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August 28, 2013


sammy small

Silly rabbit...don't you know that everything transformed after 2007 when the JEF ascended to the presidency.


I hate these people. They never stop, like vermin, to undermine the law. Much like the New Mexican judge, they invent shit out of nowhere.

Don't worry about the facts, they will just re-write them.


George H. W. Bush = Coalition of the Willing winning

George W. Bush = Coalition of the Willing winning

Barack H. Obama = Coalition? We don't need no damn coalition, do we Val?

Over here in Europe there is apprehension at being led, not from behind, but by a behind. To show how shallow a Peace Prize has become only the French, the French, for God's sake seem to so witless as to accept O'Bama's dithering and questionable strategy on Syria, whatever the hell that is today.


"I errrr, uhhhh, ummm, still haven't made a decision. It's errrr difficult. Paper errr, ummm uhhh or Plastic. It's hard being a Commie. We, errr ,Us,,,...or I haven't errrr decided whether to errrr, TAILOR, or TRIM...errrrr orrr, ummmm, errrrrrrrr...

The fuxer is a pathetic ass-hole. Obama is a clown. Always was. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Obama has ZERO PROBLEM making decisions to attack or have his fuktards attack his POLITICAL ENEMIES...."us". Yet he is FLEXIBLE for Vlad to PUT IN, whatever Vlad chooses. Obama is a pathetic sissy.


Matt. Commie IS as Commie DOES. It's scary, but it is what we are dealing with. I COINED-IT, the FULL COMMIE, 6 YEARS AGO.
The LIBTARDS we are dealing with, ARE NOT AFRAID of the LEGAL consequences of their COMMIE ACTIONS. They don't CARE what the law nor the CONSTITUTION is, because they feel they are IMMUNE from the CONSEQUENCES of their ILLEGAL ACTIONS.
Do you think the GERMAN regular Army...SET OUT....to be WAR CRIMINALS, and Abettors to the HOLOCAUST and MORE???? Hell no. They felt empowered to be lawless. OBAMA'S syccophants are no different.
Obama is a pile of shit.


Hi JiB,

Beautiful weather in Paris this morning. I suspect its the same up in Antwerp if that's where you are. Just heading out for a Guided Tour with my regular tour-guides, to do the history of the St Germain District. Happy Birthday to the Father in Law, and please tell Frederick to keep those posts coming.


Saint Germain-des-Prés 10.30am This tour captures the essence of Paris on the Left Bank: the old abbey
church of St Germain, charming streets lined with bookstores and literary cafés, old squares, artists' studios, the famous Paris Fine Arts School, the hotel where Oscar Wilde died, and the beautiful St Sulpice church, mentioned in the Da Vinci Code. Meet in front of the Church of St Sulpice (near metro St Sulpice)



We love St. Germain. Don't forget to stop in the Cafe Le Procope on Rue de L'Annciene Comedia:)

It's Frederick's 10th on the 1st and we are coming down by Thalys-TGV, staying on Ile St. Louis, dinner on Bateaux Mouche and some sights for him the next morning. He is currently jet lagged but he did swim his laps this morning.

Beautiful day in Antwerp and if the ring road is any indication the economy here is humming right along. Big issue here and in Holland is the "legal" immigration from East Europe an the depressed wages it brings plus impact on social benefits. Same problem we have had but this is not illegal immigration but another result of not thinking through Euro integration thoroughly.


ICYMI: Ah! The fools. Why are they cheering?

From Diplomad: Obama and his Edouard Daladier Moment. History, because of fools, repeats itself.


I loved Michelle (me love you long time) Malkin's breakdown on Hannity. Get over it, Charlie, a Negro is the most powerful man on earth and yes, he will stain the Whitehouse and the office of the President from this day till the end of time. That's why we like him so much.

Michelle wants the President to seek Congressional approval to go to war with Syria. Why- does Syria have a post office that needs to be renamed? Seriously? Congress is a bug on the shoe of the Commander-in-Chief in matters of war, when the Syrian operation needs 40 'pretend' bills passed, then we'll call Congress. Does anyone really believe that Louie Gohmert could spell 'Syria' let alone understand the complexities of our future Military involvement there?

Come on, guys, nobody takes Congress seriously. Go name a fucking park and let the big boys do what they do.


This one has gone Viral.
Honest HS Football Players Pay for Purchases even tho no clerk present at store!



BOGUS HIT PIECE ON LOUIE GOHMERT spreads through “progressive” media, now retracted.

Jeff Dobbs

It is Day Six of 15 JOMer Birthdays in 12 Days.

It is typical standard operating procedure that The List always wishes JOMer kids a happy birthday. The List doesn't always do so for parents of JOMers. No real explanation, other than The List plays it by ear.

But today is a no brainer, because not only is it a JOMer's mom's birthday, that mom also is celebrating her anniversary.

There is probably only one JOMer who knows who I'm talking about at this point, but I hope everyone else is making guesses.

Enough with the intro, onto the show....


And in celebration of another blessed event 23 years to the day later...


Jeff Dobbs

I put it on the end of the last thread, but I don't want matt to miss it if he's just skimming due to travel.

Matt - let me know if you are staying over on your trip to Ft Bragg - it's just a hop, skip and half a jump for me to get down there. Beers are on me.


Ex, Last night on Hannity, Bob Beckle alleged republicans are racist. Hannity said "name one' and Beckle replied "Gohmert". When Hannity asked why Beckle replied he'd done a lot of bad things.

I've always thought beckle is an ass and this stuff is why. He just repeats the talking points, even if they have been refuted. He should be fired.


I stayed in the Abbeye St. Germaine on my one and only visit to Paris
a mere twenty nine years ago. Maybe time to go back?

A commenter from this Insty link to DiploMad2.0


notes that the facts don't matter to leftists, as TM's above post

Captain Hate on an iPhone

I ate at Cafe Procope last time I was in Paris; very impressive to dine where Voltaire once held court.

dumbassdave makes one valid point: the House has become an irrelevant joke under the AWOL leadership of Boehner and his sidekick wearing a road kill on top of his head.



You forget that this stuff has been going on with the lefties for quite some time. Remember when it became apparent to everyone with grey matter in their cranium that the Lucy Ramirez "documents" were ridiculous forgeries? Right.

Fake but accurate.

Its all about the narrative, and if you have lickspittle press to spread the propaganda, it will likely stick. Its the only play left in their very tattered and worn playbook.


Hannity said "name one' and Beckle replied "Gohmert". When Hannity asked why Beckle replied he'd done a lot of bad things.

Gohmert should challenge him to a duel.


or sue him for slander.


AP, NYT: Evidence lacking that Assad ordered chemical-weapons use


Has even one body been autopsied? What chemical are we alleging was used?

narciso el taino

What a way to run a railroad, so do they even know who this Defense Ministry official is, who supposedly gave the order, my own thriller example seems more logical.


He's looking for a way out of the mess in leadership, decision making and critical judgements he has created. Over here, the thinking is that Cameron has given him an out with the idea of going to the UN and it appears from the Times and AP's stories that the G2 community are assisting with fueling the back-track.

Where is Las Vegas on this? Is he an odds on favorite to embarrass us and himself or have they already declared him a loser?

narciso el taino

I don't think they would go for that, they know what impact Chechnya has been:



Cool for cathyf's family.

When I write later cathy and anyone else, you will find the plans for going to single payer in doc I am referencing, among so much else. Following rse investigatory rule no 1 similar to Tom's point. If something is suddenly being hyped by someone in a way that does not fit known facts if you are informed, find out why. And always check the membership of board and funding sources.

Just as soon as bo was reelected and prior to his inauguration, lots of papers were created laying out the planned vision. Foreign policy fiascos are such a distraction from the main purpose of these to be epochal 8 years.

jib-what a cool trip for Frederick. Red was that age when we spent 2 weeks in England. She was only tourist who already knew why Charles I wore 2 shirts on the day of his execution.

That "so this is where what I read about happened" is so powerful to minds that age. As are the adventures and memories of being together far away.


Anti-war movement too poor to protest Obama over Syria

Anti-war groups like Code Pink and Peace Action aren’t swarming the Mall in Washington to protest Barack Obama’s planned intervention in Syria because the economy is in the pits and the movement is a “shadow of its former self,” according to Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink.


You would think that putting the decision to a vote in Congress would be a way out. I'm sure he couldn't care less that congress does not want to be on the record, so there is another reason he won't do that. Perhaps he thinks it is a surrender of power.

narciso el taino

I tried to post that one earlier, Ext, maybe bundling for Obama through Jody Evans wasn't such a smart move, next time try Powerball.

narciso el taino

Just in case, he does get the nerve;



If anyone believes the story that a lack of funding is the reason for the disappearance of the anti-war clowns, I have a giant pink Viking helmet I'd like to sell you.

narciso el taino

This is why we have to let it go through heh, Lamar!!


narciso el taino

This is what Ingraham famously called the 'but monkey'

“As commander in chief he has the right to begin military actions,” King told Fox News, citing as an example President Reagan’s order to invade Grenada in 1983. “Now, if he’s smart, he would certainly consult with the House and Senate leaders, with the top people on the Intelligence Committee, the Armed Services Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee. But he doesn’t have to.

'facts not in evidence, your honor;


Porch-- sure Code Pink are slags who hate conservatives and will service any lib politician. But is Code Pink also broke? I think that's very true-- they are financially broke because Soros/Dems cut them off and their 20 somethings who did the legwork are crushed by Obamanomics and don't have time for their foolishness. Plus they are PR broke-- the Legacy Media won't touch them if the something naughty about Obummer. So what little 'will' Code Pink has to say naughty things about Obummer, never happens because they have no 'way'.


How much does it cost to put on a slightly used Vulva suit and scream and yell like Harpies in the Congressional gallery? How much does it call to make a local phone call to the reporters that they have on speed dial to come and provide the media coverage to make regional and national news.

Sorry I aint buying the broke excuse, its just an excuse as far as I can see but then again Soros is getting some deserved heat from the SEC...


GatewayPundit has a good piece on Obama's motives - which I have been trying to figure out for 5 years:

In a great article in the Independent, Robert Frisk points out that if Obama attacks Syrian leader Assad’s army, the US and Al Qaeda would be on the same side. However, Frisk incorrectly states that this would be the first time. Not so. As Gateway Pundit pointed out in prior posts, Obama was on the same side as Al Qaeda in Libya when bombing Gaddafi and his forces. Obama, also, sided with the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt, even providing them with $1.5 billion in aid, and then taking it away after they were overthrown.

Pundits have tried to figure out Obama’s motives. Some say Obama is driven by anti -colonialism like his father. Obama’s anti-colonialism makes sense, but doesn’t address all of Obama’s motives in the Middle East, or necessarily his attacks against Christians and Jews. Others say that Obama is on the side of Islamists, which doesn’t address his siding with one Islamist group (Al Qaeda) over another Islamist group, or Islamist group wannabe like Assad. What does make sense is Obama’s policy of always siding with the Muslim Sunni sect.

As Barry Rubin at PJ Media points out, Muslim Sunnis have been at odds with Muslim Shia’s, and vice versa, for a long time. Shia representatives Iran and Hezbollah support Assad. Sunni representatives, including Al Qaeda, support the Islamic rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sunnis account for about 80% of the Muslim world. When Obama moves, he moves not with Christians, Jews or the majority of most Americans, Obama moves with the Muslim Sunni sect. The Sunni hatred of Shia’s, Jews and Americans is what Obama’s actions fit best. In addition, an Iranian involvement in the attack on Benghazi, is consistent with this thinking, because the Shia’s in Iran would not be happy with the US sending weapons to the Sunni rebels in Syria, who are the enemy of Assad and the Iranian Shia’s. The Iranian Shia’s would want to stop weapons used in overthrowing Assad, while bringing to light the fact that Obama was shipping arms under the table to Syria in the first place. Iran was hoping the poor press of the Benghazi affair would prevent Obama from being reelected. Unfortunately for the Iranian Shia’s, the Obama loving American media did not comply.

narciso el taino

Well it is instructive that the date of the attack, remembers the martyring of a Shia prophet, however the factions most involved are those like bin Qumu's AalSH and BelHadj's Watan party, Doha's player, who have been buying all of Park Place and Atlantic Avenue of late.

Account Deleted

"but why the sudden burst of attention?"

Cuz it's nice to have a study prepared and peer reviewed by Ivy League credentialed morons in hand when abandoning gun grabbing efforts opposed by a strong majority of the electorate. The prog ship continues to take on water and is settling quite nicely just with BOzocare, while all BOzo's adopted boys continue to provide strong reason to pick up 9mm Limiters. Gun grabbing is just gilding the anchor dragging Progville into the briny deep.


Obummer's Incompetence and outright Pathologies: Putin's the 'bored kid in the back of the classroom' some major Obummer projection going on here...oh and talks with Putin are sometimes 'constructive'.. well yeah... when Putin gets his way (usually) it's productive for his Kleptocracy at the USA's expense-- Obummer is really mental: http://www.newsmax.com/newswidget/Obama-infuriated-Putin-bored/2013/08/28/id/522798?promo_code=125BD-1&utm_source=125BDTelegraph_Media_Group&utm_medium=nmwidget&utm_campaign=widgetphase1


When Obama moves, he moves not with Christians, Jews or the majority of most Americans, Obama moves with the Muslim Sunni sect.

Jane, that is interesting, but I am skeptical that Barry has any kind of overarching view other than being hostile to America and its closest allies. Beyond that I suspect he makes it up as he goes along and relies on ValJar and others to tell him what to think. It's possible his puppetmasters are pro-Sunni, but I still suspect that would be reading too much into the incoherence. It's always possible to discern patterns after the fact, but that doesn't make them into a real theory.


Obummer's allegiance: personally I don't see him as allied with 'Sunnis'. He doesn't believe in the God of Abraham, or the Koran, the Jewish or Christian Bible, or Budha. he's a Leninist/Maoist/Alinsky Lefty, an athiest, who believes only in temporal political power. Get and use it before you die. That makes him anti-American-- or what we consider American. He looks for allies wherever he can get them. So anti-American Islamists are his allies-- especialy those which are politically rather than religiouly based. That's why his top allies are the MB, which is mostly a political power group, and erdogan's political party. Obama wants a rich powerful political Islamic Caliphate to Islamicize europe and neutralize US power. The political caliphate runs europe and Africa, China runs asia, and multi-ethnic socialist USA is a modest regional power in the western hemisphere. That's the world Obama wants to see before he dies.

narciso el taino

Yes, he ticked off the Sauds calling for Mubarak's ouster, but he's with them on Syria,
which is a pet project of General Intelligence and Doha's equivalent agency, He's been woefully naive about the mullahs starting with the Newrouz letter to that 'lively debate' conducted with truncheons and Mp-5s.


Interesting that people in the Intel community are leaking to the press that the case on Syria is "no slam dunk" the day after Obama comes out and says he is sure. I suspect there are quite a few people at Langley looking for payback over Benghazi, and maybe even for the trashing that they took back when Obama was a Senator blaming them for fudging the intel.

I have had the feeling for a while that the worst thing to happen to Obama was winning re-election, because now he has to deal with the messes he created in his first term, instead of dumping them off on others. A couple of cases in point:

Obama's Affordable Care Act Looking a Bit Unaffordable


For the vast majority of Americans, premium prices will be higher in the individual exchange than what they're currently paying for employer-sponsored benefits, according to a National Journal analysis of new coverage and cost data. Adding even more out-of-pocket expenses to consumers' monthly insurance bills is a swell in deductibles under the Affordable Care Act.

And this doesn't look good either:

Emerging market rout is too big for the Fed to ignore


This has the makings of a grave policy error: a repeat of the dramatic events in the autumn of 1998 at best; a full-blown debacle and a slide into a second leg of the Long Slump at worst.

Syria is just the first a many reckonings for dumb policy that Obama has coming over the next 3 years.


"Much like the New Mexican judge, they invent shit out of nowhere."

There is nothing new about liberal, activist judges. Case Laws written and imposed by those scoundrels have been stinking up the judiciary for years.


I swear I didn't read JimmyK's 9:36 before I posted my 9:45!

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Beyond that I suspect he makes it up as he goes along and relies on ValJar and others to tell him what to think.

I agree. Why doesn't some reporter ask HIM what the plan is? What the hell are we doing? What is the long term target or goal? I can't stand that he is never asked any specific questions.


Just back in the hotel room from an excellent walk around St Germain, and am watching David Cameron in Parliament live on French 24 English TV.

I don't know all the particulars about how their government functions, but I have to say I admire Cameron for going to Parliament and explaining why he wants to use force in Syria, and for taking tough questions from the opposition about that. At least he is going through the proper political process of laying out his argument and trying to get a vote on the issue from the members.

I have no idea whether or not he will win the argument. It is obvious that there is enormous opposition against the case he is making.

narciso el taino

Probably not, the British people haven't been at war, for a dozen years since time in the 16th Century, no matter what the cost, maybe the 30 years war, but that wasn't straight through.


Ranger@9:46 is incredibly important. Romney/Ryan would work hard and fast to cure the disasters Obummer/Dems created. And fixing the debt, and spending, and anti-terrorism will be a hard and painful correction. The Senate dems and Legacy Media would frustrate and smear them all the way; not much progress would be made by 2014, and those midterms would be a disaster for Repubs. Reagan had the advantage in 81-82 that Carter-Volcker had started corrections in 1979, so Reagan had a headstart that RR would not have, plus Reagan's anti-USSR bonafides kept his approval high enough until economic reforms, and peak earning boomers, put the economy into high gear. Now Obummer/Senate dems own the economic/ObummerCare disaster and the Syria/Benghazy humiliations. This could work out well for conservatives-- Obamaism may be political poison for a generation.

narciso el taino

Yes there were only some five years of that engagement,

Account Deleted

Isn't BOzo just the expected product of the indoctrination system which RSE has been diligently documenting? He has risen to the top solely on the basis of the participation ribbons awarded for melanin content and he's quite comfortable with the totalitarian methods necessary to make fascism "work" (for a little while).

There is no depth to him worth examining, it's all tactics and it's all contained in those stupid little diagrams he learned to chalk up while he was indoctrinating more dolts. I'll go with the Russian analysis - monkey with a grenade works pretty well and it would work just as well if it were Howard Dean cluttering the Oval Office rather than BOzo.


Now why would they do a hit piece on Gohmert, per Ext's link, when his radio guest is Alan Keyes (not to be mistaken for sellout Allen West)?

Let's check and see what Keyes is writing about lately:

Sen. Rand Paul just "sidestepped questions about fellow Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) eligibility to run for president, saying he was not a 'birther.'" Paul's contempt for the requirements of the Constitution comes as no surprise to me, despite the fact that his supporters frequently pretend he is a staunch "constitutionist." But a staunch constitutionist would be careful to remember Joseph Story's admonition that acceptable constitutional construction "can never abrogate the text; it can never fritter away its obvious sense; it can never narrow down its limitations; it can never enlarge its natural boundaries."

Like almost everyone else who collaborates with the current two-party sham, Sen. Paul has chosen to abrogate the Constitution's natural-born citizen requirement when it comes to Barack Obama's eligibility. Now he thinks to prove his fair-mindedness by showing the same disregard for that constitutional requirement when it comes to Republicans. Apparently he thinks that both parties should have the prerogative to disregard the words of the Constitution when it serves their partisan aims.


narciso el taino

You see how little they care about the facts, it is Holdren, the President's science advisors who really indulged in such schemes.


I agree with RickB@10:04-- there is no 'depth' to Obummer to understand, he wants what he wants --totaliterian socialism (yes that IS Fascism)-- he wants it now, and the rest is tactics to get it. So he reflexively sides with anti-american forces such as mi amigo Chavez, Erdogen, the MB, and the Mullahs. Are the tactics logically consistent and reinforce each other?... NO!!-- Obummer's not that smart or competent. One thing Rick-- I do think Dean is alot smarter than Obummer ALOT, he'd be far more dangerous to the USA than Obummer.


I think the term for this is "making it up as you go along."

Chemical weapon use by Syrian regime: UK government legal position (HTML version)


It seems there is now a "doctrine of humanitarian intervention" in international law that say that if you can't get the Security Council to go along, you can just ignore it. Good to know. I'm sure our friends in Iran will be more than happy to take advantage of this new doctrine the next time a Sunni minority in the one of the small Gulf emirates decides to suppress it's Shia majority.



Thomas Collins

Is it true that Russkie warships are cruising toward Syria?

Reagan took down the Sovs without getting into a war with them. I wonder whether Sun Tzu Obama will blunder us into a war with the Russkies. Probably not, but if anyone could blunder us into such a war, it would be Sun Tzu Obama.

James D.

The political caliphate runs europe and Africa, China runs asia, and multi-ethnic socialist USA is a modest regional power in the western hemisphere. That's the world Obama wants to see before he dies.

Unfortunately, the way we're headed, he's going to get his wish.

Jeff Dobbs

Why doesn't some reporter ask HIM what the plan is? What the hell are we doing? What is the long term target or goal? I can't stand that he is never asked any specific questions.

Yeah, and remember the day the earth stopped spinning when Palin didn't come up with the media-approved answer to what the Bush Doctrine was?

'we really dodged a bullet,sarc.'
--stuff narciso said

Rob Crawford

Realization: when we discuss "low information voters", we should remember to include members of the press in that class.

James D.

Syria is just the first a many reckonings for dumb policy that Obama has coming over the next 3 years.

Sadly, it's not Zero who's going to suffer the consequences of said reckonings. It's going to be the rest of us who pay the bill for it.

Jeff Dobbs

I wonder whether Sun Tzu Obama will blunder us into a war with the Russkies. Probably not, but if anyone could blunder us into such a war, it would be Sun Tzu Obama.

When Obama won in 2008, I was most worried that it would be Biden who blundered us into a war by mis-speaking at a foreign dignitary's funeral.

Boy was I off.


George Will:

Obama is talking America into a war


Worth the time to read the entire thing.


If I were to think of a suitable movie moment that best demonstrated Congress's role in this upcoming Syrian conflict it would be Kay Corleone having the door shut on her face by Michaels associates at the end of Godfather one. She looks on helpless as the door closes and one said associate kneels before her husband to kiss his ring.

This is about power, absolute power, the kind of power that levels entire countries. It's about the man who controls the greatest and most frighteningly destructive military force in history. This isn't about renaming post offices or playing dress up by putting forward pretend legislation 40 times like some O.C.D patient.............. this shit is real.

Congress, or rather the Tea Party is Kay Corleone fetching the commander in chief a glass of water than not being allowed back in the room.

Go do up an abortion bill or something.


JamesD alas you're right that we will all pay for the terrible cost of Obamanomics and Obamaism-- but that is baked into the cake-- no getting around that. The point Ranger is making (I think) is that one positive side effect is that the Dems/Left own Obamaism, and they will pay a very high price in 2014 and beyond-- they may be crushed in Congress and State Houses b/c of Obama's disasterous failures. THAT would be a big plus in getting us started back to being the USA again.

Thomas Collins

Wow, dublindave. Sun Tzu Obama revs up your testosterone even more than bunkerbuster claimed GWB revved up the testosterone of identity conservatives!


If the comments to the will item are any indication, the talking points for the left are now out:

1. Shut up.

2. Even if this Syria stuff is stupid, Bush was worse, so shut up.

3. Even if this is stupid, Obama won the election, so shut up.

4. Republicans are stupid, mean, or evil, so shut up.

Let's see how long that like of argument lasts.


Ouch--Obama has his Lloyd Bentsen/Marshall McLuhan moment, after a shameless claim that MLK would have liked Obamacare:

King, a Newsmax contributor, disagreed with the president's characterization of her famous uncle.

“I know Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been unhappy about certain aspects of Obamacare,” she said in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. “I don't believe my uncle would be wanting his little girls when they were little — or his granddaughter— now to be given free birth control.”


Captain Hate on an iPhone

One good thing about reading Will's article on an iPhone is you don't get the comments,

Cecil Turner

I imagine the conclusions would still hold if the numbers were updated, but why the sudden burst of attention?

Might have something to do with the latest attempt by the Administration to implement some knee-jerk liberal gun policy despite resistance from the electorate:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Striving to take action where Congress would not, the Obama administration announced new steps Thursday on gun control, curbing the import of military surplus weapons and proposing to close a little-known loophole that lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations.
Yeah, that sounds like it'll help [/eyeroll].


DD-- c'mon you're embarassing yourself now. You're much smarter than the Soros puppeteers who are paying you to Troll this stuff. Obummer is already climbing down; he may not even bomb a desert aspirin factory at this point-- alright he probably will do THAT, but that's even more embarassing for than doing nothing. Putin has gottten inside his decision loop, the Euros are ignoring him (except Holland, who is looking for any squirrel to distract French voters with), and if he pisss off enough Lefties in the USA, they might support Repub demands to know exactly what happened in Benghazi. Dear God man, you're taking Soros money to pump up fairey Obummer as a WAR leader? Pitiful... not surprising... but pitiful.


LOL @ 10:40 AM - In your dreams. You wish.

We survived Woodrow Wilson. We survived Franklin D. Roosevelt. We survived Jimmy Carter, and we will survive Barack (and Michelle), too.

A country isn't defined by its President, nor even by its government. A government is defined by its people, and it is this nation's remarkably fine people that will continue to make it the greatest nation in the history of nations on his planet.

Save your baloney

Rob Crawford
curbing the import of military surplus weapons

Which means not bringing US-made rifles back from South Korea for re-sale in the CMP.

Which is a US government program created by law and funded by Congress.

Frau San Antonio

Hi, y'all! No time to linger or even lurk. I'm deep in the heart of Texas heading out to the Lone Star 3 World science fiction convention today. Last night, my granddaughter and I were treated to dinner at the Gristmill in Gruene and walked through the adjacent dance hall. My cousin's husband said the Gourds have played there. Porch will know for sure.


"Which means not bringing US-made rifles back from South Korea for re-sale in the CMP."

sometimes I can almost be persuaded Obummer has long positions in Colt, Remington, S&W and Ruger. Those companies have realized record sales and profits since he's been around.

Jeff Dobbs

Obama got out of bed this morning and changed his underwear.

That's "muscular enough not to be mocked" for duda.


We survived Woodrow Wilson. We survived Franklin D. Roosevelt. We survived Jimmy Carter, and we will survive Barack (and Michelle), too.

Many, even most nations have survived incompetent, malicious, tyrannical or even murderous rulers. Many haven't.

We don't roll over and go to sleep just because the US has made it this far.

Jeff Dobbs

Yay Frau! You're within spittin' distance of mrs hit and run's sister.

I wouldn't suggest actually spittin' to test the theory though. Especially not into the wind.


If Obama was a Sunni supporter he would not have stood by while a genuine democratic movement was crushed by the Shia Ayatollahs in Iran.


TK, you posted an excellent MERS link at 11:05 PM on the last thread.

Also on the last thread, Jimmy K put up the US Dept of Ag Swat team post @12:15 AM.

Recommend reading Jimmyk's link and than wonder how far we are from:


"These negative effects will culminate — to the extent in which already has occurred — in tyranny and slow and steady decline of our nation and our freedom."

To the point where one can't tell the difference.


Account Deleted

"Obama got out of bed this morning and changed his underwear."

Wet the bed again, eh? No wonder Michelle sleeps in the Lincoln Room unless a big donor is staying over.

Perhaps the President needs a brighter night light? Shadows can be terrifying.


Hi Frau,

Yes, the Gourds were just there in July. They play twice a year. In fact the last time I saw them was at Gruene Hall in January!

I love the Gristmill. It's a little hot in summer but in winter, with a roaring fire in the fireplace and the lights twinkling in the live oaks above the river, there's nothing better. Best CFS (chicken fried steak) around.

You're so close to Austin! Wish we could get together. I hope you and your granddaughter have a wonderful time at Lone Star 3!


To anyone else amused by my parents getting married on my mom's birthday... My dad always claimed totally pragmatic reasons -- said that this way if he ever forgot it would be anniversary AND wife's birthday, and she would just kill him. He wouldn't have to suffer some long period of being in Deep Trouble, just a quick death.


Not that I care-- but-- I kinda assume that these day Mooschelle heads up to the Lincoln Room every evening with a couple of bottles of decent Calif Chard. a bag of chips, and watches reality TV like Atlanta Housewives and Say Yes to the Dress till she passes out.


And Europe proves once again that the greatest sin of a politician is to speak the truth:

Angela Merkel says Greece should never have been allowed to join the euro


Greece’s former Finance Minister, who steered the country into the single currency, has chided Angela Merkel after the German Chancellor said the debt-strapped country should have never been allowed to join the euro.

“She [Angela Merkel] should be more careful in what she is saying,” Yannos Papantoniou told The Independent. “I don’t really think Ms Merkel really believes what she says – it’s part of the party games played ahead of [German] elections.”

The EU will never survive if politicians there keep speaking the truth about it.

Old Lurker

As I keep pointing out, neither Wilson, nor FDR, nor Carter came upon us at a time when we owed so much money to so many other nations, nor when we had made such staggering unpayable promises to our own voters, nor when we had such a high portion of our population so used to living off their neighbors, nor when both our "elite" and our "middle class" alike suffer from not just bad education, but wrong teachings, nor when so few in our population actually believe in any god or greater authority or even the constitution.

Just sayin.


--This is about power, absolute power...--

WeeDavey isn't embarrassing himself. He's once again demonstrating the left's project for what it is; plainly and honestly.
And he's right about congress as well.
As everyone from left to right reminds us they have the power of the purse and yet they have wrung nothing from this fool besides a slight slow down in spending.
Every foreign leader who he's too chicken to lob some missiles at makes a clown out of him yet congress can barely muster the nerve to tweak his big red nose or step on his shoe.


"If Obama was a Sunni supporter he would not have stood by while a genuine democratic movement was crushed by the Shia Ayatollahs in Iran. "

Well he is also a coward.

Jeff Dobbs

Wet the bed again, eh?


Obama just getting wee wee'd up again - it is August going into September afterall.

"I'm sure ... there will be another period of hand-wringing and bed-wetting.”
--stuff David Plouffe said, Sep 12, 2008

Seems Obama is teaching new pup Sunny bad habits.

Jeff Dobbs

(New pup Sunny has been rumored to have been so named out of affinity for the Sunni, I should add)


Being a coward didn't prevent him from intervening or enthusiastically supporting one Sunni against another in Libya, Egypt and now Syria.

The only criterion I detect is supporting the party most hostile to America's interests in whatever conflict arises.

He's not pro Sunni, he's anti American in that knee jerk, blame America First, left wing way that Jeanne Kirkpatrick so ably described.


@ 11:14 - You speak as if you would believe that Shiites and Sunnis are the only and/or the largest Islamic sects. To believe otherwise, your rationale would eludes me, Sahib.


The only criterion I detect is supporting the party most hostile to America's interests in whatever conflict arises.

As far as I can tell, this is true.

And usually correlates with the most anti-Christian party in any conflict as well.


I am back and here's the troubling vision I referred to earlier.


The interesting element I did not put it post has to due with the financing for new america. We have Schmidt putting together the big data network that won the reelection and then the think tank starts rolling out the real vision. VAT, no more tax-privileged private investments, an America with everyone having a living wage expressly tied to FDR's 2nd Bill of Rights. And the whiz-kids Schmidt put together have now been hired by college board to be data mining everything it and ETS are grabbing about students.

Who knew we were going to be living through Brave New World instead of reading it.


Ignatz@11:33-- that's what I see as well. Obama's most consistent support has been for the MB (morsi), Erdogan and his new caliphate party, and the Mullahs-- all are primarily political power (rather than scripture) islamists and intensely anti-american politically.

Dots connected

Heh; The 'protest' orgs don't need to go ballistic. Even the mainstreamers have some sense of recent History. Rummy was interviewed sans the 'slam dunk'..(why are they interviewing him. Did they run out of human beings?)

Yes, the hotsy-totsy git ur dun contingent has been duly spanked and they will just have to be patient for the next stage of the op.

Danube of Thought

Reagan acted in Grenada because a number of Americans there were in imminent danger.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Yeah, and remember the day the earth stopped spinning when Palin didn't come up with the media-approved answer to what the Bush Doctrine was?

Exactly, hit.

Hey there, Frau!!

Danube of Thought

Many thanks for the long quote from, and link to, the Birther Report, TK.


... and it was a logical early skirmish with the USSR/Castro to take out a pro-soviet regime.

Dots connected

Yeah, there's that word 'imminent' again. There's an 'imminent' need for humanitarian aid in Syria too.

Ed Millband was called a f****** c*** by an unnamed government official for obstructing Cameron's need for imminent war. Too funny.
They thought they could just trot this shit out again. No problem.

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