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May 14, 2013



Rocco, have you ever fished Quabbin at midnight with a bunch of Pakistani pals? I wonder if our Paki-pals had flashlights so they could do their amateur midnight engineering.


Yeah, but it WAS all BS and she WAS lying: Washington Post: "An insider account of the creation of the Benghazi talking points"


I don't frankly think I've always been treated with a great deal of respect

Fixed it for him although...

I don't frankly think. I've always been treated with a great deal of respect.

would have worked, too.


Frack... the strikethrough didn't take on the first quote.... alas and alack.


Well, isn't this interesting.

White House executive staff visit website in "record numbers" at EXACTLY the same time that IRS visits to same website spike.

The analytics show 60 unique visitors and 84 page views to Watchdog.org from eop.gov, the Executive Office of the President, between December 2009 and May 2013.


Ugh. POTUS to take over our airwaves at 6 PM ET to talk about IRS scandal.



And people wondered why the IRS jumped?


Breitbart has a post about Gibson Guitars & Boeing. I can't do links anymore.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)

That lady, Larsen, is the head to roll. But not the only one. It never works like that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Yes, thank you Rob, EPA - and they shared info on farmers and ranchers with enviro groups per that April report that Janet linked.--

The truly evil thing is they illegally shared info in February and when the people harmed complained, rather than fix it, EPA illegally shared even more info again on others.
I'd link the story but, well, you know.



Chemical engineering students at that.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)

Emails? Only 100? Selective?

So far they are devastating. And Guess who just showed up as editor-in-chief? You guessed it. John Brennan!~


Even Silva couldn't do better with this plot.

Abu-ibn-AlJack (Tea Party Taliban)

Okay, give it to Lew. Acting Commish is defrocked. Easy. Safeguards? Lets use the system we have proven in Chicago.

Congress needs to fix this. Not me. Hear that Boner. Its your problem not mine and its fixable so no excuses.


Looking forward to the next one in the series, JiB, in film references, one recalls Fred Thompson was the CIA director who was crafting intelligence to support a giant stealth sub, in No Way Out


Jeff Dobbs

Ugh. POTUS to take over our airwaves at 6 PM ET to talk about IRS scandal.

Not, ugh, yay! That Obama still thinks he's persuasive and just needs to cowbell the teleprompter is welcome.

::he says in the comfort of *not* being a network or cable news watcher::

::while thinking to himself, everyone these days has remote controls for their tvs, right?::


everyone these days has remote controls for their tvs, right?

my TV has a dial. The stupid HDTV box the govt made me buy has a remote for switching channels.


Well, hit - YES one does have a remote control, however on a busy news night to take over the time slot for nearly all news programs, deliberately show up 20 minutes late - I am sure is to keep some control of the news output - at least for one night.

What criminal laws have these IRS thugs violated?
That is an interesting question. Today's Taranto brings up a particularly troubling example.
Anne Hendershott, a professor at The King's College in New York, listened to the voices. She even repeated what some of them were telling her in a 2009 Wall Street Journal op-ed criticizing self-described Catholic organizations that were campaigning for ObamaCare.

TheBlaze.com reports that the IRS selected her for an audit in 2010.


She suspects she was targeted for articles she wrote about ObamaCare:

"I started writing articles like crazy saying these are fake Catholic groups," she said of the aforementioned organizations, noting that Korzen would often target her work and rail against her assertions.
Hendershott noted that the progressive leader once called into a radio show she appeared on to challenge her contention that he had accepted Soros money.
"I had the tax return in front of me and read off the amounts that Chris Korzen was getting paid from Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good--a Soros supported fake Catholic group," she told TheBlaze, noting that, through Catholics in Alliance, he had received $85,000.
While Korzen denied this on the air, Hendershott read from the 990 form in an effort to prove he wasn't telling the truth. This, she believes, may have sparked--or played a role--in spawning the IRS audit.
"He was getting paid by one organization and working for another," the professor said of Korzen. "The IRS should have gone after them."
Instead the IRS went after her. That's what happens when you listen to those voices. "Her writings for the Catholic Advocate soon ceased because, Hendershott admits, the IRS audit silenced her."
This is utterly chilling. Catholics get in wild shouting matches and accuse each other of heresy all the time. Having the IRS take a position on an essentially intramural religious argument is stunning. What's next? Is the IRS going to take away the Church's tax exemption if it denies communion to pro-abortion politicians? Because it refuses communion to people who are divorced and remarried?

So to return to DoT's question, what law would it violate? Does the First Amendment really mean anything?

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)

I'm sure the linchpin Law which was violated was the Scalia Law.


What's next? Is the IRS going to take away the Church's tax exemption if it denies communion to pro-abortion politicians? Because it refuses communion to people who are divorced and remarried?

I believe that is already being tested. Not too long ago there was a "news" story about a lesbian woman being denied communion at her mother's funeral.
ABC news, Huffpo, WaPo, US News, USA Today,MSNBC,...

I sometimes think of these victim stories as trial balloons....or getting the public to feel bad for this woman against the "mean" Catholic Church. If a lot of these stories are put out..& they play well...then it's on to a poll. 75% of Americans think Catholic Priests are mean to Lesbians!

No theology. No understanding of Catholic Church teachings or the Bible.


I'll be! That one went through!

Not too long ago there was a "news" story about a lesbian woman being denied communion at her mother's funeral.
Ok, that story is a little more complicated, Janet. The basic facts... On the day of this woman's funeral, the woman's out-of-town family shows up and is in the church beforehand. The priest, who has just met them, asks the woman's daughter who the other woman was who was helping them, and the reply was that "she is my partner." The next thing that happened is that he turned her away in the communion line.

-- what if the woman introduced as the "partner" was a business partner? (We know from Jane how confusing that can be!)

-- what about when the priest gets confused and the dead woman's "daughter" was actually her son and "her wife" was, well, his wife? Back when SNL was funny there were lots of wicked funny "Androgynous Pat" skits that exploited just that problem.

The problem was that the priest had just met these people a few hours before, and the conversation which supposedly identified them as a lesbian couple was short and ambiguous, and what he was interpreting as defensiveness and belligerence could just as easily been one of the weird ways people act when they are grieving. You don't go denying people communion unless you are damn sure of what the situation is.

(In my parish we have one of those large extended multi-generation families where the grandparent generation has 8 siblings. One of those died a few years ago, and his granddaughter is a teenager who has down's syndrome. Everyone in our church knows her, she is quite high functioning, and she made her first communion when she was in the second grade. The brother of her grandfather -- her great-uncle -- is also a member of the church. The great-uncle's wife, who is not Catholic, has a sister in her 50's who has down syndrome. Their mother died a couple of years ago, and so she spends many weekends with her sister and brother-in-law, and of course comes to church with them on Sunday.

Ok, so that's the back story... We had a priest who had been in the parish for a year or two, and he asked the great-uncle who the woman with downs syndrome is. He explained that it was his sister-in-law, and that his mother-in-law had recently died, and so she spent lots of time with them now. And, no, like his wife, his sister-in-law is not Catholic.

You all can probably guess where this is going... The priest got confused between the 50-something 4.5-ft tall mongoloid woman and the 14-yr-old 4.5-ft tall mongoloid woman, and when the girl came up in line with the rest of her family at communion he refused her communion. When questioned later by the bewildered family, the response was, "I asked Dave, and he told me that she isn't Catholic." This was really confusing -- why would her great-uncle tell the priest that she wasn't Catholic? She was baptized, made her first communion, was confirmed in this church! They finally figured out that the priest had confused the two women. The worst part was that the priest continued to maintain that this was all Dave's fault and he had done nothing wrong.

So very very first rule of denying someone communion -- you better be damn well sure that who know WHO the person is in front of you. The bishop in Washington suspended the priest because he refused communion based upon completely inadequate information. Especially when dealing with total strangers who are under a lot of stress and not necessarily thinking about how how a certain turn of phrase might be misconstrued. In Catholic theology, taking communion when you shouldn't is totally on the shoulders of the person presenting for communion. Yes, when the priest has complete and sure knowledge of a situation, THEN he can deny communion. But he better be damn sure he's got the right person!)

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