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August 10, 2013



LOL, Jack.

Frau, your taste is impeccable. It must be; it's so similar to mine. :)
BTW some of the best television ever made was on the old American Sportsman TV show when Phil Harris and Bing Crosby were fly fishing or bird hunting or whatever together.
Their improvs were better than any comedy script these days.


Juan Cole?

Eye roll

How about Alex Jones while you are at it. This forced retirement is not going that well, now is it?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Maybe I was better off without Rupert's Gazette since the Review section has an article promoting the fable that Gaylord Focker is a "bookish" sort, which is surely a hot steaming pile of certificates of live birth. That this was written by a former GWB aide shows that our problems didn't begin in 2009.


Cut, paste, appeal to authoritay!!!!!


Frau Steingehirn
...growing public opposition to genetically modified foods, or GMOs, according to documents obtained by The Nation...

That opposition nurtured and fanned to hysteria by hired neo-commie guns in the PR field. You know, like the outfit that helps NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, etc. inundate the public with tailored propaganda.

Frank CHurch

Ahhh. That sweet excuse for not thinking has arrived...Identity politics. Now you can relax..go back to sleep. Everything is fine, except at the WH or on the borders, taxes; you know, the most important stuff.

Army of Davids

on Harry Reid's "single payer" float

he's trying to keep a wobbly Democratic base on the plantation per ObamaCare.

They do not like the exchanges (which they see as a giveaway to insurance companies) and the individual mandate polls just horribly. (12% popularity in one poll)

The House GOP should focus the guts of it's ObamaCare defunding on the individual mandate (w/ some other hits as well)....

Contrary to what is being sold by DC based RINOs and the media they can come out just fine by making a stand....sure as hell would fire up some conservatives.

Danube on iPad

"I didn't write the post"

Right. It was some other moron calling himself Frank Church.


Just saw Sarah Palin on Eric Bowling's Saturday Morning FOX Show.

Last question was what is your opinion on the Rand Paul-Chris Christy controversy?

It would have been an easy question to weasely answer by supporting both guys, or a bit from column A and a bit from column B, but Sarah instead forthrightly and unapologetically answered the question saying she was Team Rand because of his "healthy Libertarian streak" supporting the Constitution and limited Government, and was against Christy because of his preference for "get-along/go along" and increasing the size of Big Government.

Refreshing to hear straightforward answers.

Frank CHurch

"Today the President of the United States validated Edward Snowden’s role as a whistleblower by announcing plans to reform America’s global surveillance program. But rather than thank Edward Snowden, the President laughably attempted to criticize him while claiming that there was a plan all along, “before Edward Snowden.” The simple fact is that without Snowden’s disclosures, no one would know about the programs and no reforms could take place. As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently once stated, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” Luckily for the citizens of the world, Edward Snowden is one of those “people of good conscience” who did not “remain silent”, just as Pfc Bradley Manning and Daniel Ellsberg refused to remain silent."


(A) nuther Bub

Thanks, OldTimer, for the link to Eliana Johnson's piece on the disgraced Sharon Light leaving IRS and her position with Lois Lerner (forced out, I hope)and joining the American Cancer Society. I just wrote a note to the ACS, submitting my own resignation from the volunteer work I've done for them for years and promising also to withhold my own contributions and to advise others to withhold theirs in the future too. So I'm advisin'.
If anyone else wants to tell ACS they'd be wise to deny a refuge to corrupt officials there's an LUN below (to National).

Frau Steingehirn

(A) Bub - Good work in the trenches and thanks for the link.

P.S. love hearing from you again.

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

I just got word from a resident that all of Martha's Vineyard is pissed beyond belief at Barry. Apparently there are 2 roads that go thru the island, both very well traveled. Barry's new home is dead center next to those roads and they are shutting one down for his little vacation. The local papers have been publishing the phone #'s for the WH so people can express their distaste.

I'm sure anyone who calls will be audited.

Army of Davids

for Narcisco...absolutely right to focus on Europe and they have more trouble a brewing.

a few summary notes on EuroLand and Eurosclerotic Herpes for the uninitiated

bond markets calling the shots w/ Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greece due to high debt/GDP levels...coming for France (the big one) and Belgium

public austerity = reduced government spending
private austerity = tax increases

they have had some of both

decades of anemic growth, accumulated legacy pension/healthcare obligations, demographic challenges, labor inflexibility and accumulated debt

ECB/IMF/ESM (Troika) purchases putting a floor under sovereign bond markets to keep realistic financing rates for government bond rollover. Germany being the big dog who really calls the shots and demanding austerity measures as a pre-condition for taking on the sovereign debt risks.

Here stateside we have accumulated some $6 Trillion since W's last year in federal debt and the Federal Reserve has expanded it's balance sheet some $3.5 Trillion....wonder if their will be any long term consequences to all that for the young Hope and Change crowd?

We had more bullets to fire (due to decades of 3.5% growth) to begin w/ than EuroLand countries and we don't have the screwed up currency straitjacket and Germany sensibility to complicate things and slow central bank monetizing of government debt.

But hey.. we do have the leadership in DC that is hell bent on creating European Utopia here in the good ole USA....they have done a fine job too.

Japan is also in dire, dire shape....BOJ at unprecedented levels of QE


That's Schulte, Zell's corporate raider business partner, well they bought the money, let them deal with it,

Frau Steingehirn

(A) Bub - I sent my message to the ACS.


Well they did that piece, thankfully, two of the three letters were good though;


(A) nuther Bub

I just got word from a resident that all of Martha's Vineyard is pissed beyond belief at Barry.

I feel their pain. Told Mister last night that we are getting out of here at Christmas/NewYear this year, I don't care whether we have to go some place where the snow is drifted up to our clavicles. It's not only the traffic and roadblocks and secret service, it is the "presence" . . . the hourly radio, TV and news reports, giddy with detail about wardrobe and restaurants and shaved ice cones and gym workouts. Can't handle it again.


Obama/Biden 7,906
Romney/Ryan 2,753

Elizabeth Warren 7,321
Scott Brown 3,473


Boo hoo.

Jack is Back!

Identity politics? Now where have I seen that phrase used here before?

As if the deranged academics of Pritzer have no politics or identity.

You running out of feathers, Dana.


Yes we've known her work at McClatchy;


(A) nuther Bub

Boo hoo.

Same for us, TK. You don't even have to trouble yourself looking it up.

Thanks, Frau!

Frank CHurch

Jack; Go back to sleep man,


I sympathize, the Sheraton at Bal Harbor was a famous Clinton haunt, when he wasn't at the Vineyard, but for those who did vote for him,


I have been banned from posting anything that has to do with Hawaii and Obama, (A) bub.

It plays havoc with how lurkers digest a smooth running and consistent thread like this one.


Great job A(B). You too Frau. I would love to get A(B)'s 04:49 posted on Instapundit.

If anybody knows how to do that or get wide dissemination, please do so.

A(B), I know a place that has snow almost every Christmas, and no Obama:)

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA


Just send it to him. He has an email link on the site although I think it is pundit@instapundit.com.


MSNBC Segment: Birthers Rise Again: Right Trying To Delegitimize Obama Presidency



Darn loons.



Yesterday on my drive home I heard a blurb on the radio about some Aircrash up near New Haven Connecticut. By coincidence, my daughter at summer school in Yale was due to fly home yesterday, but the crash closed the Airport and her flight was canceled, so I arrived home to find momma long distance scrambling to arrange a Hotel and taxis and new flights for her today.

All worked out well thankfully and she's on her way home as I type. My High Schooler handled it well. Not sweating the small stuff and learning to be flexible are great lessons to learn early.

Only bummer is that now momma is even more adamant about the gals not taking Private Pilot lessons in props as apparently this guy who crashed yesterday had previously crashed, and we've had an awful year up here for prop plane crashes and deaths. She sez she doesn't care if I take 'em up in jets, just not in props, but who the heck has money enough to start your kid out in jets? Not me:(


Thanks Jane,

I will try that in a minute. I am sorry I missed so much of your travels and hope you had wonderful times and constructive conversations. Was great to read that Powerline piece on you and Caro refusing to have your pictures taken, and later you saying "Hey" to Alan West.

I would recommend Guam for St Jane's except it might tip over:)


Names named:

Holder Department of Justice and Mueller/Comey FBI harass and terrorize whistle blower Laurie Hathaway, who provided Attorney Orly Taitz with information showing Obama receiving an educational loan as a citizen of Indonesia.


I assume this behavior is to be tolerated because "Orly".


I was under the impression that everyone who flewprops in Alaska came down at least once without injury.


I sent it off to Insty Jane!

We will see if I have as much pull with the high and mighty as you:)

Off now with the dogs for the first walk in 2 weeks, and they are dying to go.

Danube of Thought


Intimidation and harassment of the whistle blower Laurie Hathaway by Holder Department of Justice and Mueller/Comey FBI is akin to the intimidation of citizens by the Hitler NAZI Gestapo or SS troops.

Strangely enough, Orly cites no evidence of intimidation or harassment. She says only that a man in Ms. Hathaway's office said the FBI was investigating her.

More important, if at some point in Obama's life his Indonesian stepfather obtained Indonesian citizenship for him, if he no longer retains it it in no way affects his eligibility for the president. Indeed, I am not at all sure that it affects his eligibility even if he still retains dual citizenship. He was a U..S. citizen at birth, is a longtime U.S. resident, and is over the age of 35.


Daddy, don't mention Thurman Munson who should have been in a more stable prop plane.


Right Trying To Delegitimize Obama Presidency... Darn loons.

Sigh. Darn loons trying to delegitimize the right.



One would hope so. I had an old CO who had spent many years in the Hanoi Hilton, who I thought had been shot down on his first F-8 mission, so since he wouldn't talk about it, we junior guys thought he had had 1 Cat Shot, but zero combat traps.

Now that we have the internet, I just googled him and it appears he was flying in combat for about 2 months prior to shoot down. He was a very decent guy as a CO, and here he is---another Wisconsin man.

Veteran Tributes


Wisconsin is beautiful; arrayed with cheese and Amanas.


Daddy, my uncle flew A7s off the Bon Homme Richard around that time frame. Small world.


What if he lost US citizenship as a result of attaining Indonesian citizenship and failed to regain US citizenship?

Would that have any effect on his eligibility?



Are you fuckin' with us?

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square


I haven't posted much about the trip. The general theme was that we have sunk into lawlessness and no one has any brilliant ideas about how to change that. I spent the whole week asking "why aren't we in the streets" which got varying reactions. As always it was great fun to be with my fellow cruisers and to drink and dine with the stars. Caro and I (and about 40 other NRO-ers took a RIB down the fjords one day which was wonderful. It's a beautiful countryside, best known for its goats I think.

Danube on iPad

"Would that have any effect on his eligibility?"

I'm certain there's no case on it, but I should think that a court would say it was implicit in the NBC clause that a president must also be a U.S. citizen to hold the office.

I wonder if Orly knows that everything in her affidavit is inadmissible hearsay.


Who is the new guy?


Who would have standing to take that issue to court, Danube?

Manuel Transmission

Speaking of prop planes, we had our annual cookout at Dodie Gann's hangar today. Given that Dodie passed last Christmas after celebrating her 90th, they had a flyby with a missing man formation. The missing man plane was her straight tail 172. Turns out that she quietly sold it to the sister of her long time friend and safety pilot so she would always be with them when they buzzed around in it.

I met the couple that ran her and Ernie's farm for over the last 40+ yrs. they get to keep it till they pass. (Life equity?). Lovely to have a tight community like that.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Not to overly stereotype (and I consider Jane and Caro to be outlying points) but I imagine "why aren't we in the streets" to get some hilarious responses from the NRO crowd. Along that same line I thought a significant number of WFB's adherents liked him because he could insult people with big words.


The ghost from Idaho?

Danube on iPad

"Who would have standing to take that issue to court, Danube?"

I doubt it would ever come to that. I think officials at the state level would keep him off the ballot. Or any Secretary of State could seek a declaratory judgment, for openers. You and I could not sue.


My sheepskin is from the God Almighty, These Lawyers are so Effing Expensive Law School, Man Tran, but I believe what you describe is commonly called a "life estate".

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

I was interested to see if there would be a greater move toward the tea party this year Capn. It wasn't mentioned much. But we also had people like James O'Keefe as speakers and the Breitbart crowd is always well represented.

I rarely feel like I'm listening to doctrine, and if it leans in that direction the cruisers put whoever is doing it in his place.


Roger Calero is a non citizen that made it onto several ballots.


Interesting commercial just now: A young interracial couple (white/Mexican) at a party, apparently thrown by her family; excited girl drags uncomfortable boy to her parents. He pulls out New Galaxy Smartphone, studies it momentarily, and haltingly repeats what it has told him, with a thick accent. Girl's mother embraces him, and then girl pulls him off to meet more family.

After they've gone, girl's father mocks the boy's accent, clearly unhappy that his daughter has picked somebody who can't even speak intelligibly. Granted he's in the minority, since girl and mother love the boy; still, I can't remember ever seeing a tv commercial featuring a character who was uncomfortable with an interracial relationship, let alone a character openly mocking the speech of someone from another country.

Then again, I don't watch much Spanish language tv. Apparently depicting a Mexican who is irritated at a white person - in America - who hasn't bothered to learn Spanish is acceptable, while showing a white person irritated at a Mexican who hasn't learned English would get an entire ad agency disemboweled.


Racism runs only one way, toward Whitey.

Danube on iPad

"Roger Calero is a non citizen that made it onto several ballots."

I'm confident that if there had been any evidence that he had a snowball's chance in hell he'd have been ousted.


Being a felon probably didn't improve his ballot access chances, Debs didn't run after he was released/ Then again Tom Delay was slammed by an unethical weasel, who went through three grand juries, so there is that.


The law only applies to potential winners.


Should we be surprised that reverse discrimination is socially acceptable after decades of the government telling us it is not only acceptable, but a social necessity and virtue?


As a latter day prophet might say, it didn't begin with either North or Libby;



Does the father mock whitebread in Spanish, with subtitles, or in "we don't need no stinking badges" english?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

O'Keefe is great to shake some action, Jane; I give them a great deal of credit for that. Again I'm laboring under a no doubt unfair image of the NRO crowd which has been constructed from impressions of quite a few years of reading the dead tree NR and finding the Weekly Standard, with all its warts, to be more to my liking. That you and Caro like it there are big points in their favor.

I hope that came out right from this damnable iPhone munchkin keyboard; plus I've been drinking some Lagunitas 13th something or other, a very good red ale, and listening to Sex Mob plays Fellini.


I glanced only briefly at Tevi Troy's piece, but is it possible to have a more tedious doorstop then Franzen's Freedom, and I read Mailer's 'Harlot's Ghost' when it came out.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Perfect Cap'n!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The books in that article were just dripping with "see what I'm reading" from somebody who demonstrably can't conjugate verbs correctly. I'm kind of interested in that book on the blues although I'm afraid it will suffer following "Escaping the Delta".

Danube on iPad

"The law only applies to potential winners."

No, it applies to everyone (except congress and their staff). But only so many resources are available to enforce it, and those charged with doing so must constantly decide how to allocate those resources. How much time and money should be devoted to ensuring that some ineligible dead certain loser should be kept off the ballot? Who is harmed, and how badly, by letting the guy go ahead and lose? And if we decided to spare no time, money and effort to get Mr. Calero off the ballot, what other law would go unenforced?


Night all. Sweet dreams.


I think he properly addressed to someone who outside of Dr. Dre, has been the popularizer of this bebavior;



We are a resource strapped nation.

Danube on iPad

Via Ace, we discover a tweet from modern feminist Sophie Harwood, reflecting on the horror that will come when her daughter's stools become smaller (why would this happen?):

"I’m so in love with her big poos that I can’t bear the idea of them stopping. Of her realising that they aren’t things you want to show off about. Of the day when somebody makes it clear to her, whether by accident or design, that sweet little girls aren’t supposed to describe the massive steaming achievements cruising out of their bums, propelled by the wonders of peristalsis, into the marvels of the plumbing system. That curly little blondes such as she should desire to be small, and contained, and clean, and dress up as pink princesses. And shut up about their dirty selves; already, enough.

"I dread the day those whopper turds have got to go."


President Obama is seeking re-election to a second term in 2012. A large crowd of Republican candidates are competing for the GOP nomination. Plus there are LOTS of third party and independent P2012hopefuls. So, if a person is running --regardless of party, ballot status, or chances of winning -- we have him or her listed below. Incumbent party first, following by the main opposition party, then the third party candidates, and finally the independent and write-in hopefuls.


Those poor Secretaries of State. So many candidates...

Danube on iPad

"We are a resource strapped nation."

You will find no law enforcement authority who cannot demonstrate to you that, whether "strapped" or not, decisions must constantly be made about how to allocate those resources. Economics, after all, is the science of the allocation of scarce resources.

Close your eyes and imagine the following: throughout the land, in each and every state, a group of non-citizen felons has managed to field one (or many more) candidates for president. Should the whole weight of the law devote itself, as its top priority, to ensuring that their names do not appear on a ballot?

(You seem to have a weirdly unnatural fear that some non-citizen felon will be elected president. Relax. It isn't going to happen. Exert your energy on some worthy cause.)

Captain Hate on the iPhone

The term "modern feminist" also puts me in a French Revolution state of mind.


Would you support a little relaxation in the rules of standing to allow an engaged electorate to take some of the burden off the powers that be?

Danube on iPad

"So, if a person is running --regardless of party, ballot status, or chances of winning -- we have him or her listed below. Incumbent party first, following by the main opposition party, then the third party candidates, and finally the independent and write-in hopefuls."

A grave and growing mortal threat to the Republic. We are very fortunate still to be alive. I suppose that, in the final analysis, we can thank our lucky stars that we have actual voters, and as of today it takes about 70 million of them to elect a president.


This is the reason I change my nick at the Horde, depending on my mood.


Look at the swell job they did in 2008 and 2012.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Yes, narc, I've noted your variable nome de cyberplume.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Dammit; nomS

Danube on iPad

"Look at the swell job they did in 2008 and 2012."

Who is "they?" And is your sarcastic use of "swell" dependent on the validity of your contention that Obama was not eligible? And what do you think "they" should have done in those years?


Questions, questions. What about my 10:40?


"They" are the voters. "Swell" is dependent on Obama skyrocketing energy prices.

Danube on iPad

The answer to your 10:40 is no, and a very forceful no. The "rules" of standing derive from the constitutional requirement that courts decide only "actual cases and controversies." In the absence of such a requirement there would not be enough courts in the land to adjudicate all the cases that would be brought, and one would wait decades to get a case heard.

In 2012 a Secretary of State (Arizona) demanded proof of Obama's eligibility. Every one of the other 49 SoS's were mindful of what was going on. The AZ guy got proof to his satisfaction. Do you think each of them should have demanded the same thing, over and over again?

You are not really dissatisfied with the system through which questions of this kind are determined. You simply want to change the rules In the case that obsesses you in the hope that you would get a different result. This is an astonishingly short-sighted view: if you had the rules you want, Obama would still be eligible (the certificates already produced are far more than sufficient), but your new rules would remain in place with catastrophic consequences.

Danube on iPad

"'They' are the voters."

You're just saying you don't like the outcome; that makes as much sense as saying that the voters blew it in 1992 because they should have realized that Bill Clinton was ineligible. In both cases, the men were lawfully on the ballot in all fifty states, and they won.


Name calling...




Manny T,

The other day at Papa's Restaurant in Narita, I walked in and pointed out a poster picture of Rick Drury, one of our retired guys flying overtop your island. Papa-san heard me and said that Rick lives on San Juan Island, which I did not know, so I immediately wondered if he was one of your beer drinking buddies at Friday Harbor.

Rick is famous for having written this: My Secret War , about flying the A1 Skyraider back in Viet Nam days.

I never flew with him but frequently drank beers with him around the system. He was an amazingly good Piano player and could do excellent Jazz stuff while sitting in with the local band at Ned Kelly's Last Stand bar in Kowloon, and he had an excellent story about suspected fuel contamination in the MD-11, when about half way between Japan and Taipei the number 2 engine quit, and he had to figure out how to get it on deck quick, under the assumption that the contamination would shortly thereafter wipe out number 1 and 3. Thankfully it turned out to be a refueling problem involving a broken on board gage and a broken gage on the fuel truck, resulting in inadequate fuel in the number 2 tank, thus causing the problem, but he afterwards made a huge stink about it and got procedures changed so that in current similar cases of broken such gages we now have to drop the dipstick to get an accurate read.

Does he ring a bell?

Manuel Transmission


Yeah, Rick is a local hero here and was helping at the cookout today. I have not gotten around to reading his book, but most of my pals that flew during that time have. I forwarded your link on your old CO to a couple the locals to see if they know him, given that some of his time was up in our neighborhood.

Speaking of the Skyraider, we had a fly in a couple of weeks ago and one came over from Bellingham along with a couple of T-6s and proceeded to rip things up to a fare thee well. Holy shite! What a monster. I've never seen one in the air and whoever (Rick?) was flying was doing stuff that didn't seem possible. My buddy with a Pitts 12 was afraid the Feds would bust him (no acro box), but he went back to BLI after his little routine.

We also had the sweetest T-28 in Marine dress show up and impress the crowd.


Very cool Manny T.

Papa-san, the Japanese owner of the Narita restaurant is quite fun---always with a smile on his face, and he said that since he had last seen Rick "Mister Drury had put on a little weight," and he and I both chuckled heartily about that.


Scariest thing I heard today on the radio during the dog walk was a program called National Geographic Weekend. I believe it is co-produced by NPR so we are probably paying for it.

Host Boyd Matson had on Eco-maniac Bill McKibben, and raved about McKibben's great important anti-carbon story in The Rolling Stone Magazine. Host never asked a single critical question, and allowed McKibben to tell listeners that Carbon was destroying the planet, that wind and solar are currently viable alternatives to all our energy problems, that Government must immediately "slam the fricking breaks" on fracking and all other other carbon technology, and that immediately huge Carbon Taxes must be levied on the Energy companies. Otherwise, Global Climate catastrophe is just around the corner.

The host let every word of it go completely unchallenged and gave the listener the impression that it was all Gospel and that McKibben was absolutely brilliant.

The part that scared me is thinking of the skulls full of mush who will probably listen to this idiot and believe him; likewise for the dupes who read Rolling Stone for their Science.


got up early to look for the Perseids meteor showers. No luck with meteors, but watched a beautiful dawn, and I see that Clarice's pieces are up already so I have a feeling it is going to be a good day

Alarmists seem to be more desperate on the blogs.

Maunder Minimum coming, daddy. Whether it will cool the globe or not is a big question, because no mechanism by which it can do so has been proven.

These minimums are of sunspots, and not of Total Solar Insolation, which may not have diminished much during the minimums.

Interesting news in the last few days is that a very green newspaper in very green Denmark published an article suggesting that cold is coming, caused by the sun.



I like the idea that we have a Solar Pole Reversal happening any day now. As far as I know we didn't even know that happened roughly ever 11 years until a few decades ago, so I'm interested what data we get on what happens to magnetic fields, solar wind, etc, as this event occurs, and how that might effect conditions on our planet. The linked story says:

the north pole has already jumped the gun and reversed, and scientists are now just waiting for the south pole to catch-up.


Missin' Melinda.

I think it is a little unusual. I also think it is a clue to the asymmetry during the Maunder Minimum when sunspots were large, sparse, and primarily Southern Hemispheric, which I think is a clue to how the sun impacts climate variability.

We'll know a lot more in just a few years.

Good link, too, and a nice discussion of the little understood magnetic effects of the sun, which some researchers believe is the mechanism by which the sun induces the variability in the Earth's climate, or at least part of it.

Big wheel keeps on turning.

By a little unusual I mean that usually the poles flip at closer to the same time.

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