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September 14, 2013



--The infraction was yesterday.--

Yeah, I know. That he was still exercised about it I thought was a little interesting.

Johnny Miller allowed as how no one he knew that had seen it thought it had oscillated and to look at the video, it without question both dropped and rotated into a different position.
Miller seemed a little astonished at El Tigre's continuing denial.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Dear God, the pedophile enablers lost today to a cannon fodder opponent at the site of the kid diddling. Off to lurk at the Scout board and bathe in those trasheap's tears of frustration.


but does anyone have any information on the upcoming Fed nomination?


Larry Kudlow, last week on his weekend radio show, said that he thinks that Obama will wind up nominating Tim Geitner, since the Yellin/Summers lobby's are so opposed to each other.


You might want to hand over the Rosetta, there Captain, then again maybe not,

Danube on iPad

"What has Oregon won? Ever?"

Scoreboard, CH, scoreboard: Mendoza Line.

Oregon hasn't won anything. Neither have Washington State, Northwestern, Purdue, Indiana and etcetera.

But as between the two conferences, since 2000 it's the Mendoza Line. That's not to take anything away from those great Golden Gopher teams of 1934-36, or the Buckeyes with Vic Janowicz or Hopalong Cassady, but for God's sake, man, we're in the modern era. (The Yale Elis were once a great power, as were the Black Knights of the Hudson.)

I hold no brief at all for the Pac Ten. I say only that for a sustained period of time now they've simply been better than the Big Ten, although not close to the SEC.


Kid diddlers is Penn State

Cannon fodder is UCF (coached by the resume enhancer)

Scout board is a PSU sports board where supporting enablers go to decry their plight and deify Paterno


Friends of GMax special:

"Foreclosure nightmare: Family's home sold, but it wasn't for sale."


Geithner would be a disaster. Not that Kudlow is exactly a reliable source.


That would the stupidest possible choice, and yet imminently likely,


OLE Miss beat Texas 44-23. I'd recommend ESPN Monday instead of Fox at 3:00. And possibly at 7:00 too.

Beasts of England

@Ig - Nice Ferrari photos; keep up the good work!

Beasts of England

Who's Mack Daddy Brown gonna fire now? lol


You were wondering, maybe that's the wrong word, dreading where Hamilton and Kean had gone off to;


Sharyl Attkisson has been tweeting about $billions of HUD money that's either been wasted, or appropriated but never spent, as in

Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson 1h

Did u know that while we fret over sequestration, BILLIONS of HUD tax dollars 4 Katrina & other storms are sitting in federal accts unused?

She also hints at a Benghazi story coming out tomorrow.


wonder if that last is related to this:



Larry Kudlow, last week on his weekend radio show, said that he thinks that Obama will wind up nominating Tim Geitner

I've heard some of this too, because Geitner is such a nice guy. He shares his toys so nicely in the sandbox.


This appointment is important, and it seems that there is no good candidate that is being considered.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Stephanie reads me 20/20. I was shocked that some of the maudlin whiners (the NCAA/Big Ten/refs/ESPN hate us) were told to STFU and try to comport themselves with some dignity for the first time in their empty lives (I may have taken some liberties while reading between the lines). Their fan base isn't completely bereft of humanity although some of the logical pretzels the dumbasses contort themselves into to excuse the actions of the school on social media should be flat out embarrassing to anybody with functioning concepts of right and wrong.

The tales of how visiting fans are treated by those hilljacks are pretty disgusting and come from such unimpeachable sources as Father and Mother Hate.


Why did they exile her to Saturday after the Huck, and before Geraldo?


I think Obama should appoint an NCAA Football Czar whose number 2 Priority should be establishing a sensible, agreed upon system for determining a legitimate BCS Championship for College Football.

This Czar's 1st priority of course should be Muslim outreach; to thank the Islamic world for their sporty contributions a thousand years ago that directly lead to the invention of American Football.


Just to prove my anglophile bona fides, Beasts;

Captain Hate on an iPhone

narc, that interview confirms every negative thing I've thought about the CIA.


narc, re Benghazi, there was also this:

Sharyl Attkisson ‏@SharylAttkisson 10 Sep

Secy Kerry tells congress he will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning.

and this has more details:


Doesn't it, it's reminiscent of what my long ago relative ran afoul more then a century ago, along with Robertson and Lynch,

Apparently it's 'leave no man behind' unless it's inconvenient, Spataro is a piece of work, he thought we didn't need Gitmo, or renditions or things of that nature, even though according to Lady, there was just an operation under the Italian govt's supervision, in the last year.


Only because I was weaned on a pigskin feature that used to run before GaTech games that used exclusively nicknames and such to give the predictions of the week for the top 20 and certain big games of note to southern football fans. Danged if I can remember it's name but it was a weekly staple in our house whether listening to it on the way to games or listening to it in the house. I don't know now whether it is still done, but it was fabulous. I think it was as also put out via flyer or newsletter but it was southern defence awesome and witty.


Southern redneck. Damn autocorrect.

Here hold my beer and watch this...

(Mimes shooting the Kindle and it blows apart and kills Old Blue and sets the house afire)


Here we go:


Morning Clarice,

Whew, hope you've got a bullet proof vest and that your Tax returns are in order.

Great title, BTW:)


Daddy, you're banished to the little island just off St. Jane's Island for that! Reminds me of the monster in Big Trouble in Little China!

Quickly, Iggy, need better eye candy - I'll take babes or Jags!


I was wondering why we had a front page story with photo at the ADN on Ocean Acidification: Sea Change: A chilling view of tomorrow's waters

Then I just came upon this story in the Seattle Times, telling us that a UW Climate Scientist has just failed in his attempt to organize a scientific conference on Global Warming because of the excessive animosity between the invited Skeptic Climate scientists and the invited Warmist Climate scientists:

Uncivil scientists thwart Cliff Mass’ climate-change debate

Cliff Mass tried to organize a seminar to stop scientists from warring about climate change. But so much name-calling broke out he had to cancel it.

I don't trust the reporter (whom I do not know) to honestly tell us who was responsible for the seminars failure, but seeing as how we have learned this past week that Arctic Ice is a million miles greater than expected, that the IPCC has cut it's Global Warming estimates in half, and has unexpectedly delayed releasing it's long anticipated report, I found this bit in the story, of a pivot away from the AGW controversy, enlightening:

I have two thoughts about this. One, the politics surrounding global warming have truly become stultifying when scientists can’t even agree to hold a meeting to talk without a slap-fight breaking out. But two, as reporter Craig Welch is documenting in this week’s Seattle Times:The global warming debate has become a sideshow anyway. Ocean acidification, global warming’s evil twin, is caused by the same culprit, is easily measurable and is already a crisis.

Did you guys know the Global Warming debate was now a sideshow? Obviously I missed the memo. Heck, I thought we were on the verge of the IPCC giving us the finest 1900 pages of settled science in the history of settled science, only to find that it is a topic of little significance whatever, and that the new reason we have to install a One World regulatory structure to entirely wreck all the economies of the world, is for the sake of something called Ocean Acidification.

Okay. So that explains the front page ADN story.

Well I just hope they don't tell us there's a hole in the Ozone layer. That's what'd really get me worried.


I'm sorry, BR:(

Guess I'm in the dog house, but hopefully this'll make you feel all warm and cuddly.


Oh, good, you've put some space after that pic! You're unbanished :)


I'd never put any man in the dog house!
They're too precious.


Why do men hang loose?
To keep 'em cool.

Why do women wear bras?
Because it's so uplifting :)


I dunno' BR,

I kind'a liked being on my own island. I could walk around without any clothes on all day! And I lost a ton of weight and I never had to shave and the sushi was great, and I don't even want'a tell ya' why Wilson was always smiling.


Anybody--RSE?--know anything about this woman, or this conference?

Found this in my morning email:


Yeah, Daddy, I think it's so funny that island movies always seem to be about getting away from them, always lighting fires and looking out for ships. I only watch the parts where they're having fun on the island!

Btw, the last time I posted a hammock, Mel wanted a pic of one with him in it. Has Mel been around lately?

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

Holy cow Clarice! WOW! You are right, I loved it. And I need to read it several times.

What exactly did she do to Ed Brooke?


Clarice, great pieces, but please keep your cats indoors.


anonamom, your link was broken, but that was Brigitte Gabriel, who is Lebanese Christian by birth, and an anti-Islamist activist journalist/writer. Kind of in a similar vein to Walid Shoebat and Pam Geller. You can google and find out more about her. I don't know anything about the conference, but ACT is her organization, American Congress for Truth.

Clarice, great "Pieces" today. Hillary has got to be stopped.


It took years for the truth to get out, long after the mythology has been accepted LUN


anonamom -

She is Brigitte Gabriel, a Maronite Christian, Lebanese-born American. She is frequently on Hannity's FNC program - she is very bright and outspoken.

Wikipedia says "Brigitte Gabriel (a.k.a. Nour Saman, born October 21, 1964), is the pseudonym of a Lebanese American journalist, author, and activist. Gabriel says that Islam keeps countries backward, and that it teaches terrorism. To promote her views, she founded the American Congress For Truth and ACT! for America so that others may "fearlessly speak out in defense of America, Israel and Western civilization."


Jane, I was curious about that and googled. Here's one link:



Thanks for the reminder of the pathological liar and why she is called Hildabeast.

Will be interesting if the party of stupid avoids any criticism or goes Super Lazio on her. I bet it's the kid glove treatment.




Well, how about those red apples. Looks that unlike Barry, Hillary had a very strong Father figure but we get the same results.


Clarice - Thanks again for yet another stellar, Sunday morning "Pieces" to read!

A good insight into Hillary's hubris and sense of entitlement can be found in the story of the "missing" billing records. The records were produced by her staff to Kenneth Starr's office the day after the statute of limitations expired for a prosecution against her for Federal loan fraud.

She was practically smirking as she denied there was any coincidence to their production . . . on the first day they could not be used against her.

One other point that I hope everyone is urged to remember is how she responded to the news of the Benghazi attack on 9/11/2012.

After the initial notification of the attack, she did NOTHING to ask for *any* military response to rescue the consulate personnel. She then did nothing more all night, except make one phone call to Pres. Obama at the White House at ~ 9:30 P.M. for some vague update on Benghazi.

Ultimately, when the 4:30 P.M. call came in, when she had her chance to show her mettle, she made NO effort to seek the rescue of our people in Benghazi.

I think that tells us what to expect if she were to get a 3:00 A.M. telephone call as president.


Clarice, Your Pieces get better and better.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

I can't get that link to come up Jimmy. (and I really want to know)

Jane-Rebel Alliance1

Can someone please send Clarice's Pieces to Insty. I can't do it from this computer and the entire world needs to read it.

Janet  --- -... .- -- .- ... ..- -.-. -.- ...

Wonderful Pieces, Clarice.

This is something on the new Undersecretary of the Navy -

"Jo Ann Rooney, a former university president and Massachusetts financial attorney with two years’ experience (sic) in the Pentagon, has been nominated to become undersecretary of the Navy, the No. 2 position in the Navy Department."

Look at her qualifications....


Oh my, Janet! And she probably gets seasick in the bath.


Does "nominated" mean she requires confirmation by the senate? This would be a good time to see if the Rs are awake or asleep at the switch.


An interesting conjecture, which follows a pattern:

Great pieces as always Clarice, for the left it's never 'what difference does it make, as Negroponte or Bolton or Reich can attest

Janet - Why does Johnny Depp hate the poor? pourquoi?

Having a hard time posting again. JOM won't "refresh" anymore either (which is a new problem). Anyway....


Jane, from that link:

… Hillary was following the day’s main commencement speaker, Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke. Only two years before, Hillary had campaigned for Brooke, a liberal Republican and an African-American, as president of Wellesley’s Young Republicans.

But Hillary had changed. Dropping her prepared text, she wasted no time lambasting her predecessor at the podium. “Senator Brooke,” she began, “part of the problem for empathy with professed goals is that empathy doesn’t do anything.” What her generation wanted now, she said, was action. She ended with a classmate’s poem that damned “The Hollow Men of anger and bitterness.”

Brooke, obviously singled out as one of the “Hollow Men,” was stunned, hurt—and convinced that this was no extemporaneous speech. “As far as I could tell, she was not responding to anything I was saying,” he later observed. “She came that day with an agenda, pure and simple.”

Her speech was complete pablum, as you can imagine. For example:

Words have a funny way of trapping our minds on the way to our tongues but there are necessary means even in this multi-media age for attempting to come to grasps[sic] with some of the inarticulate maybe even inarticulable things that we’re feeling. We are, all of us, exploring a world that none of us even understands and attempting to create within that uncertainty. But there are some things we feel, feelings that our prevailing, acquisitive, and competitive corporate life, including tragically the universities, is not the way of life for us. We’re searching for more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living.


Read Lucianne headlines this morning and saw Hillary, what difference does it make and hoped that was Clarice's Pieces. And it was! Good for you, Clarice.

I bet there are even more ugly facts about her we have yet to discover.


Didn't she murder Vince Foster? :)


See Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, the unreported stories." Chapter 8 on.


In the NY Post: Cops accidentally shoot two bystanders (my emphasis)

Cops trying to subdue an emotionally disturbed man with a long rap sheet accidentally shot two female bystanders outside Port Authority Bus Terminal on Saturday night, source said
The [second] woman, who did not give her name, left Roosevelt [Hospital] on foot, still wearing a hospital gown.
She left accompanied by a cop, a man in a suit, and a third man in casual clothes. When a reporter asked her to describe what happened, she was ordered not to speak by the man in the suit.

Golly! Fusco, Reese and Finch are real???


How's this for funny - Hillary was originally one of those Russian transplants into the Midwest (she speaks just like the other one, Woodward) and then recruited for the CIA by a Chinese mole back in the late sixties. Later on she and Bill didn't even try to hide their Chinese connections.


The reason I think of the CIA connection is because she and Terry what's his name were trying to ferret out what DNC Chair Larry O'Brien knew about the Hughes takeover, since O'Brien had the Hughes PR account prior to the CIA-front Mullen Co. - i.e., the things the CIA plumbers didn't get during the break-ins.


Janet, if using Firefox, if you click on the Posted By date and it doesn't refresh, try clicking on the refresh arrow at the right end of the the web link at the top of the page.

That sometimes works for me.


Terry Lenzner.


What does F5 do, Janet?


It froze for me to Janet - would respond when I clicked the arrow to refresh. I exited and came back in and all seems to work now. I think it is a Firefox problem, not a JOM problem.


to = too


would = wouldn't

sheesh, typing sucks this morning.


From Putin with love to Hillary: Delilah

Just in case she and China plan to take over the US first and then attack Russia :)



Your Navy Undersecretary link at 08:56 scares the pants off me. What in the world are we doing to our troops? It makes me ill.

Jane-Rebel Alliance1


To refresh I have to move JOM to new tab.

I remember Brooke as a senator. I remember all the sweeping joy that MA had elected the first black senator. I remember it because I couldn't figure out what the big deal was.

I've always been utterly blind to race. Obama has changed that for me. Congrats bambi!


Clarice, just a small note -- Edward Brooke was not the first black American senator, but rather the first black Democrat senator.


Well, no, that's not right either. Edward Brooke was the third black American senator, and a Republican like his two predecessors.


Thanks. I understand that during the Reconstruction there was one or more Black Senators, but according to the Encyclopedia Brittanica he was the first one popularly elected. Brooke, however, was a Republican.
If you recall Hillary! began her college career as a Goldwater supporter.


an absolutely superb "Pieces". Thank you for exposing the real truth about Hillary Clinton.


Help me! My nose is stuck in Clarice's ass again!


Thanks, Maryrose.DuDu get outa there.Smack

Beasts of England

Nice Jag photos, Ig, et al.

browse this site

Is it really possible to get off renal dialysis? Australia medical doctor tells people it really is.


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gracja wydusic siedzielismy do kolana z z sniadanie
cos Sadze solennie swoje jak swiecilo masywne ze wszystkie przyjaznie przede piesc to ten promieniach od nie ale znow nie jego o byla



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