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June 28, 2013



At some point in this trial isn't it incumbent upon the prosecution to suggest that something illegal or improper happened?

There has not been one piece of evidence presented so far that would indicate any crime whatsoever.

Captain Hate

Debbie Medusa Schlitz said that climate change is causing rising sea levels. Earth to Debbie: Lake Erie is so low that some ships can't dock. Or did climate change cause that too?


"That implies that Obama actually read the bio before signing off on it. He generally doesn't work that hard... "

He may not work that hard, but I don't buy for a minute that he wouldn't have read every word of that bio. It's all about his absolute favorite subject.



Objection. You are helping your case.

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is slattering her fellow homos for projecting their homoness on Bert and Ernie.


Is it possible the state really wants GZ acquitted, but felt they needed a trial to make his innocence blindingly obvious? How else do you explain these witnesses?

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

That's what I call closing strong with a witness, Clarice. I heard it and it was as powerful as it reads. There was no redirect after that.

Don West has just got in evidence the picture of the injuries on the back of GZ's head taken by a neighbor while GZ was kneeling to "gather himself" in the words of the neighbor. His cross examination of this witness was excellent, IMO.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

One further detail:

West pinned down with the witness that GZ did not ask him to take the picture, but that the witness took it on his own.


--With all due respect Iggy, that's bullshit.--

OK, then I guess all of the pathologies associated with fatherlessness, broken homes and divorce don't really exist and AFDC was a great boon to the families of America.
That some individuals overcome those obstacles hardly means they don't severely effect others does it?
Entitled narcissists are made, not born.
They may have a genetic component but it takes a village to raise a bum.


Gateway Pundit says Mandella is dead. Obama is in S. Africa.

I won't speculate on the connection.


Why is Elijah Cummings running interference for Lois Lerner??

Oh, I remember, he's a LIBTARD.


What's he doing Gus?


New thread.


Iggy vs Jane: there's a difference between explaining vs excusing behavior. I think Jane was objecting to the latter, but Iggy was only intending the former.


He is arguing that Lois Lerner did NOT waive her 5th amendment right, when she made an opening monologue to Congress.

Of course she did. She spoke of her innocence then shut up. Not the way it is done.

Why would a CONGRESSMAN not want the IRS to be held accountable?

Captain Hate

NRA t-shirt boy has had all charges dropped.


"Why would a CONGRESSMAN not want the IRS to be held accountable?"

Concern about where it will lead.


"NRA t-shirt boy has had all charges dropped."


Has anything happened to the totally out of control school officials that started the mess?

Have the records the NSA has of the incident been destroyed so that in forty years someone won't try to destroy his reputation like they have destroyed Paula Deen's?

Captain Hate

Let the civil cases begin, pagar.

Captain Hate

The MFM is editing out all the anti-homo stuff from Alec "My daughter is a pig" Baldwin's tweets. Paula Deen should have been on whatever garbage NBC shows Baldwin is on when he's not shilling for Capital One.


Maybe Fox will hire Paula Deen as a white-power commentator, automatically qualifying her to run on the GOP 2016 ticket with Donald Trump or Sarah Palin...


I guess MSNBC isn't informing their viewer that Paula is a Barry supporter and voter.

Carol Herman

Obsma won his second term because Mitt Romney lost. don't overlook the stupidity of the stupid party. And the bigger boobs who get sent to Congress.

Obama was CONCEIVED in Hawaii. His mother was unwed. She left Hawaii before any "baby bump" showed. And, she went to the State of Washington. (Probably to an unwed mother's home.)

What happens when obama is born is anybody's guess. But unwed mothers weren't given birth certificates that would shame the baby. Stanley Ann Dunham then spent two years in Washington State. Pronably on welfare. By the time her parents let her back to Hawaii, a whole bunch of lies were cooked up.

When the grandparents got to see their grandchild they fell in love. Stanley Ann wasn't finished hurting them. Because when LOLO came along she actually marries and takes their grandchild to Indonesia.

Again, if you didn't want obama to win a second term, you needed a better candidate than Mitt Romney.

Election results hold consequences.

Lucky for the GOP Obama took his victory and flushed it down the toilet. Now, go ahead, and make something out of that. It has to sound positive. Not whiny. And, not drunk like Boehner.


Wow cuz this is great job! Congrats and keep it up.

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