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May 21, 2013



such a tragedy.


Disgusting old Lefty Skank opines about the tragedy:


Those of you in Tex/Arkansas-- stay safe today.


I keep thinking about the boy who was interviewed saying that some of the kids would not listen to how dangerous it was to be under the sinks in the bathrooms.

We spend so much federal money on stupid stuff. They really should interview each of the survivors in both schools to discern any patterns that saved lives or created areas where all were killed or gravely injured.

Make it into insights for schools in these situations.


That's called "edgy" humor, NK. Ok if done by the left, outrageous otherwise. Got it?


CNN? Nope, just cannot watch that channel.


I don't understand how these schools don't have shelters, or if they did, why the kids weren't in them. There was warning, no?


Sooooooooo (h/t Jane), anyone watching Miller, Shulman at the Senate IRS hearing today?

Dave (in MA)

Jimmyk, one of the reports I heard today was of kids drowning in basement shelters.


jimmyk, it sounds like they use the same tornado drill we were taught. Go into the hallway, duck & cover next to the wall, with some moving into the bathrooms to get further from the windows. It helps vs flying glass, but not so much when the roof collapses. Hallways and gyms are the shelters.


Clarice - I just posted an interesting tweet on the President thread. Looks like another shoe has dropped.



Warnings of several hours that severe weather would develop... 15 minutes that the tornado was forming and/or was on the ground.

Enough so that several parents pulled their kids out of school about an hour before it hit and enough warning that the school moved kids across the street (in the weather!!) to a nearby church.

The question is why do schools stay open when the weather is gonna be horrible like this. Those parents that work and don't want their kids to arrive home without supervision available are why schools can't dismiss early. Damned if they do and damned if they don't.

Some schools don't allow checkouts once a thunderstorm warning has been issued to discourage parents from coming to the schools and causing 'issues.'


You are right about the drill and it is what we relied on a few years ago until the ban was lifted. It isn't enough to protect the kids and yes we let kids go quickly if a parent showed up to take them. Underground shelters are needed . if bad weather is predicted ,get the kids home or to someplace safe.
Stephanie: Agree wholeheartedly. I am sick about this tragedy.


Oh shoot - I should just check Clarice's FB timeline first. She is on top of everything. ::grin::


I'm watching on and off. It's incredible. It's also incredible how these guys ask wimpy questions with no follow up. Miller needs to go to jail.

Any word on the Tea party rally?


I don't know how to post this, but Charlie Sperling posted a pix on Twitter of the (tiny) IRS protest and I can see Janet in her Sturbridge Tea Party Tee shirt!


Thanks, Steph and others. I still am a bit puzzled. It's not as though tornadoes are an unheard-of phenomenon in that part of the country. It doesn't sound like they have very thought-out emergency plans or facilities. But yeah, if it looks that bad, keep kids at home, even if the parents complain about having to stay home from work.

Melinda Romanoff considerin'


Cost creep at school builds is also a constraint. You're talking about a lot of concrete and little below grade work.

Rob Crawford
The question is why do schools stay open when the weather is gonna be horrible like this.

Because those storms don't last all day. They form around noon, not always predictably, and as horrible as events were they would have been worse had buses full of kids been scurrying around the countryside.


I know I tease a lot about anything north of the Red River being Yankees, but yesterday and today they belong to us. Heartbreak.


I posted this on the other thread -
This video is something...starts with an interview, & then they find the dog.

Love the strong woman. Makes me want to move to Oklahoma to be surrounded by people like her.

Captain Hate

Has Fatass Christie called the state with advice of how to beg for relief like a RINO fool and give a reacharound to the JEF?

Captain Hate

KD > *


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