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May 14, 2013


Melinda Romanoff yawnin'

Tapper, the patsy?

I'll wait for this to play out, but it looks like an Axelturf dodge.

Melinda Romanoff askinin'


Are you seeing heavy spambotting?


State Department concerns apparently meant kicking Al Keib and Magarief in the slats, funny how that works, facts never entered into the equation, then again my Tapper threshhold has always been low,


More spin. This WH has become like Rapunzel and Rumpelstilskin.
Carney and Obama- Must distance ourselves from all scandals, nothing else matters...


CNN can't be trusted.



We will see if Tapper enjoys being played like a Charlie Daniels fiddle on a three set Friday night! Which is it Tapper, are you a dupe or a tool...


I'm with TM. Enough of erroneous reporting.

That is why I have gone to the old reliable National Enquirer to get the real skinny on what's been going on with Hillary Clinton.

According to the Enquirer, any day now Hill will finish the Tell-all Autobiography she has been paid 25 Million to write, and we will finally get an honest look at the lady who will be our next President.

---“Hillary will reveal that Monica got the message to her that Bill was ‘in love’ with her and wanted to ‘start a family’ with her,” said the publishing insider. “Hillary will tell the world that when she learned this, she went into a White House bathroom and vomited.”

---“Hillary will exact revenge on President Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett,” said a publishing industry source. “The two women fought bitterly about killing bin Laden. Hillary will write that three times in 2011 she advised Obama to get bin Laden based on CIA intelligence but that he cautiously sided with Jarrett and refused---she wanted to release graphic death photos of bin Laden’s bullet-pocked body. But Obama rejected her plan because he feared it would inflame the Muslim world."

---"According to a source, Hillary will also confirm The ENQUIRER’s report in 2000 that a veterinarian who treated the family cat Socks at the White House stumbled upon her locked in a steamy embrace with a woman."

All this, and much much more, on sale at your local newstands, quicker than you can say Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Love Child.



Limbaugh: " I live rent free in Obama's head!"

Just like DOT lives in Dana Gilbert Ward's head. He became so paranoid, he does not even list his office number on the third rate college's website for faculty. LOL.

Captain Hate

I think Jake may have wrapped up the Walter Duranty award for sticking doggedly to the facts of the story and not being misled by the ruling power's disinformation.

And using "whomever" incorrectly per Elliott's willingness to go through the boring prose.


Tapper - to paraphrase MarkO - is just not that smart.

Captain Hate

---"According to a source, Hillary will also confirm The ENQUIRER’s report in 2000 that a veterinarian who treated the family cat Socks at the White House stumbled upon her locked in a steamy embrace with a woman."

This must be why Socks ended up with Betty Currie. O_o


I'll stick to the Tip sheets, like they said in 'Men in Black'



Did the Enquirer get their phones tapped and was the reporter provided a full contact IRS audit that is the agency equivalent of rape rape? Of course there was always the fate that befell that guy who offed himself in the DC city park...


Wait...who is Stephen Hayes and.....who wrote what? So, wait a second let me untangle this.....the media is screwing up their reporting on Benghazi right...wait..god it's so complicated I just can't think...wait....what has this got to do with the IRS screwing with the AP.......it's just so complex all these names....so wait-susan rice of the AP had her emails messed with by the IRS???? Is that it?????? And it's Obama's fault but it's not really????

Jane -

Happy Anniversary Hit. I think this is the year of diamonds.

The news is coming so fast I can barely keep up. I did note that Chris Matthews is spitting all over the place.

Danube of Thought

The ecstasy continues unabated.


I posted this earlier, but I think it is germane to this discussion. It puts the lie to Obama's claims.



The NYT helped plant the seeds of the video narrative on September 12 and yet in the same article note the concerns of a number of experts that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack. Heads they're right. Tails, they're right.

So where did they get their information? They quote a number of sources, but since Benghazi was off limits to the press, how did they assemble their narrative. On the morning of the 13th there were some Libyans on the ground and a bunch of Americans holed up at the annex.

The early edition of the Times hits the streets @ 10:30PM in Manhattan. So they had only a couple of hours to write the story.

Now the government is trying to create a cloud of doubt when the central truths are self evident.

From the first hours it was about the video and that was the story. NYT article LUN.


the Turk ambassador was in Bengazhi and our ambassador went on 9/11 to an unsecure facility to meet with him? WTF. This had to be about flowing aid to someone, likely the Syrian opposition ( I will not use freedom fighters ).

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

If Tapper thinks he has been pwaned then he will respond in like. He has shown to be more independent and skeptical than his colleagues. This is first presser where the whole corps of correspondents didn't throw softballs.

Like Brett Hume has noted, its a BFD. But how long it will last depends on how desperate instead of how smart the regime begins.


My review, only used the Times, 'when needs must'
and usually ray shielded;


Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)


On the 9/12 thread last year we all discussed the Turkish consul meeting with Stevens and how that related to possible MANPAD search and then running to the Syrians via Turkey. Everyone is now catching up with JOM.

But then I continue to repeat myself.


Btw, our Turkish friends, are behind the very 'moderate' Omar Faruq brigade, whose handiwork has been seen in a couple places.


uh oh!

Military emails show no US sailors witnessed OBL burial at sea.

Not at all surprised. I am firmly convinced BHO has him stuffed and mounted and stored awayh for his future Presidential Library, since it is the only thing he has (minimal) bragging rights on.


So what we have with the "Tapper Gambit", is Wonderboy Von Kenyatta shitting on the AP, and now shitting on CNN. Could MSNBC be next??

Rob Crawford

Wanna bet the summarized emails were presented to Tapper in hard copy, after they were typed on an old Selectric?

You can't say the left never learns...

Rob Crawford
I am firmly convinced BHO has [OBL] stuffed and mounted and stored awayh for his future Presidential Library

Nope. A Very Special Contract for the Real Doll folks.


A few select excerpts from the Night Stalker Creed:

"...I pledge to maintain my body, mind and equipment in a constant state of readiness for I am a member of the fastest deployable Task Force in the world – ready to move at a moments notice anytime, anywhere, arriving on target plus or minus 30 seconds..."

"...In battle, I eagerly meet the enemy for I volunteered to be up front where the fighting is hard. I fear no foe’s ability, nor underestimate his will to fight..."

"...I will never surrender. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy and under no circumstances will I ever embarrass my country..."

All Barack had to do was pick up the phone.


OBL's frozen body was kicked overboard to confuse the press that was planning on discussing the phony BC that was placed online earlier that same week. It also helped wash out the 9th Circuit attention, the day after.

Jane -

Karl Rove has copies of letters from no fewer than 7 democrat senators telling the IRS they must look into conservative groups.

The plot thickens.


Seriously, is Vizzini their style guide;



I wish this could be done without Rove.

I really, really wish that.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)

Okay, I agree about Rove.

So, who you got to do the strategy and political orienteering?

Think about it - do you know anyone who can plan, develop and execute the conservative/right thinking segment to victory nationally? Right now, he is the only guy who has done it twice.

We need a reincarnation of Lee Atwater. A down and dirty call them as they are operator. We certainly don't need an accommodater.

Jane -

I like Rove.


Skoot, as most here at JOM know, my lil brother is State Diplomatic Security. He has spent the last 9 years protecting Ambassadors, Embassies, the U.N. and has personally protected Sec. Dr.Condoleeza Rice. In fact he was her last State Dept protection, for the 6months following her term in office. He has served in Iraq, New York, D.C. Jordan, Iraq agaom, Denver and recently in Tunisia. The Tunis duty ended this weekend when her returned home after about 4 months in N.Africa. He has been away from his wife and children for months at a time, and in the case of his last Iraq duty, he was away except for visits to their home in Jordan for a year. What Obama and Rodham did is DISGUSTING and nothing short of SINFUL. Not only the lack of professionalism and the obvious incompetence of Rodham, but the disregard for those who sacrificed their very lives for those who then disregarded them. SOMEONE told the GROUP in TRIPOLI, ready to attempt a rescue to STAND DOWN. I hope Obama and Rodham go to prison, but we all know that won't happen. Great post Skoot. Btw. My brother is former USAF, SPEC OPS and THEN OFFICER.


Jane! Any guesses? Menendez of course, the rest will be fun to learn.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)


Does your brother know how much you love him:)?

He is in our prayers to stay safe. You have a great family and your dad and mom should be proud of all you. Great Americans.

Now where the hell is Oconomowoc in Wisconsin? We have a member who just went back to their place there for the summer.

Account Deleted

"So, who you got to do the strategy and political orienteering?"

John Drogin, if Cruz would allow him TDY. He has the best command of the social media skills necessary to spark the 2W bulbs on LIVs.


AlJack, Oconomowoc is near Milwaukee.

Jane -

Levin, Frankin, and a bunch I forget.


So it's like Charlie Hustle referrying, while sending information to the other team;



Jack. I live in Oconomowoc Wisconsin. It's about 27 miles due west of downtown Milwaukee and slightly north of I-94. Tons of lakes, I live on one. Lots of old money. Montgomery Ward lived here. Find out which lake your friend is on, and I'll give you the birds eye low down!!!
yes, My brother knows EXACTLY how much I love him.


This is a ([an] unsolicited) message to my JOM family.

If you are not presently on Twitter - you NEED to be, ASAP.

If you are on FB, you NEED to Friend Clarice and Janet, ASAP.

end message.


Henry knows!!!


Hannity has AUSTIN GOOLSBY on his show. Hannity seems to like him, he just called Goolsby a "good guy". Naive as fecking hell, Goolsby is a libtard clown. And he's wealthy for it.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)

More on Zimmerman and the voice analysis.

We are in for a long summer.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)


Where on Twitter? And Facebook?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--My brother knows EXACTLY how much I love him.--

So does mine. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If you are on FB, you NEED to Friend Clarice and Janet, ASAP.--



Hannity is queer.


Come on TK, where do you get that?

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)


CC. I went to FB for Clarice but don't know Janet's page. What is the urgency anyway? Also on Twitter - nothing to make me blink.

Was that you or our resident troll masquerading?


What's that line from the Dark Knight, JIB,

'some people just want to see the world burn' and Reich is providing the can of gas.


Thanks Gus, I'm just an engineer, but I've worked on a couple of their systems, so I've had the pleasure of spending some time in the hangar with them. Very impressive people.

Props to your brother.


The wH will now do everything if t can to make these three scandals so complicated the LIV's will tune out and return to Kardashian's butt or whatever stupid thing catches their fancy.


Video: Jon Stewart Destroys Obama Over IRS Scandal & Lack Of 'Managerial Competence'



okay, the ASAP was a wee bit over the top.

Clarice and Janet are doing wonderful work in linking all important breaking articles, blogs, etc.

On Twitter, I cannot possibly list everyone you need to be following, but certainly, conservative writers and journalists (NRO, Weekly Standard, etc etc etc), and don't ever leave out MarkO.

Now, there is nothing Drduge-worthy, blazing siren stuff, right at this moment, so apologies to everyone if they thought there was some major breaking news.

What I meant was, on a day-to-day, hour-by hour basis you are missing out if you are not their friends.

As to Twitter, absolutely every major "breaking news" item hits there FIRST, even before the major news (or blog) sites.

So, apologies all around if I mislead you into thinking something earth shattering was breaking tonight. ::hanging head::


It's really simple, an Ambassador and three of his aides, two of them, special forces, died fighting off a terrorist attack, the IRS prevented citizens from publically expressing their views, and the DOJ makes a mockery of freedom of the press, in order to obfuscate a series of self serving leaks,


narciso, that's a perfect summary. As the wh starts tossing squirrels about, I hope you post that daily to remind us not to lose track/

Patrick in Michigan

Just an FYI...

Stepehn Hayes

Fix your typo. :D

Rob Crawford

Ig -- wait, what were we discussing?


LOL, on that last point,



I do not understand why anyone would support the administration's meme of "we couldn't have gotten there in time." 1) how could they have known that, and 2) why not go anyway? At best, you save lives. At worst, you recover the bodies and secure the area.


I get tied up in the details, admittedly, but it's because the underlying situation is real


Queer was a bit much.

I don't have much use for Hannity.


daddy wasn't kidding about hillary and the book.


I don't know why people think that Stewart shtick was so great. I don't see it that way.


Narciso, you are extremely intelligent, and I love your input, here, and elsewhere, and I love you own blog too. Sometimes things are quite simple. That has been the case since Obama came onto the National scene. From his absolute lack of HUMANITY as a Community Clown, to his Father Pfleger nonsense, to Jeremiah Wright's hate America first and the Down low club. OBAMA HAS BEEN AS OBVIOUS AS COULD BE.
I hope Obama is DESTROYED NOW. Obama's fucked up family and dysfunction, became AMERICA'S PROBLEM and the WORLDS. FUCK OBAMA, and the fat beard wife he rode in on.

Danube on iPad

"two of them, special forces"

Not really. Not to take a single thing away from those two courageous men who ran to the scene of the firefight, but they were civilians (both were of course former SEALs). It's important to bear in mind that from the Commander-in-Chief on down, no one allowed any U.S. military assets to be brought to bear.

Captain Hate

Incredible 9/11 footage on Golden Boy tonight. I have no idea what they had to do to break the embargo of pretending it doesn't exist so we knuckledraggers don't torch a bunch of mosques in retaliation (IOW acting like the rock worshipers would do in any setting) but it was pretty vivid stuff (I think there was some CGI tossed in). There are some shots of the second jet coming in at a very low level that I think I saw once before but no more than that. Anyway eff the MFM for putting the kibosh on showing that; nobody should ever forget what those assholes did that day and would do, like those Chechen vermin, many times over.


Now Bernie Goldberg...

He is an uninformed dipshit.


Exactly, Porchlight.
I sorta get why they didn't send more from Tripoli - embassies were being attacked all over & they were unsure if something was gonna happen at Tripoli.
But why not any of the forces in Italy? On the Dennis Prager show a few days ago there was a really good discussion. There were excuses given about prep time. But was nobody "ready to go" on a 9-11 anniversary? That right there is negligence. That show really got me going about your point - "we couldn't have gotten there in time." 1) how could they have known that,


You are correct DoT of course. When this whole story came to the publics attention on 9/12 for most of us, Woods and Doherty were referred to as "CONTRACTORS". My bro, former Special Forces, called me at 10 am on 9/12, and just wryly said. "Gus, those 2 dudes in Libya. C.I.A." We had an uncomfortable laugh, because we'd had that kind of conversation many many times. Woods and Doherty, were form Special Forces, and their jobs in Libya were obvious. I mean when the news said FORMER SEALS.....C'MON, what the HELL would a person of average intellect think they were doing in Benghazi.
God bless them, and hundreds like them tonight!!


It was a powerful episode, notably this part was left out of the previews, One would figure a police procedural set in New York, specially with a retrospective bent, would likely have to feature it, But as they rse has discovered, they have to 'contextualize' it, instead of letting the images speak for themselves,


Never knew an instance of Tapper failing to choke when it really mattered. Sure he asks some tough questions but has anyone even seen any evidence of any follow up? Has he ever broken a story implicating a Dem? There's certainly been plenty of opportunity and Tapper makes the right noises, but then ..crickets. I think he's just a good little soldier who plays plays the game better than most.

My favorite golden oldie was this piece published November 1, 2012 (gee, I wonder why the date was important?);

"The president smiled and continued walking.

Perhaps he couldn’t hear the question over the din of the chopper’s blades, but either way the smile and wave – almost Reagan-esque in style – underline the apparent strategy the president specifically and his administration in general have seemed to adopt when it comes to the myriad inquiries about the decisions that led to the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens: they are deferring detailed answers to the investigation and – critics say –running out the clock until Election Day.

As of now, the White House has disclosed that President Obama was informed about the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi at roughly 5pm by his National Security Adviser Tom Donilon as he was in a pre-scheduled meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey. At that meeting, senior administration officials say, the President ordered that the U.S. begin moving military assets into the region to prepare for a range of contingencies.

But beyond that, the White House has punted, saying the Accountability Review Board established by the State Department is investigating the matter and what went wrong. No detailed tick-tock, no information about the president’s involvement in decision-making. In addition, they’re preparing for a closed-door hearing of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence on November 15.

Without question in this hyper-partisan environment, Republicans operatives are fanning flames and creating suspicions where there’s no evidence of wrongdoing, trafficking in false rumors and idle speculation. The White House has felt the necessity to pop its head up to shoot down stories it says are false. speculation."



So Janet, they ADMIN saw embassies being assaulted, even after Obama's FANTASTIC CAIRO speech and apology, even after the ARAB SPRING, even after Ghadaffi was caught killed, raped and bung holed!!! Even after that very day our Egyptian embassy had it's flag torn down, and it's outer walls breached, even after Christopher Stevens our GAY Ambassador had asked REPEATEDLY for more Security???
So under those circumstances AND on 9/11, OBAMA and RODHAM let them die???


Thanks for that, Jeanne.

Captain Hate

Exactly, narc, I had no idea that it would be the setting for the flashback. The site you directed me to for POI discussion (where I've given up trying to be able to post there) said that this might be the last episode. I hope not because the template was set for how he makes commissioner at a very young age.

sammy small


What systems are you working for the 160th. Been there many times over the years myself.

Captain Hate

That's the hard hitting Jake I remember, jeanne.


I really caught up with it, two weeks ago with that episode with the Lebron manque, Justified had my attention previously, and it wasn't half bad, Tuesday at 10, is sort of dead zone,

Danube on iPad

"Now Bernie Goldberg...
He is an uninformed dipshit."

For those wondering what prompted that assessment, I will hazard that it was Goldberg's assertion tonight that "these birthers--these people who say Obama was born on Pluto or someplace--they only help Obama."

Goldberg is, of course, correct. But the birthers are too cement-headed to understand that. The dim-witted Joe Arpaio really thinks his nitwit "posse" has revealed a vital truth, and that only a conspiracy, or intimidation, or a combination of both, has kept his revelations from the American people. Almost every day his mouthpieces disclose another "bombshell" (how many times has WND used that term?) that fizzles laughably.


Sorry Sammy, I can't get any more specific than systems.


Now Goldberg has set himself in the 'Duke and Duke' camp of underestimating the administration, and totally dismissing the opposition,


Danube, you and I are on the same page today!!!
Godspeed my friend.


Or this example,


Captain Hate

RIP Chuck Muncie. One of the few enneffell players to wear glasses under his helmet. Would've had a better, maybe a HOF, career if he hadn't developed a blow problem, which he eventually kicked; but it was at his peak age wise.

That Bolt team of Fouts, Winslow, Joiner, Jefferson and Chandler was a lot of fun to watch as Air Coryell got its wings. Muncie started out as a Saint but going to the Chargers high octane offense must've been like a dream come true.


This is something - UN Bigwigs Eat Filet Mignon and Foie Gras, Tell Everyone Else to Eat Bugs

"People in Africa and Asia eat bugs. They also face starvation and severe malnutrition. They’re not out to fight obesity. They’re trying not to die."


"So are UN bigwigs eating bugs?

Oddly enough bugs don’t appear on the menu for the United Nations Delegates Dining Room. Despite their incredible nutritious value and obesity fighting powers, there are no ants, grasshoppers or bugs of any kind available to the humanitarian defenders of a better world."


'Nothing to see here,' just another episode of Amalgamated Lone Wolves, Dagestan chapter;



I was right to be skeptical;



and this... - Moderate Islamist Free Syrian Army Commander Who Ate Heart, Vows Genocide

"Cheerful stuff. Let’s get this man some RPGs."

"The Farouk Brigade has been described as “Moderately Islamist.” In other words, these are the people we would be giving weapons to if Obama decides to arm the Syrian rebels."
Jim Miller

Let me try again.

This is off topic, but almost every election fascinates me, so here goes anyway.

To almost everyone's surprise the BC Liberals appear to be defeating the NDP in the provincial election.

(The BC Liberals are not affiliated with the federal Liberal party, and are sometimes described as the province's "conservative" party.)

Now back to the CBC.


I don't want the EPA to be left out of the IRS outrage storyline. Again, back in April this story was about the EPA giving farm & ranch info to environmental groups.

"The information on livestock and produce farmers was sought through a Freedom of Information Act request by the groups Earth Justice, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pew Charitable Trust. They were given information on roughly 80,000 farmers and ranchers.

Now this comes out -
EPA Waives Fees for 92% of Liberal Groups, Applies Them to Conservative Groups

For 92 percent of requests from green groups, the EPA cooperated by waiving fees for the information. Those requests came from the Natural Resources Defense Council, EarthJustice, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, The Waterkeeper Alliance, Greenpeace, Southern Environmental Law Center and the Center for Biological Diversity.

So let me get this straight( cause I just came off a 16 hout shift and I gotta put my kids to bed and maybe find time for one beer) this guy Jake tapper had his emails stolen by the AP and now the IRS is getting invloved.What the hell does the IRS care about emails for,huh? It don't make no sense. If this Susanna Ricecake would just quit the IRS then Ben ghazzi would be able to take over and President Obama;s heachaes would go away.

Sheesh, this politics is complicated stuff...I need to go have a beer and watch some ncis. If the economies doin good in 2016 and there's no more terroist attacking then I'll be votin Democrat. Far as I see the party that keeps me workins the party im votin for.Night'all(belch)


These same environmental groups get millions for suing us with the EAJA law.

The Center for Biological Diversity last year alone filed 1,000 petitions with the federal government to list species under the ESA.

The litigation climate in Alaska and elsewhere is driving investment away from America, Budd-Falen warned. “We’re funding our own demise.

"Frequent litigants include the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, the Center for Biological Diversity, and Earthjustice."

So the EPA gives them info on American farmers & ranchers, they waive fees for them, & then our tax dollars pay for them to sue us.


That reminds me, those NCIS finales are getting a little too byzantine for me, they let loose a mcguffin or two at the end, shane brennan's show runners are getting too clever by half.


Papa was the former longterm Syrian defense minister, with the dissertation on the Protocols, yes we need more of this;

Estimates of the Farouq Brigades' numbers vary, but its various factions could very well total more than 10,000 fighters. The group faced a public setback in August, however, when its founding commander, Abdurrazzaq Tlass, was caught in a sex scandal. He was replaced on Oct. 6 by Abu Sayeh Juneidi, but the switch is threatening to split the Farouq Brigades. Tlass has since announced the formation of his own group called the 1st Corps. Several smaller Homs-based groups have also joined the SLF, including the the Fursan al-Haqq Brigade, the al-Bara bin Malek Brigade, the Jund Allah Brigade, and the Dhoul-Nourain Brigade


On the Dog Walk I was thinking about Carney and Holder's comments today, especially after hearing replay bits of both of them continually on Talk Radio clips.

It struck me how often Holder and Carney absolutely refused to even consider questions of potential punishment for Government individuals guilty of lawbreaking. Both Holder and Carney refused to answer such hypotheticals about the admitted IRS abusers, or about the individuals apparently guilty of illegally Wiretapping reporters.

Then on a second tier Radio Talk show I heard the mother of one of the dead Seals saying that Hillary and Obama came up to them at the funeral (I think on 14 September) and said that the Video Maker was going to be arrested and sent to jail.

So on the one hand--- "We must know everything and have a full investigation to determine if any of this illegal stuff ever happened before we can even begin to consider consequences for those determined to be guilty. Anything else would be inappropriate and premature."

On the other hand---"He's going to Jail pronto!"


I can't post. :(


OH! maybe I can again...:)

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