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July 15, 2013



--and, yes, Ignutz: only someone ignorant of geography would call the Taliban "the terror of Asia.'' Afghanistan is in Asia in the same way that Buenos Aires is in America.--

Your claim at the time was that Afghanistan was not in Asia, so I'm assuming your statement above is supposed to be ironic because everyone knows that Buenes Aires is really in Europe, right?

Dr. Weevil

bunkerbuster writes: "I am certainly open to ideas about other terms that would more accurately describe people like the regulars here at JOM. Any suggestions?"

How about 'normal human beings'? Not trolls, not fools, and not (how to put this politely?) proctological specimens. That's the only thing most of us here have in common, and 'normal human beings' certainly excludes the boys with the reduplicated initials (BB, DD - no relation to DeeDee - and QQ) who all fall into one or more of the exception categories.

Captain Hate

The first mistake is taking the identity imbecile seriously.

Danube on iPad

I'm content to side with those known identity conservatives Alan Dershowitz and Jeralyn Merritt

Not to mention Jimmy Carter, Leo Terrell and Jason Whitlock.

Danube on iPad

the prosecution didn't avoid discussion of Trayvon's character because they knew he had a history of violence

This man is truly living in an alternate universe.

comments on a twitter feed don't count as evidence

That statement is flatly contrary to very well established Florida law. Bubu simply does not know what evidence is.

Some Guy

Bubu simply does not know what evidence is.

Sure he does. Anything that reinforces his prejudice is ‘evidence’, anything contrary is ‘zero evidence’.

poppa india

A little OT, but where the hell is Afghanistan, if not in Asia? Buenos Aires is not in America because America is not a continent. It is in South America, a continent, like Asia is a continent. I know, I'm wasting my time, but it's hard to resist....

Dr. Weevil

Actually, to Spanish-speakers Buenos Aires is in "América", though most English-speakers would say it is in "the Americas" to avoid the obvious confusion. I'm pretty sure they call us 'United-Statesians' instead of Americans' to avoid confusion.

Captain Hate

I know, I'm wasting my time, but it's hard to resist....

He got his ignorant clock cleaned by being revealed as a geographical dumbass years ago and is making obtuse similes up to try and pretend it didn't happen.

Jeff Dobbs

This comment pushes this thread to the status of most commented thread in 2013, and makes it the 7th most commented thread in JOM history.

It won't make it to 6th.



You pay attention to the weirdest things.

Jeff Dobbs

There was a thread a couple years ago during one of those times TM went missing -- it was getting quite long, people were getting antsy -- someone wondered where it ranked in terms of the most commented threads. People started remembering an old Kerry thread and the old Foley thread, wondering about Libby threads and election threads, etc.

Couldn't help myself -- I don't like to speculate about such things, so I went and did the research.

And made the list.

Since then, any time a thread begins to approach 1,000 comments, I pull out the list and start paying attention.

This is the 16th thread to reach 1,000+ comments.

But only one has surpassed 2,000. I think you might be a little familiar with that one.

There's probably medication that could help me.


Yes I do recall that particular thread. Not what it was about of course, just its existence.


--A little OT, but where the hell is Afghanistan, if not in Asia?--

The saddest and most revealing thing about our pet identity leftist is his utter inability to just say, "duh, oops, I was wrong" even when caught in the most red handed of idiocies.
Even WeeDavey and Dana are better at admitting a mistake.

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