed daughter how not to act like a whore? Who am I kidding; she's just like him.


I'm not sure anyone will remember this (except narciso).In 2007,a man took hostages inside Hillary's campaign office in Rochester,NH.
This guy has escaped from a minimum security facility in NH.The Bangor Daily News put a picture of Hillary with this news item. First comment ..."we know what Hillary looks like,how about a picture of the guy who escaped?" Ha!


Maybe they just put her picture up to scare him.


Oooh - Great just tweeted that Margaret Thatcher has died.


Great would be Greta!

AP says she died of a stroke.

RIP great lady.


Heh. Those poor saps at wikileaks. They were counting on their latest antics to carry the news lead for the rest of the week. Now it won't even make the sports page.

God's peace on the family and friends of Margaret Thatcher.

Jack is Back (Again)!

God Bless Margaret Thatcher. May her soul rest in peace.

When Mrs. JiB and I lived in London we lived in a small cottage on Chester Close. When we would walk over to Elizabeth Street for dinner at a restaurant we woiuld pass her home on Chester Square. Always a "bobbie" stationed outside. Saw her a couple of times getting into a chauffered Bentley.


RIP, Iron Lady, despite some 'unexpected' jabs at her, I think the film conveyed what a force she was in British, and left unstated American politics,

Danube of Thought on iPad

In her honor, I will repeat this anecdote that I saw under the headline "Too Good to Check":

On her very first day in office, Thatcher was surrounded by a dozen or more hyper-excited, ambitious male sycophants, all currying favor and aspiring to a plum assignment. At the end of a hectic, getting-organized day at Ten Downing, she announced, "gentlemen, we shall now go to dinner." whereupon they all bustled off to a nearby restaurant, and were seated at a table for twelve in a private room. All the aides, of course, struggled to be seated as close as possible to her.

The waiter arrives and addresses her first: "will it be the fish, the chicken or the beef, mum?" she replies, "I will have the beef." Waiter: "Very good, mum. And the vegetables?"

"They will have the beef too."


In Billy Elliot the Geordie strikers sing a song "Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher" which is ruthless in content:

So merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher
May God's love be with you
We all sing together in one breath
Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher
We all celebrate today
'Cause it's one day closer to your death

Hearing it in the play the first time you get torn three ways. It is a fun song. It is a deadly honest song, because it is what they would feel.

And, third, the union was dead wrong because the miners didn't need protection; they needed retraining for new jobs.

I have to believe the Iron Lady, had both the wit and the wisdom to appreciate all three.

She set a wonderful example for Britain, America, and the rest of the world.


A quick wrap up of some her best lines, in the Links;



And she was prescient in many ways,


Jack is Back (Again)!

In memory of Baroness Thatcher.

From her leaving PMQ's on Euro and single currency

She was a Euro skeptic and got her bounced for John Major. To this day, she was right and Ken Clarke is still wrong.


When one notes in the film, Heseltine, played by Richard E Grant, was the leader of the mutineers,
he was Conquistador Coffee all the way, Hurd just gave in.


Her influence was such that she not only revolutionized her own party, but the opposition as well, typified by Tony Blair's Labour prime ministership.


RIP Lady Thatcher


Tsar Vlad-- is a lot of things, but one thing he is not -- is gay. Vlad does like the young ladies: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/vladimir-putin/9978447/Bemused-Vladimir-Putin-and-Angela-Merkel-confronted-by-topless-Femen-protester-in-Hanover.html

Jack is Back (Again)!

And she was spot on when she dismantled Simon Hughes (Lib Dem) on the question of the wealth gap. She called a spade a spade by noting that those who lament the wealth gap actually want the poor to get poorer by making the wealthy less wealthy.

Fox is showing the Thatcher home (No. 42 Chester Square) which I remember well.


I guess she has a commonality with the new Pope as well:



Jib-- the UK was saved from the Euro Currency by two of the most dissimilar people imaginable-- Lady Thatcher and Tennant's Export swilling Gordon Brown.


I lived in the UK just before Maggie came into office. It was a horrible thing. The electricity workers were "working to rule". Illegal strikes where if anyone including the military got near the power plants they risked their lives. They were holding the country with a gun to its head.

There were regular blackouts which affected everything; hospitals, homes, business, and worst of all, the pubs.For some reason I remember the effect specifically on Friday nights when we went down to the pub. Candlelight, lanterns, and emergency lighting, but the beer was the right temperature.

The country was in thrall to the left wing unions who were all basically communists. Maggie knew what she was fighting for from her first day in office.

Thank God for Maggie Thatcher.


JiB/Matt-- why was Thatcher unable to dismantle the NHS?


Don't force Boy Scouts to give up their rights: Column

"Those who apply for and assume positions of leadership are well aware of those standards and values. Those who disagree are free to form organizations that reflect their own belief systems, and to set whatever standards they wish."


CO2 is making crabs, lobsters and shrimp bigger. To the WaPo this is bad because it might mean more oysters are gobbled up by the blue crabs.



can't answer that, NK, but I can tell you that Michelle Obama was out in the WH garden planting with children whose schools met the Stakhanovite targets set by the Administration for healthy lunches.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--why was Thatcher unable to dismantle the NHS?--

Did she try?
It's usually pretty hard to do something you don't try to do.
The unions made themselves a PITA to the public.
They were perceived to be a cost.
NHS was perceived to be free.

Nor noticed he the pigment of the tresses.

These huge guys fell on the lasses.

Captain Hate

RIP Margaret Thatcher

Jack is Back (Again)!


Too enthrenched in British society. Cultural thing. Would have to have been a planned evolution versus a total revolution. It is fully vertically and horizontally integrated in the politics, culture and dimension of life there. But there is private insurance and private practices and private hospitals to those who can afford it like us expats and affluent Brits.

BTW, there was a study done while I lived there that said that over 45% of lead stories in the MSM whether print or TV was about the NHS and 90% of those were negative. At the time, I thought that Blair would start both a gradual weaning from the system as well as try to reform it so it could be more quickly privatized but he ran up agains huge resistance.

That said, they did use the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to build and/or renovate a number of hospitals, surgeries and clinics.


There were some reforms, like those mentioned here;

The 1980s saw the introduction of modern management processes (General Management) in the NHS to replace the previous system of consensus management. This was outlined in the Griffiths Report of 1983.[46] This recommended the appointment of general managers in the NHS with whom responsibility should lie. The report also recommended that clinicians be better involved in management. Financial pressures continued to place strain on the NHS. In 1987, an additional £101 million was provided by the government to the NHS. In 1988 Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher announced a review of the NHS. From this review in 1989 two white papers Working for Patients and Caring for People were produced. These outlined the introduction of what was termed the "internal market", which was to shape the structure and organisation of health services for most of the next decade.


If I ran the ADN:

"In a controversial move which some have likened to the freeing of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers on a technicality, an administrative judge has overturned the suspensions of two federal prosecutors who were found guilty of professional misconduct in the famously botched trial of Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska."

"Senator Stevens had been a public servant for six decades beginning in World War II until his career was destroyed by rogue Justice Department officials Joseph Bottini, and James Goeke. The Senator, a father of six, endured a trial during his last Senate campaign in 2008; the charges against him were dismissed due to serious professional misconduct, but only after he had lost the election. Stevens died less than two years afterward."

""I think it's a travesty", said Janet S of the nonpartisan Women for Integrity. "These guys only got a slap on the wrist in the first place for destroying the career of a father of six who spent six decades in public service beginning in World War II, and now they face no consequences at all. President Obama is in charge of the Justice Department, and I'd like to know what he's going to do about it?""

"President Obama could not be reached for comment on this story."

Jack is Back (Again)!


Forgot about the Prayer of St. Francis of Assissi. We had that sung at our wedding in Farm St. Church (Immaculate Conception), Mayfair.


Bravo, bgates, 'this travesty of two mockeries of a sham' really deserves that treatment.

Jack is Back (Again)!


Don't forget the tribute to the NHS (Great Ormond Street Hospital) by Danny Boyle in the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. It may not have been well received here but in England and the rest of the UK it was a very welcome tribute.


Stealing/paraphrasing from Powerline (I think) on Reagan:

"On the morning of the day she died she was the greatest person alive."

RIP, Mrs. Thatcher, and thank you.


JiB-- in truth, I didn't note the Boyle tribute to NHS-- in fact his whole show was pretty much incomprehensible to me. I thought that was because I had never done LSD.

Rob Crawford
Geez, couldn't they be the heroes who let the Dems march off a cliff and (Here's hoping!) gave the Senate back to the Republicans?

Or they could be the folks who realize that defending liberty is more important than political opportunism.

McCain just wants to reach around for the Democrats again and vote for "commons sense gun control". I'm sure his sow of a daughter was endlessly lectured him about how all the cool people are for it.


It was about as logical as his new film ;Trance,
which means not very:

Jack is Back (Again)!

Baroness Thatcher to get the same funeral priviledge as Queen Mum and Princess Di but will not lay in state, per Downing St via BBC.

Jack is Back (Again)!

If you talk to an average Brit like my cousins you will find that they loved the Boyle production since it was a representation of what they are proud of in their history. Not necessary that we understand and appreciate since its not our country or culture. But that is what Boyle did for the Olympics. And remember the UK is still much further to the left than we currently are today.


Vote/Filibuster-- I am completely indifferent to the right/wrong of debate and votes. The only principle I care about is the outcome increase the chances of a Repub House and a Repub Senate in January 2015. That's the only principle that matters now-- the Republic can't survive another all Dem Congress/POTUS.


I have recommended Claire Berlinski's book on Thatcher before, There is No Alternative, and today would be a fine time to order it. I spent the summer of 1980 at Oxford near Somerville College that she attended. In those days you could still walk down Downing Street and stand in front of # 10.

I read a lot of materials from the UK and there is no question to me that Blair came into power to reverse her domestic reforms without saying so. It is still what I am dealing with. I was at a luncheon last fall with one of her former aides. There is a lot of good in public figures who can make people beam so with remembrances long after their years in power.

I was off writing. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/dispensing-with-the-presumption-that-education-is-about-improving-individual-minds/ . And once again the jolting title is from an actual quote on intentions.

Dave (in MA)

The LIBTARDosphere is being about as gracious as you'd expect.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the Dragonbreath Creates Crabzilla link. I wonder if the National Enquirer or the Globe are concerned about WaPos invasion of their preferred territory?

James D.

Nothing to add about Baroness Thatcher. A great woman, a great leader, and she will be sorely missed.


One thing people forget about Thatcher was the assassination attempts. The IRA tried to kill her several times, two of which I was present for sheerly by accident.

There were a lot of people who really didn't like her; the Russians, The Argentines, the Left that hated her even more rabidly than Palin.

Europe was a very scary place back in the late 70's and 80's. For that matter the world was a scary place. We are very lucky to have had Thatcher, Reagan, and even Mitterand and Kohl at the time.

Danube of Thought

They've had the NHS since shortly after WWII. They know nothing else; there is nothing to compare it to. But they know it's free, and the allure of free stuff is universal. That is why it's vital to decapitate Obamacare in its infancy. If it's here for a generation, it will never leave us. A nation of serfs will celebrate it.

James D.

Loved bgates at 10:40. That story is horrifying. Those prosecutors should have, at a bare minimum, lost their jobs and been barred from any government service at any level for the rest of their lives. At a minimum.

This is supposedly a free country. We are supposedly free and equal citizens, not subjects, or serfs or slaves. Government officials, at whatever level, are not our rulers or masters or lords. They are equal to the rest of us, and they have been temporarily entrusted with power at the discretion of the rest of us - power to be exercised carefully and in the most limited fashion, and with extensive, merciless oversight. And which can be taken away if it is misused or abused.

Why do we not have any national-level candidates who can make this argument? It's the f**king MOST FUNDAMENTAL BASIS OF OUR SOCIETY!

Sorry, but this gets me very worked up. These people applied for jobs in which they could weild the awesome and terrifying power to bring the ful force and resources of the Federal Government against any citizen they believe to be guilty of a crime, for the purpose of putting said citizen in prison for ears, or life.

To use that power "recklessly" should mean their immediate dismissal. I don't care how difficult their jobs are. I don't give a damn if 95% of the people who cross their desk really are the scum of the Earth and deserve whatever they get. Because any of us here, or our friends or family, could cross their desk as part of that 5% who aren't criminals, but will see our lives wrecked (at best) anyway. ENOUGH OF THIS!

These guys, along with the LA cops who started shooting at every truck they saw regardless of whether it was the same make or even color as Chris Dormer's truck, and regardless of who was inside, and along with a huge list of other abusers of power, need to be removed from office, strippedof power and never allowed near it ever again.

I don't consider myself a subject or a serf, and I don't think anyone else on here does either, but it's clear that our "betters" consider us such, and think that 15 days without pay is too harsh a punishment for violating their most basic duty and destroying a man's career without reason.


Great comments, bgates and James D. The Stevens injustice is one of the saddest and least-known events in recent American politics.

Rick Ballard

The progressive Malthusian dream envisions stasis achievement when the world population has been reduced below 2 billion. The dream simply cannot be realized without effective National Death Services (per the UK model) coupled with ever increasing numbers of Planned Eugenic Death Huts sited in areas inhabited with undesirables.

Everything RSE describes is predicated upon the firmly held belief that mass genocide is necessary before the selected survivors will be able to enjoy Unicorn Utopia. Strip out the sugar coating and they're all Pol Pots.


Margaret Thatcher One of the greatest ladies God has blessed us with. May she Rest in Peace!



Words Fail!


Isn't that Crabzilla story something, Rick? I think I have to send it to AT.

The Stevens story just adds to the outrage.

BB Key

The Stevens Case is the reason Mark Beckbitch shouls be run out of office in 2014


OT-- it's not the barrel roll that Tex Johnston pulled off in the Dash-80 prototype of the 707-- but this UK Daily Mail article has some pretty fancy 787 Dreamliner flying: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2305539/Video-shows-Boeing-787s-acrobatic-abilities-set-cleared-fly-again.html

This link has views from the Dash 80 during the barrel rolls over Lake Washington: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2305539/Video-shows-Boeing-787s-acrobatic-abilities-set-cleared-fly-again.html


A modest filibuster to expose McCain and Graham and their support of poor legislation works for me.

The MSM would have to cover it and the Intertubes would take up the slack.


Obama = Lady Thatcher? oy vey. Listen, Obummer may just be that ignorant.

Danube of Thought

Somebody named J. P. Freire examines the Associated Press:

When it comes to praising free market champions like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Associated Press still has trouble giving them their due. In their obituary this morning, the AP leads with, and continues to harp upon, the controversy stoked during her tenure as England’s Prime Minister, instead of her actual achievements. Take the first sentence from this morning’s obit:

Love her or loathe her, one thing’s beyond dispute: Margaret Thatcher transformed Britain. The Iron Lady who ruled for 11 remarkable years imposed her will on a fractious, rundown nation — breaking the unions, triumphing in a far-off war, and selling off state industries at a record pace.

“Ruled.” “Imposed her will.” The AP’s word choice apes the old Liberal attacks on Thatcher as tyrant, taking pains to equivocate between the varying opinions people had of her.

For admirers, Thatcher was a savior who rescued Britain from ruin and laid the groundwork for an extraordinary economic renaissance. For critics, she was a heartless tyrant who ushered in an era of greed that kicked the weak out onto the streets and let the rich become filthy rich.

To the AP’s reporter, the history is apparently far from settled that her transformational role was a positive one. Contrast this to the AP’s coverage (by a different reporter, of course) of the death of socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez:

President Hugo Chavez, the fiery populist who declared a socialist revolution in Venezuela, crusaded against U.S. influence and championed a leftist revival across Latin America, died Tuesday at age 58 after a nearly two-year bout with cancer.

This breathless introduction is followed by more plaudits:

During more than 14 years in office, Chavez routinely challenged the status quo at home and internationally. He polarized Venezuelans with his confrontational and domineering style, yet was also a masterful communicator and strategist who tapped into Venezuelan nationalism to win broad support, particularly among the poor.

Dave (in MA)

“Michelle And I Carry On The Work AGAINST Which She Dedicated Her Life”…

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Strip out the sugar coating and they're all Pol Pots.

Posted by: Rick Ballard | April 08, 2013 at 12:18 PM --

That's the truly horrifying thing about humanity.
Pol Pot, far from being an aberration or rare, may very well be the natural state of the human heart finally freed from constraints and conscience.
And is there anyone more full of enthusiasm as to how to improve the rest of humanity than someone with neither constraint nor conscience?


Ignatz-and access to our money.


"Strip out the sugar coating and they're all Pol Pots.
Posted by: Rick Ballard | April 08, 2013 at 12:18 PM --
That's the truly horrifying thing about humanity"

These 2 thoughts prove definitively that 'secular humanism' leads to tyranny and slavery and privation for the rest of us.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Does anyone remember if PUK had any thoughts about Thatcher and her time as PM? She was divisive no question about that but she had to be to straighten the Kingdom out. The unions are RED and RADICAL (still are by the way). The miners were the worst because they knew the hand-writing was on the wall regarding industrial and power use of coal. But the transport unions like the RMT under Bob Crow are committed extortionists - nothing else to call them.


Thatcher worked within the framework of British law.
Chavez dictated Venezuelan law.

Which does Obama sound like?
Which put a premium on the individual and liberty??

Manuel Transmission

NK, I happen to know the only guy to ever do a barrel roll in a 707 besides the test pilot. That second event was in front of Tricky Dick and his entourage down in the Caribbean. The plane was Bobby Vesco's private commuter, Silver Phyllis.


narciso-read that paper that you linked last night and they have redefined what constitutes social capital. From the original meaning of those connections and knowledge you get growing up basically with well educated professional parents in neighborhoods of the same. Now it means pro-social and collectivist views.

It is a very strange paper and suggests just how important it is to have teachers using the dialectic with their students. To go with Rick's Pol Pot image. Now I have not read such aspirations but the literature consistently says No Growth or Steady State with this vision.

jimmy-your classmate both thanked by name and cited several times the co-author of Democratic Schooling in Capitalist America and the book itself. He also uses the M word and then links it to Dewey and progressive ed. As the last name on that doc with Europeans I believe that paper was to let the EU know that the right kind of cooperative beliefs and attitudes were to be fostered in Americans.

On a side note, I have said I have the books from the architect of all of Sweden's and then the EU's changes describing from the 30s onward. That report has Norway and Sweden as having among the most variance now. They are backsliding. Moreover, as I said to someone else this morning the Chinese may say they are trying to stop out of school tutoring of students but they will not let their best minds rot. Unlike the US and Canada and UK who think Mind Arson is equitable and fair. Instead of heartbreakingly foolish.


MT-did I ever tell you my husband kept a Pitts aerobatic plane for years?


"Pol Pot, far from being an aberration or rare, may very well be the natural state of the human heart finally freed from constraints and conscience."

Are you sure your moniker shouldn't be Thomas Hobbes?


ManuelT-- if I recall my history correctly, the Boeing CEO tried to get at Tex and fire him the moment he stepped off of the Dash -80, but before he could, the airline execs (especially euro airlines with lucrative transatlantic routes) beat him to Tex to thank Tex for proving the 707 could safely fly X-Atlantic non-stop. Funny ole' world.


jimmyk-- alas Thomas Hobbs lives and will forever-- faith in God and trust in the liberty God gives every person is the only things that separate us from the Hobbesian nightmare.


RIP to a giant of the 20th century. In the last decade we have lost the greatest champions of freedom--Thatcher, Reagan, I'm tempted to add Milton Friedman. Who will step up to fill their shoes?

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is running some Best Of clips of the Iron Lady. Incredible stuff and such a welcome alternative to the crap that gets spewed by the lefty dunces and most of the squishes in the GOP.

JiB, by my memory PUK liked Thatcher a great deal although hit is maintaining the *official* archives.


OT-- blind squirrels. The Legacy Media are picking up on 2 obvious trends long-discussed here at JOM 1. the explosion of SS Disability rolls, and 2. The shrinking workforce and labor participation. Course, the WaPo and NPR sugar coat those 2 Obamanomics disasters, but the fact that they have to report them shows that the muddle is waking up.

Captain Hate

This thread is such a refreshing alternative to some of the dunces I "friend" on Zuckerberg Data Mining Inc, for reasons other than politics obviously, who are embarrassing themselves in ways that are beyond where I'd go.

Btw, RIP Annette Funicello.


Reading the Left's vitriol against Thatcher once again confirms a distorted view of history. England was washed up when she was elected. The cities, especially in the North, were wastelands. It was an almost Orwellian feeling of hopelessness.

Their anger and hatred reflects the same vicious temperament of our own Left.

Thatcher gave the UK hope and restored its pride. Her home ownership plan was brilliant. I spent a lot of time in council housing and it was a dreary sad existence for many of those who lived in it. To allow the residents to buy their homes lifted a huge swathe of those who never had a chance into the middle class. And for this she is still reviled.

Despite the fact that we won the Cold War, the Left is still dumping all over her. It truly is amazing. All I can say is that there is a part of our society that is at war with the rest of us, the facts be damned.

Melinda Romanoff


Wait'll they start figuring out the average age of the American Worker. Call it the Mike Wallace-ing of the workforce.


A friend emailed this:

Mrs. Thatcher herself described consensus as the process of "abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and policies… something in which no one believes and to which no one objects."


Matt-- for the Left-- there are no facts-- only the narrative.


We can engrave that on McCain's & Graham's tombstones.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Mic - see you next week
Key - why? Because we love you

Mickey Mouse!
Donald Duck!
Mickey Mouse!
Donald Duck!

Forever man has held a banner
High, high, high. high!

Come along lets sing the song
And join the jamberre!
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

Annette Funichello, may her soul rest in peace.

/Proud lifetime member of the Mickey Mouse Club:)

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Are you sure your moniker shouldn't be Thomas Hobbes?

Posted by: jimmyk | April 08, 2013 at 01:17 PM--

Nah, should be Jeremiah:

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

I guess there should be a "[for]" after the ... in that Thatcher quote.


Per the vitriol from the left re Thatcher: I was reading PJ Media this morning about Rick Warren's son committing suicide and that author, Rick Moran, was saying how the death of public people brings out the worst comments on both sides--using TeddyK's death as an example of the nastiness of the right on the intarwebs. Interestingly, this Moran dude has only one link (back to himself, of course) citing the alleged nastiness from the right on Ted shedding the mortal coil. I don't seem to recall any--or much--nastiness from righty blogs at the time. Do you?

Anyway, RIP Mrs. Thatcher. I wish the world had more women like you. In life, you inspired us, in death you still do.


True that MelR-- the legacy media in DC are the third leg of the evil trio who need QE to infinity and beyond (the Dem spenders/redistributionists, the MoneyCenter TBTF banks, and the DC Media who sponge off of that debt mongering). They DC are waking up to the fact that OPM is rapidly running out and are cursing the darkness: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-08/fannie-mae-profit-may-swell-treasury-coffers-as-debt-limit-looms.html


Oh, and would someone give McSlame the stage hook along with his imbecile daughter? Thanks.


Ted Kennedy takes a dirt nap?-- I ungraciously reminded my friends on the Left that thanks to Fat Ted, Mary Jo K was unable to comment on his death. I think there was plenty of that when he died.

Captain Hate

the alleged nastiness from the right on Ted shedding the mortal coil. I don't seem to recall any--or much--nastiness from righty blogs at the time. Do you?

I'm pretty sure that there were at least a few naysaying morons @ AoS; but it was restrained compared to some of the Tony Snow/Reagan/Thatcher mosh pits.


From Lucianne:

"Former British prime minister
Baroness Thatcher dies peacefully at the age
of 87 after suffering a massive stroke"

"Please save the accompanying articles and photos, as well
as those at the Telegraph. Your children and grandchildren
may never know the truth otherwise."

The left is determined to destroy all goodness, IMO.


This is the paragraph that jumped out at me in Clarice's link above about AGW carbon effecting the growth of East Coast Crabs:

Over the next 75 to 100 years, ocean acidification could supersize blue crabs, which may then eat more oysters and other organisms and possibly throw the food chain of the nation’s largest estuary out of whack.

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