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July 19, 2013



You may be able to keep your doctor, but will your doctor keep you? As the Ocare folks reduce physician payments, will your doctor switch to a concierge practice with fewer patients ( who pay cash)?


Your doctor may also choose to get out of medical practice altogether.


If we would just do what MO tells us and eat our vegetables we wouldn't need to go to the doctor.


Yes, yes, henry.


Mark Steyn is polluting Limbaugh's airwaves today. Today's gripe?

He is talking about the rinky dink:

Senator Pat Leahy: Senate Immigration Bill Says Forging Two Passports Is Not A Crime

Danube on iPad

As is so often the case at the Birther Report, the actual facts don't substantiate the headline.

On Capitol Hill on Wednesday, asked Leahy, "One of the provisions has to do with passports, that’s an important component. Do you know how many passports someone is able to forge before it’s a crime?”

Leahy said, "Well, it depends upon which interpretation is being used. You could have one form which is two, but then there are other criminal conduct that would be involved with that."

"Cause you give prosecutors a certain amount of discretion, you have two or three different crimes you have committed, so then it's [up to] prosecutorial discretion which one they will charge. I mean, I spent eight years as a prosecutor. One of things you learn [is] the importance of that."


I have just watched the POTUS - I am stunned. I have just watched the POTUS insert himself in the Zimmerman case in Florida in an unbelievable manner.

I cannot believe what I have just seen. He sounds like a community organizer - whose job it is to set one group of people against another.

I don't think he is concerned about the Zimmerman family or what has happened to them.

Old Lurker

My Doc just converted to "Concierge Service" whereby he selected 600 of his desirable patients (fortunately including me) then wrote another 1600 that he would no longer be able to see them.

I pay an annual fee in advance and then some fees during the year for lab tests etc. I have email access to him, he promises to see me within five minutes of my appointment time, there is always a slot open within a day or two of my needing to see him, and he spends more than an hour on my physical.

Works for me.

Works for him since his net income is the same or more and he only worries about 600 of us...and he gets his money from Visa automatically.

Works for him.

James D.

I just read brief excerpts of Zero's little speech. I'm glad I didn't watch, because I probably would have smashed my television, or possibly gouged my own eyes out.

He is the worst human being we've ever had in high office in this country. I simply do not understand how anyone - regardless of politics or station in life - can look at him and not be repulsed.


--Works for me.....Works for him.--

Unfortunately, doesn't work for those in the unsubsidized middle.



I was expecting him to say he just called Rachel Jeantel.

I can't believe this is my country anymore.


Video: President Obama Speech - "Trayvon Martin could have been me"


It's not your country, it's run by racialists and their rich cronies who pay for their priviliges.... the rest of us pay, but get no priviliges.


Composite whites have troubled composite POTUS yet again in unsubstantiated terms...


Eric in Boise

I'm relieved that Obama declined to address the IRS disaster, the Obamacare trainwreck, or the Detroit bankruptcy. No sense in getting folks upset.


Drudge has the President's comments up and I am simply disgusted. Race grievance is in his DNA.

He asks no African American to look within and around them to discover why the persistent underclass exists and why a large minority of the African American community has not mainstreamed into the melting pot.

2 miles north of me is the largest concentration of Vietnamese Americans in the country. It is trans national and yet is wholly American. And it did not exist in 1975.

We have a huge influx of Chinese into the country who want to integrate into our society. Take your pick of ethnicity and you will find that is inclusive.

The only other group where we seem to have an issue is a small minority of Muslims.

Last night on the way home I was very touched when I saw a Muslim couple walking and holding hands. It was just a simple act of affection rather than a stereotype, but that is what this country means to me.

I also happened to finally get around to watching "42". My family has a history with the Dodgers that goes back to Brooklyn and Robinson has always been a hero.

There was a lot of evil done in the name of racism, but when the Brits ranked cultural acceptance recently, The United States came out far ahead of every single country in the world in its cultural inclusion. We have more damn parades than anyone else on the planet.

People like Obama and Holder and Sharpton and Jackson have damaged our American experiment just as much as Bull Connor and the Klan.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Thanks for the link, Steve.

How do WE do a better job of helping young African-American men? WE???

Where are their parents? WE don't raise kids...families do. Mothers & Fathers. Where were Trayvons Mom & Dad? Why was he staying with his Dad's girlfriend?
How bout you explore his family disfunction first & ask them to make some unfun but responsible choices ...& then maybe you can ask society to do something.

Rob Crawford

Has anyone figured out what the JEF(not fool) was trying to say? Other than "hate whitey"?


In one sense I'm pleased Barry has let the mask drop since that absurd mushy sophistry from 2008 about race in the wake of the Rev Wright scandal.
An honest racist is always preferable to a disguised one.

There already exists a considerable animus between Hispanics and blacks.

That the GOP can't even bring itself to simply point at how the left has attempted to lynch a Hispanic guy simply because of the race of the guy who was attacking him is both amazing and discouraging.

It gives free rein to the left to falsely accuse the right of racism even as it is practicing racism itself of the most insidious and despicable kind.


I'm relieved that Obama declined to address the IRS disaster, the Obamacare trainwreck, or the Detroit bankruptcy.... or the dead labor market, no growth economy, $4 gas in August, high food prices, $17Trillion Debt, the Boston Bombing and maiming....
I am relieved he talked about none of those....


RobC covers it-- the JEF message is 'hate on whitey', and "yo yo...whea 'dem riots at"

Rob Crawford
We have more damn parades than anyone else on the planet.

I've given up caring about parades since they stopped the Gourd Festival Parade.


I also happened to finally get around to watching "42"

-a hopeful sign that at long last America - or at least Hollywood - is willing to confront America's racist past through movies about sports, I'm sure the existence of "42" (2013 movie about Jackie Robinson) will come as a pleasant surprise to anybody who never heard of "The Express" (2008, 1st black Heisman winner), "Pride" (2007, 1st black people to swim or something), "Glory Road" (2006, 1st black college basketball starting 5), "Remember the Titans" (2000, 1st black coach of integrated Virginia high school), or for that matter, "The Jackie Robinson Story" (1950).

Rob Crawford
That the GOP can't even bring itself to simply point at how the left has attempted to lynch a Hispanic guy simply because of the race of the guy who was attacking him is both amazing and discouraging.

Their advisers are telling them it will just antagonize blacks.

So rather than say, "EVERYONE should be equal before the law" and "Mushmouth should educate himself on the facts of the case before stirring up anger", they keep their mouths shut. And the lies burrow deeper into people's minds.


You forgot "Cool Runnings" (1993)


--Their advisers are telling them it will just antagonize blacks.--

Yeah, wouldn't want to lose some small percentage of the 5% share of the 13% of the population they get now, especially if it helped them among the fastest growing segment of the population.
Top men.

Rob Crawford

Iggie, they ask for top dollar, they MUST be good! And they have so much experience running campaigns. OK, not successful campaigns, but experience is the best teacher!

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

DoT mentioned this exchange on the other thread -

Makes more sense than our POTUS.

I wish some reporter would ask Obama some specific questions about Zimmerman/Martin. I bet he doesn't know many facts about the event or the trial.


Maybe Obama can offer to have a beer summit with Jesse and Zimmrman


Janet, he was staying with his DAD'S girlfriend because he was suspended from school for being a punk. He had time on his hands so he took a 200 mile road trip.

And Obama is correct Skittles (just like Obama) is a drug abuser. Choooom on Garth!!!


"Trayvon Martin could have been me"

You can all imagine my response to this inane statement:)

Rob Crawford
I wish some reporter would ask Obama some specific questions about Zimmerman/Martin. I bet he doesn't know many facts about the event or the trial.

"Mr. President, do you believe George Zimmerman's dressing in a faux-police uniform the evening of the shooting shows a depraved mind?"

"Mr. President, do you think the 20-minute high-speed chase that preceded the encounter should be looked at as a mitigating factor?"

"Mr. President, there is evidence that drugs were a factor in the shooting; given your admitted history with drugs, what advice would you give to today's youth?"

"Mr. President, are you still using crack? Because that statement you made..."


Each and EVERY issue is a political campaign for Obama.
From his very first act of lying about closing Guantanamo to his second, the PORK-UNION-U-LUS bill that has been repeated in each of next 4 years, Obama is trying to keep his BASE whipped into a frenzy. He is buying the HISPANIC VOTE, so George Zimmerman is expendible.
The IRS scandal was all about SUPPRESSING GET OUT THE VOTE EFFORTS by Conservative Organizations, in the wake of Citizens United.
Obama is a disgusting vile human being.



You forgot "The Great Debaters": A drama based on the true story of Melvin B. Tolson, a professor at Wiley College Texas. In 1935, he inspired students to form the school's first debate team, which went on to challenge Harvard in the national championship.

Then there was the first great black detective movie: "Shaft."

Nick N.Y

Matt | July 19, 2013 at 02:46 PM

Well said. Kudos. That's a saver.
> Please post it again sometime.



"Mr Obama, when you got followed in that department store. Were you shopping in the Mom's jeans department, because that could have raised some suspicions. And were you high on drugs when this occurred?"


Just because you are a paranoid schizophrenic, it doesn't mean people aren't following you, even in a department store.


He has a whole shitload of people to disown:

Obama has a prolific presidential lineage that features Democrats and Republicans. His distant cousins include President George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Other Obama cousins include Vice President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee

I'll bet he is more closely related to Zimmerman that to Martin. The press will get right on it...


As people everywhere express their amazement at oBOzo's unprecedented comments, Chris Wallace reliably opines that the comments are perfectly understandable, and just what the pres. should be saying.

No surprise there.



Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Let's say I do "search my soul". How is that gonna help any young black man?...or any man for that matter?...or woman?
What does that even mean?
'I'm searchin' my soul.'

I think Obama really means that he'd like someone in his administration to search our souls. They'll let us know if we need any adjustment.

Isn't Obama the guy who said sin was whatever didn't match his values?...that pretty much is a giant kaput on any soul searching exercise.


There are cogent thoughts here,
and then there are Gus's ........

Frau Steingehirn

"Searching his soul" actually meaning "searching for his soul brother" Holder who must manufacture more minority equity in all areas of American life and make more cowards in the white population.

How hard will it be for GZ to get his gun back?
Will the Sanford mayor, city manager and police chief follow FL law?

Frau Steingehirn

You forgot "The Barbara Jordan Story" which might be of interest to Ms. Dee Dee.

What, it wasn't...?
That's retarded, sir.


"Senator Pat Leahy: Senate Immigration Bill Says Forging Two Passports Is Not A Crime"

Does this only apply to illegals?
Looks like a quick Google search says it's a long jail sentence.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Searchin' our souls & strivin' for sustainability!

That can be the new USA motto, Frau.

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