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August 04, 2013



I just figured out who DuDa and BuBu are - their both Thom Hartmann who thinks conservative policies drive people to suicide.

With reasoning like this its a wonder we are all still alive.

But I thought Obama was far-left liberal. Didn't know his economic policy was considered conservative.

Long Live El Gyno!

Dial 'O' for 'Omigod'. He mentions climate change and the Center for American Progress.

Do you have any idea how green anthroCO2 has made the world?

Bill Clinton once called carbon dioxide 'plant food', but amusingly, only once. I think he slipped and couldn't resist the dig at Gore.


Want a good illustration of creepy?

Take away line:

"What is customary for North Koreans, OFA thinks should be customary for Americans. January 20, 2017 can't come fast enough. "


O'Malley is an absurd enough notion;



Don't let Weiner see this, cause then he'll want one.



Shirley he can't be serious;



From Narciso's 02:50 link.
" If this happens a year from now our intelligence community and the military will be less capable"

Because no one seems to care.



Hey Kim-just found a 2010 paper from Heidi Cullen that she presented at a workshop on Climate change ed goals. It's called "What should our leadership focus on when it comes to educating the public about climate change using mainstream media?"

Would have been a handy doc before her absurd Senate testimony. Another is on how to pitch climate change to faith-based groups since they are culturally influential. Another is on how to engage the emotions in pitches to students.

Just loverly stuff to quote from.

Captain Hate

Somebody with the last name of O'Malley probably couldn't get much traction by claiming he drinks less than Rodham.

You can't ask Heidi Cullen which way the wind blows.

Heidi Cullen is the one who wanted to restrict the credentialing of meteorologists who didn't believe in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. She's a bad 'un, and a facile liar as her pirouette to 'missing heat' hiding in the deep ocean and the regional weather wierding she flogged for the Congresscritters demonstrates.


Some years back I read some statistic about members of the American Meteorological Society -- of members who were employed by Ted Turner, 70% believed in AGW, while the rest of the Society it was less than 20%.

My google-foo isn't succeeding in finding it, so I'm not sure of the exact numbers...

Captain Hate

Is there any other profession where somebody rationalizing their stupid models not working because of missing heat hiding in the deep ocean wouldn't be shown the door and told they're being fired with cause? Columbia must be so proud...


It's hiding in the sea, and it answers to the name of Spiny Norman,

'horrid' tales.

From Robert Tracy we have this about Mrs. Ann Radcliffe and her work 'The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne'(1789): "Her supernatural manifestations eventually turn out to be elaborately contrived frauds, concocted to terrify the heroine into surrendering her virginity, her property, her sanity, or even all three."

Because, because, because, because.  Because of the wonderful things he does.

Cap'n HaHa, there are dozens of models and dozens of academic institutions and governmental agencies involved in the modeling. The models are not verified, nor validated. They all exaggerate water vapour and can't model clouds.

It's catastrophic, the science fail, the narrative fail, the policy fail, the cause fail.

The WTF Generation.  Wikipedia/Twitter/Facebook

rse, very nice demonstration of her two-facedness at WotsUp? There is consciousness of her duplicity, but I guess you see a lot of that.

What is the matter with them? When will they ever learn?


--Bill Clinton once called carbon dioxide 'plant food', but amusingly, only once.--

As a wholesale distributor of bullshit Clinton does know his plant food.

Carol Herman

You know I miss the old fashioned way of doing political business: IT was called SMOKE FILLED ROOMS.

We still have king makers behind the scenes. And, any time a name shows up ... as if we're the ones making the decisions ... I always think "nope," that candidate won't have a chance.

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