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September 13, 2013



If air is a pollutant, I am quite sure that water will soon be as well...




Ah hah! So this is what is behind Michelle O's latest DrinkWater! initiative.


Is there any shortage of natural materials* that is actually a shortage?

Meanwhile OPM is treated as an inexhaustible resource.

* water, oil, natural gas, trees, birds flying into windmills, polar bears, etc.


Shoot. I saw the headline and was hoping Kenya was offering to take Barry back.


Insty has a nice sarcastic comment on an Atlantic story giving credit for Voyager 1 leaving the Solar System, not to America, but to "Humanity."

ACTUALLY, IT’S JUST ANOTHER THING THAT THE EXCEPTIONAL AMERICA HAS DONE: ‘We Made It’: Humanity Has Arrived at Interstellar Space. But sure, let the rest of humanity share the credit . . . ."

I suppose tho', that it could be worse, for example:

in a historic announcement, NASA revealed that this piece of machinery, built by humans here on our planet, built by humans working from the great technology bequeathed to them by Muslim scientists, has officially sailed beyond the region of solar winds around our sun and into interstellar space.

So thank God Allahu Akbar, for small favors.

Account Deleted

From the BBC link:

Abou Amani, Unesco's Africa hydrologist, urged caution and said it was important not to "overexploit" the aquifers.

"We need to put in place a sound management system," he said.

It's good to see UNESCO has not abandoned it's dedication to killing off bush blacks in order to please progressive fascist génocidaires. It's not just black baby butchery by gosnels in PP Death Huts (supported by progressive Black Baby Bounties), it's denial of GM seed, denial of DDT to prevent malaria and now "managed" denial of water.

It's a shame oil was also discovered in Turkana because the discovery will add impetus to the UN planned genocide.

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Windmills. Put your money into WINDMILLS. They are the new BALL BEARINGS. Windmills are capable of turning CORN into GAS. Follow the GOVERNMENTS INVESTMENT PLAN!!! It's fool proof. Take peoples money, then require their employer to kick in an equal amount, THEN SPEND IT ON SOCIAL ENGINEERING!! When it is all gone, blame the RICH, and spend BORROWED CHINESE MONEY on SOLAR PANELS and SOLYNDRA!!! When the people retire, and ask for their INVESTED MONEY BACK, tell them that the 1% are greedy, and that if only the greedy 1%ers paid their FAIR SHARE.....we could all live happily ever after. Obamacare is good economics too!!


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