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August 09, 2013




In China now I can catch live US Baseball on an ESPN Channel. Just watched the BoSox vs Kansas City. What is interesting is that now they have Chinese announcers calling the game, which surprises me, as there aren't any Chinese mainland Baseball players in the pros. There was a pitcher a few years back from Taiwan, but no mainland guys. Also surprising is that they also have a recurring commercial of some Chinese guy trying to lose his road rage by watching ESPN Baseball.

I can't tell if it's a Taiwan ESPN broadcast, but it's the same broadcast I'm seeing in Shanghai and in Guangzhou, about a 1000 miles apart on the coast. If it is a mainland China broadcast, it tells me the Chinese may be trying to stir up domestic interest in the game so they can field a decent baseball squad to play Baseball against us in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Moscow.

* (first in Japanese).


Daddy, Obama has more FLEXIBILITY now. The 2014 Olympics could be just like the G-20 SUMMIT!!!
Obama is a real LEADER.

Tom Maguire

If they are playing baseball in Russia or Rio I assume Barry will be the first to let us know.

Bated with Bush; heartbroken with this Sad Sack.

Watch Putin pull some shit and Obama boycott.

I'm one of the few people on earth who, when the Russians marched into Afghanistan in 1980, said that the Afghanis would throw them back out. When I was there, somewhat earlier, every other man was armed with a rifle, and you got the impression the others were carrying concealed.


Perhaps Obama took Geography lessons in Taiwan!

Here's a fun story about "Hit-Hit Alaska", a popular Taiwanese Video-Arcade Game, where the object is to slaughter as many Penguins and Turtles in the frozen Alaskan wilderness as possible. (JOMer's may have already figured out what's not quite right about that, but please don't tell Barack).

The story also gives us this exciting bit of info:

A 10-year-old boy named Bobby Lin...was all smiles and screams as he whacked away at the game console. When asked if he knew where Alaska was, the Taiwanese boy said he had never heard of the place and had no idea where it might be.

"Is that where people go for gambling and casinos?" he asked, since the Chinese pronunciation of the city "Las Vegas" is similar in sound to the Chinese pronunciation of "Alaska. "All I can see is that it must be very cold there," he added, as he wacked away at another penguin.

No Bobby. For gambling on sports you have to go to places like Kaminskey Field in Chicago.


Video: The Best of Megyn Kelly - Her favorite moments before she left the air...



There is a temptation to gawk;


Jack is Back!

Silly Chinese. There are no penguins in Alaska or Las Vegas.

But there is an unusually high number of dolphin deaths along the east coast. Frederick just finished his third year of Sea Camp at Marineland and was swimming with dolphins yesterday. He won't like this news at all.


Mars is getting the closest to Earth in years. Around the 27th it will be within 34 million miles and will be as bright as the moon at night fall on the east horizon about a little after midnight.


Looking for a little help.


Hope it works!


And Caro and Jane and the blog itself all get a plug over at Powerline today. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2013/08/a-few-nr-cruise-notes.php

Account Deleted

From the NYT gibberish:

Anger over the shooting is memorialized even in Google’s mapping function: the street view of Mr. Graham’s home on East 229th Street shows a white fence thickly decorated with votive candles and posters criticizing the Police Department (one compares it to the Ku Klux Klan).

Socialist media sure is handy in promoting stupidity. Ramarley surpasses Trademark wrt making poor choices. "Show me your hands." is not a complicated instruction.

Jason Richwine takes another swing. I'm not sure Politico is the right venue but there is nothing controversial whatsoever about his findings anymore than there is anything surprising about the commie media reaction.

Captain Hate

Any best of Megyn is incomplete without the clips of her farting on the set.


Video: US closes consulate in Lahore after threat received

They're toying with the same administration that Republicans in Congress have trouble opposing.


Scott is a great guy, but the star of the family (right now) is Eliana who is doing Yeoman's work on the IRS scandal. I think she may be the #1 reporter in the country on it. His wife Sally is also spectacular. it was really fun to get to know them.


narciso, that Twitchy tour was hilarious.

Captain Hate

Ana Marie Cox was that Wonkette embarrassment no? Shocking that al-Guardian has given her a soapbox.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

A good overview from ChaCo - http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2013/08/08/climate-change-what-are-the-real-questions/?singlepage=true

"...and a half dozen other imminent crises — and I had become a confirmed skeptic of imminent crises in general."


My seatmate on the plane yesterday was a Russian. He was from Moscow and on his way to a convention in Orlando.

He told me he thinks that at this time Russia is more free than the USA.

I'm still thinking about that.



Looks like SPC Skaife is getting lots of helpful advice on how to track down her birth mother. What a great story.


So where does one go to read Eliana Johnson's reporting on the IRS?


Eliana writes for the National Review:



Jane-- if the Ruskie on the plane is a crony of the Vlad crew he certainly is more free... more free to refuse to pay and beat up hookers with impunity, more free to cheat business rivals with impunity, more free to violate health and safety laws with impunity, more free to steal trade secrets from offshore businesses with impunity.Al Capone's triggermen didn't worry about muggings in Chicago.... but that didn't make Chicago ca. 1928 crime free.


Speaking of Trayvon: George Zimmerman was a model prisoner of his GPS ankle bracelet.

Moved 3 times in 2 months, bought a bulletproof vest, hired a body guard and only forgot to call the Sheriff's office once.


I accidentally heard Olbermann talk about A-Rod. He took about 5 minutes of rambling nonsense to say he did not begin to know how A-Rod would be received in his NY homecoming.


Tied to the TV as I am for a while, I stumbled over MIke and Mike promoting for ESPN a new Olbermann.

All you need to do is listen to Olbermann's greatest misses and it becomes clear Olbermann should be dropped from any broadcasting. He's not worth it.

Then I saw that Mike and Mike ae sponsored by Progressive Insurance. It is sad that sports fans don't know enough about Progressive's bankrupt political positions to protest to Mike and Mike.

I now turn the channel.


reformed crackhead (supposedly) samuel l jackson advises young brothas to be careful because it's 'open season'. Well it is in a sense.... young black men must beware of armed gangbangers (mostly black men) who treat human life very cheaply and murder thousands of young black boys every year. Meanwhile sam jackson sits behind his high walls and CCTV cameras and lifts nary a finger to stop the daily carnage.

The NYPD cop? I'm gratified that the Grand Jury found no probable cause he committed a crime. That said-- this was hideous police work, the cop should have no future in the NYPD.



He was a professor not a crony, and couldn't quite figure out why anyone paid attention to Putin or Obama. He was a HS exchange student in Wisconsin and has been to the states many times. His English was perfect.


BTW, in case anyone is interested, the next NR cruise is May 17th and it is a 5 day trip from NY to Bermuda. Since it is only 5 days it will be cheaper, with none of that pesky overseas flying costs.

My hope is that we can get a bunch of JOMers to go.


not pay attention to Putin in Russia? Hmmm... academics are just nutz in Russia as the USA.


In his experience we have far more rules in the US than he does in Russia.

Old Lurker

Well, we have the Rule of Law here and they don't, right?

Oh. Wait.


Here ya go, Janet.

GAO opens investigation into Planned Parenthood's use of taxpayer money

WASHINGTON – The non-partisan Government Accountability Office confirmed Thursday it is launching an investigation into how the country’s largest abortion provider spent millions of taxpayer dollars.

Planned Parenthood received more than a half billion dollars in federal funding last year. The GAO’s investigation is in response to a request made by more than 50 members of Congress in February who asked for a detailed report on how money is being used by Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers across the country.

Specifically, lawmakers want to know what procedures and services they provided and the number of people who were served and how much it cost.


Indeed-- Vlad rules are very clear and simple. They do have that virtue. Business/social activities which are outside the elites' interest are indeed far more helterskelter in Russia than the USA and certainly EU-Land. One example is why almost all Russian car owners drive with a video dashboard cam. Look that up, fascinating solution to an unregulated cultural situation.


All I can say is that for the 1st time in my life, I wasn't ready to dispute his claims, based on our current regime.


How different should the standards be for police vs. private citizens? As I recall, in that New Orleans case a couple of weeks ago the homeowner said he thought the intruder was reaching for a weapon. Obviously a citizen can't do what this cop did in terms of chasing him into his home for suspicious behavior (not clear the cop should have done this either), but once in a confrontation, the claim that the guy appeared to be reaching for a weapon seems to be a defense for the cop but not for the guy on his property.


Account Deleted

"(mostly black men) who treat human life very cheaply and murder thousands of young black boys every year."


Untrue. There are more black 17-19 yo killers (946) than victims (664) and they kill 20-24 yo black dealers (1,471). It's murder for market share. Drug franchises are purchased in blood.


the next NR cruise is May 17th and it is a 5 day trip from NY to Bermuda

That sounds tempting, Jane. I'm actually headed to Bermuda on Sunday with the family for a week's vacation, but flying.


2400+/yr, every year like clockwork, 17-24 yo black boys/men are murdered by black men of like age. Every year. Honest and decent men like Ray Kelly try to keep the body count down by things like stop and frisk. But that works on the margins (although the biggest beneficiaries are the people living in the same neighbs, as indiscriminate gangbanger gun play is reduced.) when are black 'leaders' going to say enough, and vilify the gangbangers like they do GZ? A rhetorical question I know-- I've been waiting for that since at least 1973.

Rob Crawford
As I recall, in that New Orleans case a couple of weeks ago the homeowner said he thought the intruder was reaching for a weapon.... the claim that the guy appeared to be reaching for a weapon seems to be a defense for the cop but not for the guy on his property.

1) New Orleans -- anyone who expects sanity there is in trouble.

2) The yute there had also climbed a high fence to get into the guy's yard.

3) In New York it was a cop; benefit of the doubt generally goes to the cop.


Put it on your calendar Jimmy. Just in case.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Thanks, Extraneus. I had linked this Breitbart story on the investigation on FB with this comment - http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/08/05/GAO-To-Launch-Nationwide-Investigation-Into-Planned-Parenthood

I am pro-life, but even putting the issue aside...Why are taxpayers expected to give money to this multimillion dollar business? It doesn't even make sense. It is a business...they should stand or fall on their own just like other businesses. The same with PBS/NPR...why in the world do these select TV & radio businesses get our money (or money our kids will have to repay from China)? FTA - "The abortion industry giant performed a record number of abortions in 2012, and received $542.4 million in taxpayer monies, which represents a record amount of funding."


Comment at Twitchy about Slate refusing to call the Redskins the Redskins;

If they are concerned about offending people, maybe they should remove the Washington part of the name.


--"The abortion industry giant performed a record number of abortions in 2012, and received $542.4 million in taxpayer monies, which represents a record amount of funding."--

Yes, but it's OK cause the $542 million doesn't go to the abortion part of the corporation.

You can bet if someone gave me $542 million with the stipulation it not be spent on cars that there is no way I would buy a single Ferrari with any of my other money.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

narciso linked this on the last thread - BUSINESS MODEL FAIL: Crackpot newspaper that published map of law-abiding gun owners lays off 17 including moonbat editor


Captain Hate

Slate erroneously assumes that Dan Snyder or any Skins fan cares about what they wrote



Ever been to Bermuda before?


No, first time, JiB. Any recommendations?

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Here's the local link on that story -

"The Rockland County Times has learned that Rockland County Chief Editor Caryn McBride is among the casualties of the recent purge of 17 journalists and 26 total staffers at the Gannett-owned Journal News newspaper."



benefit of the doubt generally goes to the cop.

True, but I'd argue that a generally upstanding citizen over the age of 30 (sorry Abbie Hoffman) with no criminal record should get that too.


jimmyk-- whatever you do in Bermuda you'll probably love it. It's disneyworld for grown ups. Last I went was a family trip in 2008 with the kids who were in HS then. One bit of advice-- minimize cab rides... they are London expensive and really not necessary. Hire a moped or take public buses.


Self-Defense and cops. For Bronx Grand Juries, cops definitely DON'T get the 'benefit of the doubt'.

chris b;

No Police state, ,,,yet, but they're working on it.


" A Texas-based secure email service reportedly used by National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden says it is shutting down and can't legally explain why.

In a cryptic note posted Thursday to the Lavabit website, owner Ladar Levison said the company is folding rather than becoming, in his words, "complicit in crimes against the American people." Levison didn't return a phone call from The Associated Press.

The post doesn't elaborate, but Snowden's disclosures have focused attention on how the U.S. government can secretly compel companies to hand over customer information and gag them from talking about it.


Slate also erroneously assumes any American Indian cares about what they wrote.


Nice summary of the end of government OPM and the Blue gov't model: http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/2013/08/08/the-fiscal-abyss/



My family had their winter sports business there for 25 years back in the 1900's to the 20's. We love it.

Don't know where you are staying but I recommend Horseshoe Bay Beach in Southampton Parish for a great family beach. At the western end is a large rock outcropping and shallow little cove called Baby Beach and is a lot of fun for snorkeling.

Another great family beach is Shelley Bay Beach in Hamilton Parish. Great for snorkeling.

You can't rent a car in Bermuda unless you are a Bermudian so its buses, cabs or renting mopeds. Last time we were there, there were two moped deaths of American tourists. Just saying.

We go for the golf and family history research but Frederick loved it because last time there was over Easter and he got to fly a kite at Horseshoe Bay Beach which is a true Bermudian event. Over 10K show up to fly hand-made kites.



Oh, golly. Looks like Scott Brown has a real nut case for a brother!

Accused of Impersonating Officer, Commandeering Boat

Rob Crawford
Slate also erroneously assumes any American Indian cares about what they wrote.

Stale is mistaken to assume anyone cares what they write about anything.

Danube of Thought

New Republic chick shreds Lawrence O'Donnell.


Trayvon's spirit lives on in Chris (I ate my Lieutenant Gov.) Christie. Fat boy's busy shoring up his Lib bona-fides by signing into law a litany of anti-gun legislation.

I am so tired of this fat f*** trying to impress us libs. Go away dough boy.

We don't like you.


Jane, you made the IT headers--Glad you had a good time and that you are back. XOXO


I'm glad that chick shredded O'Donnell but I cannot be the only one sick beyond words of the casual use of f*** and s***, along with every other apparently everyday obscenity, in just about every liberal and/or hipster rag these days.

It's repellant, and being a caveman, I find it particularly repellant by women.


Sorry WeeDavey but Chris Bibendum Christie will be staying put, as he does everything he can to ensure he never leaves Jersey for the WH.

Danube of Thought

Struck me as quite gratuitous.


Big Chris won't even finish his second term as NJ Gov.. he can't do anything.. the Dems have a permanent legislature monopoly. No... it's either a 2016 POTUS OR VP run-- personally, I think he's gunning for that, be the combative 'commonsensical' NE conservative to 'balance' a Walker/Cruz. If that doesn't work out, Big Chris jumps to a big law firm or Hedge fund to cash in.

chris b;


Silent Circle, the company founded by former PGP wonks and Navy Seals and which offers very, very, secure communications, has decided to shutter its Silent Mail email service.

The decision, announced in a blog post, comes on the same day that Lavabit, another secure email service, decided to close because it cannot guarantee users’ security. Lavabit was PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden’s email service of choice.

That’s TORmail, Lavabit and now Silent Circle all gone in the last week..


"...Bibendum Christie will be staying put, as he does everything he can to ensure he never leaves Jersey for the WH"

Don't get me wrong,i'm glad he's honoring the spirit of Trayvon..that's a nice gesture,but Jesus...lay off kissing our liberal ass.


Per Drudge:

Feds charge couple for series of sex acts on plane bound for Vegas

New republican business model

Charter planes
Fill full of progressives


Sure to knock out that national debt in no time.

Captain Hate

I still say Fat Boy is a straw RINO for Jeb.


Don't worry DD, he will as soon as he wins re-election. Then you'll start hearing alot of "I won't let NJ become detroit,", and "Mitch daniels and Scott Walker did great things for Indiana and Wisc.-- NJ needs to do the same things." That's not lib ass kissing, is it?


CaptH-- well all of this stuff is TBD, but HildaBeast IS running, she's already met with Billy's nutrition Guru to slice off 30 lbs or so before 2015. So we were both wrong about that.


Best advice for Bermuda; bring money. Everything is imported and taxed. There's a reason it's so nice.

The Princess is a gem. A lot of history there; Mark Twain's favorite and many, many famous guests. A very good Fairmont.

The cruise ships dock at the old naval Dockyard, and there is a cool little museum with a lot of Bermuda's history, which is naval and military, in it.

St. George looks like something out of an Aubrey/Maturin novel.

There is a lot of cricket, which seems to be a passion more of the Jamaicans and other islanders. Very rowdy. The beaches are to die for in summer and if you have friends with a boat it's what's done on the weekends.

The wreck diving is a blast. Most of it less than 100'. Some great restaurants with some steep prices.

Captain Hate

If Slick's nutrition guru was any good he wouldn't look like Bob Barker. If I was playing a dead pool Clenis would be my first choice.


Princess = "Fairmont Southampton." The Dockyard is very touristy (b/c of the cruise ships coming in), but it does have the most reasonably priced family restaurants on the Island. Bring lotsa money. If you're staying in Southampton (Fairmont, Reefs or what used to be the Sonesta) , there's a small supermarket on the North road in Southampton, get cereals and fruit there for meals and snacks and cut down on restaurants. bring even MOAR money (between the reinsurance guys, and Brit Tourists spending stronger Pounds, US Tourists are crushed.) Enjoy!!


Well Billy does look like death warmed over.... but he's not fat!!


"Jane, you made the IT headers"

What's an IT header and why did I make it?


BTW Clarice I gave Allen West your regards. He considers you a very dear friend.


Princess is the Fairmont Hamilton, NK. Fairmont Southampton is also very nice and there is a free water taxi between them.


they may have both been developed princesses, but going back 26 years to my first business visit there, the 'pink pricess' was on the hill in Southampton, in any event, both the Southampton and Hamilton are now Fairmonts, and are indeed connected by hotel water taxi-- a rare bargain on Bermuda. JimmyK-- I left out one other attraction, the Lightouse, again in Southampton, about 1 mile east of the Fairmont, has a lovely tea house on the grounds. Fine hot/iced teas and cakes. Very civilized.


Was Allen West at the Pigford booth?

Rob Crawford
That’s TORmail, Lavabit and now Silent Circle all gone in the last week..

OK, I'm not the only one who's noticed.

Alternate secure communication channels? What alternate secure communication channels?


the first problem with the Joffe piece, is that she felt a need to go on 'Scarry Larry'
who apparently is not tapping the fresh crazy
sufficient, that they're considering bringing in 'Capitol One' Baldwin, the second however, is many of her premises are debatable, as the use of a former?? FSB minder, and what Josh Faust has uncovered about the Wikileaks organization ties to that organization.

chris b;

" What alternate secure communication channels?"

Ostensibly, they have been thinking of shutting down for some time because they didn't fee it was secure enough and didn't want to expose users.

Lavabit had 'no comment' or wtte, but pressure from without due to Snowden (closing off, cornering) is undoubtedly the reason for their decision. Like anyone, they want to put a good face :) on it.


Thanks for all the Bermuda suggestions. I will pass them along to the missus, who does all the travel arranging. She is a bit stingier than I probably would be, so she booked us at the Pompano Beach Club, which either she got a deal on or is bit less pricey than the Fairmont. Also we tend to go for smaller scale places.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

IRS Official Who Illegally Leaked Conservative Applications Gets Promotion...


"Thomas’s promotion will not be without controversy, given that, in November of last year, she signed off on the illegal release to the left-leaning ProPublica, of nine pending, confidential applications for tax exemption filed by conservative groups."

chris b;

Obviously I am premature as to LB and Silent Circle motives.


"CNET's Declan McCullagh smartly speculates that Lavabit was served "with [a] federal court order to intercept users' (Snowden?) passwords" to allow ongoing monitoring of emails; specifically: "the order can also be to install FedGov-created malware." After challenging the order in district court and losing - all in a secret court proceeding, naturally - Lavabit shut itself down to avoid compliance while it appeals to the Fourth Circuit.

This morning, Silent Circle, a US-based secure online communication service, followed suit by shutting its own encrypted email service. Although it said it had not yet been served with any court order, the company, in a statement by its founder, internet security guru Phil Zimmerman, said: "We see the writing on the wall, and we have decided that it is best for us to shut down Silent Mail now."


JimmyK-- it's all good, the family will have a great time. Here's the Gibbs Hill Light webpage-- hopefully the Teahouse is still there! http://www.bermuda4u.com/sights/gibbs-hill-lighthouse/


It was speculated that Obama's Lawyers flew to Hawaii to pick up the purported copy of his BC, instead of having it mailed to them, in order to avoid any chance of an email containing preliminary instructions on how to prepare the BC being intercepted.

In person was their version of a secure channel.


.... "how does TK look in flannel?"

H/T Fezzick


Starbucks-- gun owner/carrier friendly? (see below) is this true? Is the Starbucks CEO a legist libertarian? I haven't been to SB for 5 months since the CEO told a SH at the anuual meeting that opponents of Homo-Marriage aren't welcome in SB. I'm not welcome so I don't go. But is it true he's not a knee jerk lefty? http://washingtonexaminer.com/thousands-of-gun-owners-pledge-to-visit-starbucks-for-appreciation-day/article/2534067?custom_click=rss&utm_campaign=Weekly+Standard+Story+Box&utm_source=weeklystandard.com&utm_medium=referral

Danube on iPad

"It was speculated that ..."

Good enough for me.

Why would they do that if they forged it?

Caro's iPad

Jane and her new BFF.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos


Nice hairdo. The Colonel was telling me that he never ever misses a Clarice's Pieces.


Forged what?


I will have to start commenting on Clarice's Pieces then.


Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

I gotta send you a Gadsden flag patch for that backpack, Jane.

Jane -walk like an Egyptian

Perfect Janet!

Jack is Back!

Andrew Malcom of IBD asks Obummer the questions no one will ask today at the 3pm presser.

The wussiest, brown-nosing, incompetent press known to mankind and that includes Pravda.


JiB, you might enjoy these:

#ObamaPressConferenceQuestions How do you like the golf ball locator my wife got you for your birthday? (she loves working in the WH, btw!)

#ObamaPressConferenceQuestions Am I massaging your feet too vigorously, Your Majesty?

(That last was Iowahawk, of course.)

(A) nuther Bub

Was Allen West at the Pigford booth?

I often think about that, too, TK. In this instance it's the irony of John Derbyshire being fired from National Review because of the column he wrote (for Taki, not NR) where he cautioned his son about the dangers of black neighborhoods and young black men in groups, versus NR's inviting (and paying for) Allen West's presence on its cruise (where West was no doubt treated with endless praise and adulation). In my view West should wear a scarlet "P" around his neck -- if not for a lifetime at least until our children and grandchildren pay off the enormous Pigford theft.


This one was rather good also;

#ObamaPressConferenceQuestions Why is Martha's Vineyard not a good vacation spot during an election but ok now?


Andrew Malcolm's Presser Questions: If just ONE of those questions were actually asked, there wouldn't be enough fainting couches in DC to catch the collapsing Legacy Media Doyens.

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