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August 29, 2013


Janesun - the squaw

Do I even want to be first?

fans of that team eat 16 percent more saturated fats than they usually do.


The study found the winning fans ate 9 percent less saturated fat.

And I thought that TM supports Taubes, who claims that fat intake on way or the other does't lead to weight gain or loss.

Now if those fats come as chips or their carbohydrate equivalents, that's different.


I would say that there can be little doubt that he is Yankee fan to the bone, which is way deep in his case...


What are the Yanks doing this year, and how 'bout that A-Rod contract? Is this an opportune time for this snark TM?

Jeff Dobbs

Hearing Information

Subject: Linking Healthy Eating and Professional Sports: When No One Loses, We All Win

Thursday 9/05/2013 - 9:30 a.m.

2141 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Public Health and Welfare

By Direction of the Chairman

Brief: Hearing to consider proposal to ban keeping score in all professional sports to help promote healthy eating habits in fans.

Thomas Collins

H&R, I guarantee you there are Dem Congresscritters out there who would think it's a good idea to ban scorekeeping in all sports (except elections that ballot stuffed by the Dems).

Dave (in MA)


I can't make out the team logo on the cap.

Jeff Dobbs

It looks like Notre Dame to me...


A federal program stocking losing city's shelves with Michelle approved food and snacks would nip this epidemic in the bud.
Not even Jets or Cubs fans would eat food that tastes like vomit would they?


Ya know who else is a Yankees fan, Roseanne Barr. I rest my case.

Jeff Dobbs

That would be like gun control in Chicago failing because states like Indiana have lax gun control, Iggy.

Leaving people waaaay too much freedom with that scheme and contraband food would be smuggled in.

Michelle's food must be mandated everywhere for everyone.


Have ya seen the waistline on CC Sabathia lately? He blocks out the sun in whole sections of the stadium during afternoon matches.

Beasts of England

I am looking rather svelte three of the last four years.

Thanks, St. Nick!


I believe I've gained an average of one pound a year since I've been a Jets fan, which started in 1968. And now I know why!


Is Lonegan finally looking at a real job? (As if being a senator is a real job.)

Cory Booker’s Imaginary Friend


--Michelle's food must be mandated everywhere for everyone.--

With appropriate waivers for VIPs of course.

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