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August 08, 2013



Haven't we been in the Great Bull run for the last five years?
Why else did we get Barrycare?


What is next, Buzkashi?

We are a "developing country", so anything is possible.


Frau Stachelschwein

TM already has a basement full of noisy, wild animals!


I think I see the plan now; Barry is going permanently off prompter to say every idiotic thing possible so as to distract from the scandals.

Jeff Dobbs

I think I see the plan now

Just now?

Obama's Full Bulworth quote was back in May.


--Just now?--

To quote my daughter's father's day card this year,
"Even though I tell everyone you stink and make lame jokes I actually think you're pretty special...ed."


Here, drink this. Lots of it if you like. Wear red. go stand over there and run when the bulls get close.


No, there is no Tea Party boycott of Ebony Magazine, and there never was



This event should be held in Manassas. Imagine if you will, if the Great Bull Run was held in the same place where the battle of Bull Run was fought not once but twice!


Gmax, they could hold it at the shopping mall!

Jack is Back!

I went to Pamplona in 1983 on a lark. The night before the first release I sat in the bar of my hotel (La Peria) and looked at all the. crazy Americans - like me - who deciided to do this and it dawned onme that were crazy but I was'nt. So, I became a spectator and was so glad I chose right. A guy I met from Wichita got gored in the groin. Ouch.

Its not worth it. Do moguls on doule black. diamonds at Alta if you must but avoid the bulls.


At Drudge -

U.S. Will Now Let in Thousands of Syrian Refugees...


NRA News: Ginny Simone Special Report: "A Wake-Up Call for Self-Defense"



I don't think 65 dollars will cover those expenses, do you?


Henry yeah Wal Mart. That should be a talisman to keep the progs at distance...

Like Obamacareless, the insurance that isn't.

Mebbe a tetanus shot. Mebbe two of 'em.


This was on FB - http://www.repealregionalism.com/index.php/region-by-region/

This is about Georgia but I'm sure the structure idea is growing.


"A mix of elected and appointed officials who will “function as the regional planning entity” for:

• Land Use
• Environmental
• Transportation
• Historic Preservation"

Jack is Back!

Dr. K has it right again.. Puts Zero back on the couch for another analysis.


I recall a great cartoon showing two old bulls standing by a fence. One of them says "Did I ever tell you about the time I ran with the idiots?"


I wonder if our new Syrian immigrants will be interested in sustainability?

I'm surprised he thought the language came from confused policy.

One think Krauthammer doesn't get but rse does is that the destruction of meaning with language pollution is deliberate.

The Bloomin' Desert.

A very fine market gardener I once knew told me that he learned nearly everything he knew from Syrians.


She is indeed a smart ass of the first water.
Her mother is not, so it is unclear where she got it.

Account Deleted


It's obviously a recessive, generation skipping gene.


Do Obots Dream of Composite Sheep?

U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz once led a fraternity that got into trouble with the law and animal welfare groups for threatening to sodomize a sheep.

The Hawaii Democrat, pictured here in the Class of 1994 yearbook, was a senior member of Phi Delta while studying at Pomona College, a small liberal arts school in eastern Los Angeles County


Jeff Dobbs

Wasn't trying to connect the daughter to HCOAB.

Ineptly I was just trying to continue the art of playing on words.

I'd posted that play on words before - a card my in-laws gave to mrs hit and run on this year's or the last year's mother's day.



Jeff Dobbs

For those keeping score at home, at this point tomorrow night, I shall be reveling in Nawlins.

Everyone is invited.


--Wasn't trying to connect the daughter to HCOAB.--

Didn't think you were hit, merely illustrating a remarkably intelligent and fetching arse.


Boehner and McConnell are urging a one year delay in the Obamacare mandates because the system "isn't ready." Why do they want to let Barry off the hook? Is this immensely stupid or am I missing something?

I know I've said Rs should thwart Barry in every way possible, but this doesn't turn back anything, it just softens the blow.


It rhymes with RNC DNC Consent Decree, Jimmy.


'You ask for Miracles,Theo' this is coming from some of the top men, in the supposed center right braintrust,


No, this is higher order stupidity then that TK.




There's a professor of animal husbandry there.

I'll bet Schatz took a class at Pitzer.


Personally, I'm still stuck on trying to figure out this;

dating this;

Pity? Temporary insanity? Choom?

They probably have two legs each.

Same eyes, similar mouths, prominent necks.




--Same eyes, similar mouths, prominent necks.--

With the slight exception that in one case they are attached to a rather attractive human being while the others belong to a monitor lizard in a nice suit.


Current Temperature in Shanghai at 11 AM: 102F

Yikes. But on the bright side, yesterday it was 104.

Good Morning!



Perhaps Weiner had a consent decree and she was stuck.


LIBTARD explains it. Stupid is as stupid does. She's dumb as a hammer.

Dave (in MA)

Typepad test...

Dave (in MA)

Not sure that I want to read the articles, but Boston Globe's boston.com has these 2 articles up at the same time:

  • Is a better economy to blame for Hub traffic?
    For the month of June, traffic congestion was up 28 percent in Boston from the previous June, a research firm found.
  • Massachusetts economy deteriorates in recent months

Captain Hate

I expect this type of dumbassery from Boehner but I've regularly defended McConnell from the insults of my fellow moron horde members.


In China now I can catch live US Baseball on an ESPN Channel. Just watched the BoSox vs Kansas City. What is interesting is that now they have Chinese announcers calling the game, which surprises me, as there aren't any Chinese mainland Baseball players in the pros. There was a pitcher a few years back from Taiwan, but no mainland guys. Also surprising is that they also have a recurring commercial of some Chinese guy trying to lose his road rage by watching ESPN Baseball.

I can't tell if it's a Taiwan ESPN broadcast, but it's the same broadcast I'm seeing in Shanghai and in Guangzhou, about a 1000 miles apart on the coast. If it is a mainland China broadcast, it tells me the Chinese may be trying to stir up domestic interest in the game so they can field a decent baseball squad to play Baseball against us in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Moscow.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

narciso's 11:08 link is something - BUSINESS MODEL FAIL: Crackpot newspaper that published map of law-abiding gun owners lays off 17 including moonbat editor

"The Rockland County Times has learned that Rockland County Chief Editor Caryn McBride is among the casualties of the recent purge of 17 journalists and 26 total staffers at the Gannett-owned Journal News newspaper."


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