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July 06, 2013



For now it's like an episode of Futurama when the job get's done;



The canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

What would happen if we cut off aid?

James D.

I keep asking myself if Zero and his sycophants are ever embarrrassed or ashamed by their failures or the harm they're doing to this country.

Then I remember who I'm talking about...


Not a heck of a lot, Jane;




Please. Was that Billie Jean King or Elton John?

Annoying Old Guy

James D.;

It's not so much that, but that the people who voted for Obama never seem embarrassed or ashamed of his actions. So why should Obama? Obama, ultimately, is an opportunistic disease, not the real problem.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

So...Obama is back from his Africa vacation & is now golfing & going to Camp David...for a vacation?


The stories out of Egypt seemed to be a little unclear, as Badie was not apparently held for long, but Shater, apparently was.


Being president is hard, Janet. He just can't make people do what he wants them to.


He is more attached to the clubs, then Tiger, although I imagine not very good at it,


One wonders if Red Chief, really had that much to bargain with;

Danube on iPad

It's my understanding that the aid goes to the Egyptian armed forces, which are favorably disposed toward the U.S. The hordes flooding the streets to overthrow the Brotherhood are generally opposed to Sharia law and an Islamist state. So naturally we stand with the Brotherhood.


What more can we expect from the administration re Egypt and the wider Middle East, with Muslim advisors living large at the White House and Hillary's Huma connections while at State; not to mention Brennan and Hagel's soft heart for the Arabic 'political' system, in clandestine defiance of their oaths to our Constitution.


I find it astonishing that anyone could find fault with Limbaugh's "I hope he fails" statement. The question is in attempting to somehow reach the LIV's, what difference at this point does it make?

Danube on iPad

But--but--he gave such a wonderful speech in Cairo:

CAIRO — As rival camps of Egyptians protest for and against the toppling of President Mohamed Morsi, there is a rare point of agreement: America is to blame.

Anti-Americanism, which has long been an undercurrent here, is erupting again as Egyptians battle over the future of their country. Each side accuses the United States of backing the other and alleges conspiracies in which the Obama administration is secretly fostering dissent in an attempt to weaken Egypt.

It's all here. As Barbara Boxer told Hillary, "you've made us lots of friends."


So they have egg on their face, the Post's editorial section, still has too much yolk though.


The buzz on the ITthe other day was that Kerry was "leading from BeHeinz" and was handling the crisis from the "situation yacht".


So, Red Chief might follow Butch and Sundance' path, as Richelieu put it 'it's only a matter of dates'


Translation Morales is offering Snowden asylum,


Nope. They are the disease. Kerry, Obama and the lot. Of the many things they are, foremost they are supremacists. On to that, lay a large slimy gooey dollop of self-worshipping, idealizing narcissism.

To get the history of this right we need to go back to the Prussians and particularly Fredrick Hegel, the seminal theorist and primary apologist/revisionist for imperial feudalism. The Hegelian supremacist movement began and grew large in response to the earthquake in European societies and governance movements caused by the American revolution and the seminal documents attached thereto. What occurred in France was just the initial tremor of upheavals that took place across the European continent prior to Hegel's rise as intellectual leader of supremacist Europe.

Gambling on the Hegelian theory that a modern class society was necessary to obediently support industry, Euro-American elitists Morgan, Carnegie and Peabody, et al, (AINOs) imported the Prussian education and university bureaucracy en masse.

These men were not rooted in colonial or frontier society. When one understands the culture of the foundations and trusts they spawned, it's no surprise obsolete Hegelian doctrines of scientific socialism, behavorialism, eugenics, phrenology and darwinian imperialism continue to be actively taught and championed in academe, still a predominantly Hegelian subculture in American society.

Obama and Kerry are but two of their poster boys dominating modern government and media.

Hegel gave us Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, FDR, Bush41, two world wars, Pol Pot, Mao, and, according to Rudolf Rummel, nearly 200 million citizen democides by experimentalizing Hegelian governments during the 20th Century. LUN.

That's another reason we should be worried about Obamacide.

Whether they're a Prig, Prog or Zombie, at root, our modern problems are rooted in the fatal conceit of Hegelian supremacism.

The AINOs are consolidating control; building the government family for the greater good. Now they're busy making it the family business. For their children, not yours.

As always, they are better than us because. It's in everything they do.

Those of us who believe in the sanctity of individual liberty and equal protection under the law are facing a deeply pathological supremacist movement with very old roots.

That's a difficult fact for reasonable people to accept. What to do?


Saying "John Kerry" to me is like ringing a bell for Pavlov's dog...



...it always garners the same image.



Probably an accident.

Jack is Back!

Well, I just went for a swim - with my iPhone in my pocket! Ran into the house but in our low carb world - no rice. Mrs. JiB quickly in the car to Waldbaums.

Yerterday I either lost or misplaced a bank debit card and had it cancelled.

They say these things come in threes. So pray for me, please:)

Assassinate El Baradei


"Egyptians would be lucky if their new ruling generals turn out to be in the mold of Chile's Augusto Pinochet, who took power amid chaos but hired free-market reformers and midwifed a transition to democracy. If General Sisi merely tries to restore the old Mubarak order, he will eventually suffer Mr. Morsi's fate."

Yes. This is the prefect (sic) solution.


I'm in the TP penalty box... No links.

Fox News has a post about the ACA delay with the head of the Retailers Federation (Walmart et al) praising the delay to allow time to lower the 50 emp limit and the 30 hour limit. Take that Main Street!

They also have a post about the train in Canada-- carrying crude. Pipeline anyone?


Yerterday I either lost or misplaced a
bank debit card and had it cancelled.

They say these things come in threes.
So pray for me, please:)

See? That's where I goofed. I wanted
you to get lost. I didn't pray for it.


An interesting perspective;


Comanche Voter

Nothing to see here in Cairo. No fat cat campaign donors. Move on.


Oh, Carp, Theoden's having his moods again,


Any desiccant packs around, JiB? The little "do not eat" pack that come in the box when you buy certain electronics or clothing has saved me before.

Think man!! There must be one laying around the house.


CBS is having a good time with Kerry on his yacht. Payback for saying their producer a liar.

Danube on iPad

John Hinderaker at Powerline concisely summarizes the legal issue presented in GZ's motion to acquit.

Should the jury convict, the question will become whether an appeal on the basis of insufficiency of the evidence can succeed.


It still works, though, or are you using the Ipad.

northern lights

It's undoubtedly Zim's voice. His soprano shrieks are well-known.


"Saying "John Kerry" to me is like ringing a bell for Pavlov's dog..."

Me Too! I see John Kerry marching for the North Vietnamese Military who are killing American soldiers and our allies by the thousands.


JiB for the future, LUN. A variation of Liquipel.


So this is the legal basis?

And as for delaying the mandate, the administration is pointing to regulatory precedent, citing Section 7805(a) of the tax code for justification.

That reads, in part, the “Secretary shall prescribe all needful rules and regulations for the enforcement of this title, including all rules and regulations as may be necessary by reason of any alteration of law in relation to internal revenue.”

Precedents cited by the administration include an aviation fuel tax Obama signed Aug. 5, 2011, that applied retroactively to July 23, 2011. The administration delayed enforcement until Aug. 9, 2011.

In 2007, a small-business bill made changes to standards for tax return preparers to avoid paying penalties effective May 25 of that year. But the IRS announced it would not enforce the new rules on returns due before 2008.


iPad right now. Can't get to computer (gout).

Jeff Dobbs

What a gorgeous day here.



sorry to hear that henry. hope you feel better soon.

so I suppose the media hasn't been overly critical of Obama supporting the MB in the first place.


We have a crisis, will this guy come?



I know it's a contest between the chimps but still;


Hope you feel better henry



he's a Marine Colonel. pretty sure he'll be found when he wants to be found.

and oddly it is hit-and-miss for me today posting


Thanks guys, I think I'm past the worst of this one.

Jeff Dobbs

What do they prescribe for computers with gout?


From Al Arabiya, yes I know;

#Egypt sacks officer accused of ‘leaking information’ to Brotherhood http://ara.tv/nafsy



trying this again...

starting to wonder if Snowden wasn't similar to an incident a few years back where a US official got hold of some paperwork made it a big deal then fled for Australia. Recall that WaPo did a soft focus feature on her but my googlefu and memory is failing me.


Henry-- sorry to hear about the gout. Genetic? I had 3-4 attacks 6 years ago. I take a pill a day-- keeps the attacks away.


The Canadian crude oil explosion is devastating.


This has a foreboding feel to it...


Hit, they recommend staying away from home brew forums for a week or so.


Oh, that would be the 'lovely' Gwenyth Todd,
Rich, she's out in crazy town;

'I have a bad feeling about this'

Mohamed Elbaradei to be named Egypt’s interim prime minister later on Saturday – presidency source

Jeff Dobbs

That's good to know, henry. Get well and stay comfortable.

Burgers at my place in an hour. All are welcome.

There will also be beer.

Danube on iPad

I'd start with the address or bank where his retirement checks go.


NK, yep genetic. My dad takes those pills and still gets attacks (plus the occasional kidney stone as a bonus). I use diet & exercise, plus drink lots of water (not soda or dairy) to reduce frequency of attacks. If I tire of water, I'll have beer. It works, except when it doesn't.

Jeff Dobbs

princess hit and run loves my burgers. That is until she just saw me poor a little beer into the meat that is currently sitting in the fridge.

I hope she stays freaked out by the thought of ingesting any form of alcohol until she's 30.

Lord knows it would have helped me to have held such a view. Heck, make it 50 in my case.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh. Typepad ate the comment trying to cover up my typo of "poor".

Or put another way, Typepad told me it's time to grill.


In the mid-18th century, William Pitt the Younger's Doctor prescribed Port for his gout, and he was known to drink 3 or 4 (or more) bottles a day. For some reason, that treatment isn't really recommended anymore, even though they stopped shipping Port in those lead-lined barrels.


thanks narciso.

***Mohamed Elbaradei to be named Egypt’s interim prime minister later on Saturday – presidency source***

those UN functionaries are like vampires...





JiB, until Liquipel, try the Lifeproof case. Pretty easy to use.

And get applecare Plus for the phone. I had one dunked by a wave on the Gulf. Apple was able to save everything to the cloud and download it back to a new iPhone.

That's when I got the Lifeproof. And I still can depend on Applecare should we get wet again.

Frau Steingehirn

The LA Times* warns that the "ouster" of Morsi & the MB might lead to more radical Islamism in Egypt.

*We have not subscribed for over fifteen years.


Wise decision Frau. I made the same decision regarding my local rag, The Star Ledger, which is the Democrat house organ.

Continue to feel better, Henry.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

"On May 14, Ammar Saleh, the chairman of the Islamic Centre for Preaching and Comparative Studies, bemoaned the increase in apostasy, the growth of the Church and the alleged failure of the state to protect Islam from the double threats of Christianity and Atheism."


Looks like the whole kill-yourself-&-others-to-get-to-paradise, wear a bag, obey a madman/pedophile, master calligraphy religion doesn't do so great whenever other belief systems get a hearing.


j-i-b, welcome to the wonderful world of senior moments. Get the new Android that's waterproof-just saw a commercial for it yesterday.

And thanks for those pics of the Southampton 4th parade. I love the East End, having spent a lot of my life on the North Fork.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Ugh Henry, gout sounds awful. HOpe you feel better soon.

Old Lurker

JiB, not a good day to test fly the experimental plane you have been building in the garage.


Boston-area JOMers -- check your email (I think I got most of you).

Old Lurker

DrJ...you picked the worst dates for your Boston trip from the OL family standpoint. Family and friends are arriving on Nantucket that weekend for my, gasp, 65th. By the time they all leave ten days later we will be exhausted, and you, alas, will be back in CA.


Sorry about that OL -- meeting schedules are not very flexible. How 'bout the weekend before?


You probably already know this, Henry, but Mayo has some new treatments for Gout as well as new methods to diagnose:


Hope you're better soon..


Sorry, Henry. My husband has had a bout of it, but meds ontrol it.

Alice, nice to see you!

Baradei, hmmm..


Hmmm is right. Warm and fuzzy is not the feeling I get when I hear El Baredei's name.

Frau Steingehirn

Hi, AliceH! Port, huh? I'll drink to that.

Danube on iPad

I get gout attacks every few weeks. No fun at all.


Jane, it's worse than it sounds. More pain than breaking a bone or bruising a kidney (alas I know from experience), it doesn't go away, and even a light draft of air makes it worse. That said, it contains no surprises and I mostly ignore it while sitting very still and reading many books. This round is ebbing and only hurts when I try to walk.

OldTimer, thanks. Most of that is uric acid control, and my levels aren't elevated (heh, I'm a 1%er). I think dehydration is the trigger for my attacks -- more water / slower yard work or something.


Lawsuit: Police seize homes, arrest owners to investigate neighbor


Doesn't seem to be much 'serving & protecting' taking place here...


Confirmed: Barack Obama Did Spend Fourth Of July At Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers Home


Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Big Plane crash at SF airport - plane coming from S. Korea.


Described as a "crash landing," survivors being evacuated. Hope for the best. Airport closed.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

There are survivors? Wow, that's good news. The tail came off and then it turned on its back


Witness tells local news that "the tail fell off right when the plane touched down."



It does not appear to be on its back.

Frau Beerdigungsinstitut

Bless Wes Pruden. He deserves a seaside cottage on St. Jane's:

The best the Democrats can say about Obamacare is that it’s an approaching train wreck, in the memorable description of Sen. Max Baucus of Montana. Mr. Baucus was one of the authors of the legislation and now he’s hurrying home to Montana for good, anxious to avert his eyes from all the hair, teeth and eyeballs soon to be scattered along the railroad right-of-way.

Pundits and professors are rifling through the thesaurus, looking for the right word to describe what the Wall Street Journal calls “a fiasco for the ages.” The Journal editorialists reminded everyone that they “fought the Affordable Care Act from start to passage, and we’d like to apologize to our readers. It turns out we weren’t nearly critical enough.”

The editors of The New York Times, Mr. Obama’s most reliable sycophants, are deep in mourning, but working furiously to apply more rouge to the corpse before it turns the parlor too fragrant for a wake. It’s summer, and they’re running out of ice.


If this is legit, it seems like there are many (mostly?) survivors:


Jane -walk like an Egyptian

It looks worse than that from the sky. why does a tail come off?


Apparently the tail hit the ground first. Not clear why. Saw one report that it was an "emergency landing" but I doubt that, as the fire trucks would have been out there.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Any drones in the area?


Breaking News: Boeing 777 Crashes at San Francisco Airport (Video)



It's a cargo plane


Drudge said that, Clarice, but I don't think so. Asiana flight 214, a passenger tweeted the 3:25.


Oh, dear. Hope all survive.


Now there are tweets of 2 "confirmed" deaths, but can't be sure. It looks like the tail clipped the sea wall short of the runway, then the plane slid and skidded off the runway. They're saying "pilot error" as there was no distress call. They're saying 250-300 may have been on the plane.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Amazing that so many people survived.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

So what caused the fire?


291 aboard - appears to have landed too short, according to Jon Scott, reporter for Fox and private pilot..


Some Guy

So what caused the fire?

It looks like where the plane came to rest one of the engines came off and skidded forward and against the fuselage. Fuel would likely follow the same path, and it looks like that's where the fire started.

Some Guy

I'm actually booked onto that exact flight in a few months.


Posts keep disappearing. One more time..live FOX at SFO:



The tail must have hit that area just at the edge of the water as the aircraft was coming in.


I hate, hate, hate SFO. From the fog delays to the approach I just don't like that airport in the least.

Last time through a few months ago We sat on the ground at LAX. I had a three hour window to connect to a difficult flight into China. Missing it would mean missing 2 days of very important meetings.

Sure enough we sat for 2 1/2 hours and I watched as my flight took off for Asia. I spent 14 hours sitting in the airport after finding a ridiculous and ridiculously expensive alternative. I ended up missing one day.

A couple of months ago they had one of those great mid-50's Transpacific run out of gas thrillers on TV and they actually flew the plane right over the city at almost tree top level (movie effect). The plane landed gauges on empty but everybody survived.

I've flown out of almost every international airport on the West Coast and SFO is the worst for delays and tie ups.

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