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July 06, 2013


LIVs for Dimhs

well, thank you, Annie for 'splainin' dat. We had no idea this would happen. Damn those rethuglicans to my vagina.

Danube on iPad

We told them so. What in God's name were they thinking?

Of course, the immediate "fix" will be to declare 20 hours per week to be full time, or any of a number of other possible such lunacies. And I think we can assume that John McCain will rally Susan Collins and the catamite Graham to the bipartisan cause of making this absurdity work. Should be good for another year's worth of Sunday shows.


You're assuming that thinking enters into it, Danube,


.....or you are all assuming this is a bug rather than a feature of ObummerCare. As glenn reynolds often reminds, p/t low income workers relying on inurance subsidies and SNAP are much easier to control than full time employed independent workers.


Here's a bummer.

I just finished a decent bio on Askoha, the ancient Indian Emperor who converted to Buddhism in about 260 BC and proselyted that faith across the nation and as far afield as Egypt and Greece.

Now I see that Bodh Gaya, the location in India where Buddha sat under the Bo tree and gained Enlightenment, has just been bombed by Terrorists. Serial blasts rock Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya; terror attack,

Ashoka built much of the Temple complex at Bodh Gaya in the 250's BC. It's been destroyed over and over again over the last 2,000 years, usually by the usual suspects:(


BTW-- family is at Shannon airport right now waiting for anarrow body 757 flight to JFK. shannon is great for flights to USA. You clear customs here with no lines-- a gift from fat ted kennedy. Hope all visual flight aids are working at JFK!


And On Topic, Kudlow on his radio show had these job numbers brought up as a topic today.

A panel guest said he thought much of the part time hiring was a direct result of ObamaCare as mentioned above, but Kudlow didn't buy it, thinking there were other reasons for the hiring shown by the data, and that the folks suggesting this was a consequence of Obamacare were somewhat biased. Then he started his rant again on Immigration Reform, using the term "braniacs" 6 times in hour 2 of his show to explain the sort of people we'll be getting if we pass the Bill. He also said he is not opposed to Border Enforcement, but he said Border enforcement was not important and that the $40 Billion proposed to be spent on strengthening the Border was a waste of money.

I'll tune in next week fto Kudlow's Show for the same episode over and over and over again.


daddy-in one of those ed docs revealing the various global problems that our kiddies are to spend their time dwelling on instead of subjects that might not create Passion, immigration reform was listed right up their with climate change and overdiversity.

And don't get me started on what the unpublicized rules of what Common Core for ELLs will look like. I just love finding formal, binding, political docs like that on an ed school server. The purpose seems to be to politically radicalize the immigrants (and everyone else) through school. One of the NEA blurbs that I saw this week featured sob stories on the stresses of being undocumented.

Great Pieces Clarice.

Alienated everybody in Egypt. What a talent.



Caffeine time for me. Overdiversity is also a problem in my book if we are being urged to think tribally as long as we are not white and straight and UMC. Then we are supposed to be ridden with guilt at the injustice of just having things magically come our way.


Clarice's Pieces is great today. Thank you Clarice for making Sunday the best.


James D.

Fantastic Pieces (as always), Clarice!

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Great Job Clarice! As always.


I love Sunday mornings with Clarice.


Liberals have changed our motto of "E Pluribus Unum" to "E Pluribus Pluribus".

We're balkanizing ourselves into a fragmented tossed salad.


Just caught up with yesterday's thread. Wonderful photos of Kenso and fruit trees and lilies and hollyhocks. Thanks for sharing that DrJ! I suddenly have a craving for fresh fruit. :)


Clarice, Pol Roger, and strawberries!

Jack is Back!

Bravo, Clarice.

I am in the garage forging the Medal of Denied Incompetence to be presented to Barry as suggested in your Pieces.

BTW, it is made of Antimony, fittingly one of our dullest metals.


Also just catching up. Dr J Kenso is adorable and your garden is wonderful! Appreciate Daddy's info and thoughts on plane crash. And Clarices Pieces with my coffee is a great beginning to Sunday morning.


So, St. Janes Island has many parts in many places and one of them is in Mrs. Dr. J's garden.


Let us not forget the 52 Brits who died on this date in 2005 as a result of Islamic terrorism.


--The Affordable Care Act gives employers an incentive to hire part-time workers rather than full-time workers...--

Not only does it affect new hires but it gives employers an incentive to cut the hours of existing full time workers back to that of part time employees.
Do the BLS stats even pick up those so demoted or does it only measure new hires?

Whether it does or doesn't, it kinda puts the lie to Barry's self proclaimed love of the common man.
He's decided the best way to spare Americans the indignities of being middle class is to push them into poverty.


On the SFO crash, here is a valuable bit mentioned by Captain Sully this morning, if the electronic Glide Slope of the ILS had been turned off at Runway 28L.

"What that means is that then the automatic warnings that would occur in the cockpit when you deviate below the desired electronic path wouldn't have been available either. So we don't know yet if that's a factor in this particular situation, but that's certainly something they'll be looking at," Sullenberger told KCBS.

Yep. So the cockpit aural warning "Glideslope, Glideslope" that comes on and is repeated when you are significantly going below glideslope, (and which also has a visual warning component to it inside the cockpit), would not have been available, and so would not have alerted the crew that they were low, if that in fact was their problem.

Again, no big deal at all, if you are aware ahead of time that the system is out, and so are actively using your brain and have prepared some other method to figure out if you're high or low---something as simple as the old math trick of at 5 miles out, I should be 1,500 feet above touchdown, at 4 miles 1,200 feet, at 3 miles 900 feet, etc. (In that case you have to know the height of touchdown, (easy when it's sea-level), and have something available to give you reliable distance measurements from the end of the runway).

A downside of these super-modern airplanes, with all their fancy electronic aids and visual crutches, is that it is easy to get lazy and to let the electronics do the thinking for you. It is something you have to constantly guard against.

Jack is Back!


If Obama is smart, he'll order the FAA to provide LSO's for all commercial airports. Imagine the jobs created:)


"If Obama is smart . . ."

I've failed.

Jack is Back!


Open door, feel free to walk in.

Captain Hate

Whoever is hosting FNS is bugging Rick Perry left and right on running for President and how Ted Cruz is more popular among conservatives based on some dimwit poll. Whatever happened to asking intelligent questions about the here and now that aren't "gotcha" in nature?


Great 'Pieces' Clarice!

One silly question, shouldn't the first step, after getting off the couch, be removing oneself from the decree filled GOP?

Jane -walk like an Egyptian


President Bush makes an appearance on Stephanopolus.

And Chuck Todd just said "The President [Obama] owns this" talking about Egypt.

Comanche Voter

A fast food joint has 30 employees working 40 hours a week each. They've got employer provided health insurance.

Obamacare comes along and the same fast food joint now has 40 employees working 30 hours a week, and none of them have health insurance.

On the other hand, the economy has just added 10 new jobs!

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Captain Hate

Kucinich is blaming the insurance companies for turning the ACA into the UCA.


It's taking me all day to wipe the lipstick off my monitor ause of those pics of Kenso. He is so major adorable, Dr J.

Captain Hate

The FNS discussion of Egypt was useless other than Kucinich pointing out that the Egyptian military visited his office more than any other military entity bar none.

Captain Hate

Juan Williams: There are too many Republicans with a vested interest in ACA not working.


Thanks for the kind words, all. Clarice, I can send you some acetone to help you remove the lipstick.


Again, CH. I am in your debt.


Thanks..I think I have some now.

Of course, CH--that's what's holding back the Republicans. Fear that if they make any move at all--i.e cutting off IRS funding for implementation, they'll be blamed for the demise. It's a sick game of chicken on the Hill now.

Sammy small

Daddy....no matter whether there were some factors like PAPI lights out, ILS out, flaps up, winds, power loss, or poor visual cues over water, there was most likely a way to avoid the crash had the PIC had been on top of things. Hitting short like that indicates to me delayed reactions for some reason.

Captain Hate

Clarice, unfortunately there are too many spineless bedwetters to call their bluff.

Captain Hate

I'm here for you, TK.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Let us not forget the 52 Brits who died on this date in 2005 as a result of Islamic terrorism.

Thanks for the reminder, peter.



I had taken my then 7 and 10 year old daughters to the UK a few months before the London bombings and we had used one of those very stations. They were so shocked to see the images that July of a place they remembered as being such joyful exploration.

Dr J--adorable indeed.

Well I was off writing up what popped out from that Va Tech program I mentioned the other day http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/part-1-of-how-to-mount-an-invisible-political-coup-contemplative-education/

It's the first of a planned three parts. And coup is definitely the word for it.


Think of all the people who knew what it would mean to have a "community organizer" as US President. That was always meant to destroy the Republic and the essence of federalism but it was never covered. Just treated as another means of helping people. No different from running a soup kitchen.

Captain Hate

Again, even though I disagree with him on just about everything, Kucinich is an amazingly straight shooter on every issue on FNS. Juan, Nina Easton and even Brit were inept equivocators in comparison. Is Kristol being eased out of the panel? I know there are a lot of people who don't like him but I'm always interested in what he has to say even when he's ultimately proven wrong.


Morning all.Hope everyone had a good week-end. We've had real summer weather,hot and muggy,even in the usually cool woods at the cabin. Just been catching up,and the Bangor Daily has an update on the Quebec train derailment. Sadly,the death toll might be higher than that of the terrible plane crash.There are people still missing in the town of Lac Megantic,according to Canadian officials.
Several towns in Franklin County,Maine sent fire assistance.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Have I mentioned that I hate David Brooks.


Murray's kicking major grass this morning. Djokovic is in trouble.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian


How close is the town to you?

Captain Hate

We beat the heat yesterday by taking the Hatettes, son in law and Hater tot out to Mentor Headlands for a refreshing swim in Lake Erie. There's a sand bar that varies by location that lets you walk out pretty far once you're in the water. My son in law can't swim so it was up to grandad to make sure that the Hater tot could touch the buoy that marks the swimming area from the boating part.

We then went to Pickle Bill's along the Grand River for dinner and watch the boats cruise by.


Jane we are near Bangor and Jackman is 120 miles. Jackman is the closet town to the Canadian border in the northwest corner of Maine.If you've ever been to Sugarloaf to ski,you could also continue on that road to the Canadian border.
CH,sounds like fun!


there was most likely a way to avoid the crash had the PIC had been on top of things.


I'm pretty much in agreement with your conclusion at this early stage. I think if we find out from the tapes that there were no structural or mechanical problems, but that there was confusion in the cockpit, that'll answer a lot of my questions.

An aviation guy on FOX just said that the head of Asiana Airlines just said that it was not an engine issue. I'm interested in where he got that info.



My 12-year-old did his first takeoff, touch-and-goes, and landing this summer. He woke up at 0530 the morning before and threw up because he suddenly realized that he wouldn't respawn if he screwed up. As a parent, I would be ok with a little less tension, but it was neat to see that he took it seriously.


Great Pieces Clarice!

I keep searching fruitlessly for a quote of John Kerry commenting negatively on BP CEO Tony Hayward yachting during the2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill. That'd be comedy gold if I could find one.

All I can find so far are statements by Rahm Emanual, Richard Shelby, and Obama criticizing Hayward for yachting during a crisis.


That's great Walter!

What an excellent confidence builder.

Usually NAFOD (No Apparent Fear of Death) sticks with a kid until his mid 20's, but a sensible awareness of mortality is a good thing and a sign of maturity.

Congrats to your son.

Jack is Back!

Fred Reed on the riots, should they occur, as a result of Zimmerman going free.

Fred comes at from a beat cops perspective.

Captain Hate

Wow, Walter; very impressive.

Danube on iPad

Best pieces ever, Clarice.

TK, allow me to suggest that you may be overestimating the effect of the consent decree on GOP electoral prospects.



If during the post Zimmerman Race Riots someone uses reasonable force to stand his or her ground and shoots a belligerent aggressive rioter, you could have these sort of show trials going on as a continuing spectacle in Florida.

You've already got the Judge and the State Prosecutors. All you need is a new Medical Examiner.

Captain Hate

Welp, my childrens' flights to SFO have been cancelled after the events of yesterday. Not exactly unexpected.



Your kids should try the Oakland Airport. It is much smaller, much more convenient, and would even be closer to home for them (San Jose would be best for that).


Interesting comment from General McInerney on FOX on the crash.

He says that "They'll know very quickly, within 2 or 3 days, what really actually happened. Whether they tell the American Public is another story."

Captain Hate

Thanks DrJ; I think they're trying for San Jose, where I used to fly into before.


Aint that the truth, daddy, we usually can figure out the coverstory, 'plane was inspected, no one knew about the TDawgs is a joke,


Was the RNC's lawyer overestimating as well?

In urging the high court to examine whether the decree is still warranted, lawyers for the Republican Party said the arrangement had become onerous for the RNC.

“The ability of the Republican Party, as one of two national political parties, to conduct effective election observation programs is of national importance,” Bobby Burchfield wrote in his petition to the high court.


For the legal briefs please go here:


'The right to arm bear' interpretation has a way of letting the most meager measures be challenged, which is the point of the exercise,

Great pieces Clarice,

Part-timer trends started well before ACA

California Wal-Marts will be paying a fine to the State in the amount of $6k per employee, for every person working for WM and receiving public assistance. That's the average cost to the State resulting from free counseling on how to get food stamps and welfare.

Some things are working out


Kucinich is an honest progressive, not a hack like Colmes, Beckel, et al, 'abandon all hope'

Have Blue

The town where I worked in the early '00s had two high schools, even though it wasn't really that big. They had combined the districts but at one time there had been two, one for each high school and the associated elementary school. When the districts were combined they were required to grandfather the contract conditions for all current employees.
One of the districts had a policy of granting full health benefits to all part-time employees regardless of how many (or how few) hours they worked.
I knew a woman who worked a half shift, one day a week, (four hours) as a cafeteria lunch lady and got full boat health coverage in return.
You have never heard such whining in your life. About having to go to work one day, about how the hours broke up her plans, about having to give up part of her day off at her real job, about how the four hours labor wasn't that much to recompense for the coverage so they wouldn't be missing that much if they just gave it to her and let her not show up!

Marlene - In the nineties I used to drive through Jackman on my way up to Quebec. Will have to check and see if I went through that town on my way.


They didn't raise Cruz's critique of the Obamacare 'reset' or how events in Egypr, showed the total collapse of Middle East policy, shocker

Danube on iPad

"Was the RNC's lawyer overestimating as well?"

That lawyer was talking only about the GOP's ability to conduct "effective electoral observation programs," not its ability to win elections. It has won a majority in the House of Representatives in two consecutive elections, evidently without such programs.

Danube on iPad

"Some things are working out"

A wonderful object lesson in what a fool regards as things working out.


Thanks Daddy & CH.

You can see that exhilaration overcame jitters by the time he landed.


Please read the briefs and motions.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian


I don't think I've ever skied in Maine, which is weird because I thought I'd skied almost everywhere in the Northeast. I have curled there tho, which should make up for it.

Jeff Dobbs

Walter, tell us how The Fantastic Japanese Karate Gargoyles Go Global did in Knoxville.......

Danube on iPad

"Please read the briefs and motions."

I've read the RNC brief and the 3rd Circuit's opinion. Nothing in any of them remotely suggests that the decree warrants leaving the GOP for some unspecified alternative organization. It is not at all close.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Very cool, Walter!

Fun JOM family pics this weekend.


"California Wal-Marts will be paying a fine to the State in the amount of $6k per employee, for every person working for WM and receiving public assistance. "

Meanwhile, millions of illegal immigrants will be receiving public assistance and the CBO and the leftists apparently think that is a wonderful thing.



I thought to focus was on "overestimating the effect of the consent decree on GOP electoral prospects."

Why is the RNC making such a fuss all the way to SCOTUS?


There are too many Republicans with a vested interest in ACA not working

Specifically, all those who are now or might someday in the future become sick.


bgates, I suggest that every Republican in either the House or the Senate who voted for the ACA still supports it. :)


Have Blue @ 12:33; fascinating, just fascinating.

You have hundreds, perhaps even thousands of
those interesting and witty anecdotes, I'll bet.

You and Jane should collaborate on a pamphlet
detailing your most titillating life's experiences.



Turns out 'Globals' were really global. In his category, half the top ten were Chinese or Korean*.

It was a honor to compete, though.

*Southern. The Northerners were too scared to compete on a level playing field.


"To" should have been "the".

Danube on iPad

I thought the focus was on "overestimating the effect of the consent decree on GOP electoral prospects."

It was. You suggested that those prospects are so bad that one should consider leaving the GOP. I think that is decidedly an overreaction.

Frau Goldman

Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Feldman -
Great use of "pettifoggers" and it doesn't get any better than this:

"It represents a serious blow to the mud and wattle ObamaCare construction."


Five now confirmed dead in Quebec,40 people still missing. Have Blue,you probably took Route 201? Jackman is 30 miles from the border,but it takes 60+ miles to drive to Lac Megantic. As the downeast Mainers say..."you can't get there from here."


Nice bunch of complementary comments over at Lucianne on Clarice's Pieces today. Well deserved, Clarice.

Danube on iPad

Sounds kinda like a bill of attainder to me, though I haven't done any research:

Legislation is now making its way through the California legislature -- with the support of consumer groups, unions and, interestingly, physicians -- that would levy a fine of up to $6,000 on employers like Wal-Mart for every full-time employee that ends up on the state's Medi-Cal program -- the California incarnation of Medicaid.


Danke, Frau.

walter--how neat!

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Great Pieces, Clarice. And great pic, Walter. Truly looks like he was thrilled.

Danube on iPad

I think Ross Douthat is making sense about the mandates.

Given the character of today's American electorate, my guess is that we are on what will be a very rocky and unpleasant road to a single-payer system.


Religion O' Peace update:

First suspect arrested in the Terror bombings in India of the ancient Shrine where Buddha achieved Enlightenment under the Bo Tree. He is a member of the IM (Indian Mujahideen), an Islamic Fundamentalist Organization whose goal, according to WiKI, is Creating an "Islamic Caliphate" across South Asia.

Suspected IM member arrested in Kolkata for Bodh Gaya terror attack

No comment yet from TIME Magazine: .


That is a deeply ridiculous piece, which they only fronted the international edition, because Luce's heirs are that stupid'


I don't think the 'optics' are the issue, it's a more significant problem;


More about missing the point, not that I think he's that much of a liberal:


Holding on to the Vizzini network is hard work;


Popular Great America roller coaster Gold Striker back in action after retrofit

The Gold Striker, Northern California's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster, was taken offline on Monday while crews worked to encapsulate a portion of the track in a tunnel because riders' shrieks were pushing it past the decibel limit agreed upon in a settlement with Prudential Real Estate, which owns neighboring properties.

I think the RNC thinks the prospects are bad enough to pursue this to SCOTUS.

What has them worried?


Walter: What a great picture! You can feel his excitement.
clarice: An excellent "Pieces" Once again you have tied all the current truths together and attached a bow for good measure.I also enjoyed the "mud and wattle" reference and the use of the word"pettifoggers" Unfortunately the Obamas would never get the references as they live in a world along with Jarrett and Axelrod of "magical thinking"
CH; I have swum at Mentor Headlands many times and love the long beach and the shores of Lake Erie. How is the food at Pickle Bill's? I always insist my husband the strong swimmer be in charge of any novice swimmers.
Is it wrong of me to be delighted at the fact that Preezy has again backed the wrong horse {Muslim Brotherhood} and is currently trying to rewrite history about same. His inglorious pratfall on ACA has me almost delirious with happiness. Kerry being caught red-handed leading from" Be-Heinz" is also delightful as he cruises around Nantucket. Inept is too kind a word for these people.Losers seems more appropriate.


I love the picture of Kenso. The garden at your home is gorgeous! Kudos to Mrs.DrJ.

Jim Miller

Marlene - It was good to see that American fire departments (including some from Maine) went to Lac-Megantic to help fight the fire.

It would be interesting to know whether they had formal exchange agreements all worked out in advance, or whether they improvised.

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