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August 14, 2013



I have absolutely no doubt that a Clinton henchman was in charge of hacking the website.


Huma strikes!


TomM-- I hope you stay on this NYT-Clinton Foundation issue. The thing is the NYT-- when it wants to-- is unparalleled in investigative reporting. Back in the day Jeff Gerth did great reportage on Whitewater, Clintonian coverups, and then the big one-- Clinton/Schwartz selling the USA out to the ChiComs for filthy campaign lucre. If Pinch lets them go, the NYT reporters could blast HildaBeast back to the Stone Age. Will pinch do it? why did he do this story in the first place? C'mon Tom -- get on this.

Thomas Collins

Well, TM, if you're in a new thread mode, why haven't you threaded on what is clearly the most important story today.



TomC-- worst comes to worst you guys have TEBOW!

Thomas Collins

Yes, NK, the Pats would have Ryan Mallett as the starter and Tebow as the backup. Super Bowl bound!


Don't me knocking my good buddy Tim Tebow. He is a native son here in the St. Augustine area. Just to prove to you that pro football is not about making money, the Jags have now passed on him twice. He doesn't even have to play in order for them to fill the stadium. Instead, they along with the Raiders are picked to be the team to go
0 and 16 this year. Yikes!

BTW, Tim will drop whatever he is doing in order to make a sick kid feel good by dropping by. Its no act with him. If football decides he isn't for them, I see him opening an orphanage or hospice for sick kids. Its the way he rolls.

For you Duck Dynasty fans waiting the 4th season tonight (?), I give you Mat St. John from Catholic Pulse on why its so uplifting and entertaining. I have to agree with him.


You have to figure that the first (no doubt the second will be in '17) recorded White House couple to actually steal the silverware would have some ethical issues surrounding their charity.

"Playing 15 hands of spades with bodyman Reggie Love?" This is becoming some kind of satiric closet case gag from a bad sit-com. The economy sucks, our kids are getting brainwashed, Iran and NoKo have the bomb, but this admin is providing us with some laughs. Credit where credit is due.



When you get in, you'll appreciate this faux pas by CNN on Obama's upstate NY and PA bus tour.

Starts next week folks. Pumping up those reliable Blue States with Hope and Change. Of course, the folks in Lake George are going to be confused when he says, "Hello, Syracuse". But what the hell, its not like he isn't the smartest man in all 57 states.

I hear the Missouri Clown has a new job - driving Zero's bus.

Dubya Dude

"This is typical Clinton stuff. The second thing I ever wrote for this website was about how corporations invest in politicians as a way of building their brand and raising their stock price. It can lead to some funny partnerships."

Heh, so corporations can be people, but people can't be people."Natch.


Weazel Zippers found this instance of deja vu;


Account Deleted

"why did he do this story in the first place?"

Innoculation. The Clinton Global Degenerates Foundation started with Global Crossing McAuliffe's Rolodex and, although there is mention of Don Corzione, mention of his looting of his MF Global Client Rape Fund is very limited.

We won't be seeing any reporting from the prog stenographers pool until they're replaced after the BK.


What's the "BK"?


Michelle Malkin has the 10 worst images mocking W that are worse than the Rodeo Clown. I have to agree. What a disappointing free press we have. Totally corrupt and manipulated by politics.

Is there any level too low for them to achieve?


Aren't we lucky that the two grifting liars spawned someone who now it turns out wants to get involved in politics, too, after spending years with her lips sewn shut and a brief stint on Wall Street.


Bankruptcy, one was struck that the all mighty
Justice Department is going after the Whale's underlings, not his own Cetacean self.


I'm sick of the rodeo clown story. Hey Obama's people, come get me. I think he's a clown and I make fun of his ears daily.




The POTUS's slimey underlings attack a private citizen for exercising his fundemental right to speak out against THE POWER. Just a disgrace.


Tim Stanley's piece on the Times strike on the Clinton's provides this take away:

"For too long now, Bill Clinton has pitched himself, almost without question, as a homespun populist: the Boy from Hope. The reality is that this is a man who – in May 1993 – prevented other planes from landing at LAX for 90 minues while he got a haircut from a Beverley Hills hairdresser aboard Air Force One. The Clintons are populists in the same way that Barack Obama is a Nobel prize winner. Oh, wait…"


Some Guy

I'm disappointed that the clown was dumb enough to apologize.

He should have said, 'he's just a politician, he isn’t God or anything important, he’s nothing more than an employee of the American people, and it’s my constitutional right to make fun of him. Get over it.’


Teraaaayyyyyza has The Tides Foundation so perhaps with this new story the Clintons could move beyond any hint of scandal with a name change and tie into that somehow.

The Whitewater Fund perhaps.


when do you suppose Shulman and Lerner's successors will investigate this operation's tax exempt status?


apologizing for using your right to speak against The Power in a distasteful way isn't a sign of weakness. Just a sign of decency.


I agree Sue! How do we respect someone who has no respect for us?
OT... Jack,Clarice all of you who are experienced European travelers...the daughter just called,their Swissair flight out of Newark was cancelled,they've been put on a Lufthansa flight to Frankfort with a connection to Zurich. Mom needs reassurance that this will be OK. Thanks!

Some Guy

apologizing for using your right to speak against The Power in a distasteful way isn't a sign of weakness. Just a sign of decency.

I'd agree with you 100% if he'd done some distasteful. I watched the video, and I don't recall anything that was specifically distasteful. Did I miss something?


Marlene, Every experience I have had flying Lufthansa was wonderful.

Some Guy

Marlene, that should be fine, just let her know that Frankfurt can have some long walks between connections, and she'll likely have to go through passport control and perhaps security again before making her way to the gate, so she shouldn't dawdle.


great airline. Gar keine probleme!


A personal vignette: Today in Staples I had a nattily attired gentleman approach me and ask for 1$. I kid you not.

He was wearing an impeccable seer-sucker suit, button down oxford shirt, crisp tie and wearing as straw fedora. He could have stepped out of a Mad Man episode.

I asked him why I should give him a dollar and he responded because he was a Vet and he would give me something for it.

"What makes you a Vet, I replied."

"US Army, Korea."

Okay, but he was unblinking, straight forward and with a steady demeanor. But I only had tens and twentys. No problem, he had change. We handled our transaction favorably as he handed me a flyer and his card. Off he went.

Saw him later in the Pinch 'N Penny pool supply store. Hitting everyone up including the employees (who by the way didn't even blink but gave him a buck). Now I am curious.

So, I decide to Google him - doesn't everyone when you meet someone interesting?

His name is Stanley A. Govom and his card says he is The Messenger for Thinking and Destiny.

I know, you think he's a wack job but he did run for POTUS:)

And he gets around. This from 2005.

Considering our current occupant, I think I would prefer Stanley.

Go to the link and read the comments. LOL


It is interesting, what these people get for their generosity;



There are widely varying standards of taste in our vast country of 310M souls. Many expressed outrage at using the Obummer mask as a rodeo clown prop. The clown was being polite in apologizing for having offended those people. I here did the same thing when I referenced 'turkey baster' regarding the Obama daughters. Some of the fairer sex here thought that outrageous and I apologized for the offense, even though I thought nothing was 'wrong' with the reference.


Lufthansa's a fine airline. Very reliable and german airports are well-managed.


Thanks all! They took the train from DC to Newark.The Swissair flight was supposed to depart at 9:30PM,she just called me and they are boarding the Lufthansa flight now. We have a family joke that my husband has to be at the airport (very) early. She always says,Dad you are being ridiculous! Today,she told her boyfriend,we're going to take the train early,"just in case." Dad isn't so ridiculous now! Ha!


Well hard to say, which thread this falls under;


Some Guy

Many expressed outrage at using the Obummer mask as a rodeo clown prop.

Yes, that is true; psychologists refer to these types of people as ‘idiots’, but that’s just the technical term.

Which is why in this specific case it was unwise of him to apologize, it only reinforced that he’d done something ‘wrong’ and it suckles the idiots while sucking the oxygen away from the rights of the citizenry.

Remember when ‘dissent was the highest form of patriotism’? Yeah, me neither.


The only thing that it is time for is for the Red Witch to do some time in the clink. I hear tell that Kwame Kilpatrick is looking for a cellmate for his "extended" stay...


There is a lesson here from the October Revolution. A bit about the clown Bim Bom

"However, after the October Revolution in 1917, the duo turned their wit against the new power. Bim Bom desisted from mocking the Bolsheviks only when their couplets so offended Latvian Riflemen in the audience that they shot up the circus and threatened to do the same to the clowns.[1]

Bim Bom is mentioned in the 2007 documentary, "Russian Revolution In Color," where it is claimed the Latvians killed them.

Are we there yet?


610 are all fair attacks on the phony outrage mongers, but those people are different from the standard of behavior we want from decent people.

Dubya Dude

I think the general idea of dissidence here is, er, clownish.


Excerpts via Red Alert Politics: 

"The president’s personal aide also recalled how Obama originally wanted to treat the birth certificate issue. “I remember when he finally found his birth certificate,” Love said. “It took a little too long, by the way,” inserted Jim Newton, the UCLA senior fellow and Los Angeles Times journalist who was conducting the interview. “Hey, your parents don’t live together and you travel all over the world–documents get lost,” Love rebutted.

["]Anyways, if the president had his druthers, the birth certificate rollout would have been much more dramatic. And so he wanted to just have an impromptu press conference and just walk into the press briefing room of the White House and just put his birth certificate out on the podium and everyone was like, ‘that’s a really bad idea,’” Love said. “But he was like very gung-ho about doing it because he was so irritated about it."


He had it the whole time?

If DoT wants to debunk, please direct him to the appropriate dead thread and I will follow.

Account Deleted

"I hear tell that Kwame Kilpatrick is looking for a cellmate for his "extended" stay... "

I understand he was very disappointed not to get Jesse Jackson Jr. as his body man for 30 months. They have so much in common...


Not her best pic, but that isn't surprising;


(A) nuther Bub

I'm sure you know, TK, that everyone born in Hawaii was able to get a copy of his long-form birth certificate easily, by paying a few bucks to the Dept. of Health counter worker and waiting while a clerk walked into the file area, xeroxed the original, and walked back out with your copy. Until recently, there was no such thing as a short form. I got copies (and replacement copies) for my kids and grandkids numerous times. All of this "No one is allowed to see. . . " and "short form" stuff is recent Hawaii statute, as I'm sure you've heard.


bgates - did the narcisolator break, or do I need to do my own debirthering... uh .. debugging?


Did Jesse Jackson Jr. and his bride get sentenced yet?


Yes, 30 months and 12 months, respectively.


I've heard, (A) bub.


Frau Wilhelm Tell

Citizen or subject?
How long before another person has to denounce and debase himself? I wasn't joking about Gessler, I mean, Obama.

Some Guy

Am I the only one who doesn’t get the ‘Hillary is inevitable’ talk?

She’s a lousy politician
The DLC wing of the party is non-existent
She can’t run as an outsider
She can’t run away from OdummyCare
She’s old, Ronald Reagan old (which according to the left is REALLY old)


Great discussion about electability & lesser-of-two-evil voting on the previous thread.

I asked a question there about why Democrats are the only ones who can have stealth candidates, and Ranger mentioned Scott Walker as someone who spoke moderately and then eviscerated them after taking office.

Still thinking about this, why is it that even the dumbest libs instinctively knew that Bill Clinton would be true to them no matter what centrist b.s. he uttered? Why were they able to trust Obama no matter what centrist b.s. he uttered?

Conservatives are suspicious of any Republican candidate who strays even slightly, and rightly so because many red-meat-throwing Republican candidates revert to halfheartedness, if not outright ideological treason, once their elected.

Why is this? Because Republicans aren't punished as severely as the Democrats punish anyone who dips one little toe off the reservation? Because Republicans really don't have an inherent philosophy, or that their inherent philosophy is actually more moderate than that of Democrats?

Anyway, just wondering about this. Dems seem less trustworthy as people, but they seem to be more loyal to their own philosophy than almost any Republican is to anything resembling a philosophy. Why is that?


--Am I the only one who doesn’t get the ‘Hillary is inevitable’ talk?--

I have maintained for some time that the Red Witch will never be pres, and can think of few things I've ever wanted to be right about more.


--Dems seem less trustworthy as people, but they seem to be more loyal to their own philosophy than almost any Republican is to anything resembling a philosophy. Why is that?--

Because liberalism/leftism is not a philosophy; it is an especially rigid ideology that is unfazed by things like reality, honor or decency because they are saving the world from itself.

Conservatism is a nebulous philosophy which basically says 'let's not change things too fast or throw the baby out with the bathwater.'

Ideologies generally tend toward less flexible mottoes like 'all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others' and 'we have ways of making you talk'.

Danube on iPad

I don't see anything to debunked. What he produced on April 27, 2011 was a certified copy with the raised seal. If he'd just produced a Xerox, the birthers would have gone just as ballistic as they have now over the pdf. These people are nuts.

Maybe you should have posted that Birther Report thing on a dead thread, TK. I'm done talking about it here.


Because a centrist Republican will share the screen with a seal pup covered in oil while a centrist Democrat will never share the screen with a $5 per gallon gas station sign.


Ext, to be fair, Walker had a track record as Milwaukee County Exec where he reduced costs and improved things (the parks won awards with much lower budgets, contracted cleaning services & court house security instead of county employees). He wasn't really stealth, but appears more like your neighbor than a politician. Plus he does what he says he will do and doesn't over promise. These are rare traits in a politician, but he is a very skilled one.


So you picked this thread? Well...ok.

"What he produced on April 27, 2011 was a certified copy with the raised seal."

Says how many authorities?

Frau Wilhelm Tell

Why is this?
Republicans are so easy to Alinsky-ize.

“The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

When's the last time that worked with the progs? They really hate ridicule used against *them* but the clown mask manufactured outrage is countering it by turning it back on those dishing it out. You ridicule and you might lose your livelihood. Or worse.

Eric in Boise

but they seem to be more loyal to their own philosophy than almost any Republican is

Hive-minded collectivism vs. individualism may explain at least part of this. Maybe we have a natural disadvantage.

Frau Wilhelm Tell

Iggy, Rodham! the Red is ready. Her loins are girded.
At least Huma sez so.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

I'm glad TK posted the Reggie Love link at 6:23. The whole rollout show from 2008 until 2011 was sketchy.


Our actual disadvantage, Eric, is we don't really get an "individualism" based candidate.

We get repeal and replace.

They have "fire and forget" politicians that will find the target they want hit without them doing anything more than vote, we have "Target on Wire" politicians that leave us vulnerable while we struggle to keep them on target.

Dubya Dude

"'let's not change things too fast or throw the baby out with the bathwater.'

Which bathwater is that? If the history of the last ten years says anything about conservative methodology, it is eggsactly that.

Danube on iPad

"Says how many authorities?"

Say the people who saw it and got photocopies of it, and says the woman who photographed it. Says the photograph. Say the photocopies. Says Alvin Onaka. Says the governor of Hawaii.

Not a single person who was present on April 27, 2011has expressed the slightest shadow of a doubt about what they saw. (If you want to know their names, contact the Cold Case Posse. I'm sure they're all over it.) how many authorities would it take for you to acknowledge what was displayed? Fifty? A hundred?

You chose this thread, not I.


Gutsy Call: Obama Couldn't Bear to Watch Live Feed from Bin Ladin Raid; Instead Left the Room to Play "At Least Fifteeen" Rounds of Spades with Bodyman Reggie Love

Had anyone here ever heard the term "bodyman" before Obama and Reggie Love?


The Face of HealthCare to come:

FedEx's shift to high-deductible health plans soon may be norm

(Shift of expenses to employees is an effort to hold down costs and to avoid a tax on “Cadillac health plans.”)

MEMPHIS – In a move likely to be repeated at large companies nationwide, FedEx’s 400,000 employees and family members will shoulder a larger share of health-care costs next year, partly to protect against coming penalties on overly generous plans.

The changes are designed to slow one of the company’s fastest-growing expenses, expected to top $1.5 billion next year, and to protect against Obamacare’s penalties on overly generous plans in the future.

Premiums will hold steady or rise slightly, but employees no longer will have an option with relatively low deductibles.

Absolutely, positively, bend over.


Extraneus, Allahpundit has another take on the the Reggie Love statements.


isn't playing Spades racist?

Carol Herman

Mark Leibovich's book OUR TOWN starts at Tim Russert's funeral. Then it focuses on Harry Reid. Who is a real king pin in DC. Doesn't look it. So people don't see how things actually run.

Elites choose. People don't. And, Reid is gonna choose Kerry. So will Obama. Neither Hillary not Biden stand a chance.

Also, 2016 can prove to be another "1992 cycle" ... where Ross Perot shot in. And, if nothing else, upset the Bush Family's apple cart.

The advantages to the republicans is that they've got strong governors in Scott Walker. And, Mitch Daniels. Two states that avoided the pitfalls of both coasts. No housing bubbles. And, lots of jobs. As people moved away from both coasts, they came inland. Affordable housing. And, job opportunities.

If it were up to me, I'd pick Mitch Daniels for president. And, Liz Cheney as his veep.

Kerry's 2004 loss will be glossed over. And, no. I don't think he picks Hillary as his veep.


How about an Obama Mask Day?

He sits like a sphinx, saying nothing so we can interpret him any way we choose.

He is the ultimate political mime. Close enough for me.

Frau Wilhelm Tell

"Had anyone here ever heard the term "bodyman" before Obama and Reggie Love?

No, but Sen. Conehead had a "personal assistant" who handed him his pen, peanut butter sandwich and his toilet paper.

BTW Teresa Heinz has a "personal live-in assistant" who massages her bunions.


We need to use McLuhan's tools, along with mockery, sarcasm, and his own words against him.

He's a punk who will cry to Michelle.

To send those sailors and marines into Abbottabad and then go play cards while the plan he approved is going down is pretty disrespectful.


When is the next big rodeo? Someone should pass out Obama masks.

Dubya Dude

Harry Reid; Kingpin....holy shite.

I guess Harvey Milquetoast is Almighty God.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

The Reggie Love video has been removed.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

You can still see it here (with the release your records intro) - http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2013/08/reggie-love-talks-obama-birth-certificate.html

Frau Wilhelm Tell

Yes, matt, and we should use the word "niggardly" in a non-niggardly fashion.

I'm with Joan up thread. Enough is enough.


Strange questions:

  Q    You’ve got two certified copies, according to this study.  You have these physical --      

MR. PFEIFFER:  Yes.  I showed you one.  Just one. 
Q    You showed us a photocopy of one.     

MR. PFEIFFER:  No, I showed you --     

Q    Does that have a stamp?     

MR. PFEIFFER:  It has a seal on it.




We need a Tebow Palindrome contest.

1st entry---Tebow a Wobet.


The Never Ending Story.....


Seems that way, Ig.

I'll continue my end on the clown thread.


Pagar, from an old thread: Today's Democrats share no values I have.

Pagar, Dems have platitudes they believe to be values but that don't stand up to scrutiny.

Neither can they recognize a principle.

There is no there there.


JiB, that CNYCentral Obama Tour map is a hoot!

Their job is to produce the appearance of news that can use to con advertisers into squandering money communities could use to report real news.

Danube on iPad

You'll continue it alone, TK. I've responded to all of this noonsense more times than I care to remember, only to have you resurface it later as though it were something new.

If you really think the excerpt you quoted from Pfeiffer's exchange raises a question about what was shown and distributed to the press, take it up with the Cold Case Posse.


I heard a remarkable story tonight from a JOM poster which I am in no position to evaluate and I told him I'd post it to see if Henry, Cathy, any more talented IT types can figure out. It might explain why some have such persistent trouble posting here. (Something I always blamed on typepad and its inability to handle substantial traffic.)

It seems he has a personal IP address and when he checked he found out that it was hijacked and a duplicate is operating out of Denver, where NSA operated. He believes, someone at NSA is sitting on this and other sites which are critical of the administration. They spook the IP addresses of posters, use those addies to spam the site at which typepad bans them.

Is there any way to check this hypothesis? If we can check it and it seems to be true, is there anything we can do?


Is clarice's 8:50 really clarice or an NSA false flag operation?


"but they seem to be more loyal to their own philosophy than almost any Republican is"

Because their "philosophy" is pure self-aggrandizement camouflaged by phony "caring." No sacrifice is involved, they get to hand out goodies and enrich themselves, so why abandon it? Conservatives in government start out by being in a job they don't relish, and have to say "no" a lot and diminish their own power.


It's about the acquisition of power, all the while that some on the left, ridiculed Clinton
as being a Republican, he had mined the bureaucracy and implemented elements like the CRA revisions and motor voter, he slashed defense and security as much as possible, blocked resource development, all the things that served his purpose.


It's realyme, Iggy, and I would not have posted it except I do not regard the person who told me this as a nut.


*really me*


Oprah was obviously correct. Look at how mean those Europeans are to Black Americans:

Yep. Nothing but racism to Black Americans over there, just as far as the eye can see.


08:50 I think is really Clarice, due to her LUN that hasn't changed or worked in about 6 months. .


While I would have to agree that based on the available evidence and the rules of admissibility and presumption as well as the electorate as the court of last resort, Obama's late breaking birth certificate has the better of the argument, although I would like to impeach him with his agent's statements of birthplace.

Still and all, who would have thought such percipient witness testimony of the search for the fleece would appear? Moreover, who would have ever dreamed that someone would testify that Obama didn't watch the Osama raid and played "spades" instead? A Dukie, no less.

I just don't trust a single thing Obama says about himself. I know. I know. The evidence is overwhelming, but let me tell you about the shooter in the sewers.

I hear Dylan singing "And don't speak too soon / For the wheel's still in spin.


It's enough to make you deeply cynical.



daddy, you don't get it, both times Oprah was promoting a film she pulled this stunt:Once at hermes in Paris when she tried to shop after the store had closed and this time--seems she has to keep going overseas to find proof that racism still exists in the US.

IGGY, Henry apparently has been told the same thing by my caller.


Isn't it a testament to Obama's America that we have to worry that the NSA is sabotaging this little site?

And, yet, I find it fully credible and highly likely. He is a nasty little man.

Born in Arizona, raised in Babylonia.


The song is a waltz, by the way.



Here's a test. I have a relative that works at the NSA and has clearances my pay level doesn't even allow me to ask about. My relative would know about our relationship obviously, but anyone else at the NSA wouldn't know about that so far. So what should I post to get their attention and see if they screw with me and shut me down while digging up my relative for grilling?

How about:

Dead Presidents

There. If not good enough to wind up in Typepad Hell again, it ought to be good enough for an IRS Audit.


Clarice, I talked to your poster a few weeks ago and got the details. AFAIK, it is technically possible to do that. To check, you would have to monitor routing changes for that IP address on a DNS server and catch it being swapped. Unless you own the local DNS server for your location, you can't check. My home connect is through the local phone company, a fixed IP on their DNS. My iPhone connect is a different phone company, a random IP on their DNS. My work connect is a random IP on our own DNS / firewall gear. I've had posting problems on all three. However, I've had general IP / connection drops at home since the TP problems started. They never last long enough to be more than inconvenient, plus I have crappy rural low speed service anyway. If an IP address is getting pirated for spam, it would be the fixed one at home... But unless they forget to flip it back I have nothing to chase. (Our friend's IP was pirated continually for several days).

Short answer is it would be hard to catch, but may well be what's happening.


This included some tidbit I wasn't aware of before;


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