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July 03, 2013


Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

from narciso's twitter link -

Imaumbn™AnimalCracka ‏@Imaumbn 1h
#JohnKerryYachtNames Chicken of the Sea

MomsUnite ‏@gullsnest 1h
#JohnKerryYachtNames Good things come to those who marry well.

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#JohnKerryYachtNames Leading From BeHeinz

Jeff Dobbs

Oh hell, I'd do my darndest to use Rollins if I was running.

I'd do my best to put a bit more or a leash around him, here's where you can and can't go . . . but he's exactly the attack dog you can do business with to go after whoever is your opponent.

Look, Sunnunu (Gingrich last cycle) is a sunuvabich too.

We need more not fewer of those.

But it starts with an executive at the top who can give clear directions on the boundaries of a campaign.

We certainly don't need to eschew the Rollinses (hired attack dogs) for the Schmidts (professional finger in the wind'ers)........


Of course, personnel is policy, and except for Rollins and later Brett O'Donnell, she had the Huckabee braintrust,


Hey Thank you CentralCal.

Captain Hate

Ignoring the trauma of Rodham never having another inebriated scissoring session with Huma, what does this do to Weiner's political viability? Not that a lot of NYCers wouldn't vote for the Grand Mufti of Palestine circa WW2 if he had a D after his name.


He's just another in that Star Wars Cantina, that is the NYC Mayor's race,

Captain Hate

Sununu was outstanding last year; I had to do a complete re-evaluation of him after seeing him in action. Top Men needed warm compresses whenever he visited 30 Rock.

Captain Hate

I don't know if anybody linked this previously, but this is a better summary of why things happened than you'll get from the MFM courtesy of the ewok pointing me here http://pjmedia.com/blog/why-president-morsi-is-in-trouble/


Looks like Red Witch scissoring nightmares tonight. Must. not. go. to. sleep.

Jeff Dobbs

Imma going to bed.

Thought there might be at least a comment or two on my Obamorsi.

It never pays for me to think.

We haven't been in the neighborhood for a 4th celebration in years. Festivities start at noon, I think I'll go claim our chairs at the pool with towels at 8.

You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to out-chair hit and run on the 4th....

Captain Hate

Sorry Iggy; I knew that image might be disturbing.

Danube on iPad

Matthews: "I’m surrounded by people who think he’s guilty"

No he's not. He's surrounded by people who want to see him found guilty, regardless of the evidence and the law.

My very reluctant guess is that they will get their wish. I think the travesty--and the tragedy--will be compounded by the fact that the jury will be unaware of the severity of the sentence he will face after a manslaughter verdict.


Danube, I have tried to make that point for a long time.
That shit pisses me off. The STATE, THE MOTHER FUCKING GOVERNMENT, should not play games.


All the fourth activities here have been canceled including all the big and small fireworks shows. I just downloaded 'cards against humanity' to play tomorrow. Forecast calls for 100% rain. Should be fun smoking pork in the rain.


After that, I have to reference the candidate for Ms. Mills, where has she gone off to btw;


Come on out to CA Stephanie. It's supposed to be clear and about 300 degrees for another day or two.
Just let the pig out the barn for a couple hours and he's done.

Danube on iPad

By what authority does the president delay the deadline for imposition of the employer mandate? I believe the date is established by statute, is it not?


--Thought there might be at least a comment or two on my Obamorsi.--

I was going to say 'great job' but then I thought maybe you just used a picture of Ed Bradley. :)


100% rain, how can they even come to that conclusion?


Excellent link at 11:23 Captain. Thanks for that.


Maybe here is a clue about Typepad.

I was trying to post the above thanks to Captain Hate , and after 3 unsuccessful tries I got the following message:

"Your comment could not be posted. Error type: undefined
Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: ""
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time."

Does that help any of our tech guys figure anything out? I have never received a similar message before. You can tell that I'm posting after midnight your time (8 am local) so I wouldn't think if it's typepad it's due to being overwhelmed by many other incoming postings.

NSA Tech Guy

Does that help any of our tech guys figure anything out?

Nope. Keep trying though.


As for Friday's highly anticipated cross examination, I am inclined to think that we will be deprived of a MO'M-mom encounter. The tone of cross will depend heavily on direct. With the possibility of a clash, I suspect we'll be going West.


A "Coup" by any other name...

In the thread above somewhere I read where someone posted that the US is not allowed by current Law to give assistance to any Government that overthrows it's legally elected Government: (ie) a "coup."

That has caused me to start paying attention to the TV channels in my overseas hotel room, to see which channels are calling it a "Coup" and which are using euphemisms which might benefit our Governments ability to continue to fund the Egyptians without violating US Law.

BBC TV presenter says point blank that it is a Military Coup.

SKYNews (Brit) says it is a Military Coup. Headline Ticker: "Egypt Coup."

France 24 is calling it point Blank "Coup", with Coup as their ticker on the TV Screen.

Now looking to the US TV channels:

CNN, from what I've seen on and off, instead asks the question if it is a coup without stating it is a coup. Various CNN reporters (Rosemary Church/Ian Lee, etc) discuss the word "coup", explaining how Morsi's side says it is a 'coup" whereas the opposition says it is not a "coup" but a popular uprising. In all the CNN ticker headlines CNN calls it an "ouster" or "unrest", but not a "coup".

Bloomberg from what I'm off and on monitoring on the screen, labels it an Ouster: "Egypt Army Ousts Mursi From Power", but a current commenter there, a Brit, says the US is not allowed by US Law to provide money to those who ousted in a coup a legitimately elected regime.

So cursory first look is that everyone around the world is unashamedly calling a spade a spade, (a coup "a coup") with the exception of the available US Networks available to me, (Bloomberg/CNN) and President Obama. They seem to prefer the wiggle-room possibly afforded by euphemisms.


By what authority does the president delay the deadline for imposition of the employer mandate?

the secretary shall...


The George Zimmerman defense has recently gotten a lucky break. Angela Corey, Florida’s state attorney and the prosecutor against Zimmerman, has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury for allegedly falsifying an arrest warrant and the complaint that led to Zimmerman being charged with the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.

The indictment accuses Corey of allegedly withholding photographs of Zimmerman’s head after the incident. Also, Corey allegedly falsely signed an arrest warrant under oath without including the pictures as evidence. Critics claim that Corey rushed the arrest warrant through because activists were rallying around the Trayvon Martin shooting, demanding that Zimmerman be charged with murder. Critics argue that Corey was attempting to secure a reelection with the support of the activists.

She has been indicted. It must be true. I read it in a newspaper.


I am requesting prayers from all of my JOM friends for my son, who is undergoing emergency surgery on his hip this morning. Took him to the orthopedist for a persistent limp and found out he has a fracture to his growth plate. Surgery at 8 this morning. thanks


All good wishes for your son, Peter.


Good luck to peter jr!

Thomas Collins

I am praying for your son this morning, peter. Please let us know how he is doing after the surgery.

James D.

Peter, you've got my prayers.

2Jack is Back4


Your son is in our prayers. Keep us up to date.

Frederick fell 3 years ago and hurt his hip but not like your sons. still bothers him from time to time. We will all be rooting for him.

BTW, my friend in Cairo says citizenry are all buoyed about Israel showing some optimism for new government. That is always a big deal over there.

James D.

That shit pisses me off. The STATE, THE MOTHER FUCKING GOVERNMENT, should not play games.

You want to know why we're doomed? Because we here all understand and believe this.

But a majority of our fellow citizens (LIVs, muddle, etc) don't understand it.

And a vocal and powerful (and in near-total control of the mass media and the bureaucracy and law enforcement) don't believe it.

J. Fred Muggs

What bothers me about the Zimmerman trial and resultant verdict is that JOM members are currently zero for three - Libby, McCain, Romney.


Good wishes, Peter.

GoT I don't know the answer. I was asked that last night by a friend. Another lawyer of his acquaintance notes that the language of the mandate is clear and the President lacks authority to change it, but who would have standing to challenge this?

Apparently a Congressional hearing is scheduled on the question of this illegalit--Of course, it would be another point in ana impeachment.



Jonathan Adler makes a persuasive case for the proposition that no one will have standing to challenge the administration on this point:


Jack is Back!

This is the article my friend in Cairo mentioned about Israel and the coup.


More prayers for your son Peter.


Praying for successful surgery for your son, Peter.

Jack is Back!

More dirty tricks by Chicago Thugs 'R Us

And we doubt they couldn't extort the Chief Justice?

April sharia brings not May flour.

A Drab Spring.

Jeff Dobbs

Apparently typepad doesn't want me expressing my prayers for peter's son.

Won't stop me from praying.


Prayers for your son, Peter.


JOM members are currently zero for three - Libby, McCain, Romney.

Don't forget the Obamacare ruling. So maybe we are due.

Best wishes for Peter's son.


Prayers for Peter's son and best wishes.


Well only one really fought, the other two conceded the match in various ways, the last we are finding out from Balz, who is pretty reliable for a Post reporter,


Peter -- prayers for your son. May his surgery be successful and recovery swift


Prayers for your son, Peter. Medicine Today is remarkable, but as a parent I understand that you should be as heavily medicated as the patient. God bless you both.

Old Lurker

Prayers, Peter. But he should be fine.

J. Fred..., that's my concern as well. There are probably other lesser examples too.

Clarice re standing...seems to me Federalist 62 that Janet posted the other day is precisely on point with this action. Can't say we were not warned.

Jane -

Yikes Peter! I'm greatful that it happened before Obamacare kicked in. I hope he does well.

Happy Independence Day! It's time to walk like an Egyptian!

Jack is Back!


We need to make sure Gus doesn't post - We're going to SHITCAN Bernie de la Rionda!

Jeff Dobbs

Forecast calls for 100% rain.

Got up around 7:30 this morning to go stake out our spot at the pool. Looked at the weather and it said 0% chance of rain between that time and 3PM. Took the stuff over, got back to the house, and . . . it started raining.

No worries, it's clearing up just fine. Still, a little chuckle at the 0%...


Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for Peter's son. How old is he, if you are comfortable sharing?

Happy Independence Day!

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Prayers for your son, Peter.

Same here...consider it done. How old is your son, Peter?


"No standing" again?

I have to admit it does make me chuckle.


My fishwrap doesn't dissapoint, meaning it always does;

Account Deleted


My prayers for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for your son.

Legal question - given the time defined by the statute, do companies remain liable for implementation of BOzocare even though Secretary Syphilis has waived her wand? I understand that the POSAG won't sic the amoral hounds of the DoJ on companies for following the dictator's orders but I don't see that as relieving the companies from civil liability for failure to comply with a law passed and judged to be constitutional (as determined by Chief Justice Floor Wax and Dessert Topping) by the legislature and signed by the Big Clown himself.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

J. Fred..., that's my concern as well.

Me too. Perhaps this injustice has always been going on...ruining citizen's lives for a political show & I just didn't know before the internet. I feel so bad for Zimmerman, just like Libby.


Well they sort of got the facts out, although it doesn't fit their narrative,



Be sure and let us know how things went just after the closest relatives and everyone but the Next-door neighbor. We are all thinking of your family this morning.

I agree with Jane. This Independence Day does feel different. Maybe it's because this time the invaders are not aliens but politicians and public sector bureaucrats and foundations and NGOs spreading mayhem. And wanting to rule at our expense.

What we have always taken for granted suddenly seems quite precarious.

And all the more precious to preserve.


Rick, what better way to redistribute a little wealth?


Happy Independence Day!

Prayers, Peter, for your son's successful surgery and for YOU.

Hotter than hades here in the central valley, which will limit any outdoor festivities. We are postponing until later, on the weekend, when temps should be a cool 100 degrees.


--What bothers me about the Zimmerman trial and resultant verdict is that JOM members are currently zero for three - Libby, McCain, Romney.--

When you say zero for three it implies a consensus that something was going to happen a certain way.
I'm doubtful there was even a majority who thought McCain would win although a majority hoped he would at the time. I'm nit even sure a majority believe that anymore.


Sorry J Fred, I meant *not* not *nit*.
Maybe you can get a neighbor to pick it off of you. :)


LOL hit, right now it is 100% NOT raining, but it looks like that will be cured in about an hour. This is the first time I can remember all the big fireworks shows around town canceling for rain.

Pork butt's in the smoker on the deck and the house smells wonderful. Leaving the back door open and screen door closed must be producing backdraft but there's no smoke in the house. If I end up a mummy I blame...me!

Prayers for your son, Peter.

And HB to Janet and Congrats to PD in Detroit.


We could have done better then John Roberts, a man who in the end, doesn't understand liberty,
the Egyptians do, since they have had so little of it,


Ah smallest violin for Red Chief, he picked the wrong month to . . .

"In the old Dr. Faustus story, a young scholar bargains away his soul to the devil for promises of obtaining almost anything he wants.

The American media has done much the same thing with the Obama administration. In return for empowering a fellow liberal, the press gave up its traditional adversarial relationship with the president.

But after five years of basking in a shared progressive agenda, the tab for such ecstasy has come due, and now the media is lamenting that it has lost its soul..."



MarkO could have summarized it in a sentence;


Wow. Prayers requested and received. Thanks guys. Still waiting for word.

Account Deleted


I was thinking about your comment from yesterday and wondering why companies would stop implementing policies which are already in process. What is the gain for deferring action? If they have to increase headcount due to reducing hours, why not go ahead, trying to skim a little marginal cream from the labor pool while habituating the workforce to the necessity of finding two jobs?


It's as fruitful as Lando continuing with the deal with Vader, Rick,

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

I love that Drudge links stories from LifeNews.
People that support abortion (not the leaders, but the followers) have no idea what is actually going on in those "clinics". The MFM don't report AT ALL on the common inhumanity, lawlessness, & filth at those places.


Well the fact he had as little to do with it as possible was a saving grace, was Beeks in the picture.


I answered my own question, but he offered nothing of note,

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

"If you get your info from the MSM most of what you "know" is not true & most of what you do not know is important." ~ Scott @ Powerline


Everything went well. Thanks to all for intercession.


Congrats, Peter.


Yea Peter!!

We heard before the neighbor!! You know who your reliable friends are.

Hope the stay in the hospital is not too long. I stayed the whole 3 nights with Red even though she was 17 so I could keep track of everything that was said and shifts in pain and that the night staff did not always wash their hands as they entered rooms.

When we got home I kept a legal pad to note amount of meds and time so hubby and I knew when and how much and we could later describe patterns to doctor. If that helps you in dealing with a pediatric orthopedic patient.


Don't know if it's any help Peter (since it's a dog not a boy) but I had a pup get run over and popped the ball right off the femur.
Was a Gordon Setter and that thing could run out of sight all day long at the drop of a hat after he was back in shape.


For those looking for info on Egypt, I recommend the BBC live feed:


Big new this morning seem to be that the that the Brotherhood's top man is in custody:

1452: It is Mr Badie. AP has updated to say the Muslim Brotherhood supreme leader was arrested on the coast last night and flown to Cairo by military helicopter. He was picked up at a villa owned by a businessman with Brotherhood links in the tourist resort of Mersa Matruh, security officials are quoted as saying.

It looks like most of the Brotherhood boys are melting away. Still some pockets of supporters "sitting in", but the Army has them isolated, so no significant violence so far today. We will see what this evening brings.

Jane -

I have a front row seat to the Old Sturbridge Village fireworks. There is no better place to see them than from my deck.

However this year I am going to watch them from a friend's house. As a result of the tornado they can actually see them as they are set off, not just in the sky.

Nevertheless my yard will be full as always with Amy's friends and family.

Wish you were all here.

Congrats Peter! I bet this will be a 4th you will always remember!

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

What’s News, and What Isn’t ~ John Hinderaker @ Powerline
"The liberal media manifest their bias not primarily by writing things that aren’t true–although that sometimes happens–but rather, by selecting what they do and do not report as news. Major scandals and events of great importance are simply ignored if they do not reflect well on the Democratic Party, while minor stories receive endless attention if they advance the liberal agenda."


One last tidbit, the I will be "off the net" for most of the weekend:

1525: Mr Badie was arrested in Mersa Matruh "at the request of the prosecution for inciting the killing of protesters", a security official tells AFP.

Funny how that is almost exactly the same charge brought against senior police officers at the insistence of the Brotherhood after Mubarak was removed.

And glad to hear things have turned out well for your family Peter.


Rick, it is still unclear what they delay does with 2013 as the reference year for qualifying FTEs -- if it just moves it to 2014 (it rolls anyway) and gives a break on filing 2013 qualifications what does it mean? The hours games have to be fully engaged in 2014 no matter what. I checked the American Payroll Association website, they don't have any advice yet. I should hear what my customers think about all this sometime next week, and get an opinion from our health care provider as well. My guess is most will keep trying to cover employees they cover today (pending big spikes in cost) and to avoid covering those they don't.

Jeff Dobbs

I kept a legal pad to note amount of meds and time so hubby and I knew when and how much

I do something similar. I keep the tabs from the beer cans in my pocket. But mostly so I can count them in the morning.



Good news, peter.

Happy Holiday, everyone. wish I could be with you , Jane, Another day of rain here. Maybe DC will just wash away.

A correspondent raised an interesting issue today. Obama has set the precedent with Obamacare and earlier with DOMA that the chief exec can just refuse to enforce a law if he wishes. That means the next president can just refuse to enforce all of Obamcare.


--Angela Corey, Florida’s state attorney and the prosecutor against Zimmerman, has been indicted by a citizens’ grand jury for allegedly falsifying an arrest warrant and the complaint that led to Zimmerman being charged with the second-degree murder of Trayvon Martin.--

A question for the JOM lawyers: If Corey is found guilty of these charges (please, God), wouldn't that give Zimmerman solid grounds for an appeal should he be found guilty? Or does the prosecutorial misconduct have to have occurred during the course of the trial and not just with the initial arrest warrant?



Great to hear surgery is a success. Now on to part 2-- a very speedy recovery!

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

"The Declaration of Independence was not only a national statement, but an individual statement as well. It envisioned a government fit for individuals, rather than massive masses. A government that would free individuals to pursue their own goods, rather than enslaving them to the greater good that is intellectually fashionable at any given moment.

And that is what makes it more relevant than ever. The Redcoats are not about to march into Boston, but the Regulators are. The rising power of government has transformed its laws and systems into a means for the elites to impose their will on the whole country, to stamp out their private pursuits of happiness for collective ends."



Also, a very Happy Independence Day to all JOMers. This site and its commenters brighten my day considerably. Thank you.

Account Deleted

"The hours games have to be fully engaged in 2014 no matter what."


That's the way I see it as well. I also don't see why employers who have decided to dump their plans, as TM mentions in the post, would modify the timing of their decision. They just won't be liable (based upon the diktat) for the fines imposed for doing so.

Danube on iPad

So very glad to hear the news, Peter.

"JOM members are currently zero for three - Libby, McCain, Romney." I can't recall a single person here who expected a McCain victory, and I think quite a few expected the worst for Libby.

Afraid I don't know enough about the employer mandate to figure out who could be economically injured by a delay in its implementation, but if there is such a person I don't know why he wouldn't have standing to sue his employer for money damages, and maybe even a mandatory injunction. Haven't yet read the linked article on the subject.


Congrats Peter and family!


drewill, that's not a real indictment. There is no such thing as a citizens grand jury outside of a group seekingpublicity and funds.


DoT, a couple of people have pointed out that one group harmed would be those seeking a subsidy in the individual insurance exchanges. One of the requirements for getting a subsidy is showing that your employer either doesn't provide insurance, or that the insurance they provide doesn't meet Obamacare muster. Since employers now do not need to report their health insurance date to the Feds this year, there is no way to validate that an individual is entitle to an Obamacare subsidy when they purchase insurance on the exchange. That would seem to be a significant harm for a few people.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

At Weasel Zippers - New Tunisian Protest Movement Taking Its Cue From Egypt: Let’s Toss Islamists Out

I guess people in the ME aren't buying this...."The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." - President Obama UN speech Sept. 25, 2012

If Obama believes that statement...then let HIM live his life under sharia law. Get some burquas for his girls & go for it.
Just like the "green" nutcases...let THEM walk everywhere & live in darkness.
We don't want to.

Jane -


From what I can find a "citizen's grand jury" is not binding. If someone knows differently let me know.



I just want to be you.


Thanks, Jane and Clarice. Too bad, I was enjoying the image of Corey being frogmarched away in cuffs.

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