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July 03, 2013


Thomas Collins

Michelle Obama gripes about the high life she lives, and this guy soldiers on after being fired twice from gigs that could have put him on easy street. All about character.


Way cooler than Nirvana and Soundgarden.


This reminds me of Sam J Jones, the guy who played "Flash Gordon" in the 1980 movie with the Queen soundtrack. (Flash! Ah-ahhh!)

That movie bombed, so he went into hostage extraction.


I loved Flash Gordon. Now I'm bummed that there were two more films planned that were cancelled.

Frau Eigenwillig

Typepad ate my love note to Jason Everman, special forces heartthrob.


I hear Kurt Cobain was a pretty good sniper.


Seems pretty strange to me,


2Jack is Back4

Will post this on other threads as well: Email from friend and ex-associate who is Americn convert to Islam, married to an Egyptian lady from prominent professional family. Redacted by me in places.

"Dear Jack,
Its always great to hear from you. I hope you and Mrs. JiB are enjoying South Hampton. I actually read your email from Tahrir Square where we spent the last couple days and will be heading down there in half and hour or so. You just cant imagine how horrible Morsy turned out and we and 33 million other Egyptians were in the square to demand I kind of mass "reality" referendum that concluded "leave". While we all admire that he was elected in a fairly run election, and seemed to embrace the democracy that provided the framework for his ascendancy to power, he sought systematically to "brotherhoodize" and Islamize all institutions and governging structures in Egypt since that election and to lay the framework for a return to Mubarak type dictatorial rule but with an Islamic character. He and the Islamists pushed, cajoled and rammed a flawed, horrible constitution upon the Egytian people that offended large segments of this complex society.
I believe in second chances and the Egyptian people have or are taking the liberty of a second chance at getting their democracy right - inclusive of all Egyptians, backing freedom of religion, backing human and wormens rights, and attracting the best and the brightest to serve in a new parliament and government.
Anyway Jack we're fine. We will probably spend the summer here since Our son is coming over in August with his fiancee."



More strange stuff.

Jane -


You are so good at scaring the shit out of me.


Jane, I'm not the one copying your mail. I really don't see how that is legal.


Thomas's free-association of Michelle Obama gives a nice little peak into his freaky subconscious. wtf...


Thank you, JiB. That's really good news!


Interesting article. Admire people who soldier on -- no pun intended. so many other would have given up, quit trying, or blamed the system...or Big Oil. (jus' joking on that last one.)

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