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August 11, 2013



Mcnamara also gave us that generation of system analysts that worked in his shadow, Aspin, Deutsch, Rossetti (sic) at the IRS,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Go for it anonamom. The best one I saw was over 10 years ago when Mrs H and I woke up at 3 on a Sunday morning. My point of reference was we had an Old English Sheepdog which she walked and looked up at the sky to see if we should go back to sleep. She came back having seen a bright red streak across the sky. We drove out to Case Western Reserve U's Squire Valeeview Farm (donated by the SS&D founder, TC) where we saw hundreds or thousands of them. After a while we just looked for different colored one.




48 out of 50

But I think I have taken the test before, so less than 100% is shameful for me (though, I think I got the same score the first time).

The test appears to be from 2011.

Several of my answers were guesses; I'm good at picking up indirect clues in the questions and in the false choices.

Don't worry daddy, you seem to be passing the real world test of life pretty well.


Now heaven forbid one actually looks at the subjects file,



Oh my!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, as the saying goes, male skinny-dippers in Scandinavia are being warned about a fish infamous for munching on testicles.

Yes, you read that right.


Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

I just went outside to see the space station go over - and apparently missed it.

C'est la vie.


--male skinny-dippers in Scandinavia are being warned about a fish infamous for munching on testicles--

I was gonna guess lutefisk but then remembered that's fish that tastes like testicles.

4JackisBack!2 (On His iPhone)


Frederick and I see it all the time. We have the coordinates and times for here.

Don't forget Mars rising big latter tonight in the East.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss,

Danube on iPad

TC, how about if I tell you I have a $20 bill and give you its serial number (no hundies on hand), then I send you a scan of a bill with that self-same number.

Would you doubt that I have that $20 bill?

TK, re your 8:04, if the issue was whether I had such a bill locked away, and I had displayed a certied copy of that bill and distributed photocopies of it, it would be misleading (but certainly not criminal) if I falsely claimed that the image was a direct copy. But if the distortions in the copy were caused by the copying process, then my claim would be truthful.

What we have here is a document that was publicly displayed, and at the same time three images of it, using three different imaging techniques, were published: photocopies, a photograph, and a low-resolution pdf. Most people conclude that these are three images of the very same piece of paper. There are those who question how the pdf was created, but even they do not dispute that every piece of information on it is the same as that on the other two images. Those questioners seem very reluctant to mention those other two images, other than to offer some preposterous hypotheses immediately after they appeared. No one contends that the thing of which we have seen the photograph and the photocopies were created from the pdf, because it would be impossible to do that. (And of course no one has offered an explanation as to why a forger would start withthe laborious process of elaborately creating a low-resolution, "layered" pdf.)

The responsible official in Hawaii has verified that the information contained in the pdf--most importantly, the place of Obama's birth--is the same as that on the original certificate, which by Hawaiian law must remain where it is

Old Lurker

And how would you know that, Iggy?


"Would you doubt that I have that $20 bill?"

I don't know about TC, but I certainly would not doubt that you posses a scan of a $20 bill.


OL, I was wondering the same. Rocky Mountain Oysters don't count.


"No one contends that the thing of which we have seen the photograph and the photocopies were created from the pdf, because it would be impossible to do that."

Why would it be impossible?


Mr. Hadjarab doesn't seem nearly so innocent;



I think that's right,Rick,What ther author doesn't want more publicity?

I'm not taking that science test unless there's cheating allowed .I plan on taking r J into the test room with me and blindfolding the proctor.

Danube on iPad

"not doubt that you posses a scan of a $20 bill."

What would you think I had scanned? A counterfeit $20 bill?

Jack is Back!

Climate Gate 3 just released see WUWT.

Mike Mann prominent. Mark Steyn licking his chops.


--And how would you know that, Iggy?--

Animal husbandry?


You could have received the scan from a friend and decided to pass it off as your own, for all I know.


Is this it;


Danube on iPad

"Why would it be impossible?"

Because you can't improve the resolution of the image you start with to the extent that the photo and the photocopy improve on the pdf., and none of the Arpaio people have claimed that you can.

The more intersting question is this: why would a forger start with creating a pdf? No one has uttered a word about this.

I don't think for a moment that the Arpaio people believe a word of this nonsense (if Arpaio did, as part of his "official business" he would have taken steps to initiate criminal proceedings). What I really wonder, TK, is whether you yourself do, or whether you're just seeing how loony a series of explanations you can come up with.

Try this as a thought experiment: start with the presumption that Obama was born in Hawaii, and that the records and officials of the State of Hawaii tend to confirm, and do not refute, that presumption. Is it your honest belief that the presumption has been overcome?


"Is it your honest belief that the presumption has been overcome?"

Would you state the question differently?

I've been drinking and I don't want to blow my answer.


Are all pdf's "low resolution"?

Better go look.

Whoa, moshe assures me it's big.

This should be very, very good.

Nope, but I don't see it either, n. This was released by FOIA months ago and has been reviewed by a small coterie of the incrowd, among them moshe.


Stalin was insistent on a second front from the outset of the alliance. He felt that only Russia was engaged despite England's losses. North Africa was necessary to protect the Canal and Churchill first argued for a Balkans front, which was shot down.

Then came Sicily and Italy. No one wanted Italy except Churchill for the reason daddy stated; row after row of mountain ranges that could be easily defended.

Salerno was almost a loss until they dropped the 82nd into the Allied (US) lines and dropped the 509th Parachute Infantry behind enemy lines. Half of the 509th paratroopers were killed or captured. Eventually the Allies entered Naples. The Brits were mainly on the other side of the peninsula.

Above Naples were several prepared German lines using rivers and mountains as natural barriers. The worst was the Gustav line where the Germans had dug in heavily. This is where Cassino was.

Perfect defensive country where you could emplace heavily guns in defilade. This was a massive bloodbath and took 6 months to clear.

The Italian campaign was underresourced from the outset to provide for the build up of Overlord. It was a good faith chip to the Russians and tied down perhaps 30 divisions.

Anzio was an effort to bypass he Gustav Line and take Rome. It too was underresourced and the Germans were again tenacious. We believe that an uncle was wounded on a mission, was evacuated to the rear, which was under constant fire, and was then killed when the hospital took a direct hit. It was one of the worst battles of the war.

Later, Clark took Rome before the Canadians, which was direct disobedience of orders. Not a lot of people under him liked Clark and there were some pretty bad generals in Italy.

The blood toll in Italy was among the highest as a percentage of troops engaged as almost anywhere but the Russian Front.

Took him a while to find a good doc.

Bob Dole was injured fighting up the mountains in Italy.



Jack is Back!


Give it up man. We love you but you are embarrassing yourself.

Do you think Obama would be any better if he was NBC? What the hell is the point of your Quitoxe exchange. No one fucking cares. Give it up please!


pdfs can be high res.


As I recall, was Mark Clark, nominated for Ambassador to Italy, and he was turned down,
with strong opposition from Sen, Connelly, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.


Malaparte's famous Pelle("The Skin") was written about Naples , the fighting around it, and the treatment of the American troops by the Neopolitans.

You'll not easiiy find it. I struggled long with the Italian version, finally found a very expensive paperback English version, but it's worth trying to get and read.


Please feel free to consume the remaining pixels with your intriguing stories about the plight of a child born into wealth.

Danube is loved. I am not.

Why lie?

Jack is Back!


I remember the movie. Mastrionni and Burt Lancaster. Terrific. Will look for the book

Danube on iPad

"You could have received the scan from a friend and decided to pass it off as your own, for all I know."

In that event you would agree that my friend has the bill, right?

Danube on iPad

"Are all pdf's 'low resolution?'"

It depends on the use to which they are going to be put. If you want to be able to put it on the web for quick downloading by millions of viewers, you must sacrifice resolution in order to do that.



don't forget the iridium flares.

I can remember when the kids were younger and we were at the beach having hubby call to tell us where to watch the flare or when the space station and shuttle would be going overhead.


--Danube is loved. I am not.--

Absent your obsession, you're one of the most pleasant, funniest people here and, frankly, if DoT would accept that the horse is dead I suspect your obsession would very shortly be absent, or near enough to be inconsequential.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

LOL TK; equal parts offensive *and* maudlin. Yes you convinced me you've been drinking but don't go overboard low balling how you're regarded by others.

Danube on iPad

TK's 9:36 link avails him nothing. What it says is that if you have created, for web distribution purposes, a pdf of File X, and now you want to print out a higher-resolution image of File X, you must change the settings on your pdf creation software so as to generate that new pdf of File X. In that circumstance you have of course begun with a high-resolution File X. This is not what TK claims happened.

He claims that the original "forged" document was the pdf image itsel (again, when asked, he declines to say why a forger would start that way). If that were the case, nothing in his link suggests that the resolution of the forged pdf can be increased.

Neither he nor the Posse can account for the high-resolution photograph and photocopies. So they ignore them.


Reason # 23, why I dislike Trump;



Copiers aren't that faithful either.

[S]ome Xerox copiers have recently been found to produce scans that, well, aren't that close to the originals at all. The copiers are producing documents that look superficially similar to the originals but switch around numbers apparently at random.



Winning the future;


Danube on iPad

Iggy, I really do believe that the horse is dead many times over. What keeps me going is the hope that at some point TK himself will tumble to that fact. At this point the gymnastics required for him to keep hope alive are nothing short of eye-popping.

You think he's just goofing around with this? I'm beginning to think so....


I cerrtainly hope so...


"Pop worked for McNamara and did not like him and his clique in the least."

So did mine, as J-3 of the Joint Staff, 1964-67. He hated him--

My pop was Pentagon, 64 to 69. I was too young to know the particulars, but I do know he was not a happy camper there, and years later Mom told me that he really, really, really loathed Les Aspin.


88% here... I got kind of bored, too, by some of the questions, which really were more literary than scientific. But I guess the test was billed as a test of literacy.


Mcnamara also gave us that generation of system analysts that worked in his shadow, Aspin

Interesting Narciso. I posted my comment above about my Pop loathing Les Aspin before I got to your comment above mentioning Aspin, so I suppose it makes sense why he despised the guy so much.


I'm not a big fan of Ann Coulter and never have read any of her books but she has put on a spirited defense of Joe McCarthy (on TV) that sounded pretty reasonable to me.


I did read Rodash's book "Commies" when it came out and found it relatively memorable.


It seems, daddy, that McNamara answered that age old question 'why do people take an instant dislike to me' I read one of Radosh's first works on post war labor unions, and it wasn't as doctrinaire as say Horowitz's 'the Great Collossus' which he has apologized for having served as the basis for Robert Pastor's blinkered Latin American policies, the fact that some of the commenters on that thread, are unwilling to acknowledge any evolution, does reflect well on them,


I've read most of them, they are well researched, but then she has to go and make some needlessly provocative statement, like that about the Jersey Girls which was true, but not tactful and counterproductive,


Exactly, narciso. Don't understand why she gets that abrasive.


Quiz Time: Which is more disrespectful to the American people?

A) A Rodeo Clown wearing an Obama mask.

B) Obama sending a V2-Osprey airplane to fly his f#$%ing dog from DC to Martha's Vineyard at Taxpayer Expense.

The answer of course is (A), since it garnered apoplectic apologies from every politician in The Show Me State, whereas option (B) was so non-controversial it never made it into any US Newspapers.

Mark Folkestad

Life has been turbulent enough to keep me from enjoying JOM threads in my accustomed fashion, and now I catch up on one, only to find salvoes being fired at General Mark Clark. While working at my relatives' grocery store in Hayward, Wisconsin in the Sixties and early Seventies, I ran into a number of notables. General Clark was a regular, and my experience with him was without a problem. He was always kind, gracious, friendly and as far from arrogant and aloof as I could imagine, although he retained a great deal of dignity. However, I'm aware that such anecdotal evidence may be similar to the claim that Hitler was kind to dogs and children (the kids that he didn't have exterminated, of course).


A Rodeo Veteran Takes Bull By The Horns---August 19, 1994

Hawkins waited near the barrel, holding his big inner tube. A dummy with a George Bush mask stood beside the clown, propped up by a broomstick....

Jalapeno dispatched his rider before the mandatory eight seconds. Now he stood tall, his head up, looking for something to charge...

Then the bull saw the George Bush dummy.

He tore into it, sending the rubber mask flying halfway across the sand as he turned toward the fence, sending cowboys scrambling up the fence rails, hooking one with his horn and tossing him off the fence.

Radosh rambles and mumbles.

AT has published Radosh now, but not West. Hmmm.

“Just prior to the start of the bull riding event, one of the clowns came out dressed in this,” the posts says, referring to the photo. “The announcer wanted to know if anyone would like to see Obama run down by a bull. The crowd went wild. He asked it again and again, louder each time, whipping the audience into a lather. One of the clowns ran up and started bobbling the lips on the mask and the people went crazy.”

According to the post, a bull then charged the clown, forcing him to run away “to the delight of the onlookers hooting and hollering from the stands.”

“We then left quickly and quietly. Lily’s student is an inquisitive boy and asks a lot of questions about what he sees, and though he had never been to a rodeo he asked nothing about it, nor anything about America this time,” the blogger wrote. “We rode the sixty miles home in silence. In a way I’m glad. I had no answers for him.”

We all just sobbed together.

Here are the videos.


Oprah is racially profiled! Or size profiled. Or something.

A shop assistant refused to show Oprah a $42,000 crocodile handbag. Here is the incident in Oprah's words, via the International Business Times:
I was in Zurich the other day, in a store whose name I will not mention. I didn't have my eyelashes on, but I was in full Oprah Winfrey gear. I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals. But obviously, the Oprah Winfrey Show is not shown in Zurich. I go into a store and I say to the woman, 'Excuse me, may I see the bag right above your head?' and she says to me, 'No. It's too expensive.'
Oh, the humanity.

It's clowns all the way down!

From various recent headlines:

---David Plouffe Calls GOP Primaries a 'Clown Show'

---Hugo Chavez: Obama’s a ‘clown’ president

---Obama Super PAC Chief Bill Burton Calls Romney A "Clown

---NYT Reporter Calls 'Clown' Limbaugh a 'Sweaty, Swollen Man'

---Coulter calls Trump a ‘clown,’

---Inhofe calls Franken a "clown."

---Ben Stein calls Joe Miller a "dangerous, stupid clown."

---Ron Reagan Jr Calls Sarah Palin "a Clown"

---Chris Matthews: Rick Perry is a clown

---Joe Scarborough calls Wayne LaPierre "a clown"

---Obama calls Kanye West "a jackass" (oops, how did that get in there?)

---Christine Quinn calls Anthony Weiner a Clown

---Bill O’Reilly Calls Rick Sanchez a “Clown”


They both have precious views about history as a discipline.  Don't they know it is all tele-promoted narrative now?

Well I've read Radosh's published and West's(not published(@ AT). They are both angry, but West is cooler.

Nice point from someone, The standard liberal considers both of these as right-wing paranoiacs simply because they believed there was Communist influence in America.

Are they fighting over who the anointed elite will consider less paranoid?

Yup, sounds like a historian.

OK, I think I've figured it out. Ron Radosh has convinced himself that he is the authority on how the whole McCarthy thing is to be viewed.

What evah Nona wants.

Here's what is sort of amusing to me. Radosh, supposedly the careful historian, portrays West as a polemicist sloppy with references, but his examples are sloppy themselves, as West points out with careful history.

I guess we can hope that this will raise the percentage of people who've heard of the Venona Papers from 0.03% to 0.05%.

moshe's a happy camper, though.

Still no CG3.


FOX and Friends this morning are saying that now that Wrestling is out in the Olympics a major push is on to include Pole Dancing as an Olympic Sport.

This is excellent news.

Should Snowden's pole-dancing girlfriend make the US squad, she would get the chance to re-up with her honey over in Moscow, while representing her country at the same time!

I hope during his $40 Million Martha's Vineyard vacation President Obama finds the time to tell us whether Olympic Pole Dancing is a Winter or a Summer sport.

Dirty work at the crossroads of pinatas and hornet's nests.

West points out that AT has published 3 attacks on her while not publishing her response. I know Clarice was under the impression she would have the right to reply somewhere other than in the comment section.

So, what's up, C?





There is this piece in her defense;


Yes, the Minitrue wiki, is quite clear that they don't want the discussion at all.


http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/08/history_as_ideology_further_thoughts_on_american_betrayal.html is the Radosh response.

Come on Diana, respond. I have had commenters urge me to read West's book which I had hoped to get to this fall. Maybe with 900 footnotes she has sources to cite but she never got to know her materials well enough?

But then I never wanted to write a book and I hated raising my hand in class, even in law school. And I certainly did not ask for the stories I tell on the blog and book. I have a great deal of sympathy for compelling facts that beg to be told as a story so that sunlight can have a chance to be a disinfectant.

Maybe Narciso can answer the question as to whether West started with a point of view and looked for facts to illustrate it or came across compelling facts that begged to be laid out systematically and engagingly.


Well She is following up 'Death of the GrownUp, and tried to see where many of these noxious patterns, including dhimmitude began, she discovered a predecessor version in the Popular Front configuration that was the New Deal. that's just my supposition, rse.

Ugly all around.

She's responded, rse. You can read it from her link in the comments of Radosh's. AT hasn't published it though it has been sitting on it.

This looks like an application of the meme of 'motivated reasoning', which is the projected tactic of some of the left's sophists. It is a quick and dirty step to de-legitimize your opponent's ideas.


Here's the tricky thing, there needed to be opposition to the Third Reich and the Shinto junta, the left was antifascist, only when they found it expedient from the,

Mugged by three masked strangers, hands tied behind her back.

n. Reeves piece attacks her, not defends.


I think it's like one of those Court decisions, concur and dissent in part, recall the identification of Hiss as Ales, was not as clearcut, hence Volgonokov sic was able to fudge ot


I think Reeves piece comes across as pretty even-handed though. But I started writing the book 2 years ago almost to the day so I have lived with these facts for about 4 years now.

Reeves' point on the change in the culture is true and I happen to know it was quite intentional. What this Administration wants the League of Innovative Schools to research on students is quite intentional too and feels like something Mengele would have come up with.

Do you have any idea how many influential ed professors now turned out to be cultural exchange students to the USSR during the Cold War and working with the famous behavioral psychologists there? I am not alleging that. Their bios themselves say that. Are they agents? Who knows but they do share a political belief about how societies should be structured in the future and a belief that they will be part of the cadre of society's decision makers acting on behalf of others who will no longer get to make their own choices.

Superficially above the fray, but with the knife of Brutus.

rse, he tried to be even-handed but calling West on the fringe is the tell.

radishes and rainbows.

Heh, tried to appear even-handed.


Ext @ 6:11...I'll tell the daughter not to shop in that store when she arrives in Zurich later this week. *snort*
Well,I thought my mood was better until I read the story about Bo the dog joining the family for vacation. The reason for my mood is that we hosted liberal relatives at the cabin over the week-end. Gawd,there isn't enough wine to be found in the northern Maine woods,ha. Example: the sister-in-law can't wait until Hillary is President. I could give a few other examples,but I've been trying to regain my composure all week-end. :)


This is why Drury and McCarry, sought to portray through fiction, what was unpalatable as nonfiction, and patterns 'rhyme' if they don't necessarily repeat, Walt Myers the Bell family scion, who was an agent for the DGI, for thirty years, likely gave them State's economic treasure trove, but as an instructor at the FSI, not a few of the Company's top trainees.

Oprah couldn't take it.

Heh, too expensive. Honest advice.


Seems reasonable to simply explain to her fans that Hillary Clinton is a liar, Marlene.

Here's a 2008 list from Dick Morris, and of course there were more to come.

Admitted Lies

— Chelsea was jogging around the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was in bed watching it on TV.)

— Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (She admitted she was wrong. He climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.)

— She was under sniper fire in Bosnia. (A girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp.)

— She learned in The Wall Street Journal how to make a killing in the futures market. (It didn't cover the market back then.)

Whoppers She Won't Confess To

— She didn't know about the pardons of members of the violent Puerto Rico nationalist group FALN.

— She didn't know that her brothers were being paid to get pardons that Clinton granted.

— Taking the White House gifts was a clerical error.

— She didn't know that her staff would fire the travel office staff after she told them to do so.

— She didn't know that the Peter Paul fund-raiser in Hollywood in 2000 cost $700,000 more than she reported it had.

— She opposed NAFTA at the time.

— She was instrumental in the Irish peace process.

— She urged Bill to intervene in Rwanda.

— She played a role in the '90s economic recovery.

— The Rose Law Firm billing records showed up on their own.

— She thought Bill was innocent when the Monica scandal broke.

— She was always a Yankees fan.

— She had nothing to do with the New Square Hasidic pardons (after they voted for her 1,400 to 12 and she attended a meeting at the White House about the pardons).

— She negotiated for the release of refugees in Macedonia (who were released the day before she got there).


Add this to the Communist efforts to defeat America.


" It’s an invasion that is being invited in by treasonous individuals on both sides of the political aisle who stand to gain from the destruction of America, the plundering and redistribution of our resources, and the subjugation of the freest society the world has ever known. Why would they do it? The answer is as old as time itself: money and power."

Censors aflame.

Wow, right in front of my eyes Radosh's response is pulled from AT. Will Clarice's be next?

There is something going on here and I don't know what it is, do I, Mr. History.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Clarice's Pieces is still being commented on by the Moron Horde.

No meteors last night; I couldn't see any early and then it became overcast.

Critics aflame.

Oh, never the Hell mind. It's still there.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ballad of a Thin Kim


The LA dog trainer, performs category error,
a day ending in y, pairing the criticism of Zinn and West


Ext,I was gobsmacked,so hubby started to argue with her,using some of the examples on your list. I think what is so upsetting is that there really are people who think Hillary is brilliant. Of course,the same people think Obama is wonderful. By the time the s-i-l starting praising Obama,I was opening my second bottle of wine,ha. I usually have one glass.

Old Lurker

Marlene, 52% think Obama is brilliant. So what would you expect?



I just took a look at the Boston Herald to check on the Whitey Bulger trial.Jury is still out. Anyway,Captain Hate, you will love this...the RNC is holding their summer meeting in Boston this week. The headliners are Reince Priebus and Chris Christie. The theme is "Making It Happen." The "Top Men" chose Boston to show solidarity after the bombings.
Jane,Dave,TC,what is going on with the Whitey jury? This is the 5th day.

Thomas Collins

CH, if you can convince DOT and TK to send me real 20s and 100s, as opposed to the pdfs they are talking about, I'll contribute some of my ill gotten gain to Squire Valeeview Farm!

Thomas Collins

By the way, CH, I have noticed that Terry Perris, formerly Justice Stewart's law clerk and the longtime head of SS&D's tax practice, has retired and is now a lecturer in law at University of Toledo College of Law. Incredibly smart, really savvy lawyer who also treated me very well when I was a young associate at SS&D.

Danube of Thought

Anybody else remember "None Dare Call it Treason?"


"52% think"


How dumb would a person working for a few dollars a day in their native country have to be not to take what is freely offered by the US government?

Think any town is going to turn down free armored vehicles.?


I tried to figure out the number killed and wounded in Chicago over the weekend but my calculator can't figure it out it just comes up with "a Lot".


"Anybody else remember "None Dare Call it Treason?"

I have a paperback copy right here.


Pagar, its been double digits in Milwaukee the past couple weekends. Lots of 14 year olds involved in drug deals, usual suspects blame guns. (Oddly, they've been complaining about guns in the hands of career criminals that don't get put in jail long enough and want longer minimum sentences. The local DA blames judges and a lack of federal gun charges which would put the bad people in jail longer).


Personally, I hope it doesn't take the Judge's daughter being raped and murdered to mug the judge into the reality of NYC's streets: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-12/nypd-ordered-subject-to-independent-monitor-by-judge.html


Every one in Mexico could use the magic words.


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