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June 28, 2013


Frau Eingefororen-bis-geht-nicht-mehr

The military is wearing a bulls eye.

Bad military, bad military.
No wonder the Clintons did not talk to "them."


So if this guy is Obama's favorite general, can we assume this was done at his behest.


What was compromised by the three-point landing of Obama's Drone-jan Horse on Teheran's doorsteps?


ARTHUR: What happens now?
BEDEMIR: Well, now, uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French by surprise -- not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!
ARTHUR: Who leaps out?
BEDEMIR: Uh, Launcelot, Galahad, and I. Uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh and uh.... ARTHUR: Oh....
BEDEMIR: Oh.... Um, l-look, if we built this large wooden badger-- [twong]
ALL: Run away! Run away! Run away! Run away! [splat]
GUARDS: Oh, haw haw haw.


So members of Obama's NATIONAL SECURITY TEAM..........LEAKED this info to NBC.


feelthy Eenglish peeg dogs! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

1 - why would you shut the program down if it was working so well? Let the Iranians figure it out. That's the thing with worms and viruses. They are incredibly expensive to repair.

2 - as it was turning the Iranians computers to mush it would have been a good signal to the Iranians that we were taking aggressive action against their nuclear program.

3 - We can always make more and more destructive versions.

4 - It was Donilon or Brennan. Political hacks both.

This smells of desinformatisya.


Yes, that did strike my as odd, why would Cartright burn his own program, more to the point, as JE Dyer, a former naval intelligence officer turned blogger turned out, it didn't have that great an impact on the Iranian enrichmment program, however, releasing such a virus onto the interwebs, is highly corrosive to infrastructure in general, as season 4 of '24 I believe pointed out.


From outside appearances, it seems that our most effective ally in slowing the Iranian nuclear program is Iranian government paranoia. It looks like the various viruses have been most effective in disrupting things and that the government is assassinating their own scientists because all of the wacky computer troubles are convincing the top brass that the scientists are traitors...

So the White House and their stupid must-take-credit big mouths are a big help to the Iranians.


So they didn't give SAnger, the Rosen treatment;

But, said legal sources, while the probe that Attorney General Eric Holder ordered initially focused on whether the information came from inside the White House, by late last year FBI agents were zeroing in on Cartwright, who had served as one of the president’s “inner circle” of national security advisors. Two sources said prosecutors were able to identify Cartwright as a suspected leaker without resorting to a secret subpoena of the phone records of New York Times reporters.

Malis is running this case as well right.


So lets just say, I find this development a little surprising.


Exactly, Matt!

Also, I think Obama's regime is taking credit for something they didn't create, like Lilliputians saying they uprooted the trees :)


Commissario Montalbano is on tonight, twice on KCETMW - my favorite show overall and the best one in the series: August Flame. Great for learning Italian, too. I watch the first show reading the subtitles and the second show just listening to the Italian. Delicious Sicilian food also.


Gotta check that out, BR, have you seen the Rupert Sewell take on Aurelio Zen, they have to get their stories straight, General Alexander is the cyberwarrior, so says James Banford.


Love Aurelio Zen, narciso! He's so sauve. And have you seen De Luca? Wonderful period piece during WWII when Mussolini had fallen, Germans were leaving, Italy in political turmoil and De Luca has to navigate through it just so he can do his duty. (Of the three shows, he has the most amorous adventures, being demoted to vice squad, etc. :)


PSA: There's a mention on AoS of one AliceH aka AliceAitch who posts on doubleplusundead and who reportedly is "headed for the Moron Hall Of Fame" and whose "writing is always poignant and funny".

Not that my meager contributions would be confused with hers, but for the record, that's not me.


Gotta catch that as well, too bad they only did three episodes of Zen,

Frau Quatsch

I love both Montalbano and Zen in book form and have never seen the TV shows. The reason I started reading Dibdin's books was because of narciso's mention of the TV show.

Have any TV shows been made with Fred Vargas's Adamsberg mysteries?


Off Topic I Know

Thanks be to God! The NFL has refused to let themselves be used as a vehicle for Marxist programs and propaganda by that little Marxist community organizer and his band of cohorts from HHS run by Ms Syphilis herself.

Account Deleted


That should be Secretary Syphilis. Honorifics are very important in DC.


I thank you Mr. Ballard, and I stand corrected. But my joy knew no bounds when I saw that there was still a place where I could find refuge from that whole damn bunch of blood sucking leeches and guttersnipes.


We call her Cruella, TIH, not to confuse her with the Swedish? composer.


Well here's an interesting bit;



What's the Chinese word for 'Reset;

"(Reuters) - China's state media warned on Saturday that a "counterstrike" against the Philippines was inevitable if it continues to provoke Beijing in the South China Sea, potentially Asia's biggest military troublespot.


OT - Plamegate - was it ever discovered whom Miller was protecting or hiding from? Surely not the actual leaker, Armitage.


Eh, Holder does what Holder is told to do, that's why he has a job.

Ask 1000 AGs whether a pair of men standing outside a polling place with batons constitutes voter intimidation, you'd get 1000 votes in the affirmative.

Holder didn't see that, because he was told not to, and he does what he's told to do. We have no AG in this country.

Captain Hate

Not that my meager contributions would be confused with hers, but for the record, that's not me.

Thanks for pointing that out; I was pretty sure that wasn't you because I can usually tell commenting styles. Are you in the AoS yahoo group which sometimes fills up my inbox at an alarming rate?



Libby was one of the people she talked to. I'd have to look back at the threads to see if whom else she talked to every came out. I recall something about her notebooks being in a shopping bag and Flame. Pretty sure she was plugged into the NP community in the 90's (and my have known or known of Plame before) since she wrote books about it.


Way OT...

Today is the day that I will be wed to my Love! I am so very blessed to have found someone to love. I thought I would share some pictures with you guys.

The first picture is the Wedding Invitation in the form of a Ticket to a Hockey Game, the RSVP is perforated to be given back to us. Dana and I are at the JLA Center Ice after a game this year, we are Season Ticket Holders and our Ticket Executive Matt got us on the ice, provided the Sticks and Puck, and took some Pictures. Sports Themed Weddings did the Tickets and the Wedding Rally Towels.

Next up is Dana and I holding up the Wedding Rally Towels at a 2013 Playoff Game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

Lastly, Dana and I at the Renaissance Festival Last Year.

We worked with the Detroit Red Wings Organization to obtain permission to use the Logos.


Have a wonderful day PD!!!

We expect more pics later. Especially the cake.

Somehow I suspect I know what will be atop the groom's cake.


George Zimmerman Trial Update: Key Witness Devastating for Prosecution



Actually, it was Dana's Idea to have a Bride and Groom High-Fiving on the Main Wedding Cake with a Stanley Cup in the background.

When asked if I wanted to become a Season Ticket Holder with her, I pointed to the Massive Audio/Video System I had and stated "We don't have to go to all the games". She replied, "No, you don't have to go to all the games, but I AM!". It was a simple decision after that, especially since I love her so very much and have been going to games since they played at Olympia.


Congrats PD!



Congratulations and good luck. After 33 years with the lovely Mrs. West, I can tell you that it just keeps getting better.

Don't screw this up.


PD - Congratulations !

May the two of you enjoy a lifetime of love,
and all the blessings that brings.

Jane -

Congrats PD! Have a great fun day!


Congrats PD in Detroit.


Congratulations PD and Dana!


How wonderful, PD! Wishing both of you much happiness.


I believe Armitage talked to her as well, Comey certainly knew it, but it didn't matter.



Joy and happiness to you both throughout your lives together!

Agent J

PD congrats to both of you!

Have been a Red Wing fan since my first game in 1959..Use to go to games an be gone for two or three days..Wish I could remember some of the great times..

James D.

Congratulatiioonns, PD! Sounds lik a match made in Heaven!


Congratulations PD.
No gun on the cake? :)


Congratulations PD. May you both cherish each other forever.


Congratulations, PDinD!

It's not time until it's time, and then it's time for all time.

Jeff Dobbs

Congrats, PDinD!

Now, when you coming down for some golf?

I just looked it up. Holy smokes it's been 3 years since our last email.

Jeff Dobbs

(let's coordinate with an Elliott trip and you can both put me to shame. JiB, you wanna make it a foursome? PDinD and I were discussing Pinehurst)

Captain Hate

Congrats to PDinD


Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. PDinDetroit.


How sweet is that! Congrats, PDinD


Congratulations, PD!


Congratulations PD and Mrs. PD!


It's not time until it's time, and then it's time for all time.

Love that, sbw.

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