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August 01, 2013


Danube on iPad

The S.E.C. is, at bottom, an absurdly useless entity.

And I sure don't mean the Southeastern Conference.


Ah, the whole thing, feels like an episode of suites, Semprini I mean Pellegrini told the staff this was what they were doing, yet only Toure is liable,


So the big feather in the SEC cap is sticking it to some mid management schmoe who didn't explain to a vast investment fund that when one side bets right and wins the other side necessarily loses.


This all reminds me and Mrs. JiB of the "Flaming Ferrari's" who we got to know since they would frequent our local hangout in London, the Nam Long Vietnamese restaurant and bar. In fact, it was in this very place I proposed to her.

The Guardian piece is wrong in identifying the venue as Knightsbridge when in fact it is Chelsea or at least on the cusp of Chelsea on Fulham road down from where we lived. This is before we moved to Belgravia and a better class of thief.

Anyway Archer's dad had just gone to prison on trumped up charges (but he is still an ass) and his kid was out of control. I tried to breathe sense into these kids but they brushed me off as a risk adverse Yank who didn't see all the possibilities since the financial authorities in the UK were "daff".

I am free as a bird and they are ......?


Yet Hillary's futures trading was clean.

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