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April 09, 2013


Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

The majority of cops on the beat have always been against gun control.

It's the political appointees and blue hell elected chiefs who tow the lefty line.


the majority of fascists, collectivists, liberals, dictators and statists don't believe you have the right to protect yourself, and your country FROM THEM.


Like something out of Star Wars. How cool is this? US Navy's Laser Weapon System (LaWS)



What do police know about laws,guns and crime? Why should we listen to them when we have the superior wisdom, knowledge and experience of Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal, Michael Bloomberg and Dannel Malloy to guide us?


Boatbuilder. The reason is because Cops shoot skeet all the time.

Danube of Thought on iPad

Funny. "LAWS" was what we called the Light Antitank Weapons System. It was a lightweight, expandable shoulder-fired weapon that fired a rocket-propelled shape charge. Knocked down a pagoda and a few hooches with them.


I don't think that was covered by the Heller decision, DoT. Alas.


"Can you pinpoint exactly where it was in your marriage that you had the first inklings that it might end in divorce?"


I missed this allegation:

According to a BBC story, Margaret Thatcher was a Racist.

But of course.

In a conversation with her "in her retirement", Mr Carr said the former UK prime minister had warned Australia against Asian immigration.

She said "if we allowed too much of it we'd see the natives of the land, the European settlers, overtaken by migrants", he said.


He said he had been "astonished" at the comments by Lady Thatcher, which were made while his Malaysian-born wife Helena was "standing not far away" but was "fortunately out of earshot".

This BBC Science story struck me as worthy of mention: Deepwater Horizon: Gulf of Mexico 'deep-cleaned' itself

It tells us that as a result of observing the Gulf since the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, scientists are discovering that:

1) The Gulf of Mexico is able to self-clean up oil spills swiftly and efficiently, faster than was once assumed, and

2) That the manmade chemicals dispersed in the Gulf to help the clean-up turn out to do more harm than good, are 52 times more toxic to bacteria that are important to the ecosystem, and have harmed and hindered the ability of the Gulf's self cleaning systems to do their task.


Jim Eagle


Read somewhere, during the spill, that the gulf's sea bed perc's out a million gallons of crude and tars each day naturally.

hit and run


Hit 'em long and straight today.


daddy-thanks for that. I will never forget living on the Gulf Coast that summer of hysteria. In one of the Regionalism docs I wrote about last week though, the one that mentioned high speed rail as CA's ticket, there was a reference to the Whole Gulf Region's Eco Devt as now being under some sort of plan that seemed to come out of the Oil Spill. I have no idea but it cannot be good. I have alerted friends in Fla to try to find out but these matters do not seem to be being shared with legislators generally from what I have seen in other states.

Congrats PD from the other thread. We like great news and joy.

hit and run

All daddy's story is missing is one word in a couple of places...

The Gulf of Mexico unexpectedly is able to self-clean up oil spills swiftly and efficiently, faster than was once assumed

That the manmade chemicals dispersed in the Gulf to help the clean-up unexpectedly turn out to do more harm than good

hit and run

uh oh.


HB Stephanie!


Two comments from last night stuck out for me:
Daddy-- I don't doubt that McConnell is being threatened with release of other more embarassing releases-- that the way the Dems roll:

Clarice-- our proper constitutionalist-- did she really use the term "tensy gonads" in a comment?

Oh and TomM-- if you really think the Judd tape came from 'left cheek' inadvertant voicemail-- you're kidding yourself.


Happy birthday, Stephanie, this was exactly like the Ixtoc spill of '79, except there wasn't a major storm in the region then,

hit and run

Did typepad really eat my last comment.....

Punishment for the italics, I guess.


Tourette has always been the same sensible chap we see today;



Happy Birthday Stephanie! Best Wishes to PD!
My mother-in-law is visiting today. She is a sweetheart,we've never had any problems.


HB Stephanie.

One more observation. The payouts for those who meet the parameters of compensation are much more than what was lost. In fact they run more than my eldest ever made in a summer working on the beach. And it was not a one time payout either. Another check showed up last year without reapplying and several years after he last worked there.

hit and run

I gave it 30 minutes, so we'll try again...

I will never forget living on the Gulf Coast that summer of hysteria.

But hey, an uncle (who the family has basically disowned) got a new boat out of the oil spill. He runs a charter boat business out of Panama City. A new boat is quite nice.

Now, I don't know enough about how bad his business was impacted to claim definitively that he gamed the system for an ill-gotten new boat. But mrs hit and run's family (who, again don't care much for him), do suggest such things.

But what I am flat out saying is that the system was designed so that he could get a new boat regardless.

Obama told BP to plug the damn hole, his administration said they would put a boot on the neck of BP, Obama went about finding out whose ass to kick -- and since as we all know the government is so very good and so very careful and wise when it comes to handing out gobs of money, we know who to thank for Uncle Mike's new ObamaBoat.


hit-you and I had similar observations. And yes that 2nd check did just show up before last fall's election.

Neither is an isolated story.

hit and run

At exactly the same minute...


hit and run

"Let's make it a little harder for our kids to get gunned down"
--stuff Obama said

I agree Obama only cares "a little" for our kids.


You see what I was referring to, yesterday, and I only knew it because Rush excerpted the clip.


Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Lots of love to you!


Love the chicken picture next to Weiner's picture up at Drudge right now! Hahahahaahaha...too funny!


Re...the Gulf Coast,Crabzillas,etc. Seems like every day there is another story about critters in the mud flats and on the river banks.The bloodworm diggers and clam harvesters are having a feud and the elvers are being poached. The solution? More regulation! The Maine coast is a precious resource and generations of families have made a living fishing and harvesting the ocean. The economy is so bad that people are reduced to poaching elver (tiny,transparent slimy eels).
Every "problem" has another regulation waiting to happen.


Wait I thought all those were in the Legislature, marlene.


HB, Stephanie!


There's another story up--not well known about Thatcher--that as a young girl when and her sister raised funds with the local Rotary to bring over and house a young Austrian Jewish girl who rightly feared for her life The Thatcher's were poor and didn't even have indoor plumbing in their apt over the grocery store but the girl sleep in Thatcher's room as she rotated among the several families who had pitched in to save her. After the war the woman moved to Rio where she married and raised her family.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

WTF? Are comments working?

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Just can't link. Oh well.

Danube of Thought

I posted something twice and it never appeared. We'll see how this one fares.

Melinda Romanoff

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!


If you want to see exactly why fishing is no longer a possibility for locals, check out how they "manage fisheries".

Melinda Romanoff

Ah, Moar hang time.....6-7 minutes?


I know a day ending in y;



MelR-- FOMC notes claim consensus forming to end QEtoInfinity by year end (as if). What would happen if the Fed did actually stop buying mortgages and T-Bonds?

Melinda Romanoff

Bring a bigger umbrella to mid-town. And maybe a hard hat. Stay completely away from the Holland Tunnel.


First time in years we've had gun restrictions.

Is there nothing this President can't achieve?


So it would be like the Happening, for real, you're telling us.

James D.

How many lies, distortions and factual errors can you pack into one column? Howie Kurtz tries to find out!


He passes along the "40%" gun show lie:

The only thing that remains from Obama’s ambitious proposal is stricter background checks on gun purchasers, and that effort has stalled as well. Schumer (again) and Tom Coburn have been unable to reach a compromise on a system in which 40 percent of sales are made at gun shows with no checks on whether the buyer has a criminal or mental-health record—despite overwhelming support in the polls.

and the sequester lie...

Now hardly anyone is talking about the sequester, even as it erodes the economy and contributed to an anemic jobs report on Friday. Having failed to avoid that meat ax, the two sides are unlikely to forge a common-sense agreement now

Just embarrassing. But not at all surprising.


HB Stephanie and congratulations to PD! I step away for a few hours and everything happens. Ya gotta move fast on JOM.

As an avid sport fisherman I have been studying fisheries management for many years. I really don't know what can be done. There is simply too much pressure on the existing stocks in almost all of the world. It is a problem of the commons and of enforcement.

Alaska has taken a lead, but it has deeply impacted the livelihoods of hundreds of fishermen. They closed the George Banks and Grand Banks 20 years ago and the cod population has shown very little sign of recovery.

When I was a kid, people would catch nice sized bonito right from the piers in Southern California. Albacore were close offshore. Now the tuna boats from San Diego go hundreds of mikes southwest of Cabo for the same fish.

The problem of illegal fishing is huge as well. The Taiwanese, Chinese, Koreans, Spanish, and Poles are the worst.

We would see clearly illegal Taiwanese factory ships in the Sea of Cortez 20-30 miles off of Cabo vacuuming the sea of yellowfin tuna. Maybe a little mordida or maybe just running the risk of getting caught.

They do the same with impunity in the Pacific, where most of the island nations do not have enforcement.

The most egregious example was a few weeks ago when the Argentine coast guard busted a fleet of Taiwanese squidders off of the Patagonian coast. Squid, for God's sake!

The one thing I do know is that if we do not manage the commons somehow, we lose the resource, and that more than global warming or climate change, would be a much greater and more severe tragedy.


Happy Birthday, Stephanie!


I can just see it now the Squid war of 2013, seriously,

Danube of Thought

Judicial restraint in Singapore:

Rights activists reacted with indignation on Wednesday after Singapore's High Court rejected a petition to repeal an archaic law criminalising sex between men.

In a ruling issued on Tuesday, the court said it was up to parliament to repeal a controversial provision in the penal code known as Section 377A, whose constitutionality has been questioned by a gay couple.

"The issue in the present case no doubt is challenging and important, but it is not one which, in my view, justifies heavy-handed judicial intervention ahead of democratic change," Judge Quentin Loh said in his verdict.


I'm just not confident they know how to manage such a thing;


Melinda Romanoff


They have a court imposed deadline to come up with the rules on CCW.


I meant about the fisheries management, should be clearer, won't Michigan Avenue be affected by a 'reset'

Melinda Romanoff


If you go into the weeds of the fisheries link I provided, you'll learn that the goal is to close off domestic industry in favor of foreign managers. By and large, it was one of the first acts of this Administration. Ask marlene about the state of fishermen now.


JamesD-- what did George Costanza say?-- it's not a lie if you believe it! Kurtz is so hooked into the DC swag-sponge-media industry, he wouldn't know the truth if it walked up in broad daylight and bit him in the arse -- repeatedly.

Gunz Filibuster?-- I would let Cruz and Paul do an infomercial on the 2nd amendment and freedom for 12-14 hours, then have the votes for cloture-- THEN we can discuss Obummer's $3.8T budget-- let's have the dem votes on gunz and then the Obummer Budget-- all in April!


DoT-- Judge Quinton Loh for SCOTUS!!


Happy Birthday Stephanie.


H-B Stephanie.

Thomas Collins

Happy Birthday, Stephanie. I recall from a post earlier this week that you are back in the golf swing of things, so you must be recovering well from your battle with the snake!

Thomas Collins

OK, I know this is going to merit punishment for Inattentiveness to JOM Threads from H&R, but I can't find the good news for PD. Would someone please tell me what it is?

H&R, whatever the punishment is, please don't have it be anything to do with being forced to watch videos of interviews of Babs Boxer or Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--JamesD-- what did George Costanza say?-- it's not a lie if you believe it! Kurtz is so hooked into the DC swag-sponge-media industry, he wouldn't know the truth if it walked up in broad daylight and bit him in the arse -- repeatedly.--

Let me save you a few letters NK;



from the Be Careful What You Wish For Thread -

"Should we really even think about polls and results of such when dealing with Rights? I think not!

Narciso - thanks for asking. Where to begin?

The Doctors were able to determine the cause of my 14 months of severe headaches and arm nerve pain - A Disc out of place in the Neck near C-5 that was impinged on the spinal cord by 1/3 and requiring surgery. I had Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion, using a Donor Bone and Titanium Plates/Screws. There was a 2 month time frame where I could not lift more than 5 lbs post surgery (gallon of milk is about 8 lbs). Doing much better now and hope to be swinging a golf club very soon.

I made Chief Technologist for my Business Unit in HP. It is a big responsibility and I have had to step up my game, but it is going very well and I like where things are going.

I am engaged to be married to someone I was very lucky to find - after our second date, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We are both very big Sports Kids and are Season Ticket Holders to the Detroit Red Wings (just took the special locker room tour and got our pictures taken at Center Ice with Sticks and a Puck). After thinking I would never again get married, on June 29, 2013 I will be married to my Soul Mate.

My Daughter, at 20 years old, took over my other house. I am so very proud of her.

Posted by: PDinDetroit | April 09, 2013 at 10:09 PM "

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

PD had an operation which he has recovered from, has been promoted and is getting married.
I think that covers it, TC.


"you'll learn that the goal is to close off domestic industry in favor of foreign managers. "
I believe that should read "all domestic industry-------"

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

I was trying to save Janet a few letters too. :)


Ig-- brevity is the soul of wit..

Congrats PD

Danube of Thought

We must need more laws:

CHARLESTON, W.Va.— A prosecutor says a suspect in the fatal shooting of a West Virginia sheriff was legally prohibited from possessing one. Mingo County Prosecutor Michael Sparks declined to say Wednesday where 37-year-old Tennis Melvin Maynard bought the gun. But Sparks says "it appears that the system didn´t work."
Melinda Romanoff

TOTUS is on. Deficits are the GOPs fault.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--H&R, whatever the punishment is, please don't have it be anything to do with being forced to watch videos of interviews of Babs Boxer or Debbie Wasserman Schultz!--

Not to worry; covered by the eight amendment.


Oh I just hate it when criminals show no respect for the law. We should at least adopt regulations specifying that disregard makes any resulting crimes at an aggravated level justifying more punishment. Maybe university grants to study the reasons for the disregard.

Jim Miller

Tom - As I explained last night, we really can't infer much from that survey.

I'll probably expand that post later today to point out some other possible flaws in the survey.

This doesn't mean that police officers favor, just that we can't tell from the survey.

Jim Miller

"favor more gun control", obviously.

(On my first try at putting up this comment, I sued preview and corrected the comment -- which vanished as soon as I did a refresh. So this time I didn't use the preview.)

hit and run

A prosecutor says a suspect in the fatal shooting of a West Virginia sheriff was legally prohibited from possessing one.

Whew, we narrowly dodged a bullet (sorry) there. That article came dangerously close to calling him an Illegal Gun Possessor. Can't use "illegal" as a descriptive term.


Happy Birthday, Stephanie, and many happy returns.


So what are you saying, Mr. Maquire, that the majority of people in law enforcement support stricter gun controls, or that they don't support it? Not that their positions on the issue are germane to the discussion.

Rick Ballard

Happy Birthday, Stephanie.

Melinda Romanoff

two eaten now.

Thomas Collins

Thank you, Janet. Congratulations to you and your fiancee, PD!


They are profoundly stupid, or they have something on Toomey, possibly both;



Brian. Did you go to the survey? Please do, then get back to us.


The Manchin/Toomey agreement does ZERO to stop SANDY HOOK, COLUMBINE, or GABBY GIFFORDS shootings.
This whole issue is just one more piece in the LIBTARD concerted effort to split and destroy the GOP. The GOP is helping Obama. What fools.


'It's just a flesh wound'

Captain Hate

Has working with Manchin ever done anything which benefits conservatives? I thought Toomey was supposed to be smart. The GOP under Priebus seems to be significantly dumber than under Steele; strange as that may seem.


Every week or so, another tactic comes out.
I think it started with OCCUPOOP WALL STREET. War on women,
Free contraceptives,
Gay marriage,
Sequester. On and on and on.
Nothing Obama does is designed to HELP AMERICA.
EVERYTHING OBAMA DOES is designed to put America another mile down the MARXIST TRAIL.
It's not about NOW, it's about LATER.
The lies today, (you get to keep your DOCTOR, it'll help the DEFICIT, health care premiums will go down $2,500.), everything Obama is doing INCLUDING FAST AND FURIOUS, is to get us to the point of no return vis a vis Marxism or his personal view of Socialism. NOTHING OBAMA SAYS....NOTHING...is true. And I mean that literally. His intentions are to further the END GAME. Nothing he has done, has helped AMERICA one inch in the last 4 and a half years. EVERYTHING, including no budget, which continued the EXTRA TRILLLLLION PLUS SPENDING @ year, was designed for the END GAME.


We're no longer at Duke and Duke levels of inanity, it's Conquistador Coffee, where the natives burnt the plant down,

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--The Manchin/Toomey agreement does ZERO to stop SANDY HOOK, COLUMBINE, or GABBY GIFFORDS shootings.--

Does very little at all.
Internet and gun show sales will have to have a background check done, which they pretty much had to already if the sale involved an FFl or was an interstate one.
The Feds cannot regulate intrastate sales and those involving FFLs anyway so even if they passed one for all sales it still wouldn't effect intrastate private sales.


So it's smart politics to filibuster background checks that are supported by overwhelming majorities of voters (including law abiding gun owners who buy from gun shops), as opposed to allowing a vote on background checks, and force Dem votes on "assault' and magazine bans? The gun show and internet sales background checks aren't a rights issue, they are a money issue for show promoters and internet sellers. In military terms, who was smarter, the 1st Marine Div to give ground at Chosin and break out of being surrounded, or the French paratroopers at dein bien Phu, who ignored the realities of the terraine and allowed themselves to be surrounded and annhilated by Gen. Giap? It's a rhetorical question.


Steele left things more or less alone, Cornyn, who I still regard with the disdain Mortiner had for 'Winthorpe' is a different story.


NK in practical political terms, the background checks for private sales are not a bad thing to acquiesce to. The problem here as I described in my LONG post of 12:38, is that the GOP is ALWAYS on the defensive. The Fuktard Media and the Obama regime are not debating anything, they are 100% attempting to SPLIT/MARGINALIZE/and DESTROY the GOP for the purpose of gaining majorities in 2014, for the purpose of furthering MARXISM/STATISTIMS/GOOUNIONS and control of OUR LIBERTY. And our side fights back with pea shooters.


I agree National Bankruptcy and socializing the economy so that everyone is impoverished other than the political cronies-- THOSE are the top issues for the country. The Dems/Media are desperate to avoid those issues, b/c they are poison and spell political defeat-- Conservatives need to be just as desperate to keep those issues in front of voters everyday. But no, some conservatives want to fight losing skirmishes over Gunz and Gays, and curse the darkness of the LIVs-- which allows the Dems/Media to ignore national bankruptcy even longer. Brilliant.


"I sued preview and corrected the comment -- which vanished as soon as I did a refresh. So this time I didn't use the preview."

Why don't you sue refresh, then?


Tactics-- the reality is 47% of the voters rely on Federal money-- maybe more now with the Disability flood. The reality is that ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/NPR media viewer/readership dwarfs conservative publications. However, the reality also is that Conservatives are right, and the Left/Dem model is collapsing. So-- which battles do you fight to win the war? Those tactics will decide. Living/dying over background checks is death-- having the zealous young Senators filibuster for 12 hours before the cloture vote will be an eyeopener for LIVs-- and when 'assault' and magazine bans FAIL in the Senate- the leftwing zealots will call the Dems 'sellouts' and that will suppress 2014 Dem votes. Those are the tactics I support.

Jim Miller

jimmyk - I probably should sue refresh, but I'm a peaceable man, mostly.

(Speaking of such mistakes, there is local journalist who works for an alternative paper I like to call "the Strangler". Which is its name, with one letter added.

His name is Eli Sanders, and so far, in spite of the fact he is not my favorite journalist, I have not made the obvious modifications to his first and last names.

But I don't know how much longer I can resist.)


Jim Miller. Did you read the survey??
A)No, what's the frequency Kenneth
B)Yes, but, it didn't agree with me
C)Yes, but, it was racist.
D)Yes, my favorite color is 12.

Get a clue James.


NK, the only place the GOP has power is the HOUSE. The HOUSE and Speakette BoNer, should be passing legislation dealing with or refuting every tactic the Libocrats use.
Get out in front of these issues, and pass legislation that is sensible to thinking Americans, and which EXPLAINS what the problems are, and what the solutions are. Tons of bills should be proposed and passed to keep libtards on their heals.


Question #12, is interesting, considering how they see the threat environment.


Happy birthday, Stephanie!

And congrats PD!


The problem with passing even these little things on gun control is that it NEVER ENDS. It sets a tenor for the left. The answer should have been - THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

That's it.

Jim Miller

Gus - I read the survey carefully, looking especially hard at what they said about the methodology. Then, because the statement in their PDF wasn't as clear as it should have been, I went to their site and studied their press release for more.

They don't have a random sample. Let me repeat: They don't have a random sample.

If you don't understand why that's important, then go find some elementary explanation of survey methodology.

Rick Ballard

Jim Miller,

The survey's value in the realm of scientism approximates that of the Crabzilla findings which made the front page of the WaPo. It has to be evaluated as propaganda - and nothing more.

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