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April 19, 2013


Captain Hate

I can't see how 12 million could be deported or self-deported, without causing ourselves a great deal of self-inflicted harm.


Jack is Back!

You know there are complete, certified idiots on the left and then there is Marc Ambinder.

Do these people write this crap knowing someone like me will give it notice and post it.

What a complete fool. Where the hell do these people get there education and introduction to critical thinking? Saudi Arabia? Iran?



I know how you feel about being contacted out of the blue. A couple of days ago we got an unsolicited email from the fake Indian. Told her office to NEVER contact us again and remove our email address from their list.

James D.

I don't buy the conspiracy talk, but I think it's fair to wonder if we're being told the whole truth (or even a portion of it).

Considering the way the Zero Administration has lied and stonewalled to this day about Benghazi (and virtually everything else over the last 4 years), it's not unreasonable to question what we're being told.


It has been confirmed at numerous sites that the convenience store was robbed, just not by the perps. They (the terrorists) used an ATM card from the man whose car they car jacked and removed $800. What I am having a hard time with is why didn't they kill the car jack man? They had already killed the MIT cop in cold blood, so why not the car jack man?


The metrics of whether taxpayers come out ahead or not by deportation is not the real point IMO. The real point is that the illegals violated and had contempt for our laws (the Bomber Boys took that contempt to extreme levels), amnesty just makes contempt for all laws more acute-- meaningless laws degrade the entire rule of law, and that threatens our Republic, that's the point.

Rick Ballard


I feel for the inconvenience TC is experiencing (although I'm a bit curious as to why Butch is texting him) but 400K progs cowering from a 19 yo Mahometan splodeydope doesn't go down on my "bad thing" list. Nor does the pathetic response and actions of security forces unable to execute a simple "shoot on sight" order.

The progs in Boston are getting exactly what they continuously and enthusiastically vote to receive.


Car Jack man's health is completely bizarre to me. Even if you assume (as I do) that Tamerlan was jacked up on Roids or Meth, or something, how come Carjack man was spared?


It's an incomplete story, no doubt, who else comprised the cell, usually they are four or more, Ft. Dix, JFK, Path train, anyone else at U Mass, or any local mosque.


The incomplete story includes the question of whether there was a cell to begin with-- or just two 'loser' brothers as uncle Ruslan described them.


YES.. a thousand times yes, the Progs cowering in their Boston/Cambridge apartments right now are getting what they deserve. I agree. I think we should be polite about it, and just not point it out to them right now.


Still on catch-up but an observation...

Tk 3 pages back comments and posts a link about the rogue policeman murderer in California from a month ago "Police officer appears to shout ‘burn this motherfucker’ before fire engulfs Christopher Dorner’s cabin"

I recall that at the time it happened, and I believe the general sense was to downplay that comment at the time---to say it was possibly a garbled recording, or instead a police officer somewhat out of line and inappropriately hollering that in the heat of the moment. I recall that the statement and the sentiment were downplayed as inappropriate.

Fast forward to today, and in regards to this case, "burn this motherfucker", seems not only correct and justified, but out in the open and mainstream. I do not sense a namby-pamby tiptoeing around the touchy feely edges (except among our MSM apologists).

Simply looking at JiB's posted pic of the small dead kid, the bomb, and the smiling asshole Islamic murderer in the background strutting off in his backward baseball cap pushes me to the same sentiment that was apparently "inappropriate" a month ago ---"Burn the Motherfucker," but now seems perfect for the times.

I think America is with us, and that that sentiment is justified and reasonable, and eff the MSM if they and our political betters think otherwise.

His father and Chechnya can kiss my ass.


Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev Death Photo, 4/19/2013- GRAPHIC

from Daily Caller - Dead Boston bombing suspect was a ‘very religious’ Muslim boxer


Can I post if I remove the url from under my name?


I just want to say that if it turns out that these guys just happened to accidentally walk in on a 7-11 robbery in progress...

...that I am officially proclaiming that the shark has been jumped!


Major Garrett just posted on Twitter that the older brother was questioned by FBI two years about "extremist" ties, supposedly they found nothing and the case was closed.


why is this drama in any way related to the immigration debate? This dynamic duo got in under current law.

Because at the same time that we are being driven by Politicos and Political Correctness to limit the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding Americans, that very same Political Correctness is causing our Politico's to rush us headlong into making it easier for assholes like these American hating jihadi's to enter the country and do us harm.

It's that F#$%ing simple and the American people see it and are sick of it.


Well, he probably said he wasn't an extremist & that was that.

I am not an extremist.
I wanted to be a farmer.
I am a Cherokee.
I was a man...now I am a woman.
I am this minor's mom...now give her an abortion.

Self certification! What a wonderful idea!


Who are we to question? Who are we to judge?


And the Gang of Eight Legislation would change that...how?

Who the hell knows? Who among us or among them has even read the G'damned Bill? That's the F#$%ing point.

Sorry for my French.

MarkO on laptop

Tactical teams in retreat. Why is it safer tonight? Stay indoor request lifted. MTA open. "Stay alert lifted."

This is beyond curious.


these guys just happened to accidentally walk in on a 7-11 robbery in progress...

I'm still scratching my head on that one. Did the name of the SUV owner get released?

Jack is Back!


Works for me.

daddy, my question since last night, why didn't our vaunted Homeland Security and CiC have him under watch, photoed from back then and recognized? More dollars down the drain to support an ineffective bureaurcracy. Now we get to spend more money pretending to be bad ass SWAT guys all dressed up to kill some little perp.

He's dead and they just haven't found the body yet. Keyston Cops redux.


"When I go to France, for example, I'm a guest there and have no rights of a citizen..."

That's big of you white man.


First time I guess I have ever listened to Deval Patrick speak. Even for a Masshole politician, this guy takes the cake. An absolutely frickin' moron.

Jack is Back!

State police are admitting they have no idea where Joker is even after shutting down the whole damn commnuity. I give them the benefit of the doubt but the fact that all these assets are on display and effective doesn't tell me that there is a lot of confidence in his availability. I say he is either dead in someone's basement or is on his way to Ontario or Dagestan.


What limits do you put on "burn this motherfucker" strikes? Are we closer to replacing US Senate Filibusters with US Predator Bunkerbusters?

"The Feds just blew up a whole city block!"

"Yeah, but they did it for a good cause."

MarkO on laptop

Police telling the suspect to give up. They have nothing new. Not an "all clear." Suddenly they have decided they can't shut down an entire city. Duh.

I don't find any honor in the cowering of an entire population. Unless there were more conspirators, this was really unnecessary and an abuse of the police power.


That was an colossal embarrassment for the State police and the politician morons who put the whole city under house arrest.

Jack is Back!

MarkO and Gmax,

That's the way the Blue Hell rolls. What you think they are under the spell of the ACLU? Only when it comes to evangilical baptist tea party patiots.

Rick Ballard

It was a compliance test by security forces. The sheep of Boston passed with a big Yellow Ribbon.

I'd speculate on what might happen in Dallas but the Mahometan would already be hanging on a barbwire fence next to a coyote in Texas.


Some internal consistency of argument on their behalf would be way too much to ask? If it was unsafe to leave their homes, and the guy is still at large, exactly what the hell has changed?

I thought mumbles Menino was the one that mumbled and was incoherent, but that whole presser was white knight talking backwards...


The perps were getting gas for CarJack man's car (with him in it, amazingly) and evidently they went in to pay--with the $800 they had gotten from CarJack's man's ATM account, and that is when they saw the robbery in progress.

Jack is Back!

Notice the quick marshalling of control forces in black and camo in that blue hell city? What were they expecting beforehand? Hope the citizens of kumbaya and coexistence noticed they are both safe and confined. Name your preference.


On the immigration Legislation from 2-3 pages back:

If we change the laws, there is a possibility (and, unfortunately, I AM old enough to be cynical about this) that there will be some enforcement, particularly if enforcement is directed more towards overstayed visas and deporting people who, under the standards of the current and future, should be deported.--

Why the hell is it so hard to simply comply with the Immigration laws? I say this as a guy who is currently overseas, and who has to comply every month with the specific immigration Laws of multiple countries around the world.

For instance, can I gaffe off the immigration rules in the France, in Germany, in Dubai, in Kuwait, In Khazakstan, in China, in India, in England, in Korea, in Japan, in Malaysia, in Taiwan, in Australia, etc? Heck no. Their Immigration enforcers and authorities are on our ass like white on rice.

Why then, only in America (not even in Mexico) is there such a massive lobby constructed to aide and assist the illegal immigrants flooding our borders? Cannot we demand and expect the same respect and adherence for our immigration laws that I have to display in all these other countries around the globe? Why the heck are we subsidizing the illegal alien relatives of our President so that they can live in Boston, even after drunk driving arrests?

Common sense Americans have to view this as nuts.

It is neither outrageous nor racist to expect that immigrants to our country behave legally, according to our laws, as is demanded of them in every other country around the globe. Why our elites do not grasp that simple understanding I do not know.

Jack is Back!


Between that and they guy who survived both blasts we are now living in an alternative universe. Which one do you live in?

Mine has a red sky, 3 moons and a white ring of marshmallows at about 3 miles up. Plus we are having a plague of unicorns ruining our poppy fields.


Tactical teams in retreat

My oldest is on a SWAT Team and still in there as far as I know, working 12 hour shifts.


Aw jeez, forgot to close the tag...sorry


Daddy--I am so with you!
That picture will go on my refrigerator when I get back home from Moab, and will NEVER be taken down.

I wrote my son on Boston last night to tell him if he saw those guys, to jump them,and pound their heads on the pavement--I learned this from Trayvon!--til their brains were running out the cracks in their skulls--

And said son went to work today--not cowering in his apartment.


How bout we open holding areas on the Gang of 8's property. Catch an illegal...ship 'em to Schumer's house...fly 'em out the next morning.
Get them out of our country ASAP. No excuses..you are out of here.


JiB, What meds are you on?


what in the world is a most wanted type doing taking down a 7-11?

I am appalled at the racism of these Chechniyan brothers for robbing a 7-11. As we all know from Joe Biden, all 7-11's are owned by guys from India who speak like Apu on the Simpson's. ergo, anyone who robs a 7-11 is a Racist, targeting Hindu's, ergo the 2 Chechniyan, mass murder terror bombing Islamists are racists.

Somebody tell Erin Burnett of CNN.


These guys had no plan except BOOM !?!

They stayed in town whilst the surveillance camera face recognition software narrowed them down? They saw their mugs on tv for 2 days and waited until last night to bug-out and they had no money to escape?

Sounds plausible




Thank you DrJ

Jane - Mock the Media!

They got him!

Frau Liegen u. Legen

...to obliterate the self and personal responsibility and feelings of impotence and become an undifferentiated part of a mass of people that have power."

Clarice, you've described Democrats.

Jane -

He's alive, surrounded and moving.

Frau Rechtsverdreher

Are prog lawyers clubbing each other to be first in line? Thank goodness, Lynn Stewart is still in the slammer. Can she practice from behind bars?


One thing about modern cell phones -- if the brothers interacted with any accomplices (for example they got in a getaway car) then somebody somewhere has taken a picture of it.

It's just amazing what the "army of davids" is coming up with as far as evidence.


These guys had no plan except BOOM !?!

They stayed in town whilst the surveillance camera face recognition software narrowed them down? They saw their mugs on tv for 2 days and waited until last night to bug-out and they had no money to escape?

Sounds plausible

Actually it does sound plausible -- it sounds exactly like the level of planning and foresight that gets thousands of girls knocked up each year...


"Actually it does sound plausible"

The Easter Bunny and Santy Claus agree.


Hey, maryrose, can I join you in the Ditzy JOMers Club?

Posted by: Thomas Collins | April 19, 2013 at 03:04 PM

How cutesy. How pathetic. How creepy. Your very own club exclusively for creepy losers. Collins, you're such an asshole.


Ig@5:14-- Ignatz uses Schmaltz! Mazel Tov!
PS: can we ban anti-semites-- I should narcalate-- I've been too lazy and too stubborn.

Posted by: NK | April 19, 2013 at 05:24 PM

By announcing your solidarity with Ignatz,
you're announcing that you're as slimy as he is.

BTW, if JOM were to comply with your self-serving request, you would have to curtail your vile hate speech directed against Muslims, many of whom are Semites, too, or didn't you know that, you crazy old fool?


Comment posted by: Ignatz | April 19, 2013 at 05:14 PM

(yawn) Another stupid, weird and irrational reply, as usual.
Further proof that he is psychotic, or a neurotic little homo,

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