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September 02, 2013



"I care about as much what McCain and Graham think as I do Obama.

There are a lot of people in South Carolina who don't think McCain thinks like they do anymore.


Account Deleted

Syrian War Casualties

It's interesting if you take up arms with the Cannibals and are killed, the Cannibals count you as a "civilian casualty". The 100K total doesn't look outrageously stupid but it is a UN estimate.

narciso el taino

I unlike Kerry and Hagel and Pelosi, and Carter, never had any illusions about this crew, they are a blood thirsty lot, that when they didn't loot the country blind, they provided training and sanctuary for Hamas, Palestinian IJ, let some of the same terrorists who are bedeviling them, kill our servicemen in Iraq, I don'y however think they need gas to do their deeds.


DublinDave, ever hopeful for a big dick.


" I can hardly imagine the libs going all out over this without conclusive evidence. They must have it."

I can easily imagine the libs going with out evidence on any subject. They lie about everything, IMO.

Does anyone believe John Kerry or Jane Fonda had any evidence that the North Vietnamese military were the good guys at that rally they lead in the 06:07 rally? Or any of the other hundreds of incidents where they support the North Vietnamese military?

Does anyone believe that William Ayers had evidence to justify teaching people to build bombs to blow up in the US to help the North Vietnamese military defeat our military?

Jane-sun - the squaw

So what is the best thing for the country? If we had a competent leader would we want to engage Iran at this point?


Jane-sun - the squaw

Dudu aren't you sad today, seeing your idol so desperate?

narciso el taino

Guess who said this;

The world will not see this as prudence but rather as dithering — reinforcing the perception that the United States is hiding behind its economic woes and, hounded by the ghosts of Iraq, is no longer keen on leading the world. That will embolden America’s adversaries and deject its friends. America could soon find itself alone in standing up to Iran or North Korea, or in pushing back against China and Russia, which have used their veto power on the Security Council to block United Nations authorization for intervention in Syria.

Danube on iPad

Three Purple Hearts. Zero nights in the hospital.

Danube on iPad

Has any American president ever declared that if Iran discloses that it has a nuclear bomb we will attack them?

I'm just not sure what it is that Tomahawking Syria is supposed to deter Iran from doing.

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

from Breitbart - http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2013/09/02/Senator-Elizabeth-Warren-Labor-Day-Union-History-Lesson-Message

She thanks labor unions for helping ALL workers....not her unpaid Senate interns though. They get nothing.

How the Senate Exploits Unpaid Interns
Barely a third of U.S. senators pay their interns -- and embarrassingly for Democrats, a party focused on workplace welfare, most of them are Republicans.


Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

One other thing happened to me in September, 2004:

While recuperating, I started blogging to become part of a veteran's movement to make sure the Lantern Jawed French Appearing Ahole, who, By The Way Served in Vietnam (for one third of a tour) was not elected President. To this day, I believe the veterans, and especially those of us who served proudly in RVN, turned the election around in W's favor.

In those days, via the web, I met Rick B, Clarice, Charlie Martin, Barry Dauphin, among many others, on Roger Simon's blog before he started PJM. We were all of like mind that Kerry had to be defeated, and he was. But I never thought I would see the day when someone even worse than Kerry was in the White House. As we have noted many times over the years, Kerry was a covert Leftist. As we can see day by day, our current overtly leftist WH Occupant, and his minions is using every trick in the book to steer the country in a hard left turn by overtly dictatorial means. Channeling Gus, HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!

narciso el taino

One might think of her statement from last week, as a codicil to this one, from more then 2 years ago;

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet



Amazing we've known each other that long.Jim. OTOH I think my internet friends have been with me forever..I cannot even remember where r when we first met.

narciso though I don't always have the codeworked out, I must say I am so impressed with the depth of your knowledge and your insights.

Jane-sun - the squaw

I wonder how long I've been here. I was a late comer.


Desperate point in his Presidency. Ed Henry. Just think if this Ahole had reach across the aisle and actually was a leader before now, he might actually have some Republicans who clearly wanted to help him. I would not fault any of them for telling him, he has a majority in the Senate and had no problem martialing them for other things, so knock yourself out pal. You are on your own.

Jane-sun - the squaw

We can only wish



It is a problem all over DC. IIRC, someone here, maybe you, linked a piece (Washingtonian "The Age of the Unpaid Intern"). Maybe they can all join a union and enjoy their funployment together.

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

That's really interesting, Jim...since 2004. Wow.
I lurked here for a long time but didn't post until 2009.
That one box had "Web Site URL" & I didn't figure I had one of those. Hah!
I used to take notes on ya'lls Libby comments.


I lurked for a while because I couldn't figure out how it worked. Without knowing to reload the page, it looked like the website wasn't changing day after day

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Yeah, Rich. The advocacy organizations are full of unpaid interns too.
When I went to our city meeting on the streetcar...it was 3/4 citizens against the streetcar. The 1/4 pro-streetcar bunch looked like a bunch were interns brought in by The Sierra Club. I had a young guy next to me, in his SC t-shirt, dozing.


Ha Janet! Me too. I even created a typepad account, because I thought I had to in order to comment.


A little good school news:http://gettingsmart.com/2013/08/redefining-success-in-k-8-education/



Wouldn't be surprised if he was from GMU. Sorry. But in one of my classes I think I've run into someone sick of unpaid internships and is looking to get a real job.

I just jumped into the comments sometime in 06 and never left;)


On a previous thread, I postulated Obama would need one heck of a face plant to get the Syria debacle off the TV (it replaced the MLK me fest he put on). The brain trust came up with a doozy! He will community organize the St Petersburg LGBT locals in the time slot of the cancelled Putin meeting. Start your popcorn poppers!


Thanks for the UN links, Rich & Rick.

narciso el taino

They are so civil in your neck of the woods, henry,


Ha! 0's meeting with LGBT people in Russia who can comprise...what, at most 2% of the population.

Talk about a base...



he is all about...winning.

Jane on Ipad hi there NSA

I bet he's scared to death of Putin.

poppa india

Still haven't seen an explanation from DD on why a war against a gas-using dictator in Iraq was a bad idea, but against one in Syria is just great. Ask that question and it's "Dave's not here!".

narciso el taino

If that's true, that would be possibly the stupidest strategy to pursue with Putin,

btw, it appears that Kevin McCarthy didn't have a whole lot of time for the Tea Party, but he spoke to Kevin Spacey, at length as part of the latter's research for 'House of Cards'


LIFE is for people who can't read.
TIME is for people who can't think.


Love the protesters at Kerry's townhouse. Hope they show at Reid's, Pelosi's and chain themselves to the gate at 1600 Penn. Let O suck on that spectacle from his hotel room. Watch for the nicotine stains on his teeth next week. heh.

Sandy Daze
Lets take all that "intelligence" that the United States has, whatever the UN gathered, and whatever any other nation is holding to the World Court and ask for an immediate indictment and arrest warrant for Assad. No, no one is going to serve it right now but he is headed out of power and hiding won't be that easy. The court then opens up an investigation and starts trying to find out who the senior advisers and decision makers were who were in on the decision, then hands out more indictments and arrests warrants. Those who were willing to send in the military could save a bundle and still take the lead in all this by putting a price on the head of anyone indited. Pointless gesture you say? Think again.

The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. Walks us back from the edge of the abyss, does not effect the tactical position on the battlefield (when your enemies are at each other's throat, by all means stay out of their way), registers international concern, and gives employment to Dawg the Bounty Hunter now that his show is off the air--and many other unemployed bounty hunters as well.

Finally, allows the tail to stop wagging the dog (no offense to Dawg), and lets Congress get back to a couple other matters including:
(in no particular order of preference)
whatever else I forgot.

We need FOCUS, not the Syria distraction.

File an indictment, round up the usual suspects and get on with life.

If the Cannibals or the Butchers try it (WMD) again, well, by then by golly, we'll really let them have it.

Account Deleted

He understands Putin has his number and will treat Obama like a punk wannabe whenever he feels like it. The Gazprom/KSA deal with Egypt pointed out Obama's alligator mouth/ tweety bird ass nature pretty clearly. BOzo is out of even BOzobucks now and he's never had a friend he didn't buy.

I wonder if Putin will round up organ grinders to serenade the President during his LGBT farce? It's not going to be a hit with the Russian people. Gay bashing which doesn't involve a hearse doesn't raise an eyebrow in Russia.

narciso el taino

I believe Matt sugggested such a thing, De Ponte was on such a mission, four months ago, when she came across supposed use by rebels of said weapons,


Well narciso, it could be pure choom enhanced appeal to his base for winning the house in 2014.

Since they are mad at his "just muscular enough" war mongering hesitation he needs to ::puff:: triangulate.

Putin backs Assad / Syria. ::puff::

Putin hates gays / LBTs ::puff::

::puff:: ::hold it in::

Ergo tossing a couple missiles at Assad is good for gays!

::cough:: ::giggle::

I wonder if Magic Johnson came up with that plan.

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Here's that video of Putin (& 3 others)ignoring Obama at the G20 summit in Mexico in 2012 - http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/06/obama-chomps-on-gum-during-g20-photo-shoot-video/

Just watch the first 30 seconds. It is painful to watch.

He better pack a lot of Nicorette.


What names.
Reggie Love?
Magic Johnson?

Are we talking pals of the president of the USA or gay porn stars?

Who's next? Biff Steel, Bolt Upright?

narciso el taino

What difference does it make;


Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Hahahaa, Ignatz!

John Russell

. As we have noted many times over the years, Kerry was a covert Leftist. As we can see day by day, our current overtly leftist WH Occupant, and his minions is using every trick in the book to steer the country in a hard left turn by overtly dictatorial means. Channeling Gus, HE MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Posted by: Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet | September 02, 2013 at 08:43 PM

A "covert leftist"? A COVERT "leftist"???

I don't think so. Are you perhaps confusing Democrat Senator John Kerry with Democrat Senator Bob Kerry, who was Republican Senator Chuck Hagle's mentor in the Senate? (Both of the latter of whom were slippery rascals, frequently pretending to be moderates or even conservatives, but always voting as liberals.

They used to say that the quickest way to get a broken neck in Washington, D.C. was to be get between Bob Kerry and a tv camera.

In any case, you are in error. Like those weasels, Bob Kerry and Chuck Hagle, John Kerry has ALWAYS been a flaming liberal Democrat!!!

Janet - aficionado of gaspers, Bible thumpin', Israel loving, bitter clingin', cro magnon,

Is that NYT correction real, narciso?

Captain Hate on an iPhone

narc did you note that a primo 'ette has departed the Horde after Miss Marple's humiliation? I think he knows when he steps in it but can't bring himself to respond appropriately.

narciso el taino

Yes I did, he does think he is Chief Wicket,
when the commenters are the heart of the things, well that and the links.

narciso el taino

With the passing of Frederick Pphl, whose work I really wasn't that familiar with, I did reaxquaint myseld with one of his works.
the Spece Merchants, which resembles in some ways, a cross between Total Recall and Mad Nen,


I feel like a codebreaker about to be fired for incompetence listening in on CH and narc when they've really got the euphemisms going.

Danube on iPad

If you guys insist on talking in your own indecipherable lexicon, just give us a warning so we can SOB.

narciso el taino

Here's the Rosetta, Wicket is Ace, we're talking about Anna Puma, who's a science fiction writer and blogger, who was reacting to the banning of another poster,


are McCain and Graham gay lovers?? Seriously.


It would improve the quality of my fantasies
about them if I knew which one plays catcher.


***I feel like a codebreaker about to be fired for incompetence listening in on CH and narc when they've really got the euphemisms going.***

darn it narciso beat me to it.


I have always been a chubby chaser. I would love to be in a sandwich between the two of them.


For the record, I didn't mean my 12:01 as a criticism. I find it kinda fun sometimes seeing how much of it I can figure out.


My troll flatters me. I don't troll her, she trolls me!!


"Dude isn't you sad today, seeing your idol so desperate?"

If truth be told I'm actually stunned by his political brilliance. Navigating the Syrian situation is a curse I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, especially since American credibility has been so utterly destroyed by the Bush years ( yes, yes I know, Bush was a great President, I know, I know. It would take me a thousand years to convince you otherwise- my only consolation being that unyielding support of Bush by his base and partly allowed a Negro to be voted leader of the free world, a Negro who subsequently reshaped America into a more liberal progressive Society-something he would never have been able to do had the base/party reigned in the recklessness demonstrated by the Bushies-god bless fucking monarchism-will you people ever learn?).

Look, fair warning, I'm seriously drunk but here's the bottom line-Conservatism as a political ideology has failed. It's disciples have been relegated to throwing shit at the current main power structure and that shit throwing strategy has been seized upon by said main power structure and used time and a time again to up its approval numbers, to get it re-elected and to get it out of tight spots-Iike the moronic red line rhetoric on Syria.

I could go on and on and never stop, but intoxication has taken its toll and I need a break from trying to teach you imbeciles politics. But remember this as you call me an idiot(which I clearly am):politics isn't about how smart you are, it's about how ruthless you are and Democrats are the best politicians in town.


Cut that out, daddy! You're so embarrassing!

narciso el taino

I'm surprised they've never adapted the Space Merchants, as far as I can tell, They were airing Rollerball, the original version, set just five years from now in 2018, which has a slightly darker dystopian air to it,

Danube on iPad

Hitchens from 2008, very well worth reading:


el diablo narciso el taino

Si Senor? My cloaking device he do not work right whenever I'm breathing dystopian air.


DoT, did you see John Effin' Kerry on FOX Sunday? He's PATHOLOGICALLY RETARDED. I think he and BIDEN took "REEEEEEEEEEEETARD" classes together. Both of them are ALL-IN, and LIE and BULLSHIT, for the CAUSE. Neither has any IDEA of how FUCKED UP, THEIR DOGMA' lies seem any longer.


In other news, Microsoft bought Nokia's cell phone business (and the patents). Interesting times...


@12:37 doesn't know the difference
between a troll and a sock puppet?


@12:51 We don't roll drunks here. So just go away, please.

ello, ello, ello, Christopher's bloom'n ghost, it is!!!

@01:12 AM - Andy? Andrew Sullivan, is that you?


David Blair of the Telly sees a diminished Britain after the no vote. He is forgetting one part of the calculus - why should GB join in a campaign under a feckless leader from behind?

So Hannan is wrong but Paddy Ashdown is right? The Telly is off the track. One word to counter it all - Obama!


How can he be afraid to lead when he was comfortable sending a video to address the MB convention?


What are we fighting for indeed.

And JOM is Jacobsen's blog of the day.


It doesn't look any better for Obama today than it did yesterday.


True, Jane. BTW Bolt Upright is awfully good, Iggy.

Jeff Dobbs

The penultimate day in 15 JOMer Birthdays in 13 Days.

Trivia: both of TK's daughters were born on the 3rd of the month. For one of them, that month was September...


His daughter today -- only two days removed from Mrs TK's birthday. You could call TK's last few days Labor (of Love) Day Weekend.


Happy Birthday to TK-land

Centralcal on iPad

Testing from the beach - have a spotty wifi connection. Has Obama left for the g20 yet?

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Iggy, to further elaborate on what narc explained the whole trainwreck began when ace banned somebody who goes by the nic of Miss Marple, a very funny poster who is generally as prim and proper as her name would suggest (although strangely enough is not offended by my profanity and almost always agrees with me on things). Anyway it seemed that she took exception to one of ace's popular culture threads, the kind I usually ignore because I'm not interested or entertained by them, because she thought there should be more serious discussion of Iraq. ace turned around and banned her, which was a pretty high handed jerk thing to do considering what he lets slide but it's his blog and can do whatever he wants.

But then he took the extra step of including the comment where he banned her as a link in the sidebar, which was a humiliating and ill considered dick move to do, which I and some other Moron Horde members made our feelings about abundantly clear. To his credit, I guess, ace realized he stepped in it and removed the sidebar link. He also created a thread where he invited all criticisms of how he runs the blog. I took him up on it and said that it was impossible to think that MM would do something ban worthy to which he responded that it was an overreaction on his part, for which I give him a degree of credit.

What I left unsaid, for a number of reasons but primarily because I've seen him get defensive about it before, is that he has a real problem dealing with comments from females which Jane has realized for a long time. Apparently Jane and I aren't the only people feeling that way because as narc noted, another commentor who is very funny (I didn't know she was a sci fi writer but that makes sense) said to hell with putting up with this.

I think ace is a lot smarter than Charles Johnson, for example, and will never go as far off the rails as that lunatic. But he's increasingly alienating posters into wanting to find other things to do with their time and just impairing the atmosphere of why people comment there.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Iraq == Syria

Centralcal on iPad

Captain, I am not a devoted Ace comment reader, I admit. The few times I have read them, I have found them to be mostly funny one-liners. Have never figured out what all of the fuss is about over there, but not being a regular, I guess I wouldn't.

Centralcal on iPad

Also, I am so impressed that you can type such flawless and lengthy comments on you frikken iPhone, while I struggle with hunt and peck on my iPad :(

Captain Hate on an iPhone

I think I've finally figured out how to make autocorrect work to my advantage. The worst thing is having the M key next to the delete key.

narciso el taino

Well he's had a furball or two about the Huntress, among others, having long ago supported her he's gone all Erickson,
he's somewhat of a creative sort, but he's too easily steered into the Vapors column,

The thing about Pohl, from his last blog postings, is he was still falling for the fracking hysterics, which you would think he would have been more discerning,


Meanwhile, Bret Stephens godwins and butterfields the Syria issue:


[possibly not outside the paywall]

The Butterfield moment is when, to counter the straw man argument that we can't afford it (not one I've heard anyone make here at least), he talks about how little we spend on defense. But the underfunded state of our military is part of the reason we can't effectively intervene everywhere we might like.

narciso el taino

Sarah's little comment, really has got under their skin, Bret ignores a fair amount including the fact, that with the
Truman Doctrine, we were aiding an imperfect regime, in Greece and Turkey against rebel elements sponsored abroad.


The worst thing is having the M key next to the delete key.

Megadittos. I've gotten better with the iPhone, but that still is big pain in the a**. That and the impossibility (as far as I'm aware) of a forward erase function (like you can do on a computer with -space).

I'm leaning toward going back to a Blackberry if they still exist when my current contract expires.


Amazing that Sen McCain has become our military expert.



Well, Obama did say he got very good at lying to white people growing up:

US general says Syria action could be 'more substantial than thought'


General Jack Keane, a former vice chief of staff of the US Army, told BBC Radio 4 that he had spoken to senior Republican senators who had been briefed by the US president on Monday, and had been assured that Mr Obama planned to do significant damage to the forces of Bashar al-Assad.

So, is Obama lying to McCain or lying to the American people?

narciso el taino

It really is like Gruound Hog Day, doesn't anybody, Bueller, Bueller, remember how the Libyan operation staeted out, there were many many civilian casualties,


From Politico:

Behind closed doors, administration officials are making the case that America — read Obama — will look terrible on the international stage if Congress rebuffs him.

Problem is, lawmakers may not really care if Obama looks terrible. From gun control to immigration to fiscal issues, Obama has spent much of the last three years hitting congressional Republicans for blocking or slowing his agenda. Republicans could return the favor simply by playing it straight.


Lawmakers shouldn't care, particularly because there is no upside to attacking Syria. If they throw us under the bus for him I will be beyond pissed.

"So, is Obama lying to McCain or lying to the American people?"

Don't forget Obama lied to the UN about Libya and he clearly likes them more than us.


Obummer is worse, by any measure, than all the horrible things I've said about him, or even imagined. Anti-American, pathological narcissist, creep, and Bathouser-- absolute disgrace on almost every level. he probably cheats at golf too.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Being anti fracking is being a Luddite imo; ie not good for sci fi. I'm sure I read some Pohl back when I immersed myself in the genre. Nothing really stands out which is as much good as bad.

A whopper cold front moved through yesterday, doing more to reduce the sticky humidity than dropping the temperature which never got above the 80s. With the beginning of September comes sunsets before 8 with the month losing an hour and 20 minutes of daylight from beginning to end. As far as the feel of things autumn has begun.


CaptH-- that 'cold front' is very sloooow moving. Here in NYC/Ct we're still stuck in a Humidity Wave, it barely hit 80degrees this weekend, but was unbearable. The humidity was the major topic at the US Open, Sat-Mon - I felt it sat-sun at the Open, just sitting there watching matches.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

I was reading Stephens on the dead tree when you guys were posting that. He really can be the argumentative douche like that a-hole Thomas Frank. Although he gets in a nice jab at Axelrod but only because it makes it more difficult to reach his desired ends. Kimberley Strassel gets to the meat of the matter much more effectively.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

NK, it took longer to move through here than I was expecting. I love NYC in the fall.


And there's also this:


In June, the White House authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to help arm moderate fighters battling the Assad regime, a signal to Syrian rebels that the cavalry was coming. Three months later, they are still waiting. ... The White House wants to strengthen the opposition but doesn't want it to prevail, according to people who attended closed-door briefings by top administration officials over the past week. The administration doesn't want U.S. airstrikes, for example, tipping the balance of the conflict because it fears Islamists will fill the void if the Assad regime falls....

It seems to me that you have to pick your poison, and trying to keep the civil war a stalemate is hardly a strategy. But I'm no FP expert like Barry.


Morning. Rainy and humid here also. How about something lighthearted? An independent film maker in Maine is making a low budget comedic version of "Richard III". He's looking for extras to re-enact the final battle,men ages 18-118. You have to be prepared to fall down and die,but skills with an axe,a staff or a long bow are not required. : )


I love NYC in the fall.

September usually has the nicest weather of the year, which I think we'll get once that front moves through tomorrow. The fall colors don't really peak till the end of October, beginning of November.


Marlene - no chicks? Bummer. I'm in teh correct age group.

Danube on iPad

"As far as the feel of things autumn has begun"

And they're teeing up the oblate spheroid on the weekends.

Jim Miller

Frederick Pohl was a commie back in the 1930s, when it was cool. And then a leftist Democrat much of his life after that. When I read his biography, I was struck by how little thought he appears to have put into his political stands. (And he was enough of an activist so that he should have spent more time thinking about such things.)

Funny story: Pohl was rewarded with a part-time patronage job in New Jersey for the help he had given to the Democratic Party. It turns out that race horses had to be tested for drugs right after the races. Which meant that someone had to persuade the horse to give a urine sample into a bucket attached to a pole. (Usually the horses cooperated.) The job paid quite well, per hour.

Collaboration: Pohl says that he and Cyril Kornbluth typically co-wrote their books by taking turns. One would write 30,000 words or so and then pass it on to the other, who would do the same. Sounds crazy, but they did some wonderful books together in that way.

narciso el taino

Bezos seems to be missing the pachyderm in the room,

Captain Hate on an iPhone

jimmyk I once took a flight from Cleveland to NYC in early November on a small jetliner on a clear day so I could see the autumn foliage below. Cleveland was well past its peak and by the time we were over the Alleghenys the trees were bare except for a few puffs of yellow from some maples which hold their leaves late. Then as the terrain got lower the color returned to peak around the river that Three Mile Island is on. Then things got progressively green the closer we got to the ocean.

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