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June 28, 2013



Willem and Carol, I agree with your hypothesis. The pejorative endlessly repeated during the testimony was homophobic laced with racial overtones. But primarily was homophobic. It especially interesting considering that Martin in his tweets during his bus ride to Sanford (yes they lied about how he got there) from Miami specifically alludes to Martin hiding his marijuana stash in his rear end to avoid being found with it. Teenage boys are notoriously homophobic and the black culture even more so. Add a known propensity to stick whatever he is hiding in his "ass crack" or rectum and you have the perfect set up for teasing and a sensitivity to being called gay. Althouse picked up on this immediately and was shut down by the usual suspects. Martin was very probably paranoid about his inclination to hide contraband in the back of this tightie-whities. The idiocracy witness had probably teased him, infuriated him, and has "guilt" for putting the idea in his vacant head about being stalked by a "perv" since he was very familiar with his ass crack. Dumb and Dumber led to the furious beating of Zimmerman which resulted in Martin being shot. The texting also shows Martin fought with this witness on and off all day if one studies and translates their gibberish.


I don't understand all this fixation about seeing fists hitting flesh or face. Ground and pound includes using forearms and elbows also to bash up your opponent.


CH-That phony shot at that phony museum is how this week's column ends! GMTA


Good points, xyz.

So looking forward to Pieces this Sunday, Clarice!


Good morning
Looks like the new mantra on the left MSM's take on Zimmerman trial is that the prosecution may have overcharged. Both the Guardian and Jake Tapper are airing this opinion. I linked the Guardian piece below, not for the article itself which is the usual biased slant, but for the comments which show a surprising amount of support for Zimmerman.


Also, apparently Crump and crew are saying this is not race based and when asked when they changed their minds about this, Crump said they never thought it was about race. He said that they always thought Zimmerman had criminally profiled Trayvon, not racially profiled him

Think these folks are setting up for not guilty verdict?


Just for fun, here's how the bleeding $$ Wash Po covers this yrial:http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/conflicting-testimony-from-neighbors-in-zimmerman-trial/2013/06/28/124f211a-e01c-11e2-963a-72d740e88c12_story.html


That's the Catholic hating, Castro loving weasel,
Roig Franzia, In retrospect, Eugene Meyer would call off the whole thing.


My fishwtrap is nearly as clueless??



It's impossible to even have a discussion with peple who get their news from these sources, isn;t it? We now live in two different wworlds.


At first, he thought a dog might be attacking someone ...

It appears that conclusion was correct

Thomas Collins

Elliott, I don't know what takes up your time these days, but I think you might consider setting aside some moments to write a book on the Zimmerman trial. You treat the street culture aspects of this trial with a deft touch that would add to the intellectual rigor that I know you would bring to the legal analysis.


new thread

Captain Hate

CH-That phony shot at that phony museum is how this week's column ends! GMTA

Indeed, I was thinking it would be perfect for it.


I always love it when Elliott makes an appearance. Hi!!!


Wow. After that Matlock-like refutation by bubu at 8:35 this morning I expect him to revisit the Afghanistan question to reconvince himself it's not on the Asian continent.


This is EXACTLY what Good DIDN'T see. He saw arms flailing.

Funny, I'm seeing a lot of flailing too.


Didn't DeeDee testify that she heard Trayvon yelling "Get off!" to someone while she was on the phone with Trayvon? Isn't "get off" current ghetto-speak for "let's fight"? As in 'climb down off that fence and fight me"? If so, that would fit nicely with Willem's theory that Trayvon intended to beat up what he perceived to be a gay man. Or maybe she didn't say that. I didn't bother to look it up.

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