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April 05, 2013




Frau Teufelstastatur



Look at the creature he married and adjust the scale accordingly. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME).


From daddy's overview of the subject, clearly he was mistaken.


Plus per the Daily Caller is you make fun of Meagan McCain you are a misogynist,

Captain Hate

Yeah, look at daddy's post instead of giving the Buzzfeed turds a blog hit.


I wonder if they do skeet shooting together?


hmmm...with Michelle's comment yesterday and the separate vacations do we detect a trend here?

Sounds like that other pillar of marital joy, the Clintons. Democratic Family Values?

Captain Hate

Adultery of the Heart never missed a chance to inappropriately mention a woman's charms.


What a jerk. Apart from objectification, whatever that is, he managed to insult all the other female ATs ("by far"?, some of whom by the way are clearly much better looking than Kamala.

As we've seen before, he doesn't even know how to make a compliment without simultaneously insulting others. What was that comment he made a couple years ago about someone's spouse?


Here is the whole speech:


I think we are supposed to focus Obama the player, so we miss the pile of lies in the same speech.

This guy is POTUS?

Rick Ballard

NFP Estimates by teams of very highly credentialed morons:

Deutsche Bank 160K
Goldman Sachs 175K
Citi 175K
Barclays Capital 175K
UBS 190K
Bank of America 200K
JP Morgan 210K

Actual - 88K

We're sure lucky 663K dropped out of the labor force. If they hadn't, the unemployment rate might have increased.


Rick, wait till we start hearing that it's all because of the sequester.

Captain Hate

Between the games playing with unemployment numbers and removing energy and food from inflation calculations, they're just meaningless figures measuring nothing of significance.


Yeah, look at daddy's post instead of giving the Buzzfeed turds a blog hit.

Post of the day!



That's odd. Any explanation in the report? The best I can come up with is that March 48 was a busy month for maternity wards.


You can say that again, in the LUN

Rick Ballard


There has been a 100K YoY increase in the count of retired workers receiving SS checks but it has been much more than offset by tighter restrictions on disability grants. Disability grants have dropped by 166K, -46% YoY and -51% over two years.

I believe we're seeing a turn of the vise. Employers here in Unicorn Utopia have recognized the necessity of squeezing just a bit more productivity out of a slightly reduced workforce in order to maintain the illusion of the increases in profit necessary to keep the Potemkin Village in Manhattan looking prosperous.

Thomas Collins

Rick, see LUN for what you may recall is my favorite economic stat, the Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios report. Fourth quarter 2012 is apparently the latest for which numbers are available. The homeowners ratio looks good, but keep in mind that many homeowners on the financial edge have probably already lost their homes and thus are no longer included in the homeowners ratio. The renters ratio hasn't shown a big spike, but I have a question: Given the continuing prospects for slow economic growth or perhaps even a "Recovery" Summer Recession, doesn't the renters ratio indicate big trouble ahead?


Just for interest, what would one have to do in order to get grilled by Minnesota Attorney General Swanson, rob a bank?

Swanson: daddy, Where were you on the night of the 5th?

daddy: Looking at your picture on the Internet.

Swanson: No, no, no, I mean at 6 PM just before you robbed the bank.

daddy: Well I was wishing I was in Florida so I could rob a bank down there, but since I was in Minny I decided I'd knock over one of your joints and see how things worked out.

Swanson: What?

daddy: Would you mind cinching these handcuffs up a little tighter for me, please?

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is slattering the JEF over this.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--BuzzFeed rebuts Obama, whose hotness meter is clearly dated.--

I'd say it is clearly color coded.
But he's not a racist.

Frau Teufelstastatur

I suppose we are to feel better that the preezy chose a *female* AG.


The JEF has apologized to Kamala Harris for calling her "by far the best-looking attorney general in the country." He has not apologized to all the other attorneys general that he insulted with that comment.


The Preezy

"To those who might have been offended by my statements, I apologize. To those who weren't, My statements stand."

Rick Ballard

"doesn't the renters ratio indicate big trouble ahead".


I don't believe the renters debt ratio to be half as big a problem as the hit renters are going to take this year from landlords taking advantage of very, very low vacancy rates by shooting rents through the roof. Homeowners are currently paying $40 billion less per month due to the reduction in mortgage rates and refis.

I don't know about "big trouble" but Mad Ben's quiver looks a bit empty to me. Dont forget - BOzo squandered the last of the stimulus to keep his job, long term unemployment benefits are running out and it sure looks as if the SSA is tightening the hell out of disability requirements.


Speaking only for myself, what I found creepy about the "best-looking attorney general in the country" comment was how much it sounds like a grownup bragging to other adults about their kid/niece/whatever, while the object of bragging is sitting right there -- but officially not part of the conversation. Poor kid has to just sit there, try not to cringe, and pray there won't be a pat on the head coming her way.

hit and run

Just for interest, what would one have to do in order to get grilled by Minnesota Attorney General Swanson


"You carry yourself with the poise and confidence of a seasoned athlete."

Raise your right eyebrow upon uttering "poise" and put a hand on her hip when you say "seasoned".


"War on Women"

"We'll remember Terri at a mass at Philadelphia's Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul on Friday, April 5th and go on to a gala dinner to be encouraged in our fight by Sarah Palin."
"Terri, you will not be forgotten no matter what judges, politicians, or even presidents, for that matter, might say."


May God bless!


Ditto, pagar, there seems to a low grade guerilla warfare, specially in the last two weeks, from some of the usual suspects against
the one in the LUN;

Btw, how have you been,


Narciso, doing well, Thanks!

IMO, there seems to be an effort to destroy every decent person.

Dublin Dave

Had Rick Perry said the same thing he would have been lauded as a Southern charmer with an eye for the ladies. However, when a negro man talks about a white woman with sexual overones.....Jesus H.Christ....let's swing that nigger from a branch ya'll.

Guys,President Obama has a huge black cock,so big it would put ya'lls little red worm to shame,get over it!!!!

Girls,President Obama has a huge black cock, there's nothing to be frightened. of,stop crying, it wont hurt you,much!!!

Dublin Dave


Dr. Weevil

Poor stupid 'Dublin Dave' is apparantly unaware that "is the first female, African-American, and Asian American attorney general in California, as well as the first ethnic Asian Indian American attorney general in the United States", even after Ignatz gave him a very strong hint on this very thread by calling Obama's choice of Harris "clearly color coded".

Worse, D.D. seems to really enjoy expressing the grossest racial slurs and racial prejudices, as long as he can assign them (falsely) to others. Are his accusations of racism pure projection? Looks like it to me.

Dr. Weevil

Sorry, dropped a couple of words and a reference. My last comment should have begun "Poor stupid 'Dublin Dave' is apparantly unaware that Kamala Harris "is the first female, African-American", etc., and the quotation is from the Wikipedia article on Harris.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

--Poor stupid 'Dublin Dave' is apparantly unaware...--

Has there ever been a comment by WeeDavey that phrase doesn't apply to?

Since her father is a black Jamaican and her mother is a Hindu-Indian from Southern India, Harris has claim to being considerably more "black" than Barry is with his lilly white maternal side.


-Poor stupid 'Dublin Dave'

Redundant Department of Redundancy Alert!


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Amit Sharma

He should act like a president. He has taken the dignity out of the office. Running around with stars and trying to be a celebrity. How about being a president and acting presidential.He is a disgrace to the office. He went on the apology tour oversees now something stupid as this. America is becoming a joke all over the world.

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