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September 02, 2013


Jim Miller

Jane - Maybe you could just dress like a medieval warrior for the part. (I know there were a few women who did that during our Civil War, so I assume others did it, in some earlier wars.)


There is so much filming in Atlanta right now almost anyone of any age can work as an extra or a stand in for what could be an old fashioned full time job. Most pay 60 - 80 a day with overtime likely.

If anyone is interested in ever doing extra work anywhere in the US, the casting companies all have FB pages that if you "like" them will put the noticed into your home page stream.

I've done few and can be either interesting or boring as Shi!


All the birthday wishes have been very flattering to my family!

I am posting thank yous from Mrs. TK and TK Angel!!

32 House Democrats Vote “Present” on Iraq Resolution As Statement of Protest Against Republican Partisanship


I hope the GOP does the same.


I just listened to our Congressman (Michaud-D) who is running for Governor.He expressed doubts about Syria.He used what is likely to be a Democrat talking point..".we have to be very careful about the intelligence we receive,because we know now that we went into Iraq under false pretenses." I look forward to the moonbat Dems trying to give their President cover.
I talked to the daughter this morning and she said the Syria issue is going to suck all the oxygen out of the room as far as usual business being done in DC.


The correct diagnosis, with a completely wrong prescription:

Jobless rate is worse than you think


Now that Barry has been safely re-elected, they can start speaking the truth about the economy:

If those missing workers were actively looking, the unemployment rate would be 9.4%.

Of course, this argument is being made in the service of begging for more spending and more government:

In the current economy, this means fiscal expansion, such as re-establishing the state and local public services that were cut in the Great Recession and its aftermath, and large-scale infrastructure investments. The priority has to be jobs, not deficit reduction.

And finally, the kicker here, is to call for making hiring people much more expensive as a way to reduce unemployment:

This means that in addition to the fiscal expansion in the short run to spur us to full employment, we need policies that will restore the bargaining power of low- and middle-wage workers.

These policies include everything from aggressively increasing the minimum wage until it is equal to half the average worker's wage to updating labor law to keep up with increased employer aggressiveness in fighting unions so that willing workers can join a union.

How any economist can argue that the way to increase the number of people working is to make hiring them much more expensive eludes me. Unless, of course, that economist has only ever worked for government or the "not for profit" sector, where cost is completely separated from the product or service being delivered.

Unfortunately, I expect to see much more drivel like this in the run up to the midterms.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Are there mass graves in Syria containing hundreds of thousands of bodies?


Video: Egyptian Media Reports Barack Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood Member


(Hat tip ORYR)

Account Deleted

Happy Birthdays to the TKettes.


I'd prefer Cameron's method of managing rejection with the prog wing of the Democrat Party wearing the albatross. The performance art by McCain and Ms Graham is almost as amusing as looking at the "please pass the Poupon" pictures of the Kerry and Assad night out.

narciso el taino

She works for a union think tank, EPI,


"Maybe you could just dress like a medieval warrior for the part'


I see no reason to give this president a damn thing. Not one. He's been a complete asshole since day one. He deserves no benefit of the doubt about anything as he is incompetent. Any republican who votes yes should be primaried.


I know it;s hard to believe, but my experience is that Arab press is even more unreliable than our own.


He deserves no benefit of the doubt about anything as he is incompetent.

It's not just that he's incompetent, but he is also an admitted liar. He lied to the UN about goals in Libya to get UN authorization. He lied about the Benghazi attack for his own political benefit. I think the line:

'He lied about Benghazi, how do we know he is telling the truth about Syria'

needs to be repeated very often in this debate.

narciso el taino

Hamid is bery pro Brotherhood, so his link has a certain purpose, 'can you believe these people'

narciso el taino

They always leave out the why?


Captain Hate on an iPhone

HB TKAngel

Captain Hate on an iPhone

A fellow moron commented that al Jizz has been banished from Egyptian television yet thanks to that money grubbing imbecile perv, manbearpig, it clogs the cable boxes here. I'm rapidly developing more respect for Egypt than here.

Jeff Dobbs

From the Corner:

Democratic National Committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz says there are “dozens” of nations supporting the United States’ intervention in Syria, but regrets she’s “not at liberty to say” which ones.

These countries are likely the same ones Kerry said were backing him in 2004. (hint: they didn't exist back then either)


Well, I'll bite. Happy Birthday to all of TK's family. And TK, whenever it is.

narciso el taino

God love her,and you wonder why I am cymical'


Meanwhile, things in Egypt continue apace:

Egypt shuts down four TV stations


This part tucked in at the very end is interesting:

Thirteen homes in the Rafah border town were bulldozed in the past two weeks and tunnels caved in to prepare for a possible buffer zone, according to officials.

It looks like they are going to make life very, very hard for Hamas in the future.


'He lied about Benghazi, how do we know he is telling the truth about Syria'

I'll start tweeting it right now.

Jeff Dobbs

Three dozen days, MarkO. It's in three dozen days.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Speaking of Reporting for Doody, has the DeMFM asked him about beefing up security at embassies for 9/11?

Account Deleted

Why should the GOP pass up the opportunity to allow the President to defend the utter failure of the Clinton/Obama Arab Spring farce? Arab Spring is the signature foreign policy initiative of the Obama/Clinton administration just as Obamacare née Hillarycare is the signature domestic policy initiative.

ISTM that rather than taking a position of reflexive refusal the GOP should invite a thorough airing of the entire failure cascade. The current situation in Libya even invites an examination of the Keystone XL pipeline decision.

Perhaps the President can convince Congress replacing the totally incompetent Hillary Clinton with Assad's favorite American dinner guest guarantees a different out come in Syria than the failures experienced in Libya and Egypt.


--BTW Bolt Upright is awfully good, Iggy.--

Wish I could take credit for it clarice but was a kind of obscure pop culture reference.

On the Beverly Hillbillies Jed became the owner of a Hollywood studio and several minor beefcake stars started hanging around the mansion, among them Biff Steel, Bolt Upright, Crunch Hardtack, Race Burley and Elly May's boyfriend Dash Riprock.


Jane, I particularly like that line because it is an opening to discuss so much. The lies about the initial intervention to the American people and the UN, and the lies about the consulate attack. This president has squandered all trust in the area of using force and National Security. He's already been caught out talking out of both sides of his mouth, saying one thing in public, and another thing in private about what he intends to do.

Cecil Turner

Here's one for a good chuckle (H/T Insty, google cache version):

WASHINGTON – The turmoil that was generated between Russia and the United States after President Vladimir Putin granted asylum to Edward Snowden earlier this month escalated even further when President Obama cancelled his private meeting with the Russian president before September’s G-20 conference of world economic leaders in St. Petersburg. But the delicate fragments of alliance that remained between the two countries may have been irretrievably shredded in the proverbial fan today after Vladimir Putin unfriended President Obama on his Facebook page.


Thanks for that explanation re chez Ace last night, CH.
I only go there when someone links it, so I can't tell the players without a scorecard.

Ace sounds kinda reminiscent of that other beta male of the blogosphere, Allahpundit.

Account Deleted

It's good to see Putin found a use for Hilary's reset button.


It looks like McCain has found a way to box Barry in to a no win situation in congress:

McCain: I won’t vote to authorize just a few limited strikes


So, if Obama goes big, he gets McCain and his little buddy's vote, but loses a lot of Dems. Or he can go small, and lose McCain's political cover.



I was just reading about cameron's plans for a future big society and the need to eliminate the distinction between governments and markets.

In what fantasy world is he conservative? He just runs under that label so the uk can pretend to alternate perspectives.

And of course my angle is the big society needs new kinds of minds and personalities. Apparently ones that will fail to notice the public sector is overflowing with greedy ignorant incompetent boobs.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

That's very perceptive, Iggy, because they are very similar in a lot of ways. ace is much more capable of writing comedic gems, though, alternating with pedantic snoozers in my subjective opinion. What Clarice linked Sunday night was drop dead hilarious. ace is his worst enemy when he gets too full of himself; I sometime need to follow that advice.

narciso el taino

Allah was much better when he had his own blog, now he's like Nich Frost's chaeacter in World's End. all respectable and such.


Falling through the crack in Paris:)


Of Course!



And a Happy Birthday to TK angel.
May all her obsessions be happy and healthy ones. :)


I completely agree Ranger.


adorable jib.

We have people in charge or aspiring to be once again in 2016 who have no clue how the world really works and a trail of duplicity.


Happy Birthday to TK Angel!


McCain is a fool and has an ego that writes checks his intellect and skill set can't cash. I understand that. But he is an American patriot, and he is consistent about the proper use of US military power.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

narc your ever changing nics (autocorrect wanted that to be Mika) @ chez ewok are hard to keep up with. But very humorous.

So Boehner is with the JEF!? Such an opposition party...


Speaking of Reporting for Doody, has the DeMFM asked him about beefing up security at embassies for 9/11?

Excellent, Captain.

FYI on that Kerry/Fonda pic (from yesterday I think)...it is a photoshop. A friend on FB pointed it out. The Winter Soldier site has all kinds of info on the Kerry/Fonda intersect, but that picture is a fake.

Account Deleted


I'm aware of Cameron's infatuation with progressive fascism. I just found his management of BOzo's demand for IMMEDIATE ACTION to be amusing in that the result is in perfect accord with British sentiment while BOzo's request was fulfilled to the apparent best of Cameron's ability.

This G20 is going to demonstrate the pervasive nature of the OPM Famine even better than the establishment of the Gazprom/KSA bloc. India is rattling the begging cup pretty loudly and no one is going to offer to fill it.

Well, maybe the Iranians will kick in a bit.

narciso el taino

We need a Hammer, like Urquart or i'll take Underwood, who apparently Spacey reseatched with McCarthy, although he's more of a Harry Reid type.

Yes I used that nic, from Richard Jordan's character in Red Octoeber.

Jeff Dobbs

Headline over in the Headlines section at Hot Air:

Obama to meet gay activists in Russia

...in private, closed to the press, in one on one sessions. Reggie Love said to be very concerned there will be hands of spades being dealt.


BTW-- the House should vote to allow the POTUS to use military means to defend VITAL USA INTERESTS. This onlr states a truism, the CINC should always do that. The resolution should also state that military means should yield a strategic result-- not only POTUS self-fluffing.

PS: the resolution should direct the POTUS to keep his goddamned feet of the Oval office desk-- it's property of the TPs not the Choomer.

This is also politically the right play. It leaves military action strictly up to the Dem Senate and Obummer; the House voting down the Resolution bails out Obummer, that's obviously what he wants.

Danube on iPad

It appears that, from the time Obama drew his red line until the gas was used, the president and two Secretaries of State gave zero consideration to the question of what we would do if the line were crossed.

Account Deleted

House GOP Leadership Statement on Syria

“Under the Constitution, the responsibility to declare war lies with Congress. We are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in Syria in response to serious, substantive questions being raised. In consultation with the president, we expect the House to consider a measure the week of September 9th. This provides the president time to make his case to Congress and the American people.”

Not bad. Let's see how the Presidents new war goes over in the indoctrination centers.


re the Egytian army...

Some time back I tweeted something to the effect of how I wished they would come over here and rescue the American people from this BOzo in chief.


I think the GOP leadersship ae handling this the right way. It's Obummer's call, and the consequences are his. The House didn't obstruct; and PS: the House is not obstructing by refusing amnesty, by conditioning the debt hike on spending cuts, and delaying all ObummerCare for 1 year.


Let's see how the Presidents new war goes over in the indoctrination centers.

I'm sure it will go over just fine in the indoctrination centers. If history is a guide, there is never much concern when a Democrat president wants to kill Iraqis or Serbs or Libyans or Syrians with cruise missiles. It's only when there is a Republican in the presidency that the indoctrination centers get worked up about killing foreigners.

narciso el taino

No, the consequences are never his, ask Stevens, Woods and Doherty about it, He's like Tom Buchanan, in that way.


My latest on the mess in Syria and Obama's clueless involvement.



WTH is with the headlines at Drudge that Bonerhead and Cantor are 'on board' with the bombing?


I hope Boehner and the boys are covering all the bases...


Captain Hate on an iPhone

Yes I may have overreacted by being misled by Drudge and my fellow morons reporting of it.

narciso el taino

Damasucs is even more important to the Sunnis then Baghdad,

(A) nuther Bub

I don't give a ratsass about which party gets blame, which gets credit, what the political strategies are. Anyone who is willing to attack Syria with Barack Obama and Valerie Jarret in charge has a death wish. Those clueless juveniles are going to get all of us killed.

Drudge is right. There is only one party in Washington now. The Authoritarians. Boehner and Cantor can go to hell.


House majority leader Eric Cantor says that he intends "to vote to provide the President of the United States the option to use military force in Syria."

How the hell do you overreact to that bit of Obama ass covering? The Bonehead statement reads just as plainly.

WTF is wrong with this beltway bozos?

narciso el taino

They never learn, he never has our interests at heart, he blocked Petraues and McCrystal at every step, found the quickeest opportunity to purge them, soemerimes self inflicted, it's a wonder we have any allies in Yemen at all, with all thoee drone drive bys.

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Welp I guess I was right originally to not trust little Johnny and his sidekick with some rodent road kill on top of his head.


"WTH is with the headlines at Drudge that Bonerhead and Cantor are 'on board' with the bombing?"

Can't get rid of the wardrums in their heads. Plenty of arm-twisting going on even though UN inspectors haven't given a timetable for analysis of samples. Plus Putin is gonna get his tally-whacked at G20, even Millband's brother is hypeing for a 2nd vote.

It's gonna happen.

hank schrader

Silly silly rabbit.

Jeff Dobbs

Pelosi Huddles with 5-Year-Old Grandson on Syria

You have to admit, the kid has to be at least twice as smart as grandma, though undoubtedly dumber for having had that conversation with her.

jimmyk on iPhone

Though I don't agree, I suppose there's an argument, as with Obamacare, to give him what asked for and watch the epic fail. But especially in this case the stakes are too high to give the car keys to this pink teenager.


Excellent Matt.


Imagine being on the verge of war with a Russian ally and going to Russia to talk to gays. What a spineless man.

hank schrader

And Jake Lamotta punches himself silly.

MarkO back from vacation and working like a dog

My grandmother baked me raisin nut oatmeal cookies. And, she helped me saddle my horse.

There are so many echoes of Jimmy's long discussion with Amy. That said, perhaps it is not unreasonable to conclude that a five year old's judgment is on a par with Obama and his team.


Well, unfortunately, I have to admit that this is probably the right move for the party leadership. It immediately diffuses Obama's "Republican obstruction!" argument. If it follows the Kosovo pattern, the party leadership will release members to "vote their conscience" on this one, and that dumps it back in Obama's lap to sell the war he wants to fight, especially with his own party's caucus. Now every Dem has to know their vote matters. There wont be any 'I voted for it to show support for the president, but I knew it would fail because the Republicans opposed it' blather to give the Dems cover for this vote.

Ultimately, Clinton lost the Kosovo vote in the house, but we were already bombing at that point, so it was irrelevant. This time the vote will happen before the bombing starts, so it will have more significance.


Have learned nothing in 14 years,



BTW, in practical terms, I have a feeling that the announcements today will have the local and DC offices phones ringing off the hook to lodge their disagreement and demanding a no vote.


It's a sad day when you trust Bashar al Assad more than the US president and his cabinet.


Really what is the point of this exercise;

Pentagon planners were instructed not to offer strike options that could help drive Mr. Assad from power: “The big concern is the wrong groups in the opposition would be able to take advantage of it,” a senior military officer said. The CIA declined to comment…


I think Ranger's right. Let it be a bipartisan NO , you dummy Obama.Another Bub is, too, anyone who votes for real to put Obama and ValJar at the helm is dumber than dumb.

(A) nuther Bub

Well, unfortunately, I have to admit that this is probably the right move for the party leadership. It immediately diffuses Obama's "Republican obstruction!"

"Republican obstruction" is not a pejorative in a war with its goal to make Obama not look silly, weak and "mockable."

(A) nuther Bub

And exactly what public is clamoring for this attack, that would put teeth in a "Republican obstructionism" charge? So far polls show that 80 percent or more oppose it.

I'd be a helluva lot more worried about how, when things go entirely wrong, as they will, the Republicans will be deemed as equally to blame. I hope Boehner has his box of tissues handy. He's going to need them.


Boehner and Cantor on board for a Syrian strike. President Obama politically inoculated.

This guy..... this guy is a political genius.


'You ask for a Miracle, Theo,' the same people who looked at Chalabi with so much disgust, say General Idriss is on the level, why exactly, he was a regime flunky till ten minutes before the accounts cleared.


narciso, I love you.

MarkO back from vacation and working like a dog

As I understand McCain, the US foreign policy should be to make every civil war a fair fight.

Account Deleted

I've already forgotten my rule. Is it Butcher's on even days, Cannibals odd or vice versa?


Rut Ro, the media is turning on Barry:

To some, US case for Syrian gas attack, strike has too many holes


The case Secretary of State John Kerry laid out last Friday contained claims that were disputed by the United Nations, inconsistent in some details with British and French intelligence reports or lacking sufficient transparency for international chemical weapons experts to accept at face value.

Of course, they get in the slap at GWB, but the tone and the content of the story are not helpful to Barry.

He lied about Benghazi, how do we know is he telling the truth about Syria?

Captain Hate on an iPhone

Another Bub is correct; at some point a political party has to stand for something other than does this vote make my ass look fat.


Er, that was "punk" teenager in my 1:15. Same point as Ranger's, but arguing,the stakes (our soldiers' lives, among others) are too high.

Danube of Thought

Good one, glasater.


IMO, no photo of John Kerry and Jane Fonda together is necessary in order to know that they were on the same side in supporting the North Vietnamese military while the North Vietnamese Military was killing American and allied military members. Their actions encouraged the North Vietnamese soldiers to kill even more American soldiers and their allies. IMO, it is wrong to treat those Americans who encouraged the North Vietnamese Military to kill Americans and their allies as if their actions had no consequences. I believe the Vietnam war lasted far longed and resulted in many more names on the Vietnam Wall than it would have if John Kerry, Jane Fonda and many others had not encouraged the North Vietnamese Military to keep killing American and allied soldiers.

For the last few years of the Afghanistan Conflict we have seen American soldiers killed by the people that they were supposed to be training to defend their own countries.

We will see the same thing if we put troops on the ground in Syria. We should allow no American soldier to die at the hands of a supposed ally.

There is no recovery from the disaster that is American foreign policy as long as the leftists are in charge, IMO. No one could possibly believe our leftist are going to change and become pro-American.

Our country is broke. Any money being spend now will have to be paid off by future generations.
I oppose any involvement in Syria at all.

This entire mess does nothing but raise my blood pressure. Our ranking general has already told everyone our military is not ready for another conflict. I urge every politician to stop the madness by voting NO.

Centralcal on iPad

(A)B: "Boehner and Cantor can go to hell!"

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Centralcal on iPad

Is there such a thing as a whale shark? I'm thinking that is what Hillary really meant when she compared herself to Diana Nyad.

Hillary - the teeth and jaws of a shark, the body of a whale.


Holy Batman! Whacko - Bam - Kaboom! We got us a war.

[Capt. America, "Anyone want to play hearts?"]


No, whale sharks are such gentle creatures, the line about proofessional courtesy comes to mind with Hillary,

Jane-sun - the squaw

If Boehner and Canter signed on without getting anything in exchange (Benghazi docs, IRS docs, Holder removed) they are bigger fools that they look.

i'm sure Barry promised to be nice to them going forward. What fools.


Removing all doubt, thanks a lot Maverick, it's like the last five year didn't make a dent:


A whale shark is a placid plankton eater, cc.
You may be thinking of Megalodon, a prehistoric 60 foot long version of a Great White.


I agree, pagar. I just wanted to let everyone know that that pic wasn't real.


WeeDavey doesn't believe that picture's been photoshopped, JiB.


Our Allies in peace and war;

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah decided to grant $200 million for the development of Palestinian cities and to protect their Arab and Islamic character against Judaization, according to a report on Monday in the Saudi newspaper Arab News.


Watched the tail end of Sharknado last night and I now understand what an incredible flick that was. Amazing, especially when the giant Great White plunges out of the waterspout right onto the hero with the chain saw. I won't spoil the ending.

In other news the president will be announcing his invasion of San Marino, California tomorrow. Apparently the City Council is resisting Obamacare. the city has pledged to call in the Longshoremen's Union. It could get nasty.


I have little confidence in Zero to get even a half hearted strike right and not trigger a bunch of unforeseen consequences, but I must say I also wish I had more confidence in Boehner and Cantor to play the political game the way the vicious Democrats do. If they did not back up the truck and load up on concessions from Zero to bail his butt out, then this should be a passive agressive support, I just could not get many onboard due to your supine and ineffective leadership and a huge level of distrust from Benghazi to the IRS scandals. Sorry, I really did try.

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