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August 10, 2013


Danube on iPad

Really reckless and stupid of Clark.

Hush a bye baby.

Sweet swing he had, and what if he connected this time?


Pujols has been a dud as an Angel. I would not be surprised. It seems to be much of the generation of players. The money is huge. Why not if there is minimal risk of detection.

The latest scandal was only outed because of a disgruntled employee of the company providing the drugs.These guys were beating the system. Again.

And the union simply disgusts me.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Clark has always seemed like a bitter person who hit the ball extremely well. He never struck me as a liar though.


Good Morning.


I recall you said a friend of yours was working or heading up CH2M Hill in Anchorage. Would he perhaps be the new guy tagged to figure out our Port Construction debacle?

Here's the story: City to hire private management team to oversee port completion

According to Talk Radio reports we are about 1 Billion in the hole with a completely inoperative port. For example, this is from the story:

The port expansion, which dates back a decade, was originally managed by the U.S. Maritime Administration, or MARAD. Initial construction used an unconventional steel design that bent and twisted when crews used massive hammers to try to drive it into place; that led to work halting after the 2009 construction season, and it hasn't resumed.


As a huge fan of Jack Clark when he was a player (he hit some of the hardest line drives I've ever seen) I'm rooting for Pujols as well.
I was also rooting for Sammy Sosa and Pettite and McGwire and all the other guys whose sainted mother, let alone their trainer, would have dropped dead if they found out they were using. I hope Pujols wasn't, but history doesn't inspire confidence in adamant big league denials

And I would think Lance Armstrong would be an even more apropos example, than Oscar Wilde, of a guy who should have holstered the lawyers before the wrong thing came out in discovery.


Since this a baseball thread

Afraud 0 for 4

Zero 0 for life


I hope Pujols wasn't using PEDs, unfortunately that is like hoping a Chicago politician isn't a crook.


What Clark said about Verlander is even more irresponsible. He had no evidence other than observing that his fastball has slowed down a few miles per hour at age 30. He sounds like an a**hole.


Please don't text and drive! Documentary Video: "From One Second To The Next" - It Can Wait



Reposting A(B) from the previous thread in case anyone misses it:

Thanks, OldTimer, for the link to Eliana Johnson's piece on the disgraced Sharon Light leaving IRS and her position with Lois Lerner (forced out, I hope)and joining the American Cancer Society. I just wrote a note to the ACS, submitting my own resignation from the volunteer work I've done for them for years and promising also to withhold my own contributions and to advise others to withhold theirs in the future too. So I'm advisin'.
If anyone else wants to tell ACS they'd be wise to deny a refuge to corrupt officials there's an LUN below (to National).

Posted by: (A) nuther Bub | August 10, 2013 at 04:59 PM

Great job 'Nuther Bub! Would love it if somebody could get that posted at Insty and elsewhere.


But seriously, who would ever think that a Card's Team featuring Head Coach Tony LaRussa (former Head Coach of Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco), and featuring player Mark McGwire (70* Homers), and later Batting Coach Mark McGwire (70* Homers) could possibly be involved in performance enhancing drugs?

The whole idea is preposterous.

Jack is Back!


My old friend and associate is CEO and Chairman of CH2M-Hill.

He has transformed them to a real powerhouse in the E&C business. They managed the construction program for the London Olympics. This a project that should be in their wheelhouse. Plus they're used to working with muni's.

Army of Davids

More of a football and basketball fan

Here's a call for the LIV demographic to mull

Palin would kick 2 for 21 Barry's azz in basketball

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Since this is a sports thread: JiB or anybody, do you ever remember seeing a shadow being so obvious on a green as the television tower's is on 15?

Caro's iPad

I sent A(B)'s message via daddy over to Scott Johnson. I hope it gets spread around.

Thanks, A(B). Good move. Good message.

Jack is Back!


Not at a major.

And tomorrow's pin position may be similar but closer to the water if the fan voting goes that way.

Its going to be a doozy if Dufner and Furyk are the last to go off. Similar games but Furyk the much better putter.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

JiB, I can't even remember one at a regular tour stop. Tomorrow's final round could be very good.

Jack is Back!

Wow, I see my karma is working its old black magic on Dufner as he pushes a low screamer into the rough on 18. Looks like Furyk and Stenson tomorrow's last twosome. Probably better for Dufner.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Way to take a stand (A)B and pointing out exactly why you're doing it. Actions have consequences.

Jack is Back!


The 17th hole at Warwick Hills in the old Buick Open. It was the original rowdy crowd par 3 before the 16th at Phoenix. Large tree on the left side created a huge shadow.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Oh I understand a tree but a television tower involves it being placed in a manner I'm surprised the PGA didn't tell them to move it.

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

If someone can put AB's message into 140 characters I'll get it started on twitter.

Danube on iPad

I note that Capt. Metzger, in addition to his Silver Star, is sporting the Legion of Merit with combat V, three Bronze Stars with combat V, and two Purple Hearts.

(A) nuther Bub

Here's 138, Jane:

Time to choose another charity? American Cancer Scty just hired fleeing IRS Lerner assistant, Sharon Light. Sorry ACS, no more $$ from me.

(I'm sure someone else could express it with more panache; it's my two-minute effort before having to head out)

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

Perfect AB. Done!


Funny little off topic TV anecdote for any music lovers out there.
I was coasting by some TV movie the other day and happened to hear some guy asking the girl he was interested in if she was named Allison after the Elvis Costello song of the same name. She sweetly and affectionately allows as to how she is; ahh.

Wonder if the writers ever discovered the song is about a guy promising to murder lovely Allison for stepping out with other guys.

Eerily similar to some dopey girl saying some years back she and her boyfriend's song was Every Breath You Take by the Police, which of course is one of the preeminent jilted boyfriend stalker tunes of all time.

Kinda makes you wonder why songwriters bother.


Kinda makes you wonder why songwriters bother.

Good enough opening to post the happiest five minutes you'll have all day, unless you have one of your own of these running around.


chronicle of the absurd;



Allison is a great song. I saw Elvis Costello before he made it. He was great.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

The wonders of youtube are a thing to behold. As are the wonders of the backseat cd player. The little thing is a born performer. And no one loves that like her daddy. He must be very proud.

Eric in Boise

Well, Ig, as far as threatening songs go, John Lennon sang "Run for Your Life" and "You Can't do That", which were both very much about jealously and its potentially ugly consequences.

So I blame the Beatles. And Bush.


Yes Eric. "I'd rather see you dead little girl, than to be with another man!"
"Catch you with another man, that's the end of you little girl".


That is one cute kid bgates. Sent it to my one who used to be that tiny.
I've got some videos of her at about that age shaking it to CMT videos that are so cute she has threatened to harm me if they are ever released.


Yeah, but do couples think of them as "our song", Eric?
Talk about number one with a bullet.

Eric in Boise

If they do, Ig, it would probably be a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Closely related: local news is breaking in to report that that POS DiMaggio is dead, and his kidnapping victim is alive and well in Valley county, just north of here. Nice to get some good news.

Dave (in MA)

Clark got whacked.


The writer in Dave's link must read JOM :)

"Clark also leveled somewhat veiled accusations at Justin Verlander and former MLBer Shawn Green that were based on absolutely nothing credible, which is arguably more irresponsible than what he said about Pujols."


I have to give Evolutionist Richard Dawkins credit. The serial religion basher finally had the balls to say something mildly critical of a religion other than Judaism or Christianity.

From a Roger Simon article at PJ Media: Dawkins tweeted: “All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.”

For that tweet Dawkins is now being attacked by Muslims and members of the British Left.

Roger Simon explains it all succinctly: Dawkins’ sin that has his opponents aflutter isn’t lying about this. It’s telling the truth about it.

Roger that!

Kevin B

In terms of gesture and facial expression, I believe that this is the version young Ella Mae was paying tribute to.

The resemblance is uncanny.



The left hates the truth - its what the cross and stake is to a vampire. That is why when I hear their lies, twists and turns and spin away from fact, I just look at them and say "you're wrong". Keep saying it often enough and its like wearing garlic:)


Beautiful morning!
Clarice's Pieces is back!Thanks Clarice, we always have a better day after reading
your Pieces!



Interesting Pieces this morning. Full mud wrestling in the comments.

Clarice, it appears DW and I overlapped in New Haven. Neither name nor picture ring any bells.


There is a new Sunday thread where I commented about Pieces and agree with Henry about the comments following it.

Mike Giles

I have always wondered why so many people seem to lose their minds when it comes to performance enhancing drugs. WHO CARES! Do they want players to go back to old style gloves, and training regimens? The point is everybody has the opportunity to use them - except - and this is a mighty big except - use of these substances requires that you apply yourself to a dedicated regimen. You have to work out every day, for hours a day, with no taking days off, to gain any advantage from them. Quite simply I believe many of the players prefer to simply get by on GOD given talent, and never do anything extra. And they would prefer that baseball make sure that everyone was just as fat, and lazy as they are.


most athletes will use any edge they can. It's the money and the glory. Flo Jo was a high level runner but would never have made the top if she didn't use. Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson and a litany of others came before baseball players began juicing.

And the leadership in most sport wanted and still wants to sweep the problem under the rug. L'Equipe spent 10 years on Armstrong's tail.

Players might prefer to do it naturally, but beating Aaron's record or Maris's is far too tempting and the money is incredible.


I just extra the RSS feed to be able to my Bing News Readers.

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