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May 29, 2013


Jack is Back (Ready to Sue TypePad if Only I could Find a Lawyer Here)

No. But then we have wishy-washy republicans doing amnesty in the immigration bill, supporting forms of gun control, against enhanced interrogation and eating lunch with the JEF.

I am with Cruz. I don't trust the Republicans in Congress.


I am with Cruz. I don't trust the Republicans in Congress.

No shit.


Count me in with the "no special prosecutor" folks.


I'm with porch.


How does that sound;



“Something is rotten in the state,” says Marcellus in “Hamlet.”

Well, it certainly is in the state of Illinois.

Yet on hearing U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald describe a plot by his governor to sell his Senate seat — “conduct (that) would make Lincoln roll over in his grave” — how did reform President Barack Obama respond?

"I had no contact with the governor or his office, and so I was not aware of what was happening. … And as I said, it is a sad day for Illinois. Beyond that, I don’t think it’s appropriate to comment.”


Frau Glücklichkeit

This entire administration is inappropriate.


TK, the next sentences were, "Anyway, I was born in Kenya. Want to buy my book?"


TK and Marko:
Isn't it funny that in the selling of his Senate seat Bammy is once again conveniently"out of the loop?" I don't believe that for a second and Fitz stepped in just in time to save Hussein's bacon. If anyone believes he is ignorant of all of these scandals, I have a bridge in Brooklyn...

Account Deleted


Ways and Means is now seeking stories from Enemies of the State (as defined by the IRS). It might be worth sending them a note just in case the Bivens actions turn class action and RICO violations become part of the ensemble. If singing Old McDonald once as a kid qualifies someone for a Pigfraud check, surely a being leading Enemy of the State qualifies for participation in the bankrupting of IRS drones.

Account Deleted

Judiciary is now opening up on Holder while Appropriations seeks a chat with the IRS IG.

The House passed another approval of Keystone last week as well as a bill dealing with student loan interests rates.

The regular order of business is functioning quite well.

Danube at IMac

Wholeheartedly with Porch. Let's disinfect his mob.

Danube at IMac

Wholeheartedly with Porch. Disinfect in the bright sunlight.


That reminds me: I see that many of Bill Clinton's slimy defenders like low-life Lanny "Lacky" Davis are now sticking up for Obama, too. Those cockroaches come out of walls.

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