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May 14, 2013



Words fail.


If you want some really good sea salt, albeit not cheap, go to a store in the West Village called The Meadow. Started in Portland, Ore, and very Portlandia-ish. But they have great sea salt from all over the world.


1. fat guys such as myself never discuss diet/nutrition;

2. peter thanks for the Sea Salt advice;

3. Maguire-- seriously, are you down to 150lbs? are you Triathaloning? see you at the 630pm Spin Class at the Y today-- or do you do Zumba?

Melinda Romanoff noshin'


Join me in some popcorn?


oil popped and buttered and heavily salted?... yes please.


The connection between Benghazi and the FBI wiretaps. I think I have found some more smoking guns. LUN.


You're always one click away from Gary Taubes, the Kevin Bacon of Just One Minute blog.


So the New York Times wouldn't mind if it's lines were tapped. I mean, if the Slimes is getting Classified stuff leaked and the AP is fair game, why wouldn't the NYT?

Rick Ballard


Some idiots are more useful than others and none are more useful than the NYT.


Conservative groups seeking information from the EPA have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived,

More or those Low Level staffers going rogue, I suppose.

Melinda Romanoff prouncin'

CNN claiming they have new emails on Benghazi, contradicting JEF.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

Jay "Carnie" Carney is late for his presser. I wonder why:)?

This should be good theater today considering we may have questions regarding Obama's claims at this presser yesterday with Cameron on Benghazi especially his reaction to four Pinocchios by the Fact Checker at WaPo.

Also, why did Holder recuse himself on the AP wiretapping investigation. Wonder if that gets asked.

There probably isn't enough time in the day to ask the questions that need to be asked but you can bet they will find that time contracts when it comes to this regime and their relationship with the MFM.


Do you have a link, Mel?

Melinda Romanoff explainin'

Won't let me and haven't been able to for weeks.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

The Zimmerman/Martin tapes and analysis has been released.


Zimmerman is cited by one analyst as yelling: This Shall Be - almost biblical. Read the whole thing. Lots happening in Seminole County Court leading up to the start of trial in June.


This must be it:

(Sorry to show off my linking ability.)

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

Here we go. Presser is on Fox News.

Carney looks just like he did when he was in 6th grade.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

If I was the CEO of a very large company and my treasurer, CFO and independent auditor revealed to the public that were doing price fixing and were sorry about it, do you think I wouldn't know? That I would be reading about it in the press?

Well if I didn't and if I did only read about in the press then my board would have no other decision than fire my stupid, lazy ass.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

Damn. What a silly excuse using the Inspector General as the reason you don't know anything and therefore your management hands are tied. Isn't this the regime that likes to fire IG's if they don't toe the line?

This guy and his cohorts couldn't manage a lemonade stand.


Sounds like almost no one agrees on what was said in the Zimmerman/Martin tapes.


"Inadvertent...Inappropriate" Carney is using those specific words a lot.

I believe that in every answer so for from Carney save one, he has used the words "appropriate" and "inappropriate."

This Presser I would so far call the "appropriate/Inappropriate" Presser.

Carney just called the ongoing questions about Benghazi a "Political Sideshow". Now Carney is telling us that the real issue at Benghazi is that 4 people died. Doesn't mention the Video, instead blames Repub's for trying to achieve Political points on Benghazi.

Carney now tells us that the President doesn't know any of this stuff because he is trying to focus on America's Economic problems, and also keeping us safe, so he doesn't have time to pay attention to all this other stuff.

My opinion is that the WH Press Corps is not buying the Carney performance. I especially love it when Carney allows a little Biden-type leer or smile to flash across his face.


Isn't this the regime that likes to fire IG's if they don't toe the line?

Why yes it is JiB.

Firing Inspector General Gerald Walpin for investigating sexual predator and Obama friend Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

Somehow their hands weren't tied back in in 2009 when:

[...General Gerald Walpin was unceremoniously sacked by the White House because of his investigation of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a retired NBA star and staunch Obama supporter. Walpin caught Johnson misusing an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant intended for St. HOPE Academy. Instead of using the funds to improve educational opportunities for the students, as required by the terms of the grant, money was instead redirected towards non-official business including influencing a Sacramento Board of Education election, padding staff salaries, washing Johnson’s car and running personal errands for the Mayor.]

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

But daddy, the regime is focused like a laser on the middle class, growing the economy and providing universal health care. Hell, I didn't know that. You learn something every day from Carney.

Captain Hate

The Sergeant Schultz administration


White male Reporter with a beard at the end of the row, next to the black guy in glasses, is questioning Carney's statements that the president before being elected was strongly in support of the Press and that has continued as President. I can't understand all the particulars of the back and forth but the reporter is not apparently buying Carney's painting of the Pres as a champion of Press Freedom.

If I understand correctly The reporter is bringing up examples of the Prez not doing what he said as a Senator and a candidate, and citing an example of Schumer not being assisted when he tried to get such a thing implemented during O's Presidency.

I hope and expect that that will be explained in understandable English here at JOM later today.

Melinda Romanoff gaspin'

"Constitutional Law Professor" used as sarcasm by WH Press in a question has me dropping my jaw.

I love Twitter, BTW.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)


That be F. Chuck Todd and he only gets pissed at this regime when it affects journalists, thus his questioning.


If this is the Sgt. Schultz administration then we need a Colonel Hogan to take advantage of them. Wonder who that could be? It sure isn't John Boner or Mitch - but how about Cruz? There just doesn't seem someone on the right that can generate the buzz of doing this.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)


Megyn Kelly just ran a short of Sgt. Schultz denying everything....LOL. You nailed it and it demonstrates once again this site is monitored 24/7 by FNC:)


Megyn Kelly is running video of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Hero's. Ha!


Also liked the dark haired guy in glasses challenging Carney's "Categorical Statement", that he absolutely knows nobody in the Administration did or knew anything about the IRS/AP crime. "You mad a categorical Statement to u that nobody in the WH knew or was involved. How can you say that? How do you know?"

Excellent. Nice to see these guys be a bit of pricks to Carney.


the Kevin Johnson case was scandalous. The Administration tore the IG apart limb from limb. I believe they have a history of tearing IG's apart.

Johnson likes underage girls and is a Dem and that's okay by them.

LA Times is cramming all of the political bombshells into their politics section and burying it as best they can. The sooner the Kochs buy the rag the better.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

Holder now on: This is a very serious leak. Needs aggressive action. Put American citizens at risk. This was a WH leak and one that came either from Brennan, Donlon or possibly Ben Rhodes. But why then would DoJ decide to go after the NSC?

They are looking for an alternative fall guy or girl. So, a shield law would do more to protect Americans than keeping your mouth shut. The logic is jaw-dropping.

He recused himself because he knew of the classified matter and had frequent interface with the media.

Captain Hate

the Kevin Johnson case was scandalous. The Administration tore the IG apart limb from limb. I believe they have a history of tearing IG's apart.

Johnson likes underage girls and is a Dem and that's okay by them.

I remember when KJ was drafted by the Cavs. He seemed like a good guy who cared about children's issue a lot but there was always a little unsettling tinge to it; like where is this coming from. Hard lesson to learn. Ouch.


So...Holder is a better liar than Carney.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

BTW, in gun news: Cops have arrested a guy in upstate NY for having 9 rounds in his .40 cal piece than the recently legislated 7 rounds.

[Next year the amount of rounds is reduced to 5 and by 2016 you are allowed none.:]

That is probably not too far in ProgFuture

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce has turned droning Stedman off since there's nothing that isn't misinformation emerging from the slit above where his chin should be.


How does that differ from this account here;



Judge Napolitano On Megyn's Shows went thru the 3 ways the Administration could have proceeded (within the confines of US Law) to get these AP Reporter's records, and he laid them out id fair detail.

He says that they absolutely did not comply with the specifics of those 3 ways, so that this is absolutely a violation of US Law and the 1st Amendment.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)

Jay Carney's Waterloo

From last Friday's presser on Benghazi. Wonder how he is feeling today with IRS and AP confusing things.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"Salt it up" is an apt thread for anything Judge Napolitano has to say, daddy.
Not saying he's wrong but where's my shaker?


Holder is assigning the same crack team of lawyers and investigators who worked on the Underpants #2 and Stuxnet leaks.

We should hear something around 2017 or so.

Jack is Back (on Firefox)


Bernie is in a bind if he decides to enter the tapes into evidence because this guy Reich is a terrible expert witness and will be torched by the defense. Also, the ghost of Dee-Dee is not going away much to the chagrin of Crumb.


Yes. they're trying to 'slay burn' all around the case, as per these motions, so a juror would have as much understanding as Frances Robles, he
earned her promotion to the Carlos Slim dancing chimps circle.

Captain Hate

Carney: Just because the IRS apologized doesn't mean they did anything wrong.


On the Megyn/Judge Napolitano Conversation:

The one of the 3 methods that it sounds like they pretended to use was one where they get a Subpoena to look at those phone records, but if they went that route it is required by US Law that the Administration had to then advise the reporters being examined, (wire-taped, listened in on, etc) that they were being examined (wire-taped, listened in on, etc) by the Authorities.

That did not happen in this case. The Administration did this examination(wire-tapping, whatever) without notifying the Reporters, therefore it is a direct violation of US Law.

Does that sound correct Clarice, DoT, Jane, TC?

Sounds to me like Holder is trying remain at arms length from any of this, knowing it was illegal from the git-go, and that he was trying in his Press Conference to spread the meme that this was about National Security, and to sort of allow the impression that they operated under the auspices of the Subpoena route I mentioned above, but justified their actions under a different route completely that exists under the Patriot Act, but that technically and legally could not be used under this Subpoena route.

If Napolitano is correct and what I've typed above is correct, then it seems like mighty thin stuff to mount a defense on. That Holder recused himself tells me he absolutely knew from the git-go that it was illegal, and all I can imagine is that they did not expect this to come out, since it seems like it's justification has feet of clay.

I am interested as well in what they were really looking for in tapping all these 100 reporters phones, as opposed to just this one leak investigation. To do something this bold and brazen and apparently illegal, I think they must have thought they would find much more on their various Press pals than just who did this particular potential leak from many months back.


Daddy, Daddy, Daddy-- it's NOT ILlegal when the attorney general DOES IT. John Mitchell taught us that.... wait.


It's a very wide net, much wider then a similar attempt that Kissinger directed to find who had been leaking to Times reporter William Beecher, re Cambodia bombings, that included a whole host of NSC staffers including Tony Lake and Morton Halperin,


Nice point from Brit Hume.

Megyn: What an afternoon. What do you make of it?

Brit: Well the White House Briefing Room is not a good place to gather information, but it is a good place to judge the Media atmosphere, and the media atmosphere in Washington today is a lot different that its been for years.


When the dust settles and facts are all in, I have a feeling this trio of scandals will add up to..well......sort of kind of bad, but not bad enough to cause any permanent damage to this administration.

And if we put in place mechanisms that'll prevent any future Republican administrations from abusing power in much the same way, then that's all the better.

I just made a joke...a future Republican administration hah ha ha...as if Joe America will ever trust a righty with the economy again roflmao.....


"I am interested as well in what they were really looking for in tapping all these 100 reporters phones,"

Could it be that someone tried to slip in a story that was not 100% leftist propaganda and the regime was trying to find out who was not 100% on board as a leftist propaganda spreader.


Beck, made a good point, why does the WH Press corps keep showing, either Carney is clueless or complicit.




I imagine Soledad O'Brien would be okay with Obama listening in on her cell phone calls.

She probably thinks that her slobbering praise on air isn't enough to let Obama know that she's ready and willing to Lewinksy him.

There may be a slew of other female DC correspondents in the same boat.


It was reporting like this, that prompted McClatchy watch



When you've lost Harry Reid...

Breaking: Shep says Harry Reid has just specifically denounced this AP Wiretapping scandal.

I like my popcorn with butter and Salt. How 'bout you guys?

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)

"Could it be that someone tried to slip in a story that was not 100% leftist propaganda and the regime was trying to find out who was not 100% on board as a leftist propaganda spreader."

Boy, are you wrong. Obama is Right/Center and he loathes his putative base because they 'tell him like it is', but then I wouldn't expect you to know that.


Holder: "Don't worry. It's all in the Patriot Act. Read for yourself."

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)

Right now the moderate Obama enablers are ignoring the substance of this bizness.

"I can't hear you, nyah, nyah nyah"


the shoe that hasn't dropped to the media yet is that this particular investigation was another of the Administration's witch hunt of the intelligence community.

Everyone knows that it was the WH that leaked.], but they are investigating the intel weenies why?


Seems like a favorite question on FOX right now is "Who signed the Subpoena?

Apparently that individual or individuals may be in deep Kimshee.

Wonder if it's some rogue Low Level guy?

More breaking: Now Harry Reid says "They need to hold hearings soon. Says the IRS actions are also inexcusable."

So Reid is outraged over the IRS mid level snafu and the AP wiretap snafu.



True, no real intelligence officer, would leak a long term deep cover agent into the AQAP, a 'William Costigan' as I put it.


You know, Hitler had the responsibility of running Germany, building the autobahn and making the trains run on time.

It was just some lower level Nazis and SS managers who met at the Wannsee Conference and operated the extermination camps.


Harry Reid made excuses. He said progressives (read Libtard) groups, and he named 3 had been scrutinized. NO shit Harry you walking douche bag. Some groups do get scrutinized. But hundreds?? Based on what their NAME is?
What a fecking retard.


I imagine Soledad O'Brien would be okay with Obama listening in on her cell phone calls.

Wolf Blitzer suggested yesterday that we have to look at the thing from Obama's point of view and consider why it might be proper and important for the Admin do do that.

It's a Huf Po link so be forewarded: Wolf Blitzer Can Totally Understand Why The Government Would Snoop On AP Phone Records

Key Quote from Yesterdays "Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer:

Blitzer: “Although if you look it from the other side, if there was a serious leak about an al-Qaeda operation or whatever, they’re trying to find out who may be leaking this information to the news media, do they occasionally have the right to secretly monitor our phone calls?” Blitzer asked.


remember when Obama called Benghazi a bump in the road? LUN.

I want the man haunted for the rest of his life for this debacle.

Jane -

I am interested as well in what they were really looking for


Harry Reid made some comment that the IRS was justified in targeting conservative groups (according to the radio I was half listening to.)


When I read all the stories about the questions asked by the IRS...I keep wondering who all they passed that info on to. We know ProPublica, but who else?

The EPA story from April said the EPA passed on farmer/rancher personal info to "Earth Justice, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Pew Charitable Trust."

Earth Justice is one of those enviro groups that sues, sues, sues...& gets our tax money for reimbursement through EAJA.

"Although the EAJA was designed to protect the ability of ordinary citizens to seek redress for government misconduct, evidence filed by Silver Creek shows that EarthJustice is no ordinary citizen. It has $35,922,744 in net assets, including nearly $1.2 million invested in an offshore limited partnership and $26 million in corporate stock. The attorney fee demand seeks between $500 and $600 per hour for EarthJustice’s in-house attorneys, nearly three times the statutory rate allowed under the Act and in far excess of the prevailing rate for private attorneys doing this work."

The EPA gives collected info to enviro groups. Who did the IRS give their collected info to?


I can't wait til Pigford joins in this fun.

Porn-fed Pitzer not Dana Gilbert Ward

I'm new here, and I'm going to pretend to be one of you guys. Then I'm going to troll like there is no tomorrow.


Matt-- obummer also described the Benghazi outcome as "Not optimal". he's such a dick.


I want the man haunted for the rest of his life for this debacle.

So would I except there's a problem: in order for him to be haunted, he'd have to possess a soul.


So the AP received a LEAK, from the Obama administration. And the AP's rights are now being abused. Woodward and Bernstein received leaks too.


Extraneus linked this about True the Vote harassment.

It is not just Dems & government agencies. It is Dems & government agancies & lib. advocacy groups.

IMO a lot of the powerful advocacy groups are running our country. They are writing our laws.


Boy, are you wrong. Obama is Right/Center and he loathes his putative base because they 'tell him like it is', but then I wouldn't expect you to know that.



Just a thought.

I've watched now how Holder has "Recused himself" from this AP thing and seemingly has Pre-established a protection strategy for himself and the President as being in any way culpable...

And how Carney and the Talking Points and Rice Pre-established a protection strategy for Obama and Hillary on Beghazi...

And how Carney and Holder and Obama Pre-established a protection strategy for knowing nothing and not being involved in the slightest with the IRS targeting Conservatives...

And how Holder and Napolitano and Obama Pre-established a protection strategy for complete ignorance or culpability in the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal...

Don't you wish the Administration had spent 1/1000ths of that same effort in Pre-establishing a protection strategy for Ambassador Stevens and the grossly inadequately armed and protected team-members in the Benghazi Consulate on the Anniversary of the Islamic Worlds "Hate America Day?"


Lyle, he's trying real hard.

Charlie (Colorado)

How about that? Dublindave is still able to troll, after his head exploded.


Obama: Valerie, how are we looking on that AP Wiretap thing?

Valery Jarrett: No problem. Holder has recused, and our Pre-planned non-culpability plan is in effect.

Obama: Great. How about our IRS going after the Tea Party situation.

Valery J: Again no problem Barrack. Our Pre-planned non-culpability "rogue Low Level staffers" and "If" strategy is in effect.

Obama: Good. How about Benghazi-Gate?

Valery J: Pre-planned talking points strategy is still in effect, Sir.

Obama: Fast and Furious?

Valery J: Same thing Barrack. All our strategies were preplanned from the git-go. Simply keep saying "There's no 'there', there", and we're clean as a whistle.

Obama: How about our diplomates in Benghazi on 9/11. Will they have adequate protection?

Valery J; Huh"
Holder: "What?"
Napolitano: "You don't seriously think we should have to worry about something like that do you?"
Hillary: "Nothing will happen, but if so, they're expendable.
Biden: Wonder how big their balls are?



If you think the IRS watching the Tea Party is bad wait till they get every bit of info about everybody and can pass it out to whom ever they want.


Re Zimmerman, no decent court would allow that sound analysis "expert" testimon
y into the record. It's total B.S.

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)


Didn't I say, you wouldn't know about that?

Porn-fed Pitzer not Dana Gilbert Ward

I'm new here, and I'm going to pretend to be one of you guys. Then I'm going to troll like there is no tomorrow. Also, I am very paranoid and utterly immoral and slimy and I'm a compulsive liar, and I hate all gentiles and Muslims. In fact, I hate everybody.

Pick one. I am:

1.) a Jew and a regular here already, or
2.) a Jew and a regular here already, or
3.) a Jew and a regular here already, or
4.) all of the above.

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)

Someone mentioned Brennan? The timeline.

"If so, it means the government grabbed phone records for Adam Goldman, Matt Apuzzo, Kimberly Dozier, Eileen Sullivan, and Alan Fram for three weeks after (and five weeks before) the UndieBomb 2.0 story Goldman and Apuzzo by-lined.

That would mean they’d get the sources for this Kimberly Dozier story published May 21 which starts,

White House counterterror chief John Brennan has seized the lead in guiding the debate on which terror leaders will be targeted for drone attacks or raids, establishing a new procedure to vet both military and CIA targets.

The move concentrates power over the use of lethal U.S. force outside war zones at the White House.

The process, which is about a month old, means Brennan’s staff consults the Pentagon, the State Department and other agencies as to who should go on the list, making a previous military-run review process in place since 2009 less relevant, according to two current and three former U.S. officials aware of the evolution in how the government targets terrorists.

Within 10 days of the time Dozier published that story, John Brennan had rolled out an enormous propaganda campaign — based on descriptions of the drone targeting process that Brennan’s power grab had replaced, not the new drone targeting process — that suckered almost everyone commenting on drones that drone targeting retained its previous, more deliberative, targeting process, the one Brennan had just changed.

And that propaganda campaign, in turn, hid another apparent detail: that UndieBomb 2.0, a Saudi sting had actually occurred earlier in April, and that UndieBomb 2.0 preceded and perhaps justified the signature strikes done at the behest of the Yemenis (or more likely the Saudis)."



Taranto in one of his finest:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324715704578483201643412868.html


Didn't I say, you wouldn't know about that?

Know about what? That you're an amoral shitstain? That, I know.

Corn-fed conservative (southern strategy version)

jeez. You were itching to say that. Troll can haz sum pie.


For the groups that complied with the IRS info requests...what did the IRS do with the info? Is it in a folder somewhere? Did they pass it on to others besides ProPublica? Who? Who wrote the questions?

Are there secret email accounts at the IRS like there were at the EPA?

Are other govt. agencies collecting info on American citizens/businesses/organizations & passing that info on to progressive groups?


Gosnell has waived any appeal and agreed to take a life sentence in jail.


One wonders if the burned agent, was of the same tribe as the Ma'rib leader, accidentally blasted by the drone, I'm speaking of the Shabwani

Porn-fed Pitzer not Dana Gilbert Ward

That you're an amoral shitstain? That, I know.

Posted by: lyle | May 14, 2013 at 04:27 PM

(sigh) Pot, meet kettle


Dueling Global Warming Updates:

1) ADN (McClatchy) Headline---May 13, 2013: China, Japan seek Arctic influence as ice cap melts

2) National Weather Service---14 May, 2013: ...RECORD COLD CONTINUES ACROSS NORTHERN ALASKA...


BETTLES.....................27 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 34 IN 1986)
GALENA......................31 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 34 IN 1965)
TANANA......................34 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 37 IN 1918)
EIELSON AFB.................38 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 40 IN 1992)


BETTLES.....................11 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 22 IN 1986)
GALENA......................13 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 16 IN 1965)
EIELSON AFB.................22 ABOVE* (OLD RECORD 26 IN 1954)

Currently 37 here at the house as I type, but Momma up on Flattop with the Puppy dogs texts me that it is snowing where she is.


Let me try again,



Indispensable. Chilling.

It seems clear to me now that the reason there was no response was a political calculation. If troops were sent in, if there had been an attempt to rescues, if it were to appear to be anything more than a protest, then it would have confirmed the fact that Islamic Terror had attacked the US, killed our ambassador and rendered us helpless. Obama killed four people.

Read it and weep.



*rescue* drat.


This is particularly damning. Are there special places in hell?

Sept. 14: The bodies of Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty are returned to the U.S. They are welcomed in a televised ceremony at Joint Base Andrews. Secretary Clinton publicly denounces the "Innocence of Muslims" video that had sparked of series of protests throughout the Muslim world, and had at one point been believed by some to be the cause of the attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

CBS News' Brennan reports that Clinton visits the Situation Room and Oval Office "half a dozen times this week" and spends "countless hours" there.


WHAT week, Mark O?


Bombshell: ABC News' Trey Hardin: West Wing Of White House Authorized IRS-Gate Targeting


Rob Crawford
The Zimmerman/Martin tapes and analysis has been released.

What nuthatch did they raid for the one analyst?

Defense better try to get this crap excluded.

Rob Crawford
the regime is focused like a laser on the middle class

Sure -- focused like a targeting laser guiding a TOW missile down on us.

Rob Crawford
Breaking: Shep says Harry Reid has just specifically denounced this AP Wiretapping scandal.

Must be the least damaging one. They'll focus on it and try to smother the others.


"Are other govt. agencies collecting info on American citizens/businesses/organizations & passing that info on to progressive groups?"

My belief is that there are no government agencies at the state or federal level who have any interest in protecting private citizen info. Some states are selling their citizens drivers lic info. Some states apparently just send the gun info of their private citizens to anyone.

IMO, It will get millions of times worse when the IRS has all your info about every aspect of your life.

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