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August 26, 2013



O'Bagy seems to think Assad used the Sarin against the opposition factions, because he is losing. I know that was a question Jane was asking. Which is not to say, it is proof or anything, just another view.


They have targeted those particular neigborhoods on two occasions before, last October and January
as my links below indicate,


My fear is this:

Islam is still stuck in the Middle Ages, and has not yet really gone through its version of the Reformation.

What we're probably witnessing is the beginning of it ... between Sunnis and Shias.

But their version of the Hundred Years War will include WMDs - chemical and nukes.

And there are large populations of unassimilated Muslims of both sects throughout Europe and North America, that I'm afraid we won't be able to separate ourselves from their inter-Islam conflict.

No matter how much we might try to be "oil independent" and withdraw into our own Fortress America and leave them to themselves, these buggers will drag us into it.


Correction .... Hundred Years War should have been 30 Years War.

I always get that confused for some reason.

Sandy Daze


The problem with the "reformation" analogy for islam, is that in truth, the MB, the whabbi sect, etc are the vanguard reflecting reformation toward that simpler, purer islam.

In the west, the reformation brought forth a distillation of religious belief, moving the faith back to the churches and away from the theocratic system.

I reformation for islam will only see more theocracy, not less.


Sandy Daze, I think you're right about the difference here, and I appreciate you're correction.

There's actually more of a 3 or 4-way conflict going on within Islam, where the more hardline fundamentalist elements in both the Sunni and Shia sects are fighting for supremacy, but you also have the more "moderate" Muslims in both sects also fighting for control.

I think it all depends on who wins .... but my money would be on the more militant and violent elements, and I see so few so-called "moderates" willing to stand up and confront them en masse. Sure, we see them being victimized and killed in great numbers already, but I personally don't think they're doing enough to ultimately prevail in this inter-Islam conflict.

Either way, I don't think we can - or should - stand completely on the sidelines and pretend that we can just let them fight it out amongst themselves.

We should do whatever we can to make sure that those forces more amenable to us and Western culture will prevail.

The only hope we have of "co-existence" with Islam is if the moderates - defined as those who'll leave us alone and co-exist with us - win.

Nick N.Y.

Post by: Thomas Collins | August 26, 2013 at 12:41 PM

Yeah. and when he said that, he knew very well that cowardly Democrats would buy into it, hoping that, by electing a Muslim, that would prevent Muslim terrorists from attacking us.

Democrats are so slimy and so evil. They consistently vote for despicable reasons.


Those branches with big weapons need to learn that those who rattle big weapons risk big and pre-emptive losses.

There are those who operate under the civil umbrella and those who don't and I won't feel comfortable until both parties show me they understand.


"Those branches " of Islam. . .

Sandy Daze
The only hope we have of "co-existence" with Islam is if the moderates - defined as those who'll leave us alone and co-exist with us - win.

Yes, well, hope is not a sound basis for planning. Having spent the majority of my adult life (some 30 years now) helping protect one group of Muslims from the depredations of other Muslims, or trying to keep Muslims from executing what 0BL asked and answered circa 2004:

"What are we call you to? We are calling you to complete submission to his will, complete submission to sharia law..."

I'd say this grand idea of coexistence is not likely in our lifetimes nor in our great-great-great grandchildren's lifetimes.

Understand, I've got muslim friends, business associates and am in the process of sponsoring a second muslim Iraqi family's immigration to America.

But, "hope for co-existence" --not happening on our watch.

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