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August 16, 2013



We're so beyond the absurdity singularity,

"Excommunicated" is our word, but there really is a "clown community," according to Judy Quest, author of a CNN.com op-ed titled "A Real Clown Wouldn't Mock Obama." She also informs us of the existence of "international clown organizations," a "strict code of ethics" governing "the craft" of clowning, and "clown journals," for which Quest, who's been a clown for 32 years, "writes regularly."

Old Lurker

I had lunch today with a pal from DC who told me a story from a dinner party there last week that will knock your socks off when I tell it.

Unfortunately we are late for today's cocktail party so I will have to tell you all tomorrow. It might take me that long to stop sputtering and find the words to describe it.

I need to make sure RSE is around to see it.

Old Lurker

That's a dirty trick, huh?

Jack is Back!

Heresay is not fact or even opinion no matter how many tell all books you quote. But then that's how you roll - pulling s**t out of thin, very thin air, thinking that everyone here is young, naive and malleable like your pimpled faced acolytes at your entry level political indoctrination course.

Give it up, Dana, go back under that rock Pitzer gave you for leaving


Hi to you rse,
First I've read that Frontpage article and it seems to put a stake through Diana West's claims on the issue of Harry Hopkins as Agent 19.

Her acolytes in the comments seem to raise some form of the 'fake but accurate' or 'what difference at this point does it make' defense.


I subscribe to the clown code of ethics, and it doesn't include "A Real Clown Wouldn't Mock Obama."


From the acolytes:



There is a much deeper game being played in the Middle East that our administration doesn't seem to have a clue about.

The Egyptian government just unfriended the Turkish Navy. This fits the pattern of trying to step a Sunni-Shia civil war (or should I say a re-establishment of the Persian Empire?)

My latest:


I'm not crazy, but with the escalation of events in the ME the Iranians are looking to come out on top. Who would be harmed by this?

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Gulf Arabs, all Arabs, really. And...Israel. Think about it. the enemies of their enemies are their friends.

Imagine the keepers of the Holy Places making a peace with the infidel Jews.

Iran has more intention of threatening the Arabs with nukes than Israel. Israel is the straw dog in some ways.

Egypt mired in civil war; Jordan threatened; Iraq torn by sectarian violence. Cui bono? Iran.

Jack is Back!

If you are watching Eygpt, all you have do is look for the word Maadi coupled with MB violence. Its were I lived for a short TDY when our project needed an emergency replacement "top chef and bottle washer". When that district gets the big kahuna of riots and army response then its all over. Not even the Saudis can save that event.

Believe me. That and Alexandria which is all ready tender hooks. Think the Hamptons as the front lines of the second American revolution.


Thanks for posting the pic of Scientologies Multi-Million Dollar "Space Alien Cathedral".

Just FYI, here's some of the Pulp novel covers of the stories put forth by L. Ron Hubbard, before he had his revelations and became "The Prophet Of Scientology":








Where do I sign up, Tom Cruz?


Help me out here.


Was Harry Hopkins A Soviet Spy?

August 16, 2013 By John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr

Preface from the editors:

This article is a model of how to evaluate historical evidence,

Claim made by the authors:

We do not totally dismiss the idea that Hopkins had covert Soviet intelligence ties, but the evidence is very thin.

I do not see where in the article they tell us what the very thin evidence is, let alone evaluate it.

It would seem crucial for an essay that dismisses the notion that someone was a spy to go the extra step regarding that person's covert inteligence ties.


Time to duck out of what daddy and rse started.

You know how I get when I drink.



Rick--You're right, Those overwrought Paliwood productions are losing their capacity to influence and yup 24 hr plating is the rule--

Frau Wilhelm Tell

"given their last tweet for the MB"

serves'em right...
Mit gegangen, mitgehangen.


-From the acolytes:--

I referred to real acolytes, not West's superiors, who Romerstein certainly is in this area.
I also referred to her claims re Agent 19. The book Romerstein is talking about was published in 2000 several years before the details emerged which prove Hopkins wasn't 19.
And the evidence Romerstein discusses re Hopkins is dealt with in detail in the FP article and admits that while it's possible Hopkins was an agent also looks at the counter evidence.
I listened to Romerstein.
Did you read the FP article?


Gonna haf to kill ya , O.L. for that. Sorry. Yes, and narciso, that was one of the very best of the great Taranto's stuff.


--I do not see where in the article they tell us what the very thin evidence is, let alone evaluate it.--

I see you did claim to read it.
How could you not see the evidence?
It was precisely the same evidence Romerstein was discussing; Gordievsky's memory of a talk given by Akhmerov that Hopkins was a Soviet agent and even then it quotes Gordievsky's book KGB that;

Gordievsky, however, came gradually to the conclusion, as he discussed the Hopkins case, that Hopkins had been an unconscious rather than a conscious agent.

rubber Schwawn.

You reactionaries will find something here from the past.

The good ole days...(snark)



Plantagenets versus Tudors, Round 2: This time it's for keeps!


Ok. I could have explained the acolyte comment better. When you referenced the acolytes in the FP comment section I presented you with a YouTube I found in that very same comment section. The acolyte credit was ment to go to the commenter.


Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.
Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones.
Now hear the word of the Lord.

de toe bone connected to the foot bone
de foot bone connected to the leg bone
de bone connected to the knee bone
Now hear the word of the Lord.


At 06:19, is that Clarice the boy posting, or Clarice the gal posting?

And don't you wish that L Ron Hubbard had had a revelation that if Global Temps went up a degree or 2, the evil alien critters inside us would find it too hot and flee from our bodies towards Uranus? Then we'd have Travolta, Cruz, Kirstey Ally, Gretta, Will Smith, and all the other greats, attacking the Settled Science.


They go to great lengths to dismiss Gordievsky.

"The portion of KGB relevant to the Hopkins matter derives from Gordievsky, not from Andrew’s archivally based historical research.  It is secondhand, verbal, and not contemporary"

"Because of its inherent weakness, scholarly historians treated Gordievsky’s secondhand memory as an interesting uncollaborated story or, as had Andrew, as an embellishment of Hopkins long know attitude toward the Soviets."

"Venona 812, then, provides no support for Gordievsky’s story.  Nor do any other Venona messages offer any support.  Consequently we are back to his story being non-contemporaneous secondhand evidence that is too weak to support a confident assertion."

But they go on to say they don't dismiss that he had covert ties.

Gordievsky is the wrong guy to put your money behind.


I see your last Scientology book cover is by Frank Frazetta.
Bing 'Frank Frazetta' under 'images' for one of the great collections of improbable hips and behinds known to man.

rubber Schwawn.

Uranus; That;s deep, daddy,


Sorry, that thought may have gotten lost.

More succinctly:

The authors treat Gordievsky as unreliable at best so I cannot rationalize that Gordievsky would be considered the authority on anything to do with Hopkins Soviet ties.



I can't yet get past the "Battling Pilot" cover.

He has opened the cabin door into the air stream, yet it isn't blown closed, and why is the pilot wearing a leather flying skullcap and goggles, when it's obviously an aircraft with a closed cockpit?

They just didn't care:(


They don't treat Gordievsky as unreliable anymore than anyone's twenty year old memory of someone else's twenty year old memory is unreliable.
They explain their position perfectly clearly in a few lines you left out;

It is secondhand, verbal, and not contemporary. From the point of view of scholarly history this is the weakest sort of evidence. Not so weak that it should be entirely dismissed and forgotten, but too weak to be regarded as much more than suggestive and something to be kept in mind in case it allows one to make sense of more reliable contemporary documentation.


--He has opened the cabin door into the air stream, yet it isn't blown closed...--

Mere child's play to a Thetan, my boy.

--why is the pilot wearing a leather flying skullcap and goggles, when it's obviously an aircraft with a closed cockpit--

One never knows when you might need to make an impromptu, bare arsed, interplanetary trip to Venus to get outfitted with a new carcass.


Thank you L Ron Iggy for that excellent explanation:)

Off with the dogs.

BTW, Do Thetan's inhabit dogs, or are they only partial to humans and kitty-cats?

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square

NIce job Matt!


Doesn't help your case, Ig.

"...too weak to be regarded as much more than suggestive and something to be kept in mind in case it allows one to make sense of more reliable contemporary documentation." sounds like BDLR type evidence. In other words, not evidence at all.

Here is their claim:

"We do not totally dismiss the idea that Hopkins had covert Soviet intelligence ties, but the evidence is very thin."

Is something that is "too weak to be regarded as much more than suggestive" synonymous with "thin evidence"?

If so, then I give up.


--Is something that is "too weak to be regarded as much more than suggestive" synonymous with "thin evidence"?--

Why not?


They clearly state it is evidence, but that it is weak.
'Weak' and 'thin' in this context can't be synonymous?

Danube on iPad

"Is something that is 'too weak to be regarded as much more than suggestive' synonymous with 'thin evidence?'"

I have no idea what this conversation is about (although I would guess it involves a dark conspiracy), but those two terms certainly strike me as roughly synonymous. If they are not, then which of them should be applied to relatively weaker evidence, and which to stronger?


You make a good point, Matt, the whole Ergonokon scheme was designed to make a coup against Erdogan impossible, he's opposed to the Alawite
Baathists, he's trying to bring the UN into this matter,


(Posted this a moment ago but it got ate)

I read it again.

I believe the authors do treat it as synonymous.

I wish they would have said that they do dismiss the notion that Hopkins' had covert Soviet ties and they do so because they posses more reliable contemporary documentation.

Instead they left me with the feeling that they were intentionally being vague.

My problem.

Thanks for the friendly sparring, Ig.

Jack is Back!

BTW, as you come down the hill into the Castro district you come across a side street named Uranus. I always smiled whole puckering up as I stepped on the gas:)

Jack is Back!

while puckering up....


My vaporized concession was prior to the lectures I am receiving if it is of any concern

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Nice meditation, matt. Levin spoke for me tonight when he called for the Egyptian military to drop the hammer on the MB. I'd go even further and call out every domestic pol with MB ties to explain what the end game of that is.

Jack is Back!

Yeah El-Sissi is doing the job we should have done after 911. Nice to know are enemies are actually our friends.


How not to have a long life!



As I read it, DoT, I took the one statement to say it was nothing more than suggestive to conclude that Hopkins was Agent 19. I took the other statement to say that thin evidence existed that connects Hopkins to the covert Soviet espionage world.

I believe the authors conflated the two thoughts and in doing so I now believe them to be synonymous within the essay.


--I wish they would have said that they do dismiss the notion that Hopkins' had covert Soviet ties and they do so because they posses more reliable contemporary documentation.--

They don't dismiss it because an otherwise reliable source is said by an also otherwise reliable source to have made a comment calling Hopkins a conscious agent.
It's precisely because there is no documentation that they can neither confirm nor completely dismiss it.
History is messy that way.


--Thanks for the friendly sparring, Ig.--

Ditto, TK.


Well that would seem to be the case for now, the left doesn't want this discussion at all, filing Hopkins, Wallace, Duggan as 'premature antifascists' same for Lauchlin Currie who did do some good, bringing the Flying Tigers to life, but undermined Allied policy during the war and afterwards.


Re; Hubbard and Frazetta, why don't we have good pulpy science fiction like that anymore, the closest thing was that John Carter thing, which Burroughs would have promptly rolled over in his grave.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

JiB, Egypt has always been a strange wild card. On one hand you have a country with a leader who was willing to break with history and enter into a pact with Israel, for which he was assasinated but the agreement endured. On the other hand you had the disproportionate representation in 9/11. All things considered I'd much rather have them on our side.

Danube on iPad

"Nice to know are enemies are actually our friends."

And not surprising that Obama can't choose between the two.

Interesting that Sissi attended the U.S. Army War College.


Well they are linked, Lawrence Wright's work, in the New Yorker, and later the Looming Tower, illustrate how it does, My personal view is Zawahiri is a much more dangerous figure them Bin Laden who was a money man a theorist, whereas Zawahiri, burns with outspoken resentment towardthe treatment he suffered in the Zamour plot against Sadat. This realization makes this latest news, rather dissapointing;


Captain Hate on an iPhone

Obama made his choice and it was the wrong one. Support for the MB is borderline nonexistent in Egypt, and if not for the influx of furriners would have already been crushed.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Oh for God's sake, can't Cruz and Paul realize the pitfalls of going along with the same sex Senators? That is absolutely the wrong strategy.

Jack is Back!


So did I and I am not surprised he is doing the job we. should have done post 911. Which makes me wonder why didn't Israel?


Well because they faced a peripheral challenge in Hamas, and ultimately they are Western, those which arose out of Ottoman hands are less naive.


My comment was not intended to suggest that I don't consider sparring with Danube to be friendly as well.

Sometimes ugly, but I think the friendship is never broken.



The world is upside down.

Our enemies rig themselves into office and we seek to reward them.

The military slaughters our enemies for us and we seek to punish them.

And the feckless Barry, despite having backed the crazy horse to begin with, is more reluctant than these GOPers to cut the generals off now doing the nasty, necessary work of shooting the horse we helped foist on their benighted country.

Jack is Back!


Dittos on Zawahiri v. OBL.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

TK, I assumed from your and DoT's acount of your meeting that a bond was created that should supersede online squabbles.


The teleprompter hasn't updated itself. so he's at least for now, 'splunge'. These regimes are about self preservation among all, even Victoria College trained King Hussein unleashed Black September on their Palestinian tenants, King Khalid, crushed the Utaibi rebellion, despite a subsequent monarch acquiescing to some of their demands,

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Welp Tom Brady is in midseason form. And the Bucs are the Bucs.


Ah the Dead Intern Show, rightfully was worthy of dismissal again,

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Jordan let the palis go so far and then would crush them. There should be a Black September every day until only the civilized ones are left. I'm still upset how Arafat got lifted out of Lebanon after the Maronites were ready to reward him for turning their country into a shithole. Probably a few young boys would have been better off.


Fights over there, are not for the squeamish, we are blamed for the Sabra and Shatila, which was one just one iteration of a blood feud between the Maronites and the Palestinians, subsequently there was the battle of the camps, between Hezbollah and the PLO, at the time of the hijackings there.


Everything is a mess...boy, this administration is a GIANT fiasco. How can anyone pretend otherwise?

Captain Hate on an iPhone

That garbage about Sabra was as concocted as Abu Ghraib.


the feckless Barry, despite having backed the crazy horse to begin with, is more reluctant than these Gopers to cut the generals off now

Disagree. I think he'd be perfectly happy to kneecap the military to assist the Brotherhood, except that he finds himself in a position where he can further erode the authority of Congress to constrain the executive.

Since the course of action which serves American interests is to continue to support the Egyptian military vs the MB, the right thing for the Senate to do is to vote to change the law which nominally forbids it. Ideally that vote would have proceeded in short order after a law-abiding President suspended the aid as the law demands, but current circumstances are not ideal.


Presient didn't know about the violence in Wgypt until yesterday morning--Susan Rice, ditz head, never mentioned it to him:http://washingtonexaminer.com/jake-tapper-obama-learned-extent-of-egypt-violence-thursday-morning/article/2534311


That's a plausible explanation, but occam's razor doesn't point that way;



Abu Ghraib....yeah. Let's just pray nobody is putting underwear on anyone's head over in Egypt. THAT would be barbaric.


From what I'm given to understand, Janet, they don't go for anything as pedestrian as that,

Did someone tell the Bucs there was a game tonight


What happened to the whole Responsibility To Protect idea? Where's ol' brainiac Powers?

How bout some R2P for Egyptian Christians????


*President{ *egypt*


I didn't ascribe motives or even legality.
For whatever reason, Barry seems more committed to supplying the generals than the Reps in the link do.

Their words do not seem to indicate an effort to force Barry to comply with the law and then repeal that section which prevents aid to a regime in place via coup, but is an effort to starve the guys killing our enemies.

Jane -May2014 Be there or Be Square


That wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Account Deleted

It just makes me wonder if considering the penetration of the USGov by the MB isn't a better use of time than chasing Harry Hopkins through history.


Past is prologue, Rick, Diana West has been trying to find why the antibodies against Islamist infection have failed, she's been very critical of the blanc mange nature of Murdock Group, which she ties in part to Prince Talal's stake, but not entirely.


You betcha, Rick.


Oh, frabjous joy;


Danube on iPad

"I think the friendship is never broken"

absolutely correct.


From TVNewser via Politico:

Al Jazeera America’s New York City headquarters was temporarily evacuated and staffers were blocked from entering this afternoon due to flooding in the building. The incident comes just four days before AJAM is scheduled to launch across the country.

The flooding also began less than an hour after a throng of reporters toured the space to check out AJAM’s New York City newsroom and studio.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Susan "At the Movies" Rice must have a connection with the Iranian rodent. Or as Janet pointed out, the Indonesian really doesn't want his vacation, or Vegas fundraisers, disturbed.


Rick B @09:20. IMO, the current events in the Middle East should make that priority One.
Jane, I think we have about as much chance of getting the truth about that as we do of finding out why Vince Foster decided that life was unbearable.

Account Deleted


There has to be a better historical analog than Hopkins helping Stalin use up two Commies to kill one Nazi. WWII was "won" by the Soviets on the Eastern Front in a manner which even Pyrrhus of Epirus would have considered rather excessive. There is even a demographic theory regarding the collapse of the USSR which traces Russian losses on the Eastern Front (around 30 million, including 10 million uniformed military) forward to an unfillable demographic hole in the '80's.

There was plenty of Commierot under FDR but he made up for a great deal of it by dumping Wallace for Truman. I can't see Wallace ever agreeing to the Marshall Plan and the world would certainly be a very different place had it not been adopted.


You may have something there, it was the slaughter during WW 2, which helped lead to the collapse of the Czarist regime, The problem is too many who should know better, vouch for people who shouldn't be vouched for.


Danube on iPad

Why is it that billionairess Oprah Winfrey apends so much more time whining and scolding than does that Swiss shopgirl she encountered?

Why does the pig billionairess think anyone gives a shit about her views on who is and who is a racist?


Maybe the EU should ban her from shopping there when a new movie of hers is about to be launched.


She's moved toward more 'selective' venues, and it's part of a template, as it was with Crash eight years ago,


Democrats are posturing that Republicans can’t criticize Obamacare unless they can offer a positive replacement for it. Beclowning themselves.

During Congress’ non-deliberations that gave birth to Obamacare, people had to read the legislation to find out what was in it. Suppose, instead of workable healthcare, Congress had instead produced a mud pie.

To pass the legislation, they argued costs would be held down, everyone would be covered, you could keep the plan you have, no death panels, yet no one admitted that the end result would be a mud pie.

Democrats argue that because Republicans haven’t come up with a plan for a good tasting mud pie, that Republicans should stop criticizing the mud pie Democrats wont admit tastes like . . . mud.

The best counter to the Democrats demand is a horse laugh. Just because the Democrats have created a mud pie is no reason to hold up their failure as something Republicans need to do to get elected. By the way, the immigration bill looks like a mud pie, too.


sbw, I keep imagining analogs to the Democrats among the Aztecs who sacrificed children to bring rain, who doubtless would have objected to efforts to stop the murders by saying "If we don't kill these young people, who would you have us kill to control the weather?"

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Everybody should read "Ivan's War: Life and Death in the Red Army" by Catherine Merridale about what the Rooskis went through in WW2. I'm sure I've told this before but I never get tired of it: Merridale went to a meeting of WW2 vets from the Crimea to get their stories (I think this was in the 80s). Nobody trusted her in large part due to how they were treated by Stalin when they returned against all odds after following the Georgian gimp's dumbass strategies and his embedded agents ready to shoot them in the back. One guy decided to cut her some slack and agreed to be interviewed. For doing so she gave him some cognac, after which he told his buds she was giving out top shelf booze. She subsequently was forced to turn people away because she ran out of tape.


In looking through the reportage of festivities in Egypt, it looks like a lot of the heavy lifting on the kinetic unfriending of the MB is actually being done by local neighborhood militias. Reports are that the police are still using shotguns with birdshot in lots of situations, so it would seem most of the Brotherhood casualties are coming from direct attacks on police stations, or local militias that are not limiting their use of deadly force to protecting government buildings.

As part of the narrative construction, reporters are using the term "vigilantes" for the anti-Brotherhood groups, and "protestors" for the Brotherhood. Interesting stuff in the NYT live blog with jouros complaining about getting detained and beaten by anti-Brotherhood groups, and terrified that they would be turned over to the police. But they are not biased towards the Brotherhood or anything.


ery funny, bgates.

I suppose those who say the Republicans need a plan have bought into the fairytale that Americans were unhappy with the present system. As far as I can tell, they weren't. As for those few items that were popular--..far simpler fixes seem available..I'd really like to see the govt subsidize for low income people a major medical coverage plan--period. It would keep hospitals (and that means the rest of us) from having to cover these big costs for the uninsured ill.

Danube on iPad

It's late in the cocktail hour. I can't recall ever being so pessimistic about the state of the American electorate.

Obamacare (and the recent transition of food stamps to an entitlement the government encourages people to suck on) have seriously altrered the relationship between Americans and their government. And contrary to what the basic, uniquely American character would have dictated for two centuries or so, a majority now seems to lap it up. We will become a nation of not overly discontented Soviet-style serfs, grateful for what they give us and sullenly accepting it as the best that can be done.

Thank God football is about to start.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

There is a replacement which was proposed in 2009. I forget by who - Harry Reid won't bring it to a vote.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Speaking of football, if I had to cheer for the Bucs I'd be borderline suicidal. That championship they won against the Raidazz, when Chuckie was still familiar with Alice's playbook, was one of the most underwhelming accomplishments in the history of organized sports. If RG3 never played another down, he would still have produced more excitement than the sum total of the Buc franchise.


Niters. I still have no idea about the column and I must get it in tomorrow. Email ideas if you have them. I was going to go wth the preposterous race baiting frenzy but that really has been done a lot elsewhere.


On the positive side, the much vaunted Dream Defenders hit a brick wall, on the silent rage, the Bahamians deported the Cubans back to that tropical hellhole, 'I dpn't mean to go on a rant here, yes I do, why do we intervene in every sundry corner of the planet, except our very backyard,

Account Deleted

I wonder if the militia grants requests for a last tweet to the Elihu Snackbar boys before kinetically unfriending them? I hope no one tells the journos the military is doing analysis and targeting based upon the propaganda they produce. Surprises are such fun.


Well there was a review of Tadros's new book in the Journal, about the Copts,

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