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August 31, 2013



Women selling Fake Positive Pregnancy tests on Craigslist!!


MarkO on vacation at an undisclosed location

In the end, it is all about Obama's ego and his perceived place in history. His proposed actions are so weak, we would be better off to shoot off some fireworks and sail away under cover of darkness.

Whom will we kill and why? These are the questions that lead to the charge of war criminal.

narciso el taino

Interesting from Kaplan's 'the Arabist, that class always had a soft spot for Syria, but when 'needs must' and you take the King's danegeld, time to discard that affectation,


You are absolutely correct. History will treat him better if he swallows his pride and admits he was a dummy for shooting his mouth off in the first place.

test Old Lurker

Another use for Pressure Cookers I guess.

Who knew?

Drudge: "A woman in China who allegedly murdered her husband and boiled his corpse in a pressure cooker has reportedly handed herself into police.

The man was allegedly drugged and tortured by his wife for three days in June, according to a report on government-backed news portal Anhui News.

The woman, who he had reportedly abused, then dismembered her husband's body with a saw and boiled the parts in a pressure cooker to cover her tracks, the report claimed."

narciso el taino

Who wrote the history of our involvement in Lebanon, first, Tom Friedman, who got the story wrong, from the outset, hiding the Iranian part of the affair, who made Syria the agrieved party, even though he introduced us to 'Hama Rules'

Roger Cohen was one of those who helped push us into intervening in Bosnia, he hasn'r learned anything in 20 years.



Enough fence-sitting (excluding ODS)

Should Obama BTF out of Assad and cohort, or not?

You really seem conflicted,


Obama to deliver statement on Syria at 1:15 EDT (about 45 minutes).


Brilliant, TM.

Account Deleted

Will he announce the beginning the Shuck and Jive opening of Operation Camel Butt or new waivers for BOzocare?

A nation eager to hear his every word yawns in anticipation.

narciso el taino

Are there brackets for football?

Jeff Dobbs

mrs hit and run is out and about - she just called saying she passed a group of maybe 15-20 anti-war protesters on a busy intersection with signs against Obama's Syrian Just Muscular Enough Operation.

She wanted to roll down the window and yell something along the line of Instapundit's "They told me if I voted for Mitt Romney....." but it probably would have gone right over their heads.


WILKERSON: Absolutely. I do not see any way, as General Dempsey pointed out, any way that you get anything other than what, for example--and we just walked right over this--what we have in Libya today, which is a haven for al-Qaeda, which has transferred al-Qaeda into the northern part of Mali and caused that state to become unstable, caused us to have to place a drone outfit in that region, for example, widening the so-called war on terror, not narrowing it, not eliminating it, keeping us in a constant state of warfare. So Libya is no example to use.

For that matter, people are throwing Kosovo out. Kosovo is no example to use.

Kosovo's GDP right now is 90 percent criminality--trafficking in humans, in drugs, in arms, much the same way Albania, its sister state over there, is. So these great examples of humanitarian intervention over the last few years are not very positive examples. And Syria, I think, would trump than tenfold. It'd be much worse. We don't know who's going to control Syria. And we're not about to put boots on the ground and occupy that place for ten or 12 years to ensure that whoever controls it, to ensure that their interests are compatible with Israel's and others.


Account Deleted


BOzo really has to move fast on this - even the brain dead progs are having spasms over the stupidity.

Will the damage assessments and statements of complete success be released prior to launch? We need to watch YouTube closely for the celebrations by grateful Syrians. There may be some up already.


Wait..Wilkerson? Name sounds familiar.


"BOzo really has to move fast on this"

still a little cryptic. Are you saying you will support strikes if he goes hard enough? It's the chance that he might just be bombing a milk factory that has you worried? Just trying to see whether you're bonding to McCaine again.

narciso el taino

Yep, Powell's quisling turned borderline 9/11 denialist, Clarice, also a herald of the great
'Christian menace' in the military.


"Powell's quisling turned borderline..."

Yeah. He saw the Zionist agenda and unlike you, was repulsed.

narciso el taino

He does have a way of missing the point;



Heh; Shorter Millband;

The UK is no longer USG's bitch.

Dave (in MA)

Late for his own speech, as usual.


should the crates which contained the chemical agents used in Syria bear "From: Baghdad,Iraq" shipping labels, the collective release of irony will make greenhouse gasses look like small potatoes.

Janesun - the squaw

There was a tea party stand-out yesterday (that I missed) and the word was there was tremendous enthusiasm including many "thank-yous" by the people driving by.

I think we're back.



Here's one of your posts you should keep teed up for (near) future use:


Harry Reid - this isn't his first rodeo.

James D.

Actual headline to an article in the Opinion section in today/tomorrow's WashPost:

Sex between students and teachers should not be a crime

I wonder if Jeff Bezos still thinks his $250 million was wisely spent...

Beasts of England

Preseason Alabama Crimson Tide assessment:

The Tide lost considerable talent to the NFL last season and those losses will be noticeable.

Coaching: A+. No commentary required.

Offensive line: The Tide will sorely miss Jones, Fluker, and Warmack (the latter two first round NFL picks). Look for penetration without stunting, as Kouandjio and Steen spend the fourth quarter with their hands on their hips. Vogler is a bright spot. B-

QB: How do you question a back-to-back National Champion QB who has more NC rings than losses as a starter? See O-Line notes above - he was protected by pro-level talent. AJ is insecure with the ball and will be feeling the heat. B-

Backfield: Scary good. Perhaps the best running corps ever assembled at The Capstone. Watch T. J. Yeldon drop his shoulders and you’ll quickly forget about Ingram and Richardson. Add in Hart, Jones, Henry, Drake, Tenpenney, and Kamara and the freaks are in the house. Pity the opposing defense that aimlessly grasps for our fresh legs after the band plays at halftime. A+

Receivers: Cooper, Christian and Norwood will stun the casual football fan with their talent. They just need to get the ball. A+

Defensive line: Losses include Dial, Square, and Williams. Ivory, Stinson and Liner will take up some of the slack and will fare better than the badly depleted OL. Will the D-Line help deliver any shut-outs this campaign? Only against Colorado State and Chattanooga. A-

Linebackers: Mosely, Miller and Dickson should fill the gap after losing Johnson. B+

Secondary: The loss of Milliner (first round), and Lester is glaring. Sunseri brings fire, but lacks speed. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is almost as impressive as his name, however, we are questionable downfield. C+

Special teams: Losing Tinker as a multi-year long snapper could hurt, however, the kickers (and AJ as holder) are intact and solid. A

Schedule: An embarrassingly easy line-up. A&M on the road and LSU at Bryant-Denny. A+

The pachyderms slaughter the hapless Hokies and its Beamer-ball brand of football: 35-10. Anything less will be a very bad omen.

Using my CO2 tree-ring proxy algore-ithm and applying it to this year’s team yields a rating of 90.53, versus last year’s varsity who rated an extraordinary 95.14. It’s a two-loss season and the third consecutive NC does not materialize for my beloved Crimson Tide.


Just clicked to CNN and saw the Jackass in Chief strolling to the podium at 1:50 for his 1:15 statement.

It's also just now halftime in the Florida-Toledo game. I'm not saying Obama delayed making his statement to accommodate his college football watching, but it fits.

Janesun - the squaw

I wonder who broke it to Bambi that he had to wear a suit today.

He's going to seek authorization from Congress.

The pushback begins. It won't start until vacation is over. So I guess he changed his mind.


Carp, some rodeo clown is on TV taunting an angry bull while wearing cement shoes. If these lips don't stop flapping, the angry bull might take out a destroyer or two as Congress shuts him up.

Perhaps a deal... "Muscular response" for repeal of ACA. At least that way we'll save some children.

Get that clown off my TV! The premiership is on.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Beasts, I submitted some SEC fare on an earlier thread.

McRINO must be loving all the attention he's getting on something other than amnesty.


Valjar read the polls....the reason for the delay .

narciso el taino

You know Raiders still holds up after 32 years.


Clinton-Dix is almost as impressive as his name

If anybody on the field can find a hole....

I understand he wants to be used more on the inside.

Always trying to get more touches.

Very close relationship with the snapper.

A bit undersized, and very quick.

Janesun - the squaw

So we've gone from "a time sensitive issue" to - we can wait until mid Sept when congress comes back.

Beasts of England

Capt. Hate@2:00 - Will have a look...


what did zero just say? I'm still debating myself?

good grief. can only imagine what it is he is trying to cover up now.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

I caught the last bit of O's statement on CSPAN....after the angst & caterwauling about Iraq, I can barely listen to these people. They make me sick.

and James D. - whoever wrote that article at the WaPo can offer up their own kids. Kids can wear colored bracelets...blue bracelet & you have the parents permission to have sex with the kid - red bracelet & the teacher better stay away from the kid or the parents may beat the crap out of the teacher.



If the leaders of Iran and Syria continue to be as ornery in the future as they've been in the past, removing their WMD will be like trying to extract all four of the fangs of a pair of lethal pit vipers simultaneously with only your bare fingers and your bare hands. On second thought, maybe we could get their wives to nag them into submission.


Jane, apply for a tax exemption --I understand IRS is still paying games with tea party applicants.. You can write about your experience.Maybe even a little Congressional or mandamus action.

Sorry, guys. I've been posting some of TMs stuff on FB and seem to have attracted pests--er David Dukies.

Jane-sun - the squaw

I didn't watch the whole thing, but he was angry and announced that Congress would have a vote after vacation, but he still had the power to ignore them.

I think he's hoping that it will all fade away in the next 2 weeks and he can blame congress for it.

Jeff Dobbs

The compulsion to actually watch an Obama speech on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend . . . . does Obamacare cover that?

*Bill in AZ*

Heh - Jane just retweeted this:
Ramesh Ponnuru ‏@RameshPonnuru 8m
Bill should be titled, "Authorization for the Use of Just Enough Force Not to Be Mocked."


So we've gone from "a time sensitive issue" to - we can wait until mid Sept when congress comes back.


the fierce moral urgency of just muscular enough...he could recall congress for a special session.

Beasts of England

bgates@2:05 - { { { golf clap } } }

Account Deleted

The UN report will be in and the findings will show the use of a nerve agent (similar to Black Flag but somewhat stronger). The findings will not assign provenance so we're going to have to choose a team - Cannibals v Butchers - or just watch.

I vote to either watch or take Cannibals on the odd days of the month and Butchers on the even days.

Cecil Turner

He's going to seek authorization from Congress.

If they've got a lick of sense, they won't give it to him.

And I see in the news we just deployed another DDG nearby:

The guided-missile destroyer Stout is expected to arrive in the area Thursday, joining four other missile-carrying U.S. destroyers within range of Syria.
Which strongly suggests a plan to lob 100 or so Tomahawks.

Danube on iPad

"Should Obama BTF out of Assad and cohort, or not?"

He should not.


I posted this on the previous entry not realizing there was a newer entry:

Syria - The Augean Stables August 9 article "Pallywood in Egypt: What does this tell us about what “they” think of “us” discusses the expansion of the Pallywood movement to Egypt and Syria (If you are pushed for time goto the bottom and review the Syria info.)

This article is particularly relevant now because someone in the administration was touting the many YouTube videos available showing the gas attacks in Syria (implying they couldn't all be fakes).



--He's going to seek authorization from Congress.--

Hi mom, you know how you let me borrow the car? Well....


From the article "For anyone having trouble lying awake nights with worry David Brooks has more on how the Islam versus The World has morphed into Islam versus Islam."

Remember that it has always been Islam against Islam, except when the various sects join as one to fight outsiders. This was forgotten after 9/11, when many Islamists (that is Westerners knowledgeable about Islam) testified that Sunni and Shia radicals would never cooperate against the Infidel.


Barry sure made a hash of WeeDavey's Barry Cooper starring in High Noon schtick.

Seems more like Fred McMurray in The Caine Mutiny now.

Danube on iPad

Adios Tim Tebow.

narciso el taino

Well Baathists are more followers of the Marxian heretics, then Sunni or Allawites, but Iran their sponsor brings in the Shia element,

Jane-sun - the squaw

He sure looks weak. One part of me says "good" the other says if he looks weak so does America.

John Kerry looks like a fool. That's okay with me too.

But sheesh!

MarkO on vacation at an undisclosed location

I like Tebow. I wish he could pass the football. If I had yet another son, I would want him to look like Tim.


Well, Obama was worried about being mocked before, just wait. Pool reporters are saying POTUS and VPOTUS changed into golf shirts after remarks. Fore!

narciso el taino

Please they kept a thug on staff, until it was too obvious, but after the check cleared.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Marlene posted this on the last thread -
"Oh,just saw on the Bangor Daily that the Patriots released Tebow. The narrative never ends. He is described as the "polarizing" Tebow."

One of the reasons I like Tebow is because the MFMers do not.


Tim Tebow has more moral authenticity than the whole of the NFL. He may love football but the corrupt and politically correct mavens of the NFL would rather find better candidates for concussions and trial dates.

Tim Tebow will live on as the kind of role model and standard of Christian values my son can respect than the whole of the NFL or any sports enterprise. In fact, he will do more good outside of football that will make young lives better than he could inside that institution.

At least Kraft and Belichick gave him the chance. I wonder how much Shak Khan wants to fill the seats at EverBank Field? I see another blackout season for us Jag fans.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Kudos to Kraft and Belichick for giving Tebow a legit chance to make the squad. At least he's not part of that off Broadway circus called the Jets.

Jane-sun - the squaw

I like Tebow a lot, and I feel confident he was given a fair shke by Belachick.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Jane, I'm positive that Belichick would have loved to shove Tebow up Rex's fat ass; but there's only so far he would go to make that happen.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Tebow status on FB -
Tim Tebow
I would like to thank Mr. Kraft, Coach Belichick, Coach McDaniels and the entire Patriots organization for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a classy organization. I pray for nothing but the best for you all. I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback.

2 Corinthians 12:9:

And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Jane-sun - the squaw

Good for him!


"Authorization for the Use of Just Enough Force Not to Be Mocked."

So that's what JEF stands for.

Mark Kleiman

It's depressing how much more the commenters on this site hate the President of United States than they do the war criminal in Damascus or his sponsors in Teheran and Moscow.

Poison gas? No problem.

James D.

Well, Mark, if the President was proposing action that had any rationale other than making himself look like less of a weak, vacillating fool, or if there was even the slightest reason to believe that whatever actions are being contemplated had any realistic chance of improving the situation in Syria, for anyone, by any measuring stick...I imagine that the commentors here would be perfectly happy to get behind it.

But there is no rationale other than Zero's ego, and no reason whatsoever to believe that anything he orders will do any good, for anyone.

narciso el taino

I'm sure you have been equally concerned about Obama's constitutional violation, right;


narciso el taino

You endorsed this idiocy,


Comparing the GOP to the Taliban,


--Poison gas? No problem.--

Would I be correct in assuming Mark repressed his Bush love in order to endorse toppling Saddam who after all killed a hell of a lot more people with gas than Assad?
I didn't think so.

narciso el taino

Where has he been on fast and furious, I wonder;


narciso el taino

How about back then, when they were conduits to the jihadist pipeline into Iraq


Mark Kleiman

Ignatz: ', knowing full well what an incompetent fool and scoundrel George W. Bush was, I supported his efforts to get rid of Saddam Hussein. You see, Bush was President of the United States, and Saddam Hussein was an enemy of the United States, so I preferred supporting a domestic political opponent to supporting a foreign enemy. That used to be called "patriotism."

Of course, the fact that Bush and his cronies, with the help of Ahmed Chalabi, managed to convert Iraq into an Iranian puppet state, made those of us who supported Bush's decision look pretty stupid, and lots of my progressive friends haven't let me forget it. (And of course it has done nothing to restrain the enthusiasm of wingnuts for challenging my patriotism, if not my masculinity.)

But that's where I stood, as a little bit of Googling would have shown you.


If your error in this case suggests that making false assumptions based on political hatreds is a bad way to reason, that would be a good thing.


I wonder why the lefties have shelved their typical comparison to any possible intervention as "Another Vietnam". Oh sure there is the obvious (D) behind the presidents name, I get that. But the NYT style guide should compare any potential conflict with another Vietnam. What gives?

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