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May 05, 2013


DoT on iPad

Please tell me the date on which the corrupt Cold Case Posse, in its relentless quest for the truth, interviewed Ms. Guthrie. I assme that in their interview the corrupt Posse obtained the names of the other members of the press who viewed the document.

Nothing to tell us about the photocopies? What does the corrupt Cold Case Posse say about them?

Has the corrupt Cold Case Posse explained why, if the bin Laden raid was timed to coincide with the release of the certificate, both events could not have been staged earlier?


It's really a double gaff. The first was to create the red line in the first place. The second was to let your secretary of defense publicly admit that the line was crossed. Nuance at either time point could have prevented this situation.


I have obviously missed something. Where do the implications that Hillary has a drinking problem come from?


" the original document from which the pdf was made was circulated among the press, and handled and photographed by them"

...is what you just said.

Now that "them" is actually one reporter, you go all cold case on me.

Come on, you can name another reporter, can't you?


Whole honest taxpayers struggle!


"The average German family struggles financially with large tax burdens and as a result have only 1.3 children per family due to high financial costs. One of the lowest rates in Europe Meanwhile Muslim immigrants have as many as 3-4 wives, perhaps 6-7 children from each wife, and all of this is funded by welfare as none of these wives work. 35 % of Muslims living in Germany have multiple wives, nearly all of them live comfortably on welfare funded by German taxpayers."

I dare you to read the whole thing without getting mad. It is not just Germany.


"Whole" was supposed to read "While". In the beginning of the 03:53 Posat


Thinking of slick Willy in retrospect as a good ol' boy is a big mistake.

He continues to be the titular head of his party, and he is as much of a socialist as his wife is, and he is as much of a threat now as he ever was.

He can charm the birds out of the trees. Just check your pocket to make sure that you still have your wallet whenever he is around.


It's all of europe and true in a sense here where responsible people limit family size to pay the tax bills which go to support the children of men who are in jail or on the dole and fathering countless kids THEY don't support

Captain Hate

Tell that extremely irresponsible, batshit crazy rationale to the millions of non-smokers who are now suffering from Bronchitis and COPD and whose lives have been cut short by selfish, self-centered and inconsiderate smokers, also. The spouses of smokers in many instances.

Such spousal abuse is the reason we have to oppose HOMO MARRIAGE so that brave people like Jason Collins don't have HOF careers cut short.

Jim Eagle

Apologies if this is a repeat.

WaPo article on Gregory Hicks: "I knew it was a terrorist attack from the get-go"


Ig - I am no exception to the "who cares most" question. I don't care more about my nieces, nephews, friends' kids, etc. than their parents do. That's the issue - your hypothetical extremes contrast all-parents vs. no-parents, and that excludes what actually exists right now -- the vast numbers of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, godparents, friends who care about the children of people they care about.

But go ahead. I could care less, and in fact, I am starting to.


Nick sure sounds like a woman using a man's name. Dial it down a notch Nicki.

Captain Hate

Where do the implications that Hillary has a drinking problem come from?

Are you kidding, Appalled? Her entire tenure as SoS was one giant international happy hour. Weight gain and a "concussion" where she didn't immediately go to a doctor? Plus she looks like about as feminine as a dust bunny. She might also be suffering from depression of having a husband that she's spent her entire married life lying for.

Jim Eagle

Piling on.

When you've lost Bob Schieffer - well....

DoT on iPad

Come on, you can tell us what Guthrie told the corrupt Cold Case posse, can't you? You can tell us why, if the bin Laden raid could have been staged earlier, the certificate couldn't have been released at the same time, can't you?

You can tell us that Ms. Guthrie must have lied when she said she handled the document and felt the raised seal, can't you? (Or can you?) you can tell us why she would make up such a lie, can't you?

You can tell us why Joe Arpaio took the erratic Jerome Corsi, who already had a huge financial interest in a particular outcome, on as a participant in his investigation, can't you?

You can tell us the outcome of the 9th Circuit "trial," can't you? And you can explain why the outcome received even less coverage than the proceedings themselves, can't you? You can tell us the name of the appellants' lawyer, can't you?


Okay, Sue, but first you will blow me.


Well that put me in my place. And proved your manhood. ::grin::


--I don't care more about my nieces, nephews, friends' kids, etc. than their parents do.--

Is it really a controversial statement to claim that in general the parental bond is stronger than that toward other people's kids?
I didn't think it was.
Perhaps I'll have to rethink that plan of not putting my neighbor's kids through college.


I don't know about that, Appalled, but Hillary Clinton has morphed into Madeline Albright,

James D.

I dare you to read the whole thing without getting mad. It is not just Germany.

There was an article (forget where it was from) about the recent increase in polygamy in Britain among the Muslim population there.

(found it!)


Why, it's almost as though there's a trend or something. With a common factor. I can't imagine what it might be, though...


This is my first indication that if Hil were to run in 2016 you would vote for her.I am pretty sure you did vote for Billy Jeff both times but will eat crow if I am wrong. It doesn't matter if Hil is a lush. She is incompetent and derelict in her duty. She is a Marxist and an Alynskite. Anyone who would continue to publicly be humiliated by her scumbucket of a husband and then stay with him to further her own political career ranks very low on theindependent strong leader board.
If there is even a hint of blame directed at Obama during the hearings on Weds. he will catapult her under the bus so fast it will make your head spin. The game now is to make it look like he didn't act politically. Obama will go to any links necessary to preserve his reputation and defend "not doing anything" The responsibility for doing "something " then falls on Panetta and Hillary.

James D.

I loved this bit in the NYT article about Syria:

Mr. Obama’s advisers also raised legal issues. “How can we attack another country unless it’s in self-defense and with no Security Council resolution?” another official said, referring to United Nations authorization. “If he drops sarin on his own people, what’s that got to do with us?”

Incompetent AND moral midgets, too. Out with "never again" and in with "what's that got to do with us?"

DoT on iPad


"Many members of the press confessed to being 'stunned' as it became clear what was about to be discussed. White House press assistants handed out a six-page stapled packet of photocopies showing the new and old birth certificates as well as the White House's legal correspondence with Hawaii's Department of Health."

Surely the names of the "many members" who got the photocopies (whose authenticity has not beent questioned) are on file at corrupt Cold Case Posse headquarters.

J. Fred Muggs

Hey Guys, your favorite primate here. I see Nick and Anne and Holly and the Professor continue to post here. Shame. But I have a story about Nick.

Its called Nick's New Boots.

Seems he saw a nice pair of Tony Lama's in the window of a western wear store and bought them. He went home to show his wife, Doris.

"Doris, Honey, see anything different about me"?

"Nope, sure don't Nick. Now back to work cleaning this pig pen you gave me."

So, Nick goes into the bedroom and strips down naked as a jaybird but keeps his boots on. Goes back into the living room where Doris is cleaning and asks her, "Now, Doris, do you see anything different"?

And Doris, says "Nick, your hanging down just like the last time I saw you like this, hanging down".

But Nick responds, "Doris the boots, the boots, what do you think".

And Doris responds, "Should have bought a hat, Nick. Should have bought a hat".

Comanche Voter

Rodham out of the closet? The Bamstuh playing with a short intellectual deck? Laurence Tribe a prevaricating posturing pustule on the Harvard law faculty?

Who knew all these things? I've got to know!


Jeez, Ig. I give up. My debate skills, never very good, are not up for it. I'll be irked in silence hence forth.


Actually I didn't go that far, investigating the greater fools and knaves, that used Wilkerson because my Haz Mat is only so sturdy, so I only went to Corn and Waas.


Well she's approaching the Rosa Klebb or the historical analog, Hildegarde Benjamon, 'the Red Guillotine'

Captain Hate

From Clarice's link:

It is unlikely that Powell was ignorant of Wilkerson’s actions; rather, Powell appeared all too willing to turn a blind eye in a dirty game to win a policy debate by tarring his opponents. Nor was Powell likely unaware of Wilkerson’s dangerous obsession with American policymakers who happened to be Jewish. It is quite easy to interpret Powell’s persistent silence and failure to repudiate a man whose credibility is solely based on his relationship to Powell as an endorsement for Wilkerson’s hateful views. Wilkerson’s shame is Colin Powell’s as well. Powell’s silence shows his own character is likely not much different from that of the colonel who was his closest aide.

History will not be kind to Powell.


It is easier now that you are arguing with yourself.

"They" examined photocopies? Compelling. ..

Hard hitting reporter:



I agree wholeheartedly

Jim Eagle


Nor should it be. The only reason Powell is notable is because of his presser before the Gulf I invasion where he captivated a balls-less media by telling them how we would destroy Saddam by "first we cut off the head then we bury the body".

Outside of that, nada.


Irrespective of the b/c, how do we deal with the admission by agent that Obama was born in Kenya? A lie? A long running mistake? A planned deception for economic reasons? What difference, at this point, does it make?


--Jeez, Ig. I give up. My debate skills, never very good, are not up for it. I'll be irked in silence hence forth.

Posted by: AliceH | May 05, 2013 at 04:25 PM--

I wasn't trying to irk you Alice and have no doubt whatsoever you love your nieces and nephews more than many parents love their own kids. Some people shouldn't be allowed a hamster let alone a child.

I'm speaking in the generalities that shape societies and cultures not in any particulars about particular people and I didn't think those generalities were even controversial. Guess I was wrong.


A big important guy like an adjunct non professor can't be expected to keep tabs on little things like how his literary agent has been representing him for 16 years.
It's even more inconceivable that a state representative or Senator would have anyone like say a staffmember or secretary to correct such a thing.


An old lawyer in LA once told me, "When you've got the impeachment, try the case."

Now, I'm not saying Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, but I am saying, there could be a question of fact in a legal sense.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have seemingly lost count of the angels on the head of this pin and I have to start over.

Ken W. Good

So the allies of the White House are now in the position of arguing either: (1) that the President is stupid and does not know what he was doing; or (2) that he is backing down from a red line he no longer wishes to enforce since his bluff has been called. Neither of these arguments are good, but I guess the "stupid mistake" is better than "spinless". Either way, the President does not look good and the Iranians and the North Koreans are watching. Good job Mr. President.


"The real purpose behind Obama’s visit to this 3rd-world failed state of Mexico is voter recruitment, plain and simple."

"Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by. Invade America now and secure a bright future and plenty of dinero for you and your family!"



Obama's just not that smart.

Seriously, who announces he's bluffing by saying, "Don't call this bluff?" There will be bluff calling all across the world. He will be paralyzed.


Our DEAD Ambassador isn't a gay hero.

Neither were multiple Supreme Court Justices, at least one of whom is currently sitting on the Court. Nor a recent Attorney General, probably a Secretary of State or two [ahem], nor I'd guess two recent Mayors of New York City, one of whom is currently sitting in that job. Etc.

Not to repeat myself, and I know that Janet reprised what I said about it a few threads ago, but Jason Collins is a gay hero because he's black.

Blacks are generally off the liberal reservation when it comes to gays, and this cannot be tolerated. It must be fixed. Ergo, we need a black gay hero, and who better than a basketball player?

Black males, in particular, need to be trained to accept gays as part of their coalition, and black males are big fans of basketball.

I don't know how Jason Collins can have much of an effect at Democrat fund raisers, but anything they can do to elevate him is in their interests. Therefore, any Democrat who speaks out against him must be crushed, and made an example of.

Jim Eagle

Is Rue Paul a Democrat? If not, maybe the GOP out to hire him to counter the Jason Collins schtick.

Just when you were wondering where Jesse Love has been since he left Obama's side, all of sudden a black basketball player who roomed with Joe Kennedy and was friends of Chelsea shows up and agrees to do fundraisers with Moochelle.

Another recruit. But sadly when the Muslim Brotherhood comes calling.....


--I didn't think those generalities were even controversial--

Okay, I'll give it one more try.

The generalities presented were premised upon two categories -- 1) parents, who care the MOST and 2) non-parents, who don't. The hypothetical extremes you presented were a world of 1) all parents who care about the future and 2) all childless adults, who have no reason to care about the future.

Both the general (and common) argument and the illustration-by-extreme divide the world into two categories. What I have been trying to point out is there is a huge third category that is excluded here - and it is a very important category, I think - childless adults who nonetheless feel a bond to other people's children. This group of people are not "exceptions". I think the non-parents who do not have a bond or reason to care about the future are the exceptions.

When the common argument of parents-who-are-by-definition-invested vs. others is made, it may be intended to limit who those "others" are, but that's not the form of the equation. Since non-parents cannot logically belong to the category "parents", they are all lumped in with the opposing group, which speaking in generalities means no reason to care about the future. One group cares "the most" and the other group cares ... hmmm less than that, not enough, not at all -- as the general argument is structure, those all mean the same thing.

It's a logical argument failure that I personally object to not only because I'm part of the excluded middle, but also because I think the excluded middle is bigger in quantity and qualitative influence than the target non-parent NOLO category. I find it irksome to be lumped into a category to which I do not belong, but also irksome to be granted the status of 'exception' to some category to which I do not accept I belong. Either expand your generality to acknowledge three categories, or make it clear these not-invested-in-future types are the true exception to the not-parents group.


DoT on iPad

'They' examined photocopies? Compelling. .."

Actually, the photocopies were given to them; it is of course impossible to distribute multiple originals. Does anyone claim that the photocopies are fraudulent? That there is something wrong with the document that was photocopied?

Perhaps you can tell us why someone would "forge" a pdf when a hard copy and photocopies of a document displaying the exact same information had already been disclosed. Certainly the corrupt Cold Case Posse has offered no explanation, nor even any speculation.

Jane -

we need a black gay hero

We already have the president, who I am absolutely convinced is gay. Maybe that's the white part of him.


Liberals like people for what they are: black, gay, female, Muslim. Conservatives like people for who they are.


I totally get it.

Jim Eagle


I'd let you have Frederick for a week or two if you could put up with him:) There is a misplaced confluence of argument here between you and Iggy and I believe you are both saying the same thing but with a different, unfortunately, syntax or grammar. My great-aunt was childless but never wavered in her love and devotion to her brother's children - my dad, aunt and uncle. To this day the great-Aunt Char is talked about with devout reverence.


Well, J. Fred Muggs, that was a flop. Keep your day job.


" the original document from which the pdf was made was circulated among the press, and handled and photographed by them"


"Actually, the photocopies were given to them; it is of course impossible to distribute multiple originals."

A consistent version on your part would certainly help a rebuttal on my part.

I will patiently wait.

Think how many people are alive because truck drivers smoke.

Nick may be allergic to second hand tobacco smoke, or hypersensitive in some other way, or post traumatic exposure to the fiendish smoke. The science demonizing second hand smoking was faked up. It's not the hazard it's been made to be for the public. It's for the narrative.


Hasn't he already done this several times with Iran, and no I don't consider what Unit 8200 is doing, to be his proxy, but Israel, former Mossad
chief Dagan, has served a similar function to Powell, proclaiming loudly how Iran need not be attacked, as has his successor Pando.

Jim Eagle

Just to show you how good all these guys are on the PGA tour, an alternate, Derek Ernst comes out of nowhere to win the Wells Fargo in Charlotte. But wait, when asked about his victory, he thanked "[his]Lord Savior Jesus Christ".

Don't expect any phone calls from Obama, Derek.

OT: CBS is going above the fold on Benghazi. Yowza!


I agree, Captain Hate. Colin Powell has revealed himself to Republicans and Democrats, alike, to be an unprincipled opportunist and a whore, especially since he lied and turned on Rumsfeld. His 15 minutes of fame are up. From now on, he will be a yawn and very trite.


Well If I could offer a dissent, my grandfather and youngest uncle were affected by first hand smoke, that is real, why I didn't take up smoking
even when it might have made me more popular.

Boom, Boom!

Nick sounds battled from the blog wars. Hey, this is the Red Cross tent.


Let me start a fight. Carmello is a punk.

But, I love that the refs are permitting challenges to drives at the rim. That could spell DOOM for the Heat.

Second hand smoke is misoverestimated.

First hand smoke is a slow killer, via Emphysema(COPD) or lung cancer. Not great for the old arteries, either. It's a great drug, though, nicotine is, calming nerves, aiding digestion, battling hunger thirst fear fatique and madness. We just shouldn't smoke it.


Untergang, MarkO, why would they do that.


Merely to frustrate the Crown of Coronado.

Probably won't happen. But it is such a different game when players drive unimpeded from the three point line to the rim. The Bulls will play hard, but LeBron is a force of nature. An all-time great.


Thanks, Jane. That means a lot to me.
Thanks, JiB - ditto!

Captain Hate

Both Father & Mother Hate's lives were shortened by smoking. For whatever reason (the wonders of genetic diversity?) it had no appeal for me. That said, it's a legal activity and the abuse that partakers have endured from the usual scolds puts me more in their corner than I am for, say, pot smokers who rarely pass up an opportunity to pat themselves on the back.

Jim Eagle


There are special forces that appear ever so often and LeBron is one of them. I love to watch Durant and Griffin but they are sort of one dimensional compared to LeBron. The only one close was Rose and he went and done the knee screw up. Never be the same. There is only one Adrian Peterson in the world of top notch athletics.

Now, I would love to see a final where you have a Seth Curry shooting 3's and a Lebron James dictating the center. That could be compelling basketball. I might even watch more than the last 3 minutes:)


This refresh thing in Firfox is ridiculous. In IE, when you refresh the page it comes back to where you were, with added posts below. In Firefox, it comes up back at the top.

I prefer Firefox, but really. How can they not have fixed this yet?

Jane -

Boy they are having a really tough time with the terrorist's burial. Good. I'm proud of Worcester. How rare.


My grandfather was a heavy smoker and it indeed killed him at the age of 70 something. My grandmother, who never smoked a cigarette in her life, slept in the bedroom where he puffed all night long for 50+ years. She died of old age at 94.

Captain Hate

I love to watch Durant and Griffin but they are sort of one dimensional compared to LeBron.

Griffin, yes; Durant, no way. He's got a better long range jumper than Lebron and has no weak spots in his game. Lebron might be slightly better on defense and passing but Kevin isn't a slouch in either of those areas.

I've never understood the infatuation with Rose. He's a very good player, I won't deny that; but putting him in the highest echelon is misplaced imo.


Blah blah blah James blah blah...gag me!


Secondhand Smoke Scam

Captain Hate

Boy they are having a really tough time with the terrorist's burial. Good. I'm proud of Worcester. How rare.

Good for Worcester. Let them put it in a landfill somewhere with the rest of the trash. Or put it in some MFM office since they're so sympathetic to it.

Rick Ballard


If you click the last comment time stamp prior to refreshing with Firefox, refresh will bring you back to the comment.

Jim Eagle


Who wins? Durant without Westbrook or James without Wade?

I go with James. That is why I said what I said.


Wow. I hope TC is watching the Rangers sweep the Sox. I also hope Josh Hamilton watched Napoli's return to Texas. The cheers were in stark contrast to Hamilton's boos. Of course Nap said he loved Texas and enjoyed his time here.


NB: Anne is a psycho. She started sock-puppeting regulars after someone mentioned that he'd put her various regular names into the narcisolator. This is why we haven't heard from the original Anne, or A Casual Observer, or even the witty and charming Brian lately. She can't take the risk that someone won't read her drooling comments, and has spent considerable time experimenting with email addys in order to catalog the avatars of the posters she thinks she's diabolically sock-puppeting.

Even if it's just alcohol that brings out her nasty side, she needs help, because that's obviously not the real problem.

You should be spending your time looking for a good doctor, Anne. Someone you can trust, who can help you.

Jim Eagle

Hell, I smoked as a kid, then in the Air Force, gave it up, felt weird in construction and took it up again. Use to run 10k's while smoking a few at times. Gave it up. Took it up in London and Europe because everyone did it. Gave it up. Got married had Frederick, switched to Cigars, gave them up when Frederick look at me and started to make smoke signal signs. Never touched a tobac since 2005. But I understand. I believe it is carcinogentic and I pray that those that imbide give a few more years to their lives and quit. But I will never lecture or accuse or even ....you know the word...I have a brain fart...thank you.


Well this is reassuring,


Captain Hate

I'm not arguing that James isn't the best player in the game right now; only that Durant isn't one dimensional. I also think that time is eventually Kevin's side; although Lebron is built like a cyborg and could easily go through his career without a significant injury.

Everybody talks about how Lebron went to a great situation with Wade but I think at least as much of an advantage is him going to a Pat Riley coached team, at least through his acolyte Spoelstra. In Lebron's first season there he was still not mentally tough enough to win it all. Under Spoelstra he's become coldly efficient and plays much better within himself with almost no mistakes. It removes a certain X factor that I previously found enjoyable but there's no way I'll question his excellence.


Hey, that works! Thanks, Rick!


What a beautiful weather week-end! Hubby kayaked downstream and the ice pushed all the dead tree branches and other debris out to the river,so the stream is clear for paddling.
Congrats to Miss K, jimmy must be very proud. Jane,I was just reading the Boston Herald and I agree,why is the burial the problem of the state of MA? He should be shipped back to his parents ASAP.
Re:smoking. This seems unbelieveable,but 36 years ago,the nurses in the OB's office smoked. I used to walk to my appointments,thinking how healthy it was to get exercise while pregnant.Then I'd walk into an office reeking of cigarettes and smoke. I guess those were the dark ages. :)

Thomas Collins

OK, Sue, those are fighting words. Here's my challenge. If the Rangers and Red Sox meet in the playoffs, whether the ALCS or an earlier round, I'm betting a shipment of Legal Seafood lobster to you versus your shipping Black's Barbecue to me on the outcome. Number of shipments equals game differential. For example, if the Sox beat the Rangers 4-1 in the ALCS, you'll be making three shipments of Black's Barbecue to me!


Well I gave you the facts about the latest death penalty cause celebre, here is the spin;


he mentions the facts, briefly in order to procede with the narrative.


What the he'll is Black's BBQ? Can I afford it?


Oh yeah I get free shipping on my order of $499. I think I'll pass on this bet TC.

Captain Hate

When did the MFM decide it was a good idea for arts and music critics to weigh in on political issues, particularly criminal ones? Shouldn't they be doing something more useful, like emptying trash cans from the office, if the Pinch Shitbergers are worried they aren't getting enough of a return for what they're paying them?


You mean like Frank Rich who was always insufferable and Stanley Crouch, who used to be insightful, but has been at Sharpton eleventy?


What first surfaced in the Sydney Morning Herald, is now being confirmed;



The best motivation for me to quit smoking is thinking of the $1.01/pack federal excise tax. While I haven't quit, I've cut down drastically. I reckon I've "cost" the government about $137 so far this year. It's the little things... :)


If secondhand smoke was as dangerous as people say it is, then, given that once upon a time many many more Americans smoked, and smoked a lot, and smoked everywhere - we would all know a non-smoker who dropped dead of lung cancer or emphysema at a young age.

But we don't.

Captain Hate

I was thinking of Rich, narc, but Crouch is a special case. He used to be a better writer, critic and even musician before something changed him. I even have some lps where he played with some real avant-garde ass kickers until he threw his not inconsiderable weight all in as a paid flack for Marsallis & Lincoln Center, Inc. Most musicians consider him a backstabbing prick who's only out for himself.

Crouch has always been a bully, particularly when he was with those pansy idiots at the Village Voice and he'd ridicule their lefty pretensions; but yes, he's indistinguishable from not very Sharpton now.

Ralph L

Blah blah blah James blah blah...gag me!
Who said Republicans don't care about black people? Well, those not named Sue.

Ralph L

I meant Republicans not named Sue. Black people named Sue are SOL.

Carol Herman

Assad's not ahead. Not after the Israeli's struck.

That Obama's "syria policy" lays there dead? He's gone from red lines. To red faced. And, Assad? He'll plow along. The Jihadis come in carrying everything on their backs. (They can't carry missiles, and walk far, at the same time.)

In Iran, meanwhile, they see that Israel may be preparing to strike their nuke "research" facilities? And, part of what we've seen in Syria, is just Israel strategically ridding Assad, and the Lebanese frontier of the Hez-Bullies. Anything of value they can shoot into Israel?

Great wars are won on deception. And, strategy. They're not won by journalists who think pens are daggers.

Thomas Collins

Anything you can afford, Sue, as your stake. And I'll sweeten the offer. If you don't fancy lobster, I'll put up for my stake a shipment of the cosmos's best chocolates from Aux Chocolat. See LUN.

Thomas Collins

Beltre singles in the winning run, as the Sues complete the sweep of the TCs 4-3.


That wasn't Sue, James.


I mean Ralph.


James Carville on Ted Cruz:

I think he is the most talented and fearless Republican politician I’ve seen in the last 30 years. I further think that he’s going to run for president and he is going to create something. I’m not sitting here saying he’s going to win, and I think Senator DeMint is right. I’ve listened to excerpts of his speech in South Carolina. He touches every button, and this guy has no fear. He just keeps plowing ahead. And he is going to be something to watch.

And a lot of Republicans feel this way, George, and you hear this a lot: "If we only got someone who was articulate and was for what we were for, we would win elections. And we get these John McCains and these Mitt Romneys and these squishy guys that can’t do anything." Well, there’s one thing this guy is not - he ain’t squishy, not in the least.

Carville may be the founder of a new reptile species, but he's not a fool.


Who am I drinking with in Denver this week?

DoT on iPad

"I will patiently wait."

There are not two "versions" pf my story. The photocopies were distrbuted for the press to keep. The hard copy itself was shown to them; Savannah Guthrie took a photograph. Did Sheriff Joe expect that the press would draw straws and the winner would keep it?

In the meantime, the world awaits an explanation for why the corrupt Cold Case Posse has focused exclusively on the pdf and has said nothing about the photocopies, nor the document of which the photocopies were an image.


--Either expand your generality to acknowledge three categories, or make it clear these not-invested-in-future types are the true exception to the not-parents group.--

Here is what I originally said;

People who have kids, in general, have more invested in the future and consequently care more than those who don't.
I care more about how things affect future generations since I had kids than I did before and the same is true of most people I know.

Do you see anything in that about people who don't care at all or aren't invested at all? Am I not merely saying parents are more, but not necessarily exclusively, invested in their kids' futures than others are? Is that really controversial?

You are creating two real world categories based on my theoretical world which was advanced only to demonstrate the extremes of a world with no children and one full of them and the divergent attitudes that would engender.

I've made it explicitly clear that in the real world there is a full spectrum of people who mix throughout any categories which might exist, but in general those with their own children they have raised themselves tend to care the most about what the future holds for their progeny. That doesn't mean their childless aunts and uncles don't give a fig about it or them and I in fact never said that, so why you keep harping on it is beyond me.
That parents tend to be more invested in their kids' future is in no way a denigration of childless adults of any persuasion but is, it seems to me, an undeniable fact of human nature.

I posited a real world spectrum of more and less while you have focused on the bolded not-invested-at-all idea which I never even mentioned other than to say some parents fit into that category.

Assigning to me a black and white real world argument I never made is the only logical fallacy I'm seeing in this discussion.


Meawhile we gaze upon what we will miss with the end of the Chris Matthews Show;


Jane -

Anyone have a prediction about what will happen this week on Benghazi.

During Watergate, did people on the right think it was a set-up?


"The hard copy itself was shown to them;"

False again.

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