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June 27, 2013



Why didn't we think of that, facepalm;

Rob Crawford
Does anyone recall if Nelson Mandella retaliated against white South Africans when he became president?

Directly? Immediately? No, and no.

Indirectly, and over time? Yes, and yes.

The crime rate in SA is through the roof. Rape is sky-high. There are bands traveling the countryside murdering white farmers for being white farmers. The SA head of government ("president?" I can't remember) was caught on tape in the last couple of years taking part in a sing-along of an old favorite song about killing all the white devils.

The reason the US press doesn't report anything about South Africa anymore is because they don't want us to see what happened, yet again, when the left got what they wanted. As evil as the apartheid regime was, its replacement is rotting quickly.

Jane -

So Cathy, Mandella was not a good thing for S.Africa? I can't believe I recall nothing about his tenure.


Zuma, a particularly nasty piece of work, and MBeki, Mandela's successor, fiddled while the AIDS epidemic raged out of control,

Danube on iPad

"I'm so glad that Vietnamese lady can soon come out of the shadows."

She's not in the shadows. She married an American engineer and fled with him to CA when Saigon fell. She's here legally. She has two American children and six American grandchildren.

Rob Crawford

"Fiddled" understates what they did, narciso. ISTR they were some of the supporters of the conspiracy theories and magical thinking that just let it run wild.

Danube on iPad

A little more than that, Maryrose. But still with a good bod.


Happy Birthday Janet. I am hopelessly behind on all threads so I am giving up. It's too hot


Well I was using the legend of Nero, as the reference, Rob, yes they fed the flames of ignorance, in that instance.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

One of my daughters is a professional beautician. I get monthly haircuts and pedicures here at home, and they are second to none. Being diabetic, I need to be constantly watchful about my foot care, and I am thankful Sara is such a highly skilled pro. Don't dis us males for getting pedicures. Some of us need them.

Jane -

I'm a little disappointed at all the attention at the Zimmerman trial and none at all at today's hearing with Werful, who was pretty much a likable joke.

His testimony was interrupted by the IG report that no progressive groups were targeted. According to Werful the targeting of conservative groups was utterly unintentional.


--I dare all of you to go and report back.--

I will.
When I'm seventy.


"He thinks he can executive order us around on every issue. "

Maryrose, The list goes on and on:


“The NSA stuff is almost a sideshow compared to the financial information that the government’s compiling,” he concluded

At the same time the SSA can't even figure out if some people whom they have received death certificates on should continue to draw Social Security benefits month after month.

"Now, a new report from the OIG finds that the SSA has paid benefits to 2,475 Americans recorded as dead in its own computer database."


Frau Eingefororen-bis-geht-nicht-mehr

"So Disney's cryogenically frozen head did get the memo."


Jane @08:22 PM-- Me too!


Boehner already has the prerequisites to get this done but has to perform a dance of the 7 veils to please the Tea party Herods....... which.... would make Immigration reform a severed head decomposing on a silver platter- that's not good.

Anyhow, my source has never been wrong and apparently it'll get done before the end of the year WITH A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP enshrined within the bill!!!!!


This is slightly on topic because it could deal with wet grass. Mostly, it is a wonderful article on how technology and surfaces have changed tennis is favor of defensive specialists and away from serve and volley. You've been warned.



There's nothing wrong with being an aging metrosexual. Not now, anyway.


I consider a pedi to be the equivalent of a haircut, completely wonderful and unremarkable. I've had them for years.

My dad had terrible toenails and had gone to a "podiatrist" (Dr. Strangetoe) for years at around $135 a pop thinking that only he was competent to pare the difficult nails.

When I learned this, I hustled him off to my pedi girl who trimmed, massaged, lotioned and cuddled his feet for about $35. He learned this at 85.


I can't believe it's only the Tea Party folks who are incensed at the Senate Amnesty vote.

Sarah's right....the RINO's up for re-election need to be primaried, including Rubio.


Fiddler on the hoof

you know I'm not even sure of wtf that is, but if it involves the aging process, that's me.


they bought off the requisite parties, although some like Hoeven needed to be leased, like a pre owned Lexus.


--..... which.... would make Immigration reform a severed head decomposing on a silver platter- that's not good.--

OK, that was pretty funny.


Speaking of South Africa, guess which seasoned statesmen got the nod for Ambassafor,


Mandela was in prison for 27 years and helped forge a new South Africa. There were no retaliations, but thousands of whites left the country because of majority rule.This included many in the national security structure who were clearly guilty of acting beyond their authority.

The government instituted reconciliation committees but no punishments were handed out to either side. This was Mandela's contribution. He transited South Africa from a brutal dictatorship to a democracy without the expected vendettas and violence.

What came next was inevitable in a country where there was no ready base of administrators or talent to run government.But it's still better than a lot of the rest of Africa.


I have not the slightest doubt that a well done pedicure is the cat's PJ's.

I'm just a little concerned that when even the manly men of a country are indulging in such that we will have the fortitude to stand up to external threats like masses of fanatical head choppers and communists and internal threats like teeming hordes of small, drunk and corpulent Irishmen eating out our vitals from within.

Jane -


I'm undergoing some sort of realization today, in that I realize that Obama believes his job is to retaliate, and make whites feel what blacks felt 60 years ago.

Now a hero and a gracious man would use the fact that he is the first black president to push how far we have come, and illustrate the greatness of America. Instead we have a guy who is going to punish every conservative white person on the planet for 8 long years. (I assume white liberals get a pass because he needs them.)

So in the end are we even? Or do we now have the revenge of the women, ala Hillary?

This is just so damn ugly. And so damn un-American.

Carol Herman

This female judge reminds me of Ito. Loved the circus! Ate up camera time. That jury, too, was sequestered. I bet it's hard to be a juror, where you have no access to your home. Your cell phone. Even your TV. Or computer. And, the jerk of a judge isn't willing to love things along. Everybody's playing to the camera! I wonder if DeeDee had a friend taping her performance? Wonder who did her hair? Or helped her shop for clothes.

The charges, by the way, were purposely done over the top, to force George Zimmerman to plead. Now, the ball is in the judge's court. And, if the jury convicts? Zimmerman will spend time in jail, while the slow motion of justice wends its way through errors.

Hopes abound. There are people who want to write books. (Just like in the OJ train wreck.) But law schools seem to still be providing the educational losers who become judges. Advance through gender and affirmative action politicians. And, that's what we're watching! Take a bet. How many months do you think this will linger?

BDLR knows he really doesn't have a case. But like Obama, he has the media!

By the way, the witness with the great body, is she the one who only spoke Spanish? How many people watching are Spanish speaking? If the audience is mainly educated whites, doesn't the interpreter turn people off? Okay. Maybe, I'm the only one.

The longer this drags out, the less likely justice gets served. (And, funny, the more likely someone's approached DeeDee for commentary ... her opinion ... when the jury files in with a verdict.

How many weeks of this can you take?

Fiddler on the hoof

Communists, muzzies and bears, O my!


It seems to me, that democrats want us to primary the RINOs, because we will spend more time on that, then going after them.

It also seems to me that they kneecapped Rubio and Ryan today. (Two of our up and coming stars) They know we prefer white togas and will eat our own.

Watch in 2014...We're not only racist but creepy ass crackers for not wanting immigration.

(I wish Janet was around for the 'creepy ass cracker" comment. For some reason, I keep laughing about it.)


Branca's day 4 is now up at LI. Did the African muzzies put burkas on Mooch & the daughters yet?

Fiddler on the hoof


Yeah. That was us.


Rubio and Ryan kneecapped themselves.
It's a GOP rite of DC passage.

Rob Crawford
It also seems to me that they kneecapped Rubio and Ryan today. (Two of our up and coming stars) They know we prefer white togas and will eat our own.

Actually, Rubio and Ryan are the ones donning the white togas. They're refusing to fight, trying to act pure and above partisanship. They're seeking "compromise" over the existence of the US as a nation.

If Rubio hadn't betrayed the party base, he wouldn't have to worry about a challenge.

Rob Crawford
Rubio and Ryan kneecapped themselves. It's a GOP rite of DC passage.

You have to wonder if it comes with a stuffed envelope or a promise to destroy some old files.

Laura White

Really, sometimes it feels as if the entire nation was having its head banged into the pavement, but any fighting back had already been ruled out of bounds by our "betters." Sigh.


So General Cartwright, because Paula Dean with epaulettes, I somehow doubt he would burn his own program.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I say fight back!!! Use your phenomenal intellects to beat these ba@@@ds. You will eventually win. Because you are right.


'becomes' re the Stuixtnet investigation,

J. Fred Muggs

Can we please refer to Obama's best friend as Deen and not Dean?


--You have to wonder if it comes with a stuffed envelope or a promise to destroy some old files.--

That's how you buy Dems.

All GOPers need is the promise of a shiny Strange New Respect medal pinned on their chest and an invitation to Sally Quinn's soirees.


I disagree with those Republicans who voted for amnesty. OTOH, if you are certain the bill will never make it thru the House to passage and there's a lot of pressure from yyour constituents for it, it may be unprincipled but perfectly pragmatic to vote for it.


Sometimes, I wish I had not hit ENTER:


narciso: Are we really arming these demons? Is this the side McCain and Obama are helping?

J. Fred Muggs

A father walks into a restaurant with his young son. He gives the young boy 3 nickels to play with to keep him occupied.

Suddenly, the boy starts choking, going blue in the face. The father realizes the boy has swallowed the nickels and starts slapping him on the back. The boy coughs up 2 of the nickels, but keeps choking. Looking at his son, the father is panicking, shouting for help.

A well-dressed, attractive, and serious looking woman in a blue business suit is sitting at the coffee bar reading a newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee. At the sound of the commotion, she looks up, puts her coffee cup down, neatly folds the newspaper and places it on it on the counter, gets up from her seat and makes her way, unhurried, across the restaurant.

Reaching the boy, the woman carefully drops his pants; takes hold of the boy's testicles and starts to squeeze and twist, gently at first and then ever so firmly. After a few seconds the boy convulses violently and coughs up the last nickel, which the woman deftly catches in her free hand.

Releasing the boy's testicles, the woman hands the nickel to the father and walks back to her seat at the coffee bar without saying a word.

As soon as he is sure that his son has suffered no ill effects, the father rushes over to the woman and starts thanking her saying, "I've never seen anybody do anything like that before, it was fantastic. Are you a doctor? "

"No," the woman replied, "I'm with the Internal Revenue Service

Dave (in MA)


Heh, as Insty would say.

Laff Trac

" my source has never been wrong"

DiamondDave and still got it! Comedy Gold!!!


Yes, Ann, I don't know which faction these jackals come from, but it doesn't really matter,

Of course, the Spanish language media, trumpeted this move today, ironically, Rubio isn't considered stalwart enough by their lights, precisely because he has pretended to be interested in border security,


So they win in the Senate, but they lose in the House, this is exactly what we wanted to avoid,
re the assault weapons pans, now he can demagogue all the way to the midterm, honestly
VanderLeun was right 'they thirst for death'

Captain Hate

Had enough of both these clowns yet? http://t.co/mq6MCzrdJ8


You need more proof, our Medici, genuflecting to the Borgias;


We were on the same wave length Captain, it's like the Coyote and the Sheep Dog, only less honest.

Laura White

Good heavens, I just clicked through to Jeralynn Merritt (sp?)--remember her from TalkLeft and Libby days? Amazingly, not only is she pro GZ but so are her readers, if the comments after her post noting the disaster for the prosecution constituted by the soi-disant DeeDee's testimony. Even in the days of Libby's grotesque trial I thought she was a pretty fair beast--

Captain Hate

Yes, two of the "bright lights" have been damn near extinguished. Maybe they should stop agreeing with the likes of Schumer and Durbin for starters. Did they think that would work out well? Did they ask any of the people who put them in office how important immigration reform was to them, other than maybe the highest donors?

Rubio shilled for an abomination of a bill that is the antithesis of open government and transparency. I hope Boehner considers having that entire bloated thing read on the floor of the House and points out every embedded land mine that would benefit the JEF's cronies and spend money like there's no tomorrow on donk garbage. And points out that McCain, Graham, Rubio and Flake are responsible for it.


Laura, she's a defense lawyer first and foremost ..I never doubted she's be for GZ's acquittal. It's a numbskull case.

narciso, I don't see that--the public found the bill wildly unpopular.


P.S. Boehner will manipulate the schedule so it ever comes up for a vote before the recess if ever.


Just likr Dershowitz and Black, have done everything but take a flamethrower to this case.

That's just it, Captain, it's another stimulus for La Raza, and CAIR and SEIU, OT, not that anyone gives a tinker's darn, but they are beating the tar out of Cuban refugees in the Bahamas, all the while, that Commonwealth's officials deny it.

Danube on iPad

Not to worry, Iggy. Although my eyes ain't what they used to be, my effete feet can't stop me from hitting ten basketballs with ten shots at 200 yards. When the Mahometans send up the balloon, I'll be ready.

Laura White

Thanks, Clarice--I am a creature of the boonies and don't know the things I wish I knew. Makes sense now--because who could really think this case had wings?

Captain Hate

narc, what is that all about? I just ran a search on "cuban refugees bahamas" and thought WTF. I thought, probably erroneously, that the Bahamas were run on the up and up.


It's a local thing, the Bahamas shows that same soft touch, Mexico shows to folks from farther south, yes the place where the half the gangster that didn't end up in Vegas decamped to after Cuba, I know shocker.


--When the Mahometans send up the balloon, I'll be ready.-

DoT, I'm building a nice old Griffin and Howe style Springfield '03 chambered in 30 '06.
When it looks like the balloon's going up I'll FedEx it to you. :)
Should be the perfect medicine for some of Musselmen's basketball heads.

Captain Hate

I'm sure Mr Smart Diplomacy and Reporting for Doody will be on that STAT. Speaking of profiles in international gutlessness, Rupert's gazette had a nice skewering of Susan Rice; I think I'll read it now along with the online comments.


*so it Never comes up*


A typical piece of obtuseness on her part;


Wiesseltier shows similar naivete re Syria, however he doesn't have his hand on the levers of power.

Ralph L

I figured out who BDLR is, but what does it stand for?

Account Deleted


Bernnie de la Rionda. Corey delegated the loss to him. He's sitting at the kitchen table right now with a full legal pad with "Notes for Zimmerman Closing" written at the head of the blank top page, same as last night and the night before and the night before.

Danube on iPad

Got my grizzly with a sporterizd USMC issue '03 Springfield in .30-'06. The rifle was 70 years old at the time.


Everything is 70 now. It's the new .30-06.


Did anyone watch the NBA draft? Why?


Dot, It's like reading a good book. I have always pictured you.. and still do.. as a hunk!

I just figured out what you guys were talking about when you mentioned the last witness. LOL

 photo eceeb6cb-793b-48b6-b6f9-62030fe9de76_zps207a18a6.jpg

Check out the expressions on the other women!
Where the heck is JMH? She would so appreciate this photo.


CNN has Jesse Jackson on this evening to talk about how Paula Deen should repent.

OMG. This is "Hymie town" Jesse. The guy who said he spit on the food that he served to Whites.

CNN has no shame.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

The buxom lass is an architect and interior designer. She testified through a spanish interpreter which worked quite smoothly. The prosecution should have sprung for an ebonics interpreter for Rachael.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

As an aside, she was a brunette in fairly recent pictures taken of her.

Seems a few of the prosecution's witnesses have done a lot of gussying up for their big trial appearance.


Danube, that is cool. I'm glad you don't do "manicures" because all that shooting and grizzley rendering can damage the cuticles.



Carol Herman

Somewhere I read that when doing the autopsy, the "ear buds" were found in Trayvon's pants pocket. If this is true, then Dee-Dee's whole testimony about his "ear buds" falling when she heard "wet grass" ... isn't what happened.

I've never quite seen anything like Dee-Dee in my life. And, there's a viral Paula Deen video parody, that has a black lady, looking sort'a like Dee-Dee. Whose name is Jellyroll.

Still think this trial will go on for months. Nelson, the lady lawyer, also loves being on TV. Not just the busty blonde gal, previously a brunette. Is there a big Spanish market for people with her skills set?

Don't mind me.

Carol Herman

Nelson is the lady judge. Still, she's also a lady lawyer.


Ann - I agree. Those looks are priceless.

Reminds one of this famous pic of. . .

Sophia Loren looking askance at Jayne Mansfield's cleavage

btw, has anyone heard from jmhanes lately -
and does anyone else miss her comments here ?


P4F (others)

I got an email from her recently. She has taken leave of the comments section and politcs. Can't blame her. And thanks for the reminder, I had something I wanted to email her and have been putting it off.

Ralph L

Whose name is Jellyroll.
If you remember your Faulkner, "jellyroll" is a euphemism for sex in the black part of town.

I thought BDLR stood for Bald Dude L_ R_, but I couldn't figure out the rest.

Ralph L

Sophia is just waiting for the wardrobe malfunction.


More typos I guess.

"Welcome Home Obama!"



Drudge is having some fun...
"Huma gathering 'Women for Weiner'..."

and ace is geting in on the fun "Women Plump Weiner Up in Poll"


In other news, A Hernandez might be a suspect in an unsolved double murder as well.



morning TK.


Finally some civil charges against Corzine, but no criminal charges at this point. Maybe you have to "misuse" more than $1 billion.



You must be crazy. He's a Dem.

Everyone must be in bed, which is where I'm going to be in about an hour.


and the head of the IMF said this yesterday, or today, cause I don't know what day it is::

She cited climate change in response to a question about where job growth can occur at a time when workers are getting displaced by automation.

“It is a major issue, particularly at a time when robot-ization is developing in many of these advanced economies,” she said.

“But you know there will be areas of growth. You talk about green growth — that will be associated with particular jobs for which the training has not yet been invented and needs to be aggregated and put together,” Lagarde said Thursday.

that chicken is gettin' mighty tired...


"No," the woman replied, "I'm with the Internal Revenue Service



Sophia is just waiting for the wardrobe malfunction.

So am I, Ralph, so am I.

Night all.


I can imagine that from as a matter of course, JOMmers find themselves compelled to defend the time they waste here whining about how spectacularly their politics are failing.
But I say, worry not White Culture Warriors. Your time here is not spent in vain.
It would be easy for you to simply acknowledge that the culture war has been lost -- much too easy, much too ordinary.
But that's just not who you are. When the world says the culture war is lost, you boldly declare that you will lose it yet again and again. Denial in the defense of identity conservatism is no vice!
And when your children asked what you did in the culture war, you can answer proudly that you relentlessly belittled Afro-Americans, Mexican immigrants, gays and uppity women. You kicked the weak and coddled the strong, political consequences be damned, because it's what identity conservatives do.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA


Promise me that law didn't pass.



is that really you? I've been missing your identity progressivism for such a long time!


Thanks Rich! I come back from time to time to gloat.
Should we revisit DoT's predictions for the Zimmerman case?
He was hilariously, redundantly dead certain that Zimmerman would bear no burden of proof in the "Stand Your Ground" hearing. But of course he did, and that's history.
I predict the JOM consensus prediction on this case will be no better than all the other failures on predicting economic collapse, the election of Willard Romney and so on and on...


We were in good company in predicting a Romney win. Ooops. How has your funemployment been? Picked up a new hobby maybe, like passing around eagle feathers or learning the drums. I've heard that IBM has released about 8 thousand wage slaves so they can pursue hunting, fishing, criticizing.

IIRC, the defense is using a standard self defense defense and waived the Andrew motion(?) for a SYG defense. I'm sure AP and Reuters will get right on that.

I don't recall any predictions, but sadly, I won't be surprised if he is convicted, even though DeeDee doesn't know what wet grass sounds like.


The Kangaroos have gotten smaller mittens, in the last two days.

Jack is Back

Good Morning all:

While having your morning coffee go here and vote for "Charley Boy" - Hero Dog of the Year. Compelling story.


Happy Birthday, Janet !

And here's a musical/visual treat for you :)

Kevin B

So is the message from this thread:

"It's effete to treat your feet on the Mississipi mud"?


So they've thrown Cartwright to the sharks, hope he likes the taste of chum.

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