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April 22, 2013


Melinda Romanoff

AnneBr has Dudu's second shift. I hope "she" remembered to punch in, because the payout for characters typed isn't going to cover the new CTA Ventra scheme.


On April 15, the day the Tsarnaevs set off the pressure cooker bombs on Boylston Street, there were 40 bombings and shootings across Iraq that took the lives of 75 and wounded 350. No one in the outside world knows the names of those who set off these bombs, and no one cares. And Baghdad was not locked down.

How, then, when these brothers are now as well-known as Timothy McVeigh, if not Osama bin Laden, and they committed an atrocity that mesmerized America for a week, and they forced a lockdown of one of our greatest cities, can it be said that they failed – as terrorists?


Cap'n, he does. I specifically asked him about the food. But he also mentioned that he isn't spending much time outside of the "compound". He was actually the Military attache in ISLAMABAD about 8 years ago, shortly before he left the USAF. He lived dangerously there, and did some out back chicken eating.

Melinda Romanoff

AnneBr is obviously Dudu's second shifter. I hope she doesn't get paid by the character because she'll never be able to cover her costs in the CTA's Ventra scheme.

And the alligator arms won't help.


Starting to see other blog comments suggesting that, instead of granting Amnesty, we just annex Mexico. Heh. Manifest Destiny, Baby.

Melinda Romanoff

Two and out.



Mel, it's like the retarded Leftists WANT us attacked.


The IRONY of Annebr's comment, is that all of the bombing, maiming and murdering, was MUZZLIM action.


Tim McVeigh was ONE and....DONE.


Janet!!! The Portofino. I don't believe it, I remembered.

Okay, got it. We'll give it a try.


AliceH, in all this bullship Gang of apes or is that 8 talk. Has anyone even casually mentioned. FAST AND FURIOUS??



Speaking of Italian Restaurants in Arlington, I used to play on the Little League Baseball Team sponsored by Mario's Pizza House

It was lousy pizza even back then (1966), and from the reader comments at that link, I don't think it's gotten any better. Here's a sample:

1) Stopped by there this past Saturday night for a medium Hawaiian Pizza...without a doubt, the worst pizza I have ever had in my life. If I could award negative stars, I would. Crust was hard as a rock...felt like I could break my teeth on it. Cheese, cheap diced ham and pineapple was all cold on top and not cooked. Sauce was slimy. Terrible. Even bad pizza is usually good...but this was beyond terrible. I used to pay $1.10 for a school lunch that included pizza way better than this. Never again. Eaters beware.

2) Are you kidding?: This place is a sty, and its pizza is not that good. It's better than the big chains, but it's nothing like, say, Ledo or the Italian Store.

3) Good at 2:00 am: ...if you are tanked up and hungry, any other time of the day it's a disgusting place

4) rude. horrible service. They lie and over charge. NOT to mention it's a disgusting place to walk into. In all, one of the worst if not the WORST place I've EVER ordered fooD. I'd rather be hungry. And if there was a rating less than awful I would be more than willing to assign it.

I love honesty:)


--In fact, [many] of the al Queda who fought the USA and its allies in Iraq, Afganistan and in southeast Asia were Shiites.

Posted by: Brian | April 22, 2013 at 08:16 PM --

Far be it from me to defend an obvious psychotic like Evil Anne but I would be surprised if there were not some Shiites in AQ.
Having said that however AQ's aim and governance and origins are entirely Sunni and as Salafists they are ultimately opposed to Shia Islam and devoted to its destruction. AQ has in fact killed a good many Shiites intentionally over the years.

It would be nice to see a cite that "many" of the AQ members have been from the Shia side of the Islamic nuthouse.


Oh my goodness, daddy...that is too funny. We went there a few years ago cause it was featured on some local eats, PBS show as an Arlington tradition. I totally agree with review #1.
Even bad pizza is usually good...but this was beyond terrible.
Totally agree.


Ignatz, why do MEDIA EINSTEINS, and LIBTARD Educated morons, seem to think that Al Qaeda or any other Muzztard Extremist groups, have an application process that eliminates MISSOURI SYNOD LUTHERANS, from WISCONSIN SYNOD types??
I would suggest the reason is WILLFUL STUPIDITY or over thinking their LIBTARD ideology.


I liked this review. Very concise -

"not so good for food delivery: food tastes bad."



Can't be good. Name is way too stupid.
When I was at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, last century...., there was a Pizza Joint, named........GUS'S PIZZA.

The rest is history.

Ralph L

A couple blocks east of the Mall
That would put it in National Airport. There are several nice restaurants west of RT 1, where the high-rises aren't.

Rick Ballard


My understanding is that Sunni jihadi prefer to use Shiites or Jordyptians of any flavor for actual splodeydope work. OTOH - Persians seem to prefer to hand the splodeydope role off to Arabs of any flavor.

I was pleased to read the article the other day suggesting that sectarian violence in the ME was on the rise and spreading. I wish all participants the very best in their endeavor to make this the deciding series of battles. Perserverance and endurance will surely win the day.

I also hope your brother gets the hell out of there safely and soon.


Rick, my bro spent 2 years in Amman, with his family, then he sacrificed the next year, away from his family in Baghdad, so as to PAY DUES. Unfortunately, Rodhams fux up in Benghazi. Obama's FUX UP in Benghazi, required my brother to leave a STATESIDE cushy gig, and head out to NORTH AFRICA and TUNISIA. Obama is a clown. How does a CLOWN run the U.S. GOVERNMENT???


Thank you Rick. So do I. My brother is relatively NON-POLITICAL, and he's been outside of the U.S. form most of his adult life, including his MILITARY career. I love him very very very much, but he isn't aware of the hell, that Obama has put him in.




Joe: Hey Bill, you see these new TSA uniforms Napolitano just spent $50 Million dollars on? Pretty snazzy!

Bill: Yeah, I seen 'em. How come we ain't getting any new snazzy uniforms? Bet it's all that Sequester stuff.

Joe: Yeah, but at least here at Homeland Security we just got brand new bagpipes!

Bill: Who the hell cares about bagpipes. I want a spiffy new uniform with cool looking badges and...Hey Joe, Come look at this. Think it's a match?

Joe: Whaddaya' got?"

Bill: The computer "just flagged this guy's name on the immigration list: Says here, "Tamerlane Tsarnaev, Chechnyan Peoples Front."

Joe: Nah, the one we're on the lookout for is "Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Peoples Front of Chechnya." Plus you see that little "e" at the end of his first name. The guy we're on the lookout for doesn't have an "e". You gotta' start noticing these things, Bill."

Bill: Yeah, I guess so. My mistake. Sorry about that....So y ou'd really rather have bagpipes than spiffy new uniforms, huh?


Lawmakers question TSA $50M uniform contract in light of sequester


DHS Orders Bagpipes? So Much for Sequester Cuts


Daddy, that UNIFORM requisition falls within the WTF category.

SEQUESTER equals 85BILLION out of an additional TRILLION.

Why did we not have THESE HORRID CUTS all along?



How cool is this! Noah Roberts Scores a Touchdown to End ECU's Spring Game


Cecil Turner

The timing does make one wonder: how much of the urgency for the Canadian arrests came from a desire to take the spotlight off the FBI handling of the Tsarnaev case?

James D.

Janet, I'll second you on Cassatt's in Arlington. We go once every 2-3 weeks, usually on Saturday afternoons.

We keep meaning to go for fish & chips on Monday night, but we never seem to be able to summon up the energy to venture out after a Monday at work!


Ah, so 'Life of Brian' with a touch of the Liontamer sketch.


Thanks, Janet.


I'm a sceptic--agnostic maybe--on the Beck report. Obama constantly surprises me with his idiotic moves, but in my heart of hearts I think the Harbi name is common and there simply was a mix up between two young Sauis here at the same time.

I've also seen some intriguing suggestion that the security guys obvious in the pics of the marathon (black puffer jackets/earbuds, backpacks) were Saudi security guys. I think the Harbi in the hospital is mucho high connected in S.A.


Check out today's "Day by Day" cartoon. Suspicious green bars along the sides of the web-site depicted. ;)


It's possible, all they have ascribed it to Prince Talal's detail,


Henry, those are not the green bars you are looking for.

They were black in the original. Cartoonist license.

Cecil Turner

I think the Harbi name is common

Some sites list it as the most common in SA. I haven't been following the story, but if that's all he's got . . .


CT, according to this forum, Beck has gone all in today.


What that means?

Who knows.


Ignatz @ 11:22 p.m.

Us usual, Ignatz is full of shit.

He never has his facts straight, and with good reason: That creepy, pathological liar makes them up as he goes along. Embellishing on lies with more lies. It's genetic, you know.


Gus @ 11:08 - I am sure that your bizarre comment made perfect sense to you. But it won't make sense to a rational person .., and BTW, you retard, you need to work on your reading comprehension, which is below kindergarten level.

What a schmuck.


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"DoT-- wait, but if they were Mahometans from the Caucuses (i.e. Caucasian) he's OK with that... right?"
Posted by: NK | April 22, 2013 at 07:04 PM

Lookie, More contrived, bogus and utterly senseless bullshit from one of this site's less conspicuous resident retards, NK.

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