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June 30, 2013


Danube on iPad


Captain Hate

On FNS, McRINO was on from Jerusalem (I hope they divert his flight back to Mexico so he can be close to his real constituent) with his good friend Chuck Schooooooomer to mislead everybody about the Senate bill. They've obviously been stocking up on cigarettes and booze to bribe Boehner to pass that monstrosity. Any Republican thinking those two quislings are in favor of anything positive to their party need to call 911 and tell the responder they've lost their mind and can't find it.

Trey Gowdy looked and sounded outstanding on everything. Jen Rubin on the panel does the opposite.

Jeff Dobbs

Well-played, TM.

I was expecting the thread to consist only of "Away we go."

Captain Hate

Juan Williams is really really dumb. NPR was right to fire him.

Jane -

Juan Williams is really really really dumb.

4JackisBack!2 (On His iPhone)

On the bus from parking lot to theOpen. Very foggy.


CH & Jane, by comparison Jeantel is a genius. It explains so much.

Jane -

So the best the dems can do on the immigration travesty (Schumer on Fox, Pelosi with Obama-ass-kisser-Gregory) is say how good the bill will be for republican election chances.

Such wisdom in the democrat party. I wish someone had the guts to ask them if they read the bill and what they think of Harry Reid's $100m Nevada kickback contained therein.

OTOH I think Assange was worth watching.

Captain Hate

Another brilliant hire by Ailes. I think Kimberley Strassel was shocked by how witless he sounded and looked resigned that there's no reasoning with him.

Sammy small

Is it time to dust off the term "quisling" before the 2014 primaries.

Captain Hate

I don't know if I've said this here before but I wish Boehner, before doing anything on immigration reform, would have the entire Senate monstrosity read on the House floor and point out every embedded part that pays off the JEF's cronies and otherwise acts contrary to the concept of an open and transparent approach to dealing with the situation. Anything that huge has to be larded up with pork that needs to be exposed. If nothing else it would embarrass McRINO, Graham, Rubio and Flake for being part and parcel of it.


IowaHawk, Mark Steyn and Anthony Watts (Watts up with that) are following it; Everyone should be, IMO.


The USDA is not just targeting one guy with one rabbit. The way the regulation is written they can target anyone who has a pet or any type of animal.


USDA/NSA/ -whatever the government agency they are all operating under the same goals--expand, hire more leftists. Harass more Americans, bankrupt the USA. How many employees will the USDA need to insure there is a disaster plan in place, all employees are properly trained to carry out the disaster plan etc, etc for all the members of "Our Regulated Community"?

This is insane!

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet


If you or any of your Ahia pals have a good relationship with folks on Boehner's staff, please, please, please get this suggestion out to them, stat.

Captain Hate

Jim, I'll try to remember to call his office tomorrow. Good thing I was polite to them previously.


Another brilliant hire by Ailes.

Yep. And it is brilliant - Williams, Colmes, et al. Perfect examples of leftist thinking. And all of us come away thinking how really, really dumb they are. Brilliant.

I am much more offended by a Shep Smith. He wasn't hired to be a pundit, or a talking head, or an opinionista. He is supposed to deliver the news as a "journalist." Yet, there he his, twice a day, every weekday, doing his Juan W. and Alan C. impersonations instead.

Jane -

I also think it is a brilliant idea Capn'. I'm gonna tweet it right now.

Agent J

CH @ 11:08.
Excellent idea an anyone on this page, if they have contract with anyone in the House should make sure that they our aware of the suggestion.

Clarice another great Sunday caused by starting the day with your writings..

Again I would like to thank everyone for their input to this knowledgeable, entertain and thought provoking TM production. Thanks all!



I think Shep became openly opinionated during the Katrina coverage and its been downhill since then.

Danube on iPad

Wonderful, Clarice.

Well before he showed his true leftist colors I couldn't stand to watch Shepard Smith. Something in his appearance and manner gives me the willies.


Video: Julian Assange Praises 'Hero' Snowden, Rebukes U.S. 'Disgraceful' Treatment On ABC This Week


Danube on iPad

Two thoughts:

1. I am absolutely sick to death of seeing John McCain on Sunday news programs.

2. It would be a dream come true if Trey Gowdy were to primary Lindsey Graham next year.

As the early bird would chirp.

Ain't no rabbits here but us chickens.


Thanks, DoT--Really, John's payback for his perfidy is the press attention. Don't you think? Shemp is for viewers who loved Liberace/

Emigrate now or die a Chickenhead.

Do electric rabbits dream of colored Easter eggs?

Jeff Dobbs

I can honestly say that I am absolutely not sick to death of seeing John McCain on Sunday news programs.

Which raises a question:

Is there something that someone who has gone his whole life choosing quite deliberately not to watch Sunday news programs is missing that is detracting from the quality of his life?

Musically or stylishly.  And as for humour, gag me with a gong.

Sorry, clarice, I knew Liberace, and Shep ain't in his class.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, that's settled. Linda Greenhouse (per the memorandum list to the left) tells us who the real John Roberts is.

There is no higher authority in such matters, is there?

Jeff Dobbs

I happen to be in possession of a pic of that Hillary "Ready" t-shirt with Hillary's face replaced by that of Paula Deen.

I'm not sure what is to be done with such a thing -- that is, what message such a t-shirt should be used to deliver, what word or phrase should supplant "Ready".

I'm not even sure why, in any event, I set out to make such a pic.

There are a lot of things I do that I can't fully explain.


Did he fake his birth certificate, Hit?

I'm with you on the Sunday shows. Why listen to dopes who have no real knowledge of whatever the heck they are babbling about?


For hit's Paula shirt above the face: "They took it all away", and below the face: "This is what happens when you trust Democrats"

Old Lurker

"Shep" and "Open" are words not often seen together.


OT...please tell me you've had experience dealing with this issue. My five siblings and I decided to write the state of NH to request our 80 year old Mom be required to take a written,vision and driving test. We are concerned for her safety,not to mention other drivers. She received her letter Thursday afternoon and by Friday we were all the most selfish and ungrateful offspring ever to walk the earth. This morning,my brother called and said all is well,Mom is taking the practice written test on-line. Her test is July 10. Elderly driving is a difficult issue,but we had to make a responsible decision.But wow,we kicked a hornet's nest!

Danube on iPad

I think it was on June 13 that Glenn Beck told the world that he had a document that would bring down the government. Has anything further been heard?



Was reading a 90s book from UK this morning that had an essay laying out the early days of the creation of the CRU and how the Met Office would have nothing to do with it because it was dodgy science.

And anger over the initial IPCC reports because they had lost the spirit of the Brundtland Commission that this was actually to be a new political, social and moral framework.

I also loved reading about the importance of developing new categories and concepts to use in framing knowledge. Not just accepting the ones developed during the heyday of capitalism.

Useful book.

Off to reread some Kenneth Minogue. His death deserves to become a reason to call more people's attention to his pithy and prescient books.

Gotta love the phrase "pejorative redefinition." Ramapnt and a useful tool until someone recognizes it and describes it in just those terms.

Jane -

I like watching the Sunday shows. It's the closest I can get to see what the other side is pushing without getting ill.




I know that AAA has some training programs for senior drivers that can reduce insurance premiums, although I can't vouch for the quality. My dad sent a letter to the CA DMV about his 85+ father, but they never followed up...scary.



Carlos Slim's chimps, occasional come across some interesting details, eg; Mazzetti and Chiver's piece about Doha muscling in on the Syrian account from the Saudis they were behind Bel Hadj who in turn hired bin Qumu as a trainer, so what could go wrong,

For all our gripes with Rupert of Wapping, he does present some gems, like Moyar's review of
the real history behind the Vietnam War, that
Halberstam, Sheehan, et al, presented.

So who is behind Assange, and by extension, Snowden, Ellsberg is another part of that chain, but he doesn't have the resource to mount such an operation.


Fox radio commentator's Facebook post was deleted by Facebook. They have now said they were mistaken and reinstated it. His post is fantastic ;

"I'm about as politically incorrect as you can get. I'm wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gather Vocal Band singing 'Jesus Saves' on the stereo and a Gideon's Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I'm politically incorrect and happy as a June bug."


"Kiss Kick the Cook"


This is the earlier piece;



What did Reagan say about the Democrats, they left me, I didn't leave them;


Jane -


I've dealt with that. My mother has macro degeneration and also can't hear. An hour doesn't go by when she doesn't announce that she is "blind and deaf". A couple of years ago after one such announcement I asked her what the hell a blind and deaf person was doing driving.

She announced that she had passed her driving test.

She gave it up last year. My brother in law immediately crashed her car, something she hadn't done in 87 years.


I haven't seen it, DoT, and I cannot tell you how surprised I am that nothing has surfaced.


Jane: that is quite funny, in ways you didn't intend. I think you mean macular, not macro.


Some stories take a long time to percolate. I used to think that Bob Graham was all wet with the supposition that Saudi interests supported the 9/11 hijackers, but time has revealed that the San Diego path led to Awlaki, and the Tampa
path led to at least one prominent AQ figure still active. I still find that as a poor excuse
for his opposition to the Iraq War, but props need to be given,

Jane -

I think you mean macular, not macro.

Yeah - but they probably both apply.


-- I think you mean macular, not macro.--

Since the advent of auto-correct I can now claim I have never misspelled a single word....even when I have it turned off.
Only my hairdresser knows for sure.

Jeff Dobbs

Deen shirt...

Loves Obama
Hates Black People

I don't know, not quite enough to say what I think should be said, but it fits on the shirt and captures one truth based upon actual evidence within the last election and another as determined by the high minded community based reality folk using private comments made many years ago.


While San Francisco had its gay pride day yesterday, out here in the boonies we had the Western States 100. That is a 100 mile race (humans, running) from Lake Tahoe to Auburn.

The winner was the same as lat year; the time was 15 hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds. The temperature was in the high 90s/low 100s. I can't even imagine doing this.


Ah, the rest of the story;



A poster at AT took the 91 tape and slowed it down in case you want to hear it more clearly:http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=676362&songID=11548279&showPlayer=true


Ah, events in Cairo are working out well:

Jack is Back

Frederick broadcasting from Sebonack



Sorry you have to deal with that. My dad's eyesight got so bad before surgery that I wouldn't ride as a passenger in anything he'd drive (still won't but at least he can see now).

Morning all.



If you could somehow make her look like a roasted butterball, I think you would have winner.

Jack is Back

BTW, sports history in the making on NBC. If Inbee Park wins The Open, she will be only the 2nd woman since Babe Didrickson in 1950 to win the first 3 majors in women's golf. My bet: She does it and could win a grand slam at the. Ladies British.

She has lived here now the same amount of time as. she did in S. Korea.


CR,thanks. NH quickly followed up on our request. Jane,my Mom has always been a good driver,but she's 80,with reduced mobility. She has three attempts to pass her driving test. If she doesn't pass,she'll have to realize that we made the right decision.


Sit Ubu sit, good dog, here's a treat;


Fiddler on the hoof

Treating Snowden as a human rights defender dispenses with all the HERO ! No, TRAITOR ! bullshite.



rich,ha! I just talked to my brother and he told Mom that even if she passes the test,he won't ride with her.


Before going off to read narciso's links here's today's post. With lots of Minogue's insights brought in. Really adored his writing.




Enjoyed the pieces this afternoon with y first cup of coffee. Much better than Sunday news programs.



I prefer "Fetch."


This is Roger Kimball's tribute to Minogue http://pjmedia.com/rogerkimball/2013/06/30/kenneth-minogue-1930-2013/?singlepage=true



Don't want to make it light an issue. It is really tough.


hummm...let's see if I can fix my 418:

Don't want to make light of the issue because it is tough to go through. Hope it works out for you and your family.


Marlene, you all did the right thing. My sons could be driving in NH with her. Thank you!

A bit off topic, but I realized earlier today as I "opened the cottage" alone--yes, it's a bit late in the season, but life has changed the usual order of things this year--and was thinking how things change over time as I cleaned the steps to the lake for the 28th year, that I shall be grateful to share one week here with one son, after so many years with at least a month with both--

We have raised two "enemies of the state."

We raised our sons to think for themselves, to do the right thing, to be sheepdogs, not sheep, nor wolves.

We'll see how that all works out for them under the new order.

Jane -


My money is on them.


from Insty...

IN SEARCH OF CHEAP HELP: The Hill: Silicon Valley prepares to push House toward immigration reform. I was talking a few weeks ago to a friend who chairs an IEEE chapter in Silicon Valley. He says they bring over Chinese coders, pay them $500/month and put them in corporate apartments with a van that goes back and forth to the office, then send them back to China after a year. But they donate to Democrats, so there’s not much press scrutiny.


Yep. And colleges and universities bring over "great" foreign students who have cheated on their ESL tests and once in graduate programs need a year or more of remedial undergrad work before they can work on their graduate programs.

Laura White

Clarice--as per today's column, ruat coelum!! Took umpteen tries to get that little bit of Latin through autocorrect, by the way!

Captain Hate

I like watching the Sunday shows. It's the closest I can get to see what the other side is pushing without getting ill.

It probably seems, from my reactions here, that I get nothing positive from the Sunday shows; but General Hayden's appearance on FNS a couple weeks ago was very informative to me. Also, by her performance on today's FNS panel, Jen Rubin has left the list of people I want to immediately throw in a wood chipper. Probably a temporary thing.


Thanks, Laura, Check out instapundit: Looks like the way to smash the Islamists was for Obama to support them. That's what I call Smart Diplomacy. Did you notice? Everything he touches turns to dross.


suppose no one in the administration could have guessed that would happen...maybe Obama can fire up the teleprompter and give another speech...

Captain Hate

Thanks for that heads up on the Instapundit stories. I get a great amount of joy from those arrogant snots getting their clocks cleaned with their brainless policies. I've given up caring about what it does to our standing internationally since the JEF makes it so personal about himself; surely the other countries are insightful enough to know that. I'm also heartened that the UK presses take their responsibilities to report objectively on that dumbbell seriously, unlike their domestic counterparts.


From that Moyar review, it also reference Chau Doc, the former Vietminh who was stifled by the very Francophile officers that arose after the Diem coup.

Jack is Back


We are the only countrybnot to catch up with the JEF. Think about all his. blunders that the press forgets to mention. He and his staff are a human joke machine.



BBC:"The number of people protesting today is the largest number in a political event in the history of mankind. Keep impressing .. Egypt. "


And, apparently American media is ignoring.


Sometimes as with a poorly trained pup, he slaps them with a wet newspaper as in my 3;50 LUN, but mostly they are very obedient,


17 million is what I saw on a live blogging site a few minutes ago. And it's not just Cairo--Big crowds in Alexandria, too.


It's ironic, that John Carpenter, was very prescient about this regime, in 'They Live' he wrote about the Reagan administration, but the blank media with the subliminal commands is almost all of them,

Captain Hate

And, apparently American media is ignoring.


4:37p Tom Blumer at Newsbusters notes that the US establishment media is ignoring for the most part the anti-Obama, anti-American sentiment of the Tamarod protests.


3:09p NBC is reporting that “tens of thousands” are out protesting against Morsi. Are they delusional or just outright lying?

2:58p Media reports are coming in with estimates of the crowd sizes across Egypt. Al-Masry Al-Youm cites experts that more than 17 million are in the streets today.


The Media didn't miss the ARAB SPRING SPEECH in 4 years ago. The M.E. and N.Afica have turned into a highly volatile shit stew since Obumblefuk took office. He talks a good ball game.

Old Lurker

17 Million?

Is it that damn movie again?


Greetings from Killarney. 10:40 pm and finally no light in the western sky. GZ? There won't be a directed verdict, there should be, i guess the state and judge hope the jury bail them out with a manslaughter conviction. The case is a sick joke. In Euroland ze Germans have zair panties in a knot over Der Spiegel reporting Snowden told them the NSA bugged euro pols. EuroMedia ass kissing of Obummer is far more restrained than even last year. Speaking of ass kissing- with chavez at room temp, Obummer best buds are the MB rulers of Egypt and Turkey. Amerika's Islamist POTUS.


And, apparently American media is ignoring.

Posted by: centralcal | June 30, 2013 at 05:33 PM

I think the US media understand that there are some very deep parallels between the Egyptian experience and here in the US.

In both cases, a candidate put themselves forward as an agent for change, promising not to use the power of his office to push through a very narrow party agenda if he won.

In both cases, the winner abandoned that promise as soon as they won office.

The fear on the part of the MSM is showing how people can really challenge the regime if they choose to.

The success of everyday Egyptians in challenging the winner in Egypt might prompt Americans to consider similar action.


Erdogan doesn't look like he's in such great shape either--What's the moral herre for the ME? Kiss Obama and die?


Obama is still leading from behind.
And while on the topic of losers, John McCain is a pathetic old hack. The GOP should have recognzied McCain for the LIBTARD that he is, when McCain wept over Russ Feingold losing.


John McCain said on FOX that the House Republicans understand the implications of their parties future if they don't pass immigration. This guy is NOT intelligent. I mean he is smarter than DuDu and Dee Dee, but not by much. He said Americans support the bill if ILLEGALS are forced to XY or Z.
I don't support it under ANY circumstances, HOWEVER, if they get the illegals to comply and they get the illegals to pay their back taxes, fines and are charged with any felonies for identity fraud. I'll reconsider, only AFTER.


You thinkMegan is the first dumbbell in the McCain family?

Jack is Back


If you are in Killarney go to Charley Foley's on New street. You will meet kindred sririts plus left wing Iriish assholes. Those are my cousins:)

Jack is Back

Everytime I listen to McCain, who I admire as a vet, I am reminded he finished last in his class at Navy.


Well there's another parallel ever since the last stolen election, Capriles, has shown himself
to be a dissapointment as an opposition leader, there are more forceful figures that are emerging in the opposition, there was supposed to be a major protest this week.


Much like the World Cup and the Olympics 'Chicago is out' and brackets at least for the first couple of years, he's a jinx.


promising not to use the power of his office to push through a very narrow party agenda

When did Mr Fundamental Transformation give that assurance?

Danube on iPad

I think he was fifth from the bottom, JiB.

The following addresses an issue raised late in the preceding thread:

"Ordinarily, if the defense seeks a mistrial, the defense waives its double jeopardy objection to a retrial....However, there is an exception to this rule if the prosecution's misconduct forces the defense to seek a mistrial. In federal court, the bar of double jeopardy prohibits the case from being retried only if the prosecutor commits misconduct which is intended to goad the defendant into moving for a mistrial."

I don't know the rule in FL, but I don't see this judge finding misconduct in this case anyway.

Captain Hate

As somebody who never tires of slattering the court jester MFM for not reporting things that make the JEF look bad, in the middle of their broadcast, ABC news gave a report on the Egypt protests and said the number of protestors was in the millions.

Jane -

Gus, that's the pre-determined talking point. Nancy pelosi is worried to death that we won't be good competition for her if we don't grant amnesty.


Killarney!! Danny Mann's is the place to go.
New Street. My cousins own the little hotel next door.

Captain Hate

Yes, Jane; Pelosi Galore and Schmucky Schooooooomer only have the best interests of the Republican party in mind with their bipartisan efforts for amnesty.

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