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June 29, 2013



Jane, Geraldo Rivera insults my intelligence. He probably has an average or better i.q., but his ideology, like ALL LIBTARDS, over rides any logic.

Carol Herman

How many witnesses have you ever seen take the stand, even in a big trial like Zimmerman's ... and billions of people now know what Dee-Dee looks like. And, You Tube keeps getting hits to see her when she's saying to Don West's question ... "That she knew the confrontation was racial because of what Trayvon said."

Trayvon said he was being followed by a "creepy ass cracker."

Not that you care what I think, but Dee-Dee's "tweets" have been "scrubbed." About 45 tweets have gone missing.

Didn't the judge, when Dee-Dee left the stand, admonish her to keep away from the media? And, not to go to the Internet. Or comment to anyone about this case?

So how do 45 tweets get scrubbed?

Don West's reputation will go sky high for his cross of Dee-Dee. It will be taught in law schools. And, all because he was able to ask Dee-Dee "how did she know the case was racial?" Which is what she told Trayvon's mother. And, even if Dee-Dee can't write "cursive," the letter is still there.

What's going to happen Monday morning? How come O'Mara needs the half hour before the jurors come in, to show something to the judge? Is it about evidence? Well, I didn't go to law school. But I think so.

You know, if it's NOT about the 45 scrubbed tweets on Dee-Dee's Twitter Account ... then something in this case has gone missing.


Well the Benghazi special was good, Peter Boyer
really does a good job, but you have to sift through all this dreck, it's a lot like that show in the 80s, 'Maz Headroom'


Sorry I meant about much of the other offerings on Fox, I've never noticed anything more than a 'room temperature' IQ from Geraldo, reputedly he was once a lawyer,

Carol Herman

I don't think Benghazi matters. I don't think Obama's african tour "matters." But what's happening in egypt, now? Yes. 22-million people signed an egyptian petition telling Morsi he has to go.

Drudge will have links. But the media? It ain't Max Headroom. Today's "clueless-ness" is not entertaining.


No Narciso, he eventually got himself a J.D., he has NEVER practiced law. He got a DEGREE.


Carol, you must forget that in July of 09, Obama told Egyptians how he was going to save the world!!

Carol Herman

Max (Maxwell) Smart was created by Mel Brooks. There was a time liberals owned the world of comedy. Today's GOP are still foils.

Imagine if the GOP had a "contendah?"

Instead, an empty chair was substituted for wit. Mitt lost. Congress gets even less respect than Obama. Oh. And, Palin may want to start another party. She'd call it "The Freedom Party." So the GOP can really get flushed down the toilet. This is all so sad.


Carol... Congress gets lets respect, but YOUR CONGRESSMAN, MY CONGRESSMAN is RESPECTED.

Carol Herman

Egypt's going up in smoke, Gus. (And, yes, I remember the "famous" Cairo speech. Did he use a teleprompter? Americans didn't become aware of the teleprompter until later on.)

Let alone what happened when Obama tried to duplicate Reagan in Berlin. And, the sun shown on his teleprompter. So he couldn't read, or remember, the speech he was supposed to give.

When Nixon was president didn't Americans see a lot of other people who looked more presidential than he?


Well that was the only really interesting part of the convention, although it couldn;t fully encompass the panoply of self indulgent and stupidity, that predominates this administration,

But yes, they didn't want Sarah playing in any of 'their reindeer games', that worked out well.


Really, who has a congressperson in their district they can be proud of, Schulz, Sanchez,
Holmes Norton, Fudge, 'I'm dying here' as Bugs Bunny would say.


Narciso, the LIBTARD LEFT, used to trot out spokes-libtards that had some cache. NOW, they trot out ANY FUXING BOOB who has a MEDIA NAME. They LIE with most disgusting impunity, and they mis and dis INFORM on purpose. THE LIBTARD LEFT has calculated that their TARGET AUDIENCE is as STUPID AS ANAL WARTS.


Dee Dee has been described in the most wonderful terms.

Dee Dee is a useless loser.

Danube on iPad

When I look at the guide and see that a program named "Geraldo at Large" is scheduled, I ask mysel "why would I ever want to know Geraldo Rivera's opinion about anything?"

I have never watched it.


This is from earlier in the week, (h/t Sondrak)

Seeking a provisional arrest warrant for Snowden, the US government submitted documents referring to Edward James Snowden …. In another document it just used his middle initial. According to his passport, however, Snowden’s middle name is actually Joseph.


Yes Narciso, the U.S GUBMNT. OBAMA. Is trying to LAWYER SNOWDEN!!!!



'It's spelled Raymond Luxury Yacht, but pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove,' they wrote that sketch 30 some years ago,


Narciso, TED KENNEDY loved black folks and he loved Mary Jo Kopechne!!!!

Captain Hate

Holmes Norton, Fudge, 'I'm dying here' as Bugs Bunny would say.

I'm contemplating calling Marcia Marcia in my best JEF Streets the Clown accent and tell her about how the Senate Shamnesty might keep "my people's" unemployment rate higher than its current disgraceful level. Let me see; drop my 'g's, conjugate verbs incorrectly, refer to my Cousin Pookie.

Did I miss anything?

Captain Hate

I'm watching the Decembrists on Austin City Limits. Anybody else like them? Porch and Gus, I'm thinking of you. I just want to know why they asked Gilliam "Debbie Downer" Welch to sing with them when they already have teh hawt female singers and fiddle player.

Captain Hate

DAMMIT!! The second half is Debbie Downer and some good guitarist who has a Clutch Cargo/Jawn Cary humongous lantern jaw. THIS IS THE CRAP I GET FROM PUBLIC TELEVISION!!


Who's teh Hot, in that band,


My standards are kind of high in that department;

Captain Hate

I just looked on their website and couldn't find anybody that looked like the blonde backup singer, who may or may not have been the blonde playing a fiddle on another song. Maybe she's not a regular member of the band. There was another woman who may be going through cancer treatments because she was wearing a head scarf over a hairless scalp.

Carol Herman

Anybody who still watches TV deserves what they get.

As to this monolithic black community that gets envisioned, here, sometimes, I think most blacks understand pretty well that "Dee-Dee" hangs out with gangsters. And, Trayvon Martin was bad news.

Oh, there is a mall called "Lauderhill" ... where Blacks do go to riot. They collect on Twitter. And, 200 to 300 of them can show up for a mob scene. Cops respond with helicopters, dogs, and firearms.

Plus, separate from Ghetto slang. (Or "twitter write" ... Dee-Dee knew enough to have her note to Trayvon's mom witten in cursive to make a positive impression.

She, and probably Trayvon, could switch the "ghetto mode" on and off. That Twitter keeps electronic records is NOT something Dee-Dee suspected. Did you?

Captain Hate

Hmmm, I was previously unaware of her probably because of the smooth jazz aversion. As I'd expect from a somebody associated with Prince, she is smoking and can play; just not stuff I like. Although she *is* nice to watch while I listen to something else.


Well she's performed with James Brown and Lionel Ritchie, as well as Prince,

Now this not altogether a bad thing, however fight club rules should be in effect.



He seems to following the pattern of Assange;


Bruce Hayden

Haven't seen this before here, so I appologIze if it was. Here is a reenactment video. It answers a lot of questions about what happened that night. Yes, it was done by Zimmerman, so may be self serving, but it was done apparently the next day before he layered up. It is also consistent with the evidence we have seen at trial so far.

daddy in typepad hell

Why does Anderson Cooper of the "TeaBagger" Gay Slur get a free pass to ask 'Why Does Alec Baldwin Get a Pass Using Gay Slurs?'


Anderson Cooper gets a pass because he is a liberal. Of course I realize you were asking a rhetorical question, but someone needed to answer. :)


Hmmm, Daddy, your question has more depth :) and is more complicated than I realized. I scanned it the first time and just threw out a cliched answer. Re-reading the question, I find it needs pondering...but, I find I'm sleepy and need a clear head for the pondering. :)


Ms. Feldman's piece:



Well done, Clarice.

daddy in typepad hell

Very well put together, Clarice.

I have been unable to follow it except for bits and pieces at Legal Insurrection, but you sure put it all in proper perspective. Let us pray the Juror's have the courage to do the right thing.

Jane -

We've learned Holder's sense of justice depends on what the parties look like.

Truer words have never been said Clarice. Great, great Pieces.

Jack is Back

Well done, Clarice.

Notable to me is that we have elected a black man as President twice and race is now a bigger issue than it was when we first elected him. What was to be the bridge beautiful over the equality chasm has become the new Montgomery bus but being driven now by Barack Obama and not James Blake.

Revenge is sweet and whitey is the new Rosa Parks. We have truly entered an alternate universe. You can bet that if Zimmerman is aquitted he won't be invited to the White House for a beer.


Ditto, what Jane said. I sure hope the jury does the right thing.


Excellent "Pieces" again, Clarice !

Thanks for your continued great work.


Thank you very much. There was a lot of very good material to work with this week--and a special thanks to Tom for the lead and Rick for his colorful description of the prosecution.


The Good problem isn't just how implausible it is that he was able to clearly see Martin on top and flailing his arms, but somehow not be able to see whether he was hitting Zimmerman or not. The Good problem is also that he told the jury straight out that he wasn't 100 percent sure what he was seeing.
All the prosecutor has to say is that jurors should only accept testimony that is delivered with certainly -- especially when the matter under discussion is crucial to the case.
It is undeniable that Good isn't sure what he saw. He say's he is not certain. How certain was he? We don't know, yet. Hopefully, we will eventually learn how certain.
More important, it seems highly plausible that there would have been a struggle for the gun. Zimmerman tells the dispatcher he perceives Martin as being dangerous, menacing even. At one point, he claims he feels he's being sized up by Martin and even suggests some note of fear.
Given that, when he finally confronts Martin, why doesn't he immediately draw his gun? Barring that, why doesn't he immediately draw his gun when Martin gets lippy with him. Or is the story that Martin attacks without a word? That's possible, but certainly less plausible: It's highly implausible that a confrontation of this sort would begin in silence. The men would challenge each other and if Martin was indeed the menace Zimmerman clearly suggests he believed he was, Zimmerman would at least have his hand on his weapon.
Here's the most plausible scenario for how Zimmerman murdered Martin.
Zimmerman confronts Martin, who's afraid, but who's dancing between fight or flight. He chose fight and lunges for the gun. Zimmerman is too late to fully draw the gun and takes one on the nose and Martin follows the punch with a tackle, landing atop Zimmerman.
Realizing that although he's on top, Zimmerman still has access to a gun, Martin screams for help. Both men are squirming and wrestling with everything they have and Martin is flailing his arms trying to grab the gun. He fails to grab the gun away and so Zimmerman shoots him dead.
The biggest problem I have with Zimmerman's story is that he doesn't reach for his gun until he's on the ground. I can see that he wouldn't want to point it at Martin, but he'd want to have his hand on it.
So if you're Martin: being followed by someone who's showing all the body language of someone who think's they are engaging in a law enforcement action against a criminal, then that person confronts you and reaches for a gun, you're certainly justified in attacking him in self-defense.
Who knows what other evidence there is to support this scenario. Possibly there is not evidence to support, but the point is, not one word Good had to say contradicts that scenario.


Thst is a joke right? Can you read cursive, cuz that apparently is an acceptable excuse for moronic utterances...


Mike Bloomberg speaking directly to Butt Buster:

“I don’t know where they went to school, but they certainly didn’t take a math course. Or a logic course.”




I must be missing something.

Christian Science Monitor (via Insty) has a story up with the subhead:

Rachel Jeantel, the prosecution’s star witness in the murder case of George Zimmerman, sparked a torrent of commentary from both whites and blacks, much of it negative. Will criticism of her demeanor override her crucial testimony?

What in the world was her crucial testimony?

Sure she's stupid and she's angry and she can't speak, and all that is worthy of criticism. But that is beside the point of the subheadline. What comes out of her piehole is what is of consequence, regardless how it comes out, and what has come out has revealed herself to be an untrustworthy liar. Her lies have overridden her "crucial testimony".

So as CSM continues to act as if there is some important pro Trayvon testimony she possesses that isn't getting out because of criticism aimed at her, I'd like to know what it is cause I can't find it.


OT: A possible candidate for St Jane's Island?

The tiny island where men have their own language:

Women and children can understand the language, but it is primarily used among men engaged in male domain activities like fishing and boat-building, beer drinking, fartin', telling dirty jokes, laughing at Three Stooges episodes, etc

Jack is Back


Just as BuBu sees everything through the prism of his leftist, white guilt, government school educated, ignorance, the media sees it the same way. They filter all facts until the ones that fit their pre-conceptions are left. Wonder if they ever took a course on logic or philosophical reasoning.


Great pieces, Clarice, they raise the two minute hates, to keep the proles, at each other's throats, Althouse is surprisingly still clueless.


'Darnok at Tanagra,' daddy, it is equally unscrutable, OT, there's a new book about John Quincy Adams, and how his time as envoy in Russian and other places shaped his world view.

peter --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

I know that I am late to this news, but I just learned that Marc Rich has died. LUN


Two minute hates, play out internationally as well, as former?? Sandinista fan Karen DeYoung



I always enjoy reading Clarice on Sunday morning, but especially did this morning. Outstanding!

peter --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Great pieces, as usual, Clarice. Unfortunately, the civil rights movement has always been intertwined with race hustling, redistributionism, and con artists. Which is not to say there weren't some good idealists involved, and some good to come out of it, but look at the price we paid. Sadly, I don't think we have made much progress as a society.


Excellent as always, Clarice.

I feel sorry for DeeDee. She seems to have done everything within her limited power from the beginning to avoid recounting what happened the night Trayvon died. It makes me sad to hear folks denigrating her, especially since I think she has diminished capacity or whatever the pc term is for being a special ed candidate these days. I hope the race hustlers and Angela Corey are called to account in this life or the next.

Jane -

Julian Assange is on "This Week".



Jeralyn's take on Jeantel


DebinNC: I don't think Rachael has diminished capacity. She speaks and understands 3 languages - Creole, Spanish and English. (I suppose we shouldn't neglect to add a 4th language - just not sure what to call it - ghetto-ese?)

Oddly, when BDLR tried to insinuate that her inability to read cursive or speak articulately had to do with other languages spoken at home, West questioned her in detail about that. She emphatically, clearly in the loudest voice she had used during the whole trial, and most importantly without any "accent" of any kind stated: I understand English, perfectly, sir!

And, I think she does. She may not be able to write it or read it if handwritten - but that is probably due to her own lack of interest in being educated. I bet everyone she is around and associates with in her group of teens, etc. talks just like she does.


cc, I said earlier I think she has a goiter. If that's correct and is not being treated it explains why she seems slow on the uptake and a lot of her other odd characteristics. But then I'm not a doctor, just an observer who has seen what goiter looks like and what it can do if untreated.


I was just thinking how lucky George Zimmerman is, at this moment, to be George Zimmerman and not jwest or (I assume) narciso, daddy or even a male version of clarice.

Although I've never done anything I believe is overtly racist, I'm certain that there are things that people with a strong enough agenda could find and characterize as such. Who wouldn't have a "Paula Dean" moment at some point in their past?

Zimmerman appears to have lived an exemplary life. Could any of us hold up to the scrutiny he has received and come out as unscathed? If so, my already high opinion of the people named would rise.

What would have happened if the same circumstances had fell on an "average" person?

Account Deleted

Is the race baiter rollback due to the black racists having been made aware that O'Mara's request for hearing without the jury on Monday morning will involve presentation of evidence of intent to commit perjury by Miss Jeantel? IOW - was she stupid enough to have bragged about what she was going to do using one of her pseudonyms on social media?

Would O'Mara then ask for a mistrial or would he allow the prosecution to wade further into this cesspool of cowardice?

Dr. Weevil

The big problem with bunkerbuster is that he writes without reading or thinking first. If he'd read my 3:26pm comment yesterday - now one page back - he would know the answer to his problem with Good's testimony, and if he read Legal Insurrection religiously - as anyone seriously interested in the case would do - he would know that GZ has said that he forgot he had a gun until TM had him on the ground beating him, noticed it, and started trying to get hold of it himself. bunkerbuster's objections are ignorant and inane.


Here's another random thought...

Concerning the upcoming civil action Zimmerman is taking against NBC, how could it not be a conspiracy?

NBC and MSNBC employ anchors, "reporters", analysts, legal correspondents and others who are paid to know the details of the news event they are commenting on.

Can anyone remember one of the NBC/MSNBC employees saying the 911 tape was edited in such a way that it misrepresented the facts (prior to it becoming an issue)?

How could everyone, supposed paid professionals, all miss that glaring fact?

Did word go out to ignore the error and not to contradict the host on whatever show the tape was being played?

This civil trial is going to be as entertaining as the criminal one.


Clarice: you are probably right about goiter. There is something other than being overweight going on in her neck area.


Dee Dee's physical health could very well impair her mental acuity if goiter is indeed the problem. Drinking alcohol for social recreation is the worst thing she could do to herself.

Clarice, thank you for putting into well chosen words the utter rot race hustlers have brought to our cities and neighborhoods. Hopefully the Zimmerman trial is effectively exposing part of the destructive underbelly of leftist ideology and how it enslaves and politically exploits the black community. Maybe even the 'Republican' governor of Florida will be shamed publicly for falling in line with the hustlers and allowing this sham trial to go forward.

What a disgrace. Pray for George Zimmerman and his family.


--The biggest problem I have with Zimmerman's story is that he doesn't reach for his gun until he's on the ground. I can see that he wouldn't want to point it at Martin, but he'd want to have his hand on it.--

Now, bubu's problem with GZ is he wasn't eager enough (or at least not as eager as Buub would have been) to get his rod out and get ready to shoot that innocent, small black youngster.

There's just no pleasing some racists.


Rick, Jeantel was instructed not to talk to anyone about the case--even the prosecution--and not to read about it. Her demeanor was quite subdued on the second day and her tweets about the case were scrubbed between the appearances. I think O'Mara has good reason to indicate she was still being coached/manipulated by the prosecution or the their racialist running dogs and he wants to establish that and have it brought to the jury's attention and the judge's.

Account Deleted


Miss Jeantel fits the bill as a throw away for the black racists. She's very similar to the street level dealers who die every day protecting the "turf" allotted to them by the scum running the drug trade. I would be very surprised to find she possessed the intelligence to stay out of the line of fire.

I'm curious to see what the judge and prosecution will do if they're confronted with blatant misconduct. A mistrial, with the State proclaiming it's inability to retry this farce due to having lost its "star" witness would be a suitable outcome. Zimmerman would remain at risk, pending the discovery of non-existent "new" evidence and the black community can rest sure in their knowledge (using ratiocination processes remarkably similar to those utilized by Miss Jeantel) that justice has been denied.

The only thing left to do would be permanent removal of Scott, Biondi and Corey from office, without any hope of ever holding a position of trust again.

Carol Herman

Dee-Dee's (orange) "court nails" had the polish removed. You see her cupping her head at certain points during her 2nd day of testimony. And, I'm sure her nails appear to be devoid of the "orange." So, who took her nail polish off?

At the Smoking Gun it was pointed out (with screen shots) that Dee-Dee's Twitter account had been scrubbed. Wouldn't that be a case of "tampering with the evidence?"

Did anyone else catch the questions to Dee-Dee about how she handled Sabrina Fulton's questions about her mother? Because Dee-Dee said she was 16, and a minor, she'd have needed her mom's permission to talk to the Martin family. And, their attorney, Crump. She was really rattled by Don West's cross at this point.

I think Dee-Dee said her mom was out of the country. But even there, she couldn't be pinned down. Nor did any of Dee-Dee's testimony make clear how the Martin family obtained written approval for a minor to speak to them.

I don't think Dee-Dee drives a car. To be picked up by the Martin family caravan, she went to a friend's house ... (different location than home). And, was picked up there.

Is it possible Dee-Dee rarely leaves her ghetto? Where was Trayvon's wake? What if Dee-Dee didn't know how to find the place? And, had no one to provide transportation?

Yes, Dee-Dee is good at making up excuses to hide her poverty. But very early on, since she had been on the phone with Trayvon, she became a linchpin to this case.

She may not finish high school, depending on the way this case wraps up. Since she may face consequences due to her testimony. The "race baiters" are now in the process of crawling back into the woodwork.

Why? Because the Hispanics are a bigger group of voters than the Blacks. And, both parties are trying to find ways to woo them.

The race baiters probably came out early because they thought Zimmerman was Jewish name.

The 4th of July may swallow this case in the end. Depending on why O'Mara wants an extra, and first half hour, on Monday, before the Jurors come in at 9 AM.

If Zimmerman is lucky the 4th of July won't be what makes his trial fade away.


Better every time, Clarice. Well crafted.


I'm curious to see what the judge and prosecution will do if they're confronted with blatant misconduct.

Asked and answered.


Enjoyed your column, Clarice one of your best.


Asked and answered

You mean as in "not a god damn thing, Alex?"

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Bruce Hayden

I'm curious to see what the judge and prosecution will do if they're confronted with blatant misconduct. A mistrial, with the State proclaiming it's inability to retry this farce due to having lost its "star" witness would be a suitable outcome.

I think that that would greatly prejudice Zimmerman, which is why I doubt that it would work. If a prosecutor could engineer a mistrial through his own behavior, as he would have somewhat here (knowing the circumstances of Jeantel's original statement, etc.), and then gets a redo based on that, there would be little incentive to play things ethically and honestly.

I am sure that the prosecution would very much like to retry a lot of their case. And, many of us wondered why the defense never requested a SYG self-defense hearing before trial, and this could be part of it - that the defense didn't want the prosecution to see the holes in their own case. With a retrial, they would have a much better handle on such, while it would not seem to advantage the defense at all. So, I think that they would argue that jeopardy had attached, and so, tough, the problem is with the prosecution, and partially of their own making.

Carol Herman

Me thinks if there's a retrial, it's not just BLDR's reputation that goes down the hole. But Judge Nelson's as well.

I know a lot of people made fun of the Defense for starting off with "Knock Knock, who is there? George Zimmerman. Who? Okay, you're on the jury.

I've heard that this case is an "intelligence test for females."

As to Dee-Dee it brings to mind how hard some fought for Ebonics. We still have these racial language discrepancies. But we can't call this stuff "Ebonics."

Will we ever get a slang dictionary? This way we can at least know some of the code. Where "opposites" are spoken ... so that "GET OFF" really means "get in on."


Dee-Dee did give crucial testimony. She testified to the directly bearing upon state of mind and motive for TM attacking GZ.

Dee-Dee testified that Travon thought he was being stalked by a homosexual looking for sex. She specifically testified the meaning of the phrase "creepy ass cracker" used by Travon was a street term for "a perv -- Travon call him a perv."

There is no evidence that GZ was a homosexual. The only evidence on point was provided by Dee-Dee under oath; that Travon believed GZ was creepy ass cracker; a pervert trying to find out where Travon lived. Travon would not go home; would not risk letting the stalker see where he lived.

Travon had a motive to attack Zimmerman. Dee-Dee told us what it was in quite specific terms.

What was supposed to be a hate crime about race may instead be a hate crime committed in reprisal for misperceived predatory homosexual stalking.

According to Dee-Dee's bombshell testimony, we are looking at a hate crime arrested by a gunshot, not a hate crime committed by one.

Carol Herman

Well, anal sex notwithstanding, there's good reason to believe that Trayvon liked to fight. And, he liked to tell Dee-Dee about his fights.

The State also went to great lengths to make it seem Trayvon's voice could be heard calling out for help. But the judge said "no" to this line of testimony. While we all know about it because it made it into the "blogosphere."

Trayvon was told to be on his best behavior, because he was sent to stay with his dad. Who was living with a woman (at this complex), who also had a son.

Even though it's raining out, Trayvon seems to be wandering around the complex. And, to Zimmerman, he looks like a burglar. (Where other burglaries have occurred.)

Whose story is the more likely of the two?

Dee-Dee's version of a white pervert looking for anal sex with a "yoot?" Or Trayvon, out in the rain, looking at both the opportunity to steal something? And, then? To beat up the night watchman?

It didn't look to Trayvon that Zimmerman was carrying a gun. (It was hidden under a jacket. And, hidden in the waistband at the back of his pants.

Zimmerman gets sucker punched.

Do blacks, in general think they can fool white people? We saw these shinanigans with Tawana Brawley. With Nifong, and the Duke LaCrosse players. And, it seems to be playing out, here.

Can't accuse white people of racism if Obama won two consecutive presidential terms. Let alone that Zimmerman is not Jewish. Turns out he's Hispanic. And, the media is going on and on that "most Hispanics are not white." LUNACY. Especially when somebody like Geraldo is quoted as saying this.

I think this case backfires. It also seems more people are tuning in the live coverage. And, perhaps, most Americans can tell you Dee-Dee's name, when all they see is a picture of her taken when she was on the stand. In 2 days, she gets worldwide recognition. How did that happen? Does the Internet give you this audience? Does the Internet filter out the MSM?

Can Dee-Dee's testimony be filled with so many discrepancies, as it seemed she was having her teeth pulled while she was on the stand? Dee-Dee is what the State prosecutors had to go on?

You know, I hope Dee-Dee wins a Rhodes Scholarship. That would be the cherry on top. Besides, Dee-Dee can do a Vaseline commercial. Think of it as a product with many uses. Including "greasing da' wheels."

Who knows? Maybe, ahead, our court system will prove itself? It sure will show us what women jurors and a woman judge can accomplish. (Or not.)

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